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Snowfall in Houston.


And some Houstonians felt the effects of our Arctic explosion that lasted for several days more than others. Due to the constant power outages, dangerous roads and more winter-centric problems, this is unfamiliar to most residents of Croton City. Therefore, you now need to understand the following points:

Water pressure in Houston is picking up. Today, the average air pressure in this city is 32-34 psi, although there are still some air pockets still around 20 psi.  

Carol Haddock, director of public works, said: "We are making steady and sustainable progress," but to get out of trouble and avoid getting into trouble. She reminded people to boil the water for at least two minutes. The notice is expected to remain until Monday. Haddock asked to be patient, but if the water pressure is still low by the end of the day, please call public works.

As the weather warms, many people are now facing floods. Turner said the city has received as many as 4,900 calls about pipeline ruptures, but the actual number may be higher. He urged people to shut down the water source if the pipeline ruptured. He also asked people, if they see water in the building and no one is there, please report it.

In addition, he encourages people to record damage to the house. Since we are in a state of emergency, people may be reimbursed, so please make sure you have a record. He said: "If the ceiling falls down, please take a picture of it."

Turner said that in order to help families who are unable to repair their houses or have no insurance, the city is working hard to raise relief funds. More information about this information should be released as soon as possible.   

Houston Police Commissioner Art Acevedo said that all highways are now drivable, but he did ask Houstonians to be careful tonight during the severe cold.

He also advises people to watch out for scammers who might pretend to be contractors, plumbers, etc. "There will be a lot of fake contractors coming, and they will spend your money and do nothing," he said.

According to ERCOT, Texas completed the plan on Thursday night and used the power grid extensively, but did not see a failure in the power grid itself. Although Houston and other parts of the state once again tolerated the low temperature and tripped some generators, the grid load remained and the power supply is expected to allow it to pass Friday morning's hard freezing level temperature requirements without any accidents. It is expected that from Friday, ERCOT will not officially be in a state of emergency. Now, electricity has returned to 99.8% of CenterPoint houses, and although-although this is worrying, there are still some people who may not have electricity, most people in the Houston area should have seen electricity and fire come back so far. 

However, the City of Houston’s boiling water notice is still in effect and is expected to remain at least until Monday. At 11:30 this morning, the Delmar Stadium on Mangum Road 2020 will have a large-scale drive-by speed match, where anyone who cannot boil water or cannot use water due to frozen pipes can take away the bottled water. Help them through this crisis. The city and county offices are closed today, and

, Mainly due to lack of water at this time. 

In Houston, this will be another cold day. The icy road conditions are not as extreme as the previous morning, but Houston TranStar still reports about 25 icy roads in the Houston area. 

Finally, Senator Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) from

On Thursday night, he later told reporters that, in fact, he did regret his decision to leave Texas in an emergency. There is no news about how he reportedly left Snowflake, the family's pet poodle. However, if a dog can tweet, we bet Snowflake will have some ideas. 

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo urged local residents to easily power up tonight because we had another severe freeze. She said that although most houses in Texas have been restored to power (about 20,000 households are still in the dark), the surge in demand may burden the system. 

Hidalgo also pointed out that recovery will mean cleaning up and calling the insurance company and doing a lot of hard work. "It will take time to recover," she urged patience. The Houston area is still in a state of boiling water, which is part of the 13 million people in Texas who either have no water or can’t run water. 

At the same time, Governor Greg Abbott seems to be less focused on trying to blame today's electricity disasters on renewable energy. At a press conference in Austin on Thursday afternoon, he announced that he would add two emergency items to the legislative session, including the mandatory winterization of generators and power system equipment (this has been ten years old, but has not yet Promulgated) (due to expenses), and locked up the funds needed for winter disaster prevention. The governor still asked ERCOT to be responsible for the collapse of the power system this week. Abbott said: "What happened in Texas this week is unacceptable and will never happen again." 

Abbott doesn't have much to say about Senator Ted Cruz and his recent trip to Cancun this week. Twitter, but

There is much more to be said about the young senator’s harassment of Mexico, while Houston and other parts of Texas are facing severe cold from power outages. Cruz is now back in town. 

Mayor Sylvester Turner pointed out that the situation is starting to improve-the number of people without electricity in Houston has increased from yesterday’s 1.37 million to a small percentage today, as we pointed out earlier, and the water pressure It is beginning to pick up-but he warned us that we are not out of the predicament. Turner said that he expects the continuous blackouts that have now replaced total blackouts to continue in the coming days. He also pointed out that the restoration of the grid is still relatively fragile. 

He said: "This is an uncertain situation. I mean, they have enabled many generations to grow up very quickly. Of course there will be more power outages in the next few days."

Kenneth E. Coleman, senior vice president of CenterPoint Energy, said that about 40,000 customers still have no electricity. He said that CenterPoint hopes to get everyone back to work before the end of the day today or tomorrow. They are watching to ensure the stability of the Texas grid, but Coleman is worried about the freezing weather tonight. He asked people to be conservative in the use of energy to avoid overloading the grid. He said: "The protection of today and tomorrow is of utmost importance."

Turner said the city will establish water distribution points throughout the city and distribute them in the districts of today’s city council members. Although the water pressure continues to rise, the city may need to continue to boil water at least until Monday. 

Carol Haddock of the Houston School of Public Engineering said the water pressure yesterday was 18 psi. Last night the city brought more generators, and now the city can begin to increase the pressure, but it will still take a while until we are fully clear. 

Haddock said that as of 9 am, the pressure had risen to 23 psi. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the pressure was 26 psi. Haddock said: "For us, this is a very important number." Because it has exceeded the minimum threshold, the public works department is now working hard to stabilize this number. "Our goal is to reach or exceed 30 psi by the end of the day." 

Haddock pleaded with people to minimize water use. If the pipe breaks, turn off the water supply system. If you need help, please call 311. If your pipeline has not broken so far, she recommends that you close the pipeline tonight before it hardens to protect your house. 

Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Peña (Samuel Peña) warned people to be wary of their heating methods. HFD has an average of 3,000 calls per day and has responded to 60 building fires. 

Both Peña and Turner have warned of carbon monoxide poisoning, which has caused two deaths in Houston so far. Even if the door is open, do not use the grille inside or sit in the car in the garage. Peña said: "It doesn't take much to make these levels lethal." For more tips on how to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning, check out

Together with Kidde's fire safety experts. 

In other news of the power outage, the shelter at the George R. Brown Convention Center will remain open until Saturday.   

Although Houston will continue to cope with the low temperature until at least Saturday, the situation has begun to improve. As of Thursday morning, 98% of CenterPoint customers in the Houston area had restored power. This puts about 47,000 households in the Houston area offline, and more than 600,000 households across Texas, but this is a significant improvement from the 1 million households here and the nearly 3 million people in the state without electricity yesterday. ERCOT said that 20 to 30 minutes of power outages may continue in the next few days, but the continuous power outages we have been seeing should end soon. (However, if you take it with a grain of salt, then you will feel it. The leaders of ERCOT are widely regarded as deliberately vague and obscure about the state of the national energy grid and when it will be resolved, and have been threatened.)

Regarding water supply, the city’s water heating notice is still in effect on Thursday, but Mayor Sylvester Turner said on Twitter that generators were added to increase water pressure. City officials expect the water pressure to fully recover by Thursday night. At the same time, the city will establish water distribution stations, with a special focus on providing water to people who cannot afford to buy water. 

Regarding the cold weather, we are not out of the predicament, but we are approaching the end of the Arctic explosion. If you must be on the road this morning, please be extra careful. Houston TranStar has reported more than 100 icy roads in the area. Allegedly, the daytime temperature is expected to climb to 30 degrees Celsius, although the wind speed is below freezing and will drop again tonight, this temperature is low enough to have issued a warning of hard ice to Harris and surrounding counties.

. However, on Friday we will heat up to 40 degrees Celsius, and by Saturday we should freeze, and we will start to see the temperature rise back to 60 degrees Celsius. 

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo announced in a Wednesday afternoon briefing that the County Attorney's Office will monitor reports of price fraud during the winter snowstorm and its aftermath. The county will attract individuals who are increasing prices on everything from lodging to groceries and food.

Hidalgo said: "I can't think of any cruel methods."

Anyone who suspects price fraud can report the instance by calling 346-354-7459 or by:


Hidalgo also advised residents not to get supplies on roads that might freeze to death at night, and reiterated that people should not use outdoor cooking and heating equipment indoors, such as grills and fire pits, because they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Since the beginning of this series of winter storms, more than 300 incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning have been reported and a low temperature record has been set. 

Abbott said: "All power resources in Texas have been damaged."

Toby Baker, executive director of the Texas State Environmental Quality Council, said that 110 counties are currently facing water supply problems, and fewer than 7 million people in the state are facing boiling water notifications. He warned that these figures may also increase the next day or the next day. Baker said the reasons for this include insufficient power, icing due to rupture of pipes, and excessive water consumption due to dripping of pipes, thereby "lowering system pressure." 

There are some other things to note in today’s press conference: 

 Mayor Sylvester Turner made it clear in an update from the George R. Brown Convention Center at noon on Wednesday that this will not last long. Turner said: "We will stay for a few more days, and then I again ask people to keep in mind when traveling in the city, especially at night and in the morning, when the temperature freezes." More than one million people in the Houston area still have no electricity. .

He said that he hoped that the power supply would not be fully restored except for the continued power outage for at least two days.

Turner asks people to turn off the water source, especially if they leave the home, because when the power is restored, the pressure will return and cause any frozen pipes to rupture. He pointed out that this was the last time it happened in his own home. Event night. He also pointed out that although George R. Brown is outdated, Harris County has opened a heating center in the area, Lakewood Church and gallery furniture (we can always Count on Mattress Mack!) has opened the door to people in need. Avoid the cold or there are not enough ways to keep warm at home. 

Soon after Turner put pressure on, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo released a video urging residents to be cautious when they must go out because the roads are still frozen and there are many throughout the county. traffic light. She also asked people who are still dripping to shut it down because the temperature has risen above freezing to help restore water pressure in the area. 

As you know, most households in Harris County now have no water. According to a county statement, this situation will not be resolved until electricity is restored. (Pro tip: If you ignore all the suggestions to fill the bathtub when you still have water, the snow that melts on the stove is not drinkable, but it works well when you tighten the toilet.) Water, the boiled water notification is already this morning Released, so please boil it before using it for toilet flushing. 

In terms of electricity use, ERCOT said that they are working to restore the state’s troubled energy grid, but due to the power emergency in the Midwest, they have been cutting imported electricity to help overcome energy shortages. Federal regulators announced on Tuesday that officials will investigate many failures in the Texas system. During a record winter storm, more than 4 million people in the state were out of power, of which 1.37 million were in the dark and cold. Houston area. ERCOT said it will restore electricity to 600,000 homes last night, but apparently most of these restorations are not in the Houston area. ERCOT now says that about 2.6 million people have no electricity in Texas, and more than half of them, or 1.37 million, are located here.  

If you still don't have a power source, please try carefully to keep warm. So far, 300 carbon monoxide poisoning incidents have occurred in Harris County, many of which have occurred when people tried to use barbecue grills and generators indoors to keep warm.


From a weather perspective, the new winter storm system will continue to drip freezing rain throughout the area until around noon, when the freezing line should eventually move to the northern edge of Harris County.

 As this new system is going through

More than 150 reports on icy roads have been recorded this morning, so if you don’t have to be absolutely busy today, it’s better to bend over and stay at home. 

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo strongly condemned ERCOT on Tuesday afternoon because they continued to issue “optimistic” predictions about when those without electricity in the Houston area will eventually return to power, telling her and other leaders that generators will go online, even if more. Many people report losing power. She said that CenterPoint has assured her that the utility company is ready and only needs ERCOT to send the product (ie electricity) back, and warned that considering the shortage of ERCOT has caused power outages across the state, it is wise to The severe cold weather has passed, and these interruptions may even continue. Hidalgo explained: "Until we see their optimistic report predicts that fewer people will lose power, not more."  

She urged people to be cautious about using unfamiliar warming methods, and be particularly alert to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, because Houstonians are preparing to spend another cold, difficult night, and possibly more challenging days in the future. Hidalgo said: "I have had a long week." "This will continue to be a difficult week, but we will get through it." 

After another night of record-breaking freezing temperatures, which hit the lowest level in Houston since 1989, 1.37 million people woke up again. Because ERCOT's grid supply continued to be overwhelmed by demand, CenterPoint worked hard to bring customers back online. According to a CenterPoint report, currently, about 42% of people in the Houston area still have electricity. 

ERCOT warned that these "continuous power outages" (Mayor Sylvester Turner disputed this term, saying that the outages he and others are experiencing are more accurately described as outages) may continue until Tuesday, Because the low temperature on Monday night continued to shut down the generators from the grid and put pressure on the system, the electrical load of the system dropped by only 18,500 megawatts.

Each megawatt can power approximately 650 households. Obviously, we will not be in trouble for the time being. Especially from

It is predicted that starting at around 6 o'clock on Tuesday evening, another winter storm will enter the Houston area, and until 6 o'clock this Wednesday morning, precipitation in the already cold city will drop, including freezing rain. 

According to Houston reports, so far, at least 200 roads have been reported to have ice.

In other words, it is better to bend down, stay at home, and leave the road immediately. 

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo urged people to be patient and considerate on Monday afternoon, as the Houston area continues to address this issue through the lowest temperature recorded at this time of year for more than a century. The temperature exceeds 1 million people. More than four million people in Houston and Texas have no heat. Hidalgo also warned that those who still have no electricity-500,000 electricity was restored later this afternoon-should be prepared to have no electricity for the next few days because the temperature is still low and electricity demand continues to exceed supply. 

Hidalgo also told some good news. The power outage caused by the storm caused the freezer to go offline. They are in danger of deterioration before more than 8,400 Covid-19 vaccines are injected into people's arms on Monday. However, Hidalgo reported that Harris County officials managed to act quickly and did not waste any vaccine doses. The Harris County Department of Public Health prescribed Rice, Harris County Jail, Houston Methodist, Ben Taub and Lyndon Johnson hospitals.

Tonight, the temperature will drop into the teenage years, even reaching single digits in the outer areas of the metropolis. A squally wind warning came into effect tonight, and residents in the Houston area are still urging to stay at home and away from roads as much as possible. Tonight is even more dangerous, because the snow has a chance to melt, and now it will freeze again, forming black ice. 

I know the weather will continue to be cold. I know that people are working with power companies to restore power. I ask you to be patient. "

Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted that, including Turner himself, there are currently 1.15 million CenterPoint customers without electricity.    

CenterPoint’s latest report shows that 1,153,000 customers have no electricity. Yingshi

After ERCOT was only a catastrophic press conference, the question of the timetable for rotating power outages was basically unresolved. Dozens of news networks made the real-time Zoom horror of the echo chamber come alive, chaotic and silent. Someone accidentally heard the comment "I want to kill the Internet" for everyone to hear. We still don't have many answers to the power outage crisis that continues to occur in Houston and the entire state. 

Currently, nearly 2 million Texans have no power. In Houston, it is estimated that 600,000 people have no electricity. 

 Mayor Sylvester Turner made an appearance at KHOU this morning to address concerns about the “power outage” that began to hit our area last night. Although these outages are expected to help save energy across the state, the initial 15-minute to one-hour outage period seems to have exceeded the expected range due to the low temperature across the state, which has caused extensive use of the Texas power grid. People from Fort Bend to Alliance City complained that there has been a power outage for several hours, sometimes as long as seven hours, and it continues. To make matters worse, CenterPoint’s

I have been very depressed all morning.   

These are not blackouts. We are dealing with system-wide power outages across the state. Yingshi

Turner called this a system-wide power outage and estimated that there are currently about 600,000 people without electricity in the Houston area. It is expected that CenterPoint will release an announcement about the operating status of the power system and when people can expect to regain power around 10 am. This morning, the Texas Electric Reliability Commission (ERCOT) operated our power grid. The commission declared that Texas is in the highest energy emergency. CenterPoint also reiterated this news via Twitter:

Due to extreme winter weather affecting the entire state, including Houston and the region, the power system in Texas is facing unprecedented power shortages. The power consumption demand in Texas has far exceeded the current power generation.


If you are out of power, please close the door and keep it tied up. Officials recommend staying inside at this time.

 Guys, unless it is an absolute emergency, you should not drive today. There was one last night 

On I-45 South, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo

The police are dealing with 134 traffic accidents throughout Houston. So far, this morning has been relatively quiet-Houston, let us do our best to keep it that way.

Our roads are very icy, please avoid traveling. If you arrive at an intersection controlled by a blackout traffic light, treat it as a four-way stop sign.

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