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Upgrading weapons is crucial to defeating the outbreak of the Cold War, so here is the location of each punch.




With the new zombie mode of the Cold War in Black Ops,

, You will find yourself encountering many monsters and the living dead. If you want to survive the next round and retrieve the weapon, you need to pack the weapon.

At the time of writing, the eruption will take you to three locations in the Ural Mountains: Ruka, Alpine, and Golova. This is where the Pack-a-Punch machine is found

While fighting for survival in the Ruka forest, you can go to the Old Farm on the left side of the map to upgrade your weapons. You will be able to see the machine marked Pack-a-Punch on the map, so just go there.

And unique to

You don’t need to worry about an outbreak

Or anything else-if you have funds, you can upgrade immediately.

As a snowman like James Bond rides a sled through the mountains, you may feel that your weapon starts to get hurt in the following rounds.

If you have money to spend, you should go to the cottage on the north side of the map. You will find the Pack-a-Punch machine in the main lobby, but this area is a bit tight, so beware of zombies.

The final Pack-a-Punch machine is located in the scenic Golova hills. Go to the upper city at the bottom of the map, and the machine will appear in the main building.

You need to go to the top of the stairs to access it, and be careful because it is located at the end of a narrow corridor and it is easy to be overwhelmed.

It is also worth noting that before entering the next round, a punching machine will be generated next to you, as well as a workbench, Arsenal and Der Wunderfizz machines. Before entering the next field and level, you can stock everything you need.

If more areas are added to the "outbreak", we will update this article with Pack-a-Punch machine location.

One of the CoDs: "Black Ops Cold War"'s latest "Operator" has an audio line, hinting that it may join Nuke's scoring competition in the future.

"Modern Warfare 2" introduced Nuke Scorestreak (then Killstreak), which was groundbreaking and completely changed the dynamics of the "Call of Duty" game. The previous two games encouraged the killing of a row of enemies without dying, which nuclear weapons required.

It became commonplace for people to get compilations of the killer tre who ended the game, and YouTube's dream came from this. It last appeared in the restart of Modern Warfare in 2019, and there is evidence that we can see it again.

The "Black Ops" Cold War has had a lot of record-breaking twists and turns, from skyrocketing to shocking


. Even if everyone has a lot of things, we think no one will refuse the return of nuclear weapons.

There are many new second seasons


Wait, it seems that they have recorded a specific conversation.

In the clip posted on Reddit,

To be able to use these skins in a multiplayer game in Modern Warfare, even if they are not playable, they are still ready.

The best guess is that this may be related to Warzone and its

, It can also be a production line to be used in the future.

What we mean is that given that the game was played in the dangerous and uncertain Cold War era, where the threat of nuclear annihilation is likely to happen, it is not surprising to see it return to Treyarch's latest game.

Considering that the new Scorestreaks are always increasing, and not everyone likes Nuke, Treyarch may hope to introduce it eventually, which may be an important addition to Season 3.

Cod: The Cold War in Black Ops has another incredible glitch that seems to turn the game into a scene in The Lord of the Rings.

Who doesn't like to show you weird malfunctions that you shouldn't have? Well, the "Black Ops" Cold War has shown enough examples since its release, treating various players as a series of anomalous events.

So far, during the entire process of Season 1 and Season 2, CoD players have been able to

, Play

, Done

And get a rare opportunity to see what

It may be similar.

But the latest fault is one of the most disturbing faults so far, because if luck is not good enough, it will also have a physical impact on gamers.

Reddit users

Due to a mysterious bug that caused their game to be severely deformed, a picture was posted on the official website of "Black Ops Cold War".

Considering the outline of the side rock and the openness of the area, it seems that the player's satellite game has been seriously out of control. It's like someone took out their phone and applied a special "Lord of the Rings" filter during the game.

The central part of the image is the ominous eyes, which is very reminiscent of the eyes of Lord Sauron in this blockbuster series.

When the answer to the scope actually has a good understanding of the potentially harmful effects, the interestingness of the glasses diminishes.

Our original poster added their thoughts to the error and said, “It’s worse to play. I’m not a patient with epilepsy, and my eyes hurt. Imagine how serious this is for a patient with epilepsy. !"

The shocking thing about these failures is that the cause of these failures is not always clear and obvious. Hope Treyarch will realize this possibility and conduct research.

If you encounter any potential malfunctions or errors, please be sure to contact us 



To improve your accuracy and mobility during the Cold War in Black Ops, here are the best controller settings for Season 2.

Black Ops Cold War allows players to fully customize its controller settings and even fine-tune its aim assist settings to shoot as accurately as possible. With so many settings available, it is difficult to pick which one you should run.

Since the return of the compact package, the Cold War has had maps of various sizes

To the vast

. Therefore, it will be very useful to accommodate all the different parameters of each map while adapting to new maps and gameplay changes.


We have assembled the best controller settings to improve your accuracy and mobility in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

The sensitivity is all up to you, but 6 is one of the most common values. You should jump into the "custom game", we will explain later, to find the best value for you.

Mantle behavior is an important setting to adjust. When trying to make a jump shot next to the cover, the operator will cover up on the ground, making you defenseless in battle. If you set it to only

, You will be able to jump freely, and then tap twice to jump when you want to make a screen.

For more detailed information on the "Target Response Curve" and "Target Target Assist Mode", we will further detail these settings in this guide.

Enabling "Auto Dash" will allow you to move faster on the map, but you need to get used to moving the joystick only slightly when invisible.

The joystick input threshold or dead zone depends on your controller. You want the minimum value to be as small as possible without the controller shaking.

In this guide, we will introduce all the aiming assist settings so that you can find the best setting for you in Treyarch's navigation system.

The "target response curve" has 4 different settings, so let's find the best setting:

Most players will be used to

Aim for the response curve, as this is the default setting in most Call of Duty games.

If you feel the joystick is firm and you can easily hit the target, it’s worth trying

. It is a good middle ground between Standard and Linear (we don't recommend), and some professionals (such as Scump) have successfully used it.

Target aiming assist can be used in gun battles or when aiming at enemy players. When hovering the mouse over an enemy player, it will slow down the speed of the crosshair.

There are 4 different settings this time, so we will introduce them in detail one by one:

If you mainly play "Black Ops" and "Cold War", and "Battlefield" is not your best choice, we recommend that you stick to it

Target aiming assistance settings. This is what most CoD players are used to, and it will be the most natural for most people.

However, if you want to switch between Warzone, Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, it’s worth getting used to

Aiming assist settings. Since these games use different engines, switching between them can be cumbersome, but the "traditional" mode will make the transition smoother.

With controller settings, there is no setting for everyone. It's tempting to find professional players or content creators you like and copy their settings, but they may not be the best for you.

We suggest you jump into

Black Ops Cold War and test some different controller settings. In order to maximize the use of time to test the setup, the following are our recommended suggestions:

With these custom game settings, you can practice shooting at will. Nuketown '84 is small enough to keep you fighting, and Recruit-class robots will hardly shoot at you.

Use a variety of different settings and weapons to practice shooting robots at long and short distances, and maintain the most accurate and comfortable settings. Even if you are a veteran of Call of Duty, there is always room for improvement, so it is worth trying some different combinations.

In this private mode, you should also try to reduce the "minimum input threshold" to the lowest level. Start at 0, and then move it up by one until there is no more joystick drift.

Try these controller settings in "Black Ops Cold War Season 2," and you will instantly and accurately take deadly photos.

One of the CoDs: The latest "Carrier" of "Black Ops Cold War" has an audio cable that hints at the future...

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