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My wife is a bit cleaner. More important than me

As far as I know, she didn't actually force it. I do my best to do household cleaning, but she told me (actually) "Don't bother. Your standards are too bad, I must follow you and clean properly (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)."

Therefore, this is the "release from prison (prison if you will)" card for most of my housework.

One thing she did a few times was to put my shaver in the dishwasher. Am I like "WTF" at the time? However, the strange thing is that the efficiency of the blade is much higher since then.

My wife is the opposite. Regarding cleaning and tidying up, it is a nightmare, and I am strict. 

She also has some weird rules that make cleaning and tidying up more difficult. For example, don’t put a wooden spoon in the dishwasher, you must do the dishwasher’s job in some way, wash the garbage and dry it. Then put it in the recycle bin and store things in it. They are useful in situations. 

It means that I almost stopped interrupting the cleaning work when she was at home, so as not to raise questions about whether I followed countless absurd and counterproductive rules. 

In addition, she knows almost nothing about interior design, but she requires that all furniture be chosen by herself, and all the artworks on the walls are what she likes. 

It means that the decoration of the house is depressing and almost never tidy.

Strange habit: Take off the socks from the sofa and leave them on the sofa. When I cook, I organize things around me, which means that sometimes the spoon I'm using gets washed off before it runs out. 

That's it. He is the trump card. Carry out cleaning, DIY and vacuuming. He did fart. 

The one I love is not as neat as I am, but he does his best, he is too cute to be annoyed by it 

Fortunately, in terms of his interest in decoration, he likes things similar to me  


Based on this description, my wife seems to be a bigamist.

I am like a 95% cleaner and 99% of my wife. Therefore, I reduced the 4% gap in disbelief. She laughed and started to clean up, not even messing up. If guests come over the weekend, she will clean the room before and after the entire house, usually before they actually leave. Exhausted.

My OH is on the side of the bed. Therefore, he will use duvets to make a whole bed, and then have 6 cushions stacked on the bed. He put his 3 on his side instead of mine on my side. I can feel passive aggressiveness-I think it has something to do with the cushion. I think we have had 20 million conversations, and I am very upset that he still only sleeps for a whole month at a time.

He is cleaner than me. I cook all the meals. 

What is the possible reason for him to do this?

"She knows almost nothing about interior design"

It’s weird, we’re just talking about my mother; her house is not well decorated, smells bad or doesn’t taste at all. There is no taste at all when it is set up. I need a sofa, that's a sofa. No consideration is given to whether the size, shape, and color are related to the rest of the room. weird 

Please tidy up carefully before our cleaners come.  


He put his 3 on his side instead of mine on my side.

So where are the other 3?

Eugh, the lack of symmetry makes me anxious. 

Of course, he has no reason to do this, because it is a ridiculous thing-I think he might put the pillow neatly by the bed like 3 o'clock-and my pillow has just been thrown away, so it may be on my side On the floor, behind the bedside table, waiting under the bed. I think it started because it took a lot of effort to find the other 3, but now it's a habit, he doesn't walk around to find the other 3. Although he has other redemption characteristics, so I will allow it. 

I am more refreshing than my wife.

Since Covid, she has been engaged in homework research and has now become a slum.

She likes to open her post and put it in an unusual place along with the tattered envelope. why?

She also likes cushions. You can put some cushions everywhere on the bed and chair. Sometimes I put one of them in a black bag, but she didn't notice it.

Having said that, she is an expert in dishwashers.

She will take a shower and then enter the bathtub until the bathtub is a few inches full and is abandoned by the gay while continuing to run. 

She also refused to put the matter back in place. The cheese enters the strange part of the refrigerator. Pots and pans are stored in frank and weird places.

Are you married to London Head?

"Sometimes the spoon I used is washed off before it runs out."

Really mad

(Assuming "washed" means it has been placed in the dishwasher)

I stand on the dusty side. I tried to introduce OH into the simple pleasure of tidying up the kitchen, but not 



Or (take me as an example):

-Put unnecessary service flyers on the radiator near the front door instead of throwing them away for recycling immediately.

-At the same time, I somehow put my (unopened) post in a random drawer, I only found it after 3 months.

Today’s topic gave me more comfort. thank you all


The used paint brush in the cutlery drawer got me.

another example:

On many occasions, I will get up relatively early on Saturday morning. She was still sleeping. I put on fresh jeans and shirts. Walk to the corner shop to get a newspaper and some milk. come back. Take off your clothes. Put my clothes on the bed. Go take a relaxing bath. come out. No jeans on the bed!

By this time she was up and doing housework. I asked: "Have you seen the jeans I left on the bed?" She replied: "I have put them in the washing machine. ". I replied: "What? I only wore it for 20 minutes. "To the point where I felt compelled to take the clothes to the bathroom.

One of my former roommates has a ridiculous voice on the phone, and he stopped answering his phone by writing down his phone number in the last 5 years. He still answers the landline with numbers.

Gr7 thread. Wilbur, do I want to marry the same person?

In addition, a former roommate once bought a luxury house, but later bought himself an upgraded luxury bag. He stored it in his room and took it away every time he went to poop. 

In the dark, I once had a roommate who was always on the same level as the nine-ceps, but her room was filthy and she was accustomed to overeating and throwing it into her trash can. 

there are more:

When cooking, it was as if she was unwilling to use the most impractical tools to complete the job. Therefore, she will use a ridiculous knife to chop up vegetables and boil the water into spaghetti in a small milk pot, but at the same time, do this on the largest circle.

Likewise, nothing can make her deviate from the cooking instructions or anything else on the small package. The food will stay in the oven until the specified time is up, but it will cause the food to burn or become fresh.

Mr. GHF’s weird habits include things like putting things in “sheds” for storage instead of our utility room with shelves (I put them there in the first place). Example: Today, I want to travel with some antibacterial wipes. At 6.30 this morning, I was looking for wet wipes. They are in a shed. He keeps tidy. I'm not complaining; my contribution to family business is buying food and cooking food. I did nothing. 

This is really painful M7, I'm sorry to hear.

My girlfriend obviously cannot stand without the following items: scissors, nail clippers, emery board, tissue box, paper tape. As a result, each of us has about 40


Your post reminded me of a story about this man whose wife would constantly scold him while cooking because he did not "pack things up like you."

Eventually, he broke her and killed her, and cut her off in the kitchen

But he defended himself, saying: "But I did tidy it up when I left."

Either way, things will only be stuffed into the refrigerator.

It can be cooked without any preparation in the next 3-4 hours. Just leave it to cool down so that you can use the microwave later.

When I cook, I clean and clean until the only things left to be pushed into the dishwasher after the meal are plates, cutlery, cups, and serving items. When Mrs. RR was cooking, the sink turned into a little spotty after 15 minutes, and it got worse from there. 

Her food is better though. 

"Finally, he snatched her off, killed her, and cut her off in the kitchen."

I will keep this in mind 

If there is only part of what is left, milk, butter, cheese, kimchi, jam, etc. My wife may use 90% and put the rest back in the refrigerator, which will not help anyone or anything

I was not so untidy when I was cooking, he just decided to help in "That's stupid teamwork!" Kind of way. I cook all the meals because I am addicted to food. It is currently in the Indian/Persian era. 

Thought of another habit. When I was watching something on the iPad, he walked into the bedroom and brushed his teeth with an electric toothbrush, which meant I couldn't hear the TV sound (if there is noise around, my sound is rubbish!). 

I? I may be untidy. I try not to do it. But he might say that I didn't put the lids on the jars correctly and put them back in the cabinet, which is really outrageous because he was attacked by Marmite falling on him many times! 

But he might say that I didn't put the lids on the jars correctly and put them back in the cabinet, which is really outrageous.

Oh, too. Why does anyone do this

"Let me put the lid loosely on the container"

My girlfriend obviously cannot stand without the following items: scissors, nail clippers, emery board, tissue box, paper tape. 

Does WTF deal with tissue boxes? I never understood this, the few women I lived with were full of boxes. 

Have you ever encountered such a situation, that swamp roll is not a suitable tissue for colds in the form of tissue paper?

I asked nev, he said that I stood up randomly, walked to the shelf, moved an object about 1 cm, and walked away 

I would love to pour everything into a different container from the original 

I want to tell him that if he does shopping, he always leaves me dry goods and cleaning supplies, which is very strange to me.

We may all be 99% tidy freaks, but he observes and supervises and provides a lot of feedback (grrr), I will be more tidy and cleaner. He is allergic to opening and closing blinds and making beds. We have a similar style at home (!?), but I tend to nan and many accessories, and he is more simple. 

We rarely have cushions because they always bother me as usual. If you have heavy objects on the bed, where would you put them? Of course, does this just mean that the floor looks a mess in the morning?

Guilty of organized crime?

I just squeeze my nostrils, and blow hard into the kitchen sink.

Pour everything into a container different from the original container

Oh yes, if you want to find some paracetamol in our bathroom, God will help you, because for aesthetic reasons, they are all put in old medicine bottles 

Too many neat freaks 

I might organize it once a month because the organization is too bad

FFS. It's like living with a more capable teenager. 

What a cat could do

Reg has some strange cooking habits, but they are usually easy to match.

I am definitely a roommate with "weird habits".

I used to come back from university lectures sometimes and complained "Mugen, you left one of the creations in the toilet again."

``Come on, admit, she is a cannon-you have left a deep impression''

@Pinkus. I can relate to that photo.

Just to check if we are married to the same person:

-Even if a drawer put in a drawer is easier to reach than a chair, is it still an innocent, clean, empty chair full of clothes? 

-Will you throw towels downstairs from the bedroom "toward" the bathroom and forget them instead of putting them on the towel rack? 

I tend to be a roommate of this weird habit. The main content of people's comments is that I always drink a pint of pumpkin, but I might put that pint of glass in a room and then go back, including overnight.

My ex liked to clean up everything before going to bed, even if I would throw away the pumpkin, I would tell him I would drink another pint in the morning

I am very picky, clean, tidy and organized. I hate clutter of any kind, and I always search around to get rid of the clutter. Throw it away. 

That is to say, my former OH cannot understand my almost neat OCD, such as neatness and orderliness, and obsession with getting rid of chaos. A squeeze or a spoonful of seasoning is left, box it, and a squeeze of soap, box it. So on and so forth. "But why when the rest of the place looks intact, why throw all the clothes on the bedroom floor and bathroom, and put them there? TBH be fair. My mom went crazy for doing the same thing for my father. But wow, This is where the trend should be if his lemon curd is not "making snacks"

Ah, Pinker, when there was a trash can in the same room, I did throw the jam roll on the floor. Eggs, bread and fresh vegetables are always stored in the refrigerator, even though the refrigerator has a lot of space. The former Uni friends and OH thought it was crazy.

The small flower pot on the big circle is definitely the killer of TBF.

just. How can you not see the flame completely leaking from the bottom of the pot.

Further comfort; thanks again

I do like the sound of the scaffolding

If you consider getting married, I have long believed that both parties should have a quick toothpaste tube test-whether to close the cap tightly, whether to squeeze from the bottom-and it is up to it to decide.

My roommate hasn't finished the shower yet. It's like she can cook and eat, and wash off 99% of the pots and pans. But then there were always some utensils left in the sink, which was still full of water, and then she left and became cold. I just don't understand how she can't do it every time. 

Moreover, my work surface is white, she can't make tea, and she doesn't want to leave huge tea stains where I keep wiping. 

@Mix swimming

Toothpaste test? On this score, I think this should apply to all legally binding in-laws. The balance must be confirmed. of course. People must realize that there must be a compromise. 

However, it is not a toothpaste test. Squeeze from the bottom. As for "the upper limit is not to be worn"? That is convincing. I think there are potential benefits. This means that everything is open. Allen is assured.

For pink-you do not put wooden utensils or cutting boards in the dishwasher, they will decompose.

She is right.

I like to squeeze in from the middle because it is a new tube, so indulgent.

I don’t have caps with lids, because they are always clumsy, so they feel like standing up (toothpaste is one of the few bleach and toilet cleaners, and can’t be dumped under my big irritation), and then when it becomes Start squeezing when getting more free from the beginning

The same ebitda. 

  @ Oyster

I reported that your post is obviously pornographic. Donald Trump is still the real president. Or something else.

Mugen-You are used to giving gifts to others in khakis: this is completely normal; even polite.

^^^ Would you like to admit that you are a phantom doll?

OB, you should buy Marvis toothpaste. You can also get a cute ceramic Marvis tube extruder. 

Christ you people are weird


Accident report: Just made cereal for the kids and put the box aside so I can eat something. The wife put it away. I said: "I left those to me." She said: "Well, if there are messy things everywhere, it's no use."

Define "short"

If you pour them to the kids for more than 90 seconds, yes, throw them to you 

About 10 to 15 minutes later, I made tea and coffee, then gave it to the two of us, had lunch for my daughter, and then took my wife’s dog to shit.


I just called and said that she also put the bowl and spoon full of things that I missed...

good girl 

I went to the refrigerator, poured a glass of milk and orange juice, and put the almost empty cardboard box back in the refrigerator.

Oh, when the trash can is full or almost full, don't put anything on it, lest it is full of blood. It takes a few seconds to take out a complete carton and replace it

My wife can't help cooking in the kitchen, or even drinking a cup of tea, to cook the simplest things. But she cooks all the meals, so it's kind of like washing her face. The big closet is full of obsolete items, so you can't find anything. Scissors-They are sexual and reproductive, and they are all dull like beards. Recycling-Do not rinse the yogurt jar, so I will be bored by Sir Peach Meltz when I recycle it.

I was kind of triggered by this thread... some of you are incredibly forgiving! 

I don't understand the cushion on the bed. They serve no purpose other than making the room look like a shit hotel. 

Mrs. Donny is the promoter of the Internet of Things.

Frankly speaking, this is unacceptable. If I leave something on the surface, it’s for maintenance reasons

Oh, there is also a refrigerator. Half of its cubic capacity is ice, and the other half is a yellow ticket transaction for milk and bagels that have never been used. Therefore, we have made great efforts to preserve the historical appearance of Tesco's 2-pint milk in 2014.

"If I leave something on the surface, it is for reasonable reasons"

Yes, the reason is laziness 

OH has read this topic and was personally attacked by my comment. He wants to clean the garage and we are booking a couple consultation service 

Huh @ this lovely thread

Mrs. A has always been neat and tidy. I am a very strange person. He is usually 90% tidy and then becomes a super tidy freak within 24 hours of expecting guests.

Oh, and again the cleaners, unless my eyes sting from the smell of bleach when I walked in, they didn't get the job done.

Before any one @average number = messy, yes, but then I run the children's x3 schedule again / homework / UCAS / MLAT / work experience / sports and most food 

The correct toothpaste rules are very clear. You squeeze from the bottom of the course. Then you put on a hat. of course. 

Sadly, my significant other did not see this. I let this slide (and too scared to ask this question again) to support a bigger battle, such as:

-Hope to be able to actually put the lid on the freezer;

-Even if there is still a load in use, I hope not to replace every item in the kitchen. 

Completely triggered but feel comforted. This is the best morning coffee reading in many weeks. Highlights include: Sir Peach Meltz; happy to know what Tesco's special offer in 2014 looks like; the cushions on the bed make it look like a shit hotel. My partner does not make a cushion, but a bed, as if her life depends on it. Of course she silently resented me for never doing this, but it was because I thought it was meaningless. Clean the toilet-now she feels pointless. 

Finally...just for you, I organized some items in our bathroom cupboard. The best estimate (the children are screaming) is 150-170. No more than 20 of them are mine, including a considerable part of Sunblock Through The Ages Collection.

Please do not wash the dishes and leave the stray spoon in the sink! why?

Wait a minute, don't you roll the toothpaste tube when you leave?

I went through a short period of revenge, that is, wearing a top hat for the toilet seat, but I quickly got bored.

Now, I just passively take the initiative to clear the trash under the bed and enter me.

There are many similar comments here.

When Mrs. Zarqawi did anything in the kitchen, it was like she had to use every vessel and various forms of pottery known to mankind, and then open all the drawers and cabinets. It's like the scene in "The Sixth Sense" after a cup of tea.

Likewise, everything has its place, and everything has its place. However, these places are changing every day.

"Where is your car key?"

"You know, in the usual place"

"Which usual place...?"

Strangely rest assured that other people will suffer the same insanity! Maybe my wife didn't use her way to attract me...

I've won the scatter cushion thing on the bed... why? But there is more.....

Put things back in the refrigerator/cabinet, only 1 micron left, which really drives me crazy-especially. Milk: Go back to the refrigerator, there is about a teaspoon of milk left.

Ha ha ha!

Scattered cushions are a highlight of Beelzebub's handicraft industry...

I am a compulsive young man, her wife status will leave things on the surface, make other things pile up on the surface, and slowly mess up the surface.

Does anyone else have the inconvenience of traveling-I think any unsorted items should be placed in the living room (further away from the kitchen work surface), SWBO hopes to find the dining table, so bring it all back to the kitchen...

What are even bicycle parts?

I have something that can sit directly on the sofa, but it is impossible in our house. There are always some kittens on the road-mats, cute toys, pullovers, etc.-I have to throw them to the other side of the room to smash my butt. Ah ah ah

In addition, the wife never finishes a cup of tea, but if I make a cup for her, the cup will not reach the top, she will get angry.

Stick to drinking coffee through a straw.

Everything I said here, you should see the state of my car. Poor thing 

We are both neat and tidy, and we always do very clearly when we cook. But this is not enough for Mr. M who puts the tableware in the washing machine while I am still using the tableware.

If he wears the same clothes tomorrow when he undresses, it will still hang in the closet.

but. He is a massive accumulator for papers and magazines. When I saw his office, I was shocked. You can barely see the windows and there is dust everywhere because the cleaners cannot enter. He is stacking bigger and bigger things in the kitchen, and bigger and bigger things in the kitchen. Research, grrr.

I choose decoration, he said when we got married, he said that I have no taste, so you choose, happiness.

I like this theme. 

@asti, it's not a bicycle part, but an uncertain raft without a specific house.

(The bicycle parts are piled up outside the garage, because the workbench is full of DIY and broken toys, so I can't throw them away.)

Guilty because he filled the refrigerator with milk from Binbin Mountain and Thimble.

Don't put the plastic wrap correctly back on the things in the refrigerator.

Chimpanzee, red wine too?

I am glad that clubbers did not join this topic! I'm sure he is gritting his teeth. 

When I just fell asleep recently, he did throw a cushion on my head, and when I moved the decorative cushion to his side, he was climbing into the bed. He couldn’t stand them and expected me to inherit the ownership and Don't put Chuck on the floor next to him. I realized that pass agg cushions were all the rage, and became purely offensive cushions. It seems a bit OTT. 

This morning, my husband a) started making children’s bento lunch b) started unloading the dishwasher, c) started making breakfast, and then d) played epic shit in the middle of it all, so when I came the kitchen looked like Under a stupid war zone

Husbands are usually untidy, followed by the youngest child. I only care about the cleanliness of the surface (that is, it looks good, but you don’t want to open the cabinet); older kids are usually neat 

But I can only say how difficult it is to close a fake cabinet after opening it

Correct, this is the clue that got me out of the lurking shadows and became the focus of my first article. 

My OH has some weird/nasty habits:

-Put his shoes on the mat at the door, as if he had just walked out of the shoes

-Unable to stack dishwashers to save lives 

-Won’t put his clothes in the basket because it’s landing and he doesn’t want neighbors to see his naked clothes (they can’t see him through the problematic window, and he won’t accept it can be worn Pajamas and then put on pajamas) to hinder)

-Wandering when brushing teeth 

To be fair, I will make the remaining half a cup of cold tea and use each utensil to make ham sandwiches. Although I can (approximately) compromise, I don't insist on spreading cushions on the bed.


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