Yankees To Air 21 Games On Amazon Prime

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The 2021 New York Yankees season begins on April 1 (Thursday). As I remember, you will be able to listen to The Bronx Bombers team here. There will be a new way to watch the Yankees 21 games this season. Amazon Prime will stream 21 games in the "Yankee Home Market" including the capital area.

As early as 2019, the owners of Major League Baseball voted to allow teams to control streaming rights in their local market. Since then, we have seen games appear on apps such as Facebook and now Amazon Prime. according to

The Yankees residential market in New York, Connecticut, northeastern Pennsylvania, and northern and central New Jersey.

I really like the situation where John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman broadcast the game over the radio on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio, but I am curious about the Amazon Prime version of the game report. The game will be produced by YES Network and will be streamed on Android, iOS mobile devices and Fire TV, and will include a feed of in-game statistics. Last year, I watched a few NFL games on Prime, and I admit that the data in the game is very interesting. If this works, I can see that Amazon Prime will get more games in the future, or cooperate with YES Network that has launched its own application. The YES app may offer some form of paid subscription.

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