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As we go deep into February and see the prospect of "snowman" type snowfall, we are ready and excited about it. We are sure that children and grandchildren will look forward to snow, snowy days, and will snow to sled and build snowmen as usual. Garden plots require snow to kill overwintering insects, soil fungal diseases, and insect eggs and larvae.

Snowfall in winter is very beneficial to the overall health of the garden. By increasing the nutrients in the snow and absorbing them into the soil, snow has a positive effect on the garden soil. Snow and its coldness can also kill organisms that adversely affect the beneficial growth of organisms. The important element in nitrogen is contained in snow that can be deeply immersed in winter snow. Snow has also soaked the woodland and forest floor, forming a blanket, forming a blanket of nutrients to strengthen the root system, prepare for the sap, and start the annual awakening for the coming spring. Snow is an excellent preparation for gardens, lawns and nature.

Just greening around in the winter to be pleasing to the eyes is a sufficient reward, but how big is that to enjoy a good harvest in the cold winter, or pick the kale from the ground? In the middle of winter, there are not many days in Piedmont that really freeze, which paves the way for the production of high-yield cold weather. It produces cool vegetables, such as kale, turnips, kale, broccoli, cabbage, onion wraps, and mustard cauliflower. Only a protective layer of crushed leaves can cover the extreme weather that is rarely seen in winter.

Cold winter nights and full moons or near full moons may be components that create a halo around the moon on a cold night in February. This halo is actually produced by tiny ice crystals that are formed at high altitudes, where the air is much colder than the air on the ground. My grandmother in Northamptonshire always counted the stars visible in the halo, and she predicted that these stars were the days before our snowfall. On the other hand, my mother always said that the starting point in the halo is a few inches of snow that we can expect. Both of them may be as correct as some meteorologists today.

Siberian kale is the sweetest, sweetest and tenderest of all vegetables. We find that they are as good as canned food because they are fresh. Kale is harvested throughout the winter, so there is a lot of fresh food to eat, and you can keep a few batches.

We like to put kale in the kale jar. We wash the freshly harvested kale twice with cold salt water, rinse with fresh water and drain it. Boil the collard greens in a large can or pot, and continue to add the collard greens to the pot after boiling. When the kale is cooked and tender, pour out half of the liquid and pour the remaining liquid into the jar full of processed kale. Use a kitchen knife to chop up the kale and stems. Put it into a sterilized pint (or quart) jar, then pour the remaining liquid into the kale in the jar. Treat for 55 minutes in a pressure tank at ten pounds of pressure. Kale is a low-acid vegetable and requires a long processing time.

To pour canned kale into a pan, use a light margarine, a tablespoon of shoppers, fried bacon or two teaspoons of Baco-Bits, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of pepper, and a tablespoon of Cabin Syrup into the pan. Fry over medium heat until tender (about 10 or 15 minutes). You can also boil the kale until tender and add water if needed.

"The north wind blows and we will snow. What will the poor robin do?" We think we know many of them-they have made a home for themselves in Piedmont. Robbins may not stay in the barn to keep warm, but they will stay in the hollow logs, under the sheds and outbuildings, and enjoy the winter under the eaves and vents of the house. If the ground freezes, it will not freeze for a long time. Their food chain must be adequate, because most winter robins look brightly colored, healthy, and have plenty of food. Because they are very active, no one seems to be able to tremble from the cold. Throughout the winter, Robbins is a welcome sight. Our wish is to be as tough and hardy as them.

In winter, the ultraviolet rays of the sun shine on the porch. My grandmother always tells her grandchildren to go out in the sun every day (and how well her body is!). In winter, when the sun is shining, please make full use of it and absorb some light. If the north wind blows, grab the blanket, sleigh, some gloves and a large cup of coffee, and knock on the chair on the porch. Sunlight and coffee will warm your body, harden your body to resist the cold, and strengthen the immune system.

This is a great recipe for winter. You will need a box of cooked elbow macaroni (drained), one or two ounces of diced allspice (drained), a small jar of olive-colored sweet pickled cucumbers, a bunch of green onions (chopped), 4 hard boiled eggs (diced), 1 cup chopped broccoli, 1 cup chopped Parmesan cheese, 1 cup mayonnaise, 1⁄2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1⁄2 cup sugar, 3 cups Siying brand condensed milk and 2 teaspoons of ranch seasoning . Add Parmesan cheese and chopped broccoli to the cooked and drained macaroni. In a separate bowl, combine Eagle Milk, Vinegar, Sugar, Mayonnaise and Ranch Seasoning, and mix well. Pour this mixture on the macaroni mixture and mix them together. Add pieces of sweet pickles, allspice, eggs, green onions. Stir together well. Refrigerate for two and a half hours before serving. You can prepare one day in advance. Place in the refrigerator for several days.

Mother caught little David again at dinner time to feed her pet dog under the dinner table. "David," said his mother, "you know very well that you shouldn't feed dogs." "Yes, ma'am." David lowered his head and said. David's mother said, "Do you understand why we have to abide by this rule at home?" Little David thought for a while and said, "I think it's because if the dog doesn't like this kind of food, it will end up on the floor. And then rot."

When we are ready to end February, we can enjoy the full moon of that month, which is called the "snowy moon". We hope that this moon lives up to its name, shining on the fields, farms and grass, and covering the limbs of trees with a white blanket of snow. This will be very beneficial for the children and the garden plot, and it is also very good for all snow fans.

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March 7, 2021

Now, March has been a whole week, and the whole month may be full of various weather tricks. Even if this is the coming month of spring, we still have a lot of winter coming. There may be a lot of hard icing and ice in the mud pit, and there may be some snow. We can always expect some days like lions in a month, but we can also expect some days like lambs. Even if it is cold and snowy in March, don't let them hinder the planting of cool vegetables to start the garden season.

There are many varieties of weather-resistant vegetables, and they can now be planted in the garden. They will grow in the cool soil of the garden in March. The list includes Irish potatoes, green onion sets, mustard dishes, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, turnips, carrots, kale, broccoli and Alaskan green peas. If you plant the seeds now, they will be harvested before the warm weather arrives.

Snowfall in March is not uncommon, our biggest snowfall in years occurred in March. It does not have to be below freezing to accumulate measurable snow, so this laid the foundation for its snow production in March. Snowfall in March is not uncommon, and it is good for lawns, gardens and the environment. It can soak the soil, increase nutrients and kill harmful organisms in the soil, and create a good start for cold vegetables.

At the beginning of March, St. Patrick's Day can kick off with some extra greenery. You can modulate this green floral arrangement by placing two white carnations in a bud vase filled with water and putting a few drops of green food coloring on the water in the vase. In a few days, the carnations will absorb the green water in the vase and produce green carnations for the decoration of St. Patrick's Day.

The cold air of March afternoon is now full of the fragrance of colorful hyacinths. As March unfolded in full, they produced a sweet aroma. Hyacinths are red, white, yellow, pink, purple, blue and lavender flowers and are one of the brightest harbingers of spring. Remember, after the hyacinth blooms, let the leaves dry completely and die. This process allows the bulbs to form and mature next season and pave the way for the hyacinth display next year.

The cool temperature of the soil in early March makes the soil receptive to green Alaskan pea crops. They are definitely cool vegetables, and frost, snow or freezing will not hinder their growth. They are pest-free and can be harvested within 60 to 70 days. When you plant peas, you can follow the peas with cool vegetables in the fall. Alaska peas are rich in nitrogen, which adds nutrients to the garden soil. Green Arrow and Wando are other pea varieties.

The only thing about wild onions is the fact that they are green. At this time of the year, they are piercing the lawn. Their rhizomes have deep bulbs, so it is difficult to remove them without destroying a large amount of lawn. We don't have a panacea for wild onion medicine, but we have a way to control them. This method of control is to use a weed trimmer and it is best to remove it from the ground during Leo's barren lunar sign in March. It may not make them bleed to death as some people say, but it will hinder their growth, control them and make the lawn look much better. Lowering the blades of the lawn mower in early spring will also help increase the number of onions.

March is the month to start growing broccoli plants, starting in May and continuing until June. You can buy broccoli plants in most hardware, nurseries, seed shops, and garden departments. These plants are packaged in six or nine packs. Ensure that the plant is healthy and has blue-green stems. You can choose Packman, Raab, Premium Crop or Green Comet or Lieutenant. Space the cauliflower plants about three to four feet apart and about four to five inches deep. Before placing the plant in the soil, apply a layer of peat mass in the furrow, and then put the plant in the plant-based organic vegetable food before stacking the soil on both sides of the plant. Blend the broccoli plant with the plant every 15 days.

As we enter March, there is still enough time to arrange the onions. They are an effective cool-weather vegetable that will sprout quickly in the cool March soil. You can choose from the white, red or yellow groups, and they cost less than $3 per pound. Plant onions in furrows about three or four inches deep and three or four inches apart, with the roots facing down. A layer of sphagnum moss is applied every 20 days and a layer of garden color is applied. As the onion grows, keep the soil piled up.

The bunch of royal purple on the back of the garden is one of the most beautiful and exquisite wild flowers in nature. When they presented the performance in front of us for free, they were wrapped in royal robes. Along with colorful flowers, there are smooth, dark green, heart-shaped leaves. You can bloom all year round from a bunch of American violets by digging a bunch out of the blooming bunch of violets, then placing them in a delicate potting soil container and placing them on your porch or patio.

. Easy to prepare spreads to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You will need a can of corned beef mashed potatoes, a bowl of sour cream, a bowl of dill pickle sauce, a bowl of diced green olives, a teaspoon of mayonnaise, and an eight-ounce packet of cream cheese (softened). Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and serve on crackers, spoons or sandwiches.

. "Kangaroo Hops"-A kangaroo keeps crossing the fence of the zoo. The breeder installed a ten-foot fence. The next morning, the kangaroo was outside the fence. The breeder installed a 20-foot fence, and the kangaroo was outside the fence the next morning. Then, the breeder installed a forty-foot fence, and the kangaroo was outside the next morning. The next morning, a zebra asked the camel how high he thought the breeder would go. Kangaroo replied: "Unless they want to close the door at night, it may be a hundred feet!"

The moon reaches its final quarter on Friday, March 5th. There will be a new moon on March 13 (Saturday). Daylight saving time starts at 2 am on March 14 (Saturday). St. Patrick's Day is March 17 (Wednesday). Spring is March 21 (Sunday). The moon reaches the first quarter on March 21 (Sunday). There will be a full moon on March 28 (Sunday), and this moon will be called the "worm-filled moon". The Passover will start at sunset on March 27 (Saturday). Palm Sunday will be Sunday, March 28.

. We start to add one hour of daylight to us at 2 am on Sunday, and one minute of daylight every night, which adds extra daylight to prepare lawns and gardens in spring and enjoy extra vitamin C on the front porch. It is much easier to get used to spending an extra hour of daylight than to lose it in the fall! After all, you can put hay while the sun is shining.

February 28, 2021

With the end of February, golden daffodils, daffodils and yellow daffodils paved the way for spring. We always call longevity flowers, daffodils, and daffodils heirloom bulbs and flowers because they continue to bloom a year after the planting of these flowers and after the person who planted them has passed. A good example is the beautiful upholstered bed in the woodland surrounding Reynolda, where RJ Reynolds lives on Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem, where there is a lot of gold The upholstered bed welcomes passing motorists for many years.

Broccoli is a cool vegetable and can be grown now. Most hardware stores and garden stores now stock broccoli plants. You can choose from various broccoli plants. Broccoli performs well at low temperatures and will produce blackheads before the arrival of warm weather. You can buy six packs and nine packs of plants. Healthy plants should be six to seven inches tall, with blue-green stems and dark green leaves. Plant broccoli plants in furrows about four to five inches deep. Apply a layer of sphagnum moss to the bottom of the furrow and mix it with the plant-toned organic vegetable food. Separate the plants about two to two and a half feet, and pile up the soil on both sides. Use plant-toned side skirts every three weeks to pile up the soil on both sides.

Every evening, when night falls, the frogs sing the harmony of spring on the bank of the river. They knew that the arrival of spring was only a few weeks away. Even if they are cold-blooded, some of the signals still indicate that the warm days are not far away. We already like hyacinths and scenery, but now we hear the sound of spring intoxicated by frogs and voyeurs.

It may be cold weather, but the bees are searching around and exercising their wings and checking the surrounding environment. The jasmine of Carolina is full of golden flowers and sweet fragrance, which attracts them and rewards their search. This is very good for them to gather in beehives or pits all winter.

Halfway through winter, the soil in the garden is still cold, but as long as the soil is not frozen, you can grow a bed or row of lettuce in the garden. Lettuce is definitely a cold vegetable that can thrive in winter soil. You can enjoy the harvest in about 50 days or less. There are many varieties and types of lettuce, and you can grow plants or sow seeds. You can also choose from green leaves or lettuce. There are many varieties, including Buttercrunch, Iceburg, Green Ice, Oak Leaf, Grand Rapids and Salad Bowl. On the seed racks in the garden department and supermarkets, there are more varieties of lettuce seeds for about two dollars per pack. Sow the lettuce continuously or in a bed about two inches deep. Add a layer of sphagnum moss and sown a small amount in the furrow. Apply a layer of plant-sound organic vegetable food on both sides of the plant, then climb the slope on both sides of the soil, and then ram it with your head.

"On the day of this season, kids, they know that morning may bring strawberry snow." These words are from Brenda Lee's Christmas album. For a child, Strawberry Snow is most likely to dance on their heads like sugar plums. Which kid doesn't like snow? We want to make the "Strawberry Snow" mentioned in Brenda's song in the form of strawberry ice cream. There is only one requirement for this recipe: there must be a lot of snow on the ground! To make strawberry ice cream, beat four eggs until fluffy, add two cups of sugar, and beat again. Add three cups of whole milk and a can of distilled milk, mix well, and then add two pints of strawberries (mashed or passed through a blender in grate mode). Add one tablespoon of vanilla seasoning and one tablespoon of strawberry seasoning. Mix well, season, and add more sugar as needed. Collect clean, fresh snow and keep adding to the milk mixture until it thickens and becomes slippery. Eat slowly because it will be cold, but it is also memorable and beneficial. After the children have eaten this, the next time it is forecasted to snow, they will dream of "strawberry snow".

On February 24, last Wednesday, the St. Matthews Remembrance Day was celebrated. A positive fact about his special day is that it is said that the sap under the roots of maple, poplar and large oak trees began the journey of life, up to the trunk and limbs and branches. In another month, with the beginning of another season, life will take the form of a new vacation.

This urban legend appeared when we were growing up. It said that you would not eat for the first snowfall this year. My mother proved this legend to be wrong, because she is the biggest snow lover in eastern North Carolina. Whether it was the first or last person to play "ice-cream", there was no heavy snow in Eastern Carolina. She will find snow where it has fallen, and then dig it down to find fresh and clean snow that is undisturbed. The first snowfall in these years does not seem to have any adverse effects on its descendants. She lived to be over 90 years old and had a happy life. Mom, love you, we will remember you every time it snows, and we will smoke some "ice cream". Every season we make ice cream, you are still alive.

The delicate flowers of hyacinth exude the fresh breath of spring. The pastel colors of red, pink, blue, purple, lavender, white and yellow stand out and pay tribute to the approaching spring.

Nowadays, most hardware stores, seed shops and garden departments sell cabbage. They can be six packs and nine packs. You can choose from many different varieties. Then plant in furrows about three to four inches deep. Fill the furrow with a layer of peat moss, and apply a layer of plant-tone organic vegetable food. Separate the plants about two to two and a half feet. Climb the soil on both sides. Match the side skirts with plant tones every three weeks, and then climb the soil onto the cabbage.

"Spiral downwards"-a man goes up the stairs and stops about halfway up, he doesn't remember what he is going upstairs. He decided to sit on the steps until he remembered. After thinking for a while, he didn't remember whether to go upstairs or downstairs.

February 21, 2021

February 14, 2021

Even if today is Valentine's Day, it is not too late to choose a special Valentine's Day. The right gift is still there, waiting for you to pick it up. As Saint Valentine himself said: "Remember your lover."

The good desserts for Valentine's Day dinner on Sunday are easy to prepare, and they are also very colorful. This is a simple, simple food that does not need to be baked. You will need one and a half cups of Graham cookie crumbs. You can make Graham cookie crumbs by passing biscuits through a blender in the "grate" mode, or purchase ready-to-use Graham cookie crumbs. You also need a stick of melted margarine, a can of Comstock cherry pie filling, an eight-ounce box of cream cheese, a can and a half of sugar, a glass of milk and two cardboard boxes of cold whip. Sprinkle half of the graham crackers on a 13x9x2 inch baking sheet or pan. Mix all the other ingredients except the cherry pie filling for the cream cheese filling. Add half of the cream cheese to the bottom layer or crushed graham crackers. Then spread the cherry pie filling on the cream cheese filling layer, and then add the other half of the remaining cream cheese filling. Place the remaining graham cracker crumbs on top. Refrigerate for one to two hours before serving. If necessary, add a cool whip on the top.

In winter, thunder is not uncommon. When the higher temperature is higher than the surface temperature, winter thunder will occur. My Northamptonshire grandma is a weather expert and she has observed strange weather conditions. If there is thunder in winter, she will record the number of thunders. The number of thunders indicates the number of days before snowfall in winter. My mother's prediction of winter is somewhat different from her. The thunder of winter predicts the number of inches of snowfall from each boom.

Now that the lawn is tan and in dormant mode, you can take a walk on the winter lawn to get some excellent exercise and sunshine. In the first few weeks of the mowing season, this walk can purposefully pick up broken grass, branches, limbs, rocks, trash, and objects that the lawnmower may encounter in the future. Immediately remove these objects and discard them until they enter the blade of the lawn mower.

Now is the time to repair and adjust lawn mowers and lawn equipment (such as trimmers and blowers) before the mowing season is in full swing. Most lawn mowers and small engine repair shops are not so busy in February, and many service centers will pick up your lawn mower, perform repairs, and then return it to your home at a reasonable cost. When we use the lawn mower, please remember to start the lawn mower every week in winter and let it run for a minute or two. You may also want to disengage the blade and drive it on the lawn a few times. Keep a lot of fuel in the equipment and don't let it go empty. This works well in winter, because you may want to use a lawn mower to run over the leaves and break them down into mulch and compost.

Annoying wild onions are now beginning to appear on lawns that dormant in winter. This is another reason to keep the weeding machine refueling and running every week in winter. With the emergence of wild onions, use a weed trimmer to cut the ears of the onions to the ground and improve the appearance of the lawn. You will never get rid of onions, but you can control them to make the lawn look neater in winter.

When we reach mid-February and the midpoint of winter, spunlaces, hyacinths and daffodils now show dark green spikes through the mulch and leaf fragments. In the middle of winter, it is always nice to peek at the green through the blanket. By the time March arrives, they should be in full bloom.

Radish is a quick-frozen cold-weather vegetable that grows in the cold soil of the winter garden and is harvested within 45 days. They won't take up too much garden space, one or two packs are enough. There are many varieties to choose from, including Cherriette, Rover, Crimson Giant, Easter Egg, Cherry Bomb and Cherry Belle. Each package costs less than US$2. You can find racks in hardware stores and garden departments. The most unusual ratio is always 100%, which means that most seeds will appear.

Among the green objects that appeared during the winter depression were the shiny, heart-shaped leaves of American violets that appeared on the edge of the garden plot. As they continue to grow, you can get perennials from one of them by digging out a clump and planting it in a fine potting soil container on the porch or deck. Water it with water, and then combine it with floral-tuned organic flower food to make liquid plant food that grows miraculously. Violets will continue to grow year after year.

This green is golden, hard, sweet, and durable, and because of its resistance to cold, snow, ice and freezing, it has no natural enemies of insects. It is full of color, taste, sweetness, vitamins, types, and rich in nutrients. No wonder the kale is becoming the number one green in the United States! In any winter garden, this is a huge investment.

With the arrival of Valentine's Day in the rearview mirror, seed racks are now decorated in Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's and supermarkets. You can buy small bags of flowers and vegetables every week when you shop. Put them in a box in a dry place in the house and label the bag so that when the planting time is up, you will know what you have on hand. Most stores now have a large selection of options to choose from.

As we said the arrival of seed racks in supermarkets, hardware stores and garden departments, you can now find different varieties of seed racks at four o'clock for less than $2. You can continue to buy one or two packs and get ready for the season of green leaves and colorful flowers. Then, you can also order varieties with spots, two shades and marble from Burpee and the park.

Lettuce, another cold-weather vegetable, can now be sown in beds or in short rows. A pack of lettuce seeds is less than $2. You can choose from many varieties. Sow thin seeds in a furrow two inches deep. Cover the seeds with a layer of sphagnum moss and apply garden-based organic plant foods. Climb the soil on both sides of the furrow, then ram it with the blade head. The harvest date of lettuce is 45 to 50 days.

"Repay the unhappy lover's gift"-When little Brady opened the lover's gift from his grandmother, he was very happy to receive a water gun. He went to the wash basin and filled it with water. Brady's mother was not very happy, and said to her mother: "I'm surprised that all of you will give him a water gun. Don't you remember our children used to drive you crazy with water guns?" The grandmother replied slyly: " Yes, I clearly remember that now is the payback period!"

February 7, 2021

At Candlemas, which took place on Tuesday, February 2, we reached the midpoint of winter. On this day in February, the Amish of the Dutch Country in Pennsylvania burned candles on the windows all night to celebrate the midpoint of winter "Hump Night." They also checked the timber supply to determine if they have enough margin for the remainder of the winter.

There are only seven days of love, flowers, and chocolate. The choices for Valentine's Day are great, and the store is well stocked. Flower shops and even supermarkets are filled with containers of flowers and bouquets of roses. The beginning of this week is a good time to order Valentine's Day flowers. On Valentine's Day, there are many alternatives to replace flowers. You can choose a variety of goods or chocolates, including heart-shaped boxes, supermarkets, hardware stores, fast food restaurants, and gift cards from any local merchants. No matter what Valentine's Day, always take a small box of chocolates to make it particularly romantic and unforgettable.

There are only 28 days, so February is the shortest month in winter. Even if it is the shortest, it may become the coldest as we pass the winter hump. At any time during this month, we will receive some heavy snowfall. In the good weather this month, we can see robins bouncing on the lawn, long green spines and hyacinths peeking out from the cold soil, and Valentine's Day in the middle of the month.

It seems that in the past few years, the ground has not frozen as many times as ten years ago. Perhaps this February will bring some hard freezing damage to kill overwintering insects, their eggs and larvae, as well as eliminate many weed seeds, fungi and harmful organisms in the soil.

The winter weather in February is surprising, which makes the windshield and wiper blades of your vehicle difficult. Salt, sand, salt water, mud, as well as ice, sleet and snow will splash on the windshield and windows, making the view unclear. This is a way to improve driving quality in winter. Fill the windshield gasket with de-icer mixture. Never leave the house without cleaning the windshield and all car windows. Allow the vehicle to warm up to prevent fogging of the windows. Wiper blades are often cleaned in winter. Use the other end of the scraper to maintain a durable ice and snow scraper with a hard brush. Before leaving the driveway, brush the hood and roof. Place a can of deicer in the glove box.

. We have seen robins on the lawn for the entire month of February, and there is no sign that the winter weather has any adverse effects on them. They seem to be doing what they often do-looking for a meal. We think they have adapted well to our southeast winter, where many places have been found, such as hollow trees, garbage trucks, old sheds and barns, eaves of houses, and hollow hollow logs under outbuildings. We don't think this is global warming, but survival of the fittest. Robbins has adapted to the best of our winter wonderland.

It may be cold, but the lawn in February is dormant, which means that the best time to feed the grass is before the arrival of spring next month. Do not use 10-10-10 fertilizer on the lawn, as this is a garden formula. When feeding grass, please use the specially formulated mixture only on the lawn. In the Southeast, there are several varieties that are only used for lawns. Choose a day in February, especially when snow is expected in the area. Snow accumulates food on the lawn into the soil and prevents particles from being washed away. The real lawn food is named like this-food. You don't want to fertilize the lawn, but feed the grass. High-quality lawn food may cost more, but can provide longer-lasting results. Always remember, what you get is what you pay for.

In February, the trees and vines are dormant. The branches and branches without branches can be clearly seen, and the areas that need pruning and pruning can be clearly seen. Pruning can make trees and vines look better, produce more fruit, and make harvesting easier.

After pruning the fruit trees and grape vines, choose a windless sunny day in the weather forecast, and then spray a layer of dormant oil spray. Mix an appropriate amount of water into the fuel injector and pour it into the sprayer. Spray tree trunks, branches and limbs from top to bottom until they are shiny. If there is no rain for a few days, the effect will be better.

Radish is a tough cold-weather vegetable, the shortest ripening date is about 45 to 50 days. They are one of the earliest vegetables that can be sown in the garden. There are many varieties, including Cherry Belle, Easter Egg and Solaris. Most seed packs say that radishes will mature in 30 days, but we know that this is not the case, because radishes usually take two weeks to germinate, so the harvest may be more like 40 days. The price of a pack of radish seeds is about US$2 or less. Sow radish seeds in beds or short rows, about two inches deep, and sown thinly. Cover the seeds with a layer of peat moss and apply garden tones to organic plant foods. Climb the soil on both sides of the furrow, then ram it with the blade head.

To make this beef salad dressing, you need to cut a pound of round-cut steak into quarter-inch strips. Add flour, salt, and pepper to the flour, and light brown in three or four tablespoons of Crisco oil. Add two-thirds of the water and a three-ounce can of mushrooms (not drained), and mix and stir a meal of Lipton Beefy Onion Soup. Heat until the mixture boils. Mix a cup of sour cream with two tablespoons of plain flour. Add this to the beef mixture. Simmer on low heat until the mixture thickens. Put the salad dressing on a pack of cooked Minute or Success rice.

An old man walked into the doctor's office and complained of a knee injury and could barely walk. The doctor examined him from head to toe, then stopped and said, "How old are you?" The old man told the doctor that he was 98 years old this year. The doctor said: "Just looking at you, you are almost a hundred years old and your knee is injured. What do you expect from your age group?" The patient replied: "My other knee is 98 years old and it hasn't been injured yet! "

Groundhog Day is February 2. The moon reached its final quarter on February 4. February 11 will be the new moon. Lincoln's birthday is February 12. Valentine's Day is February 14. President's Day is February 15. The carnival started on February 16. Ashes Tuesday is February 17th. The moon reached its first quarter on February 19. George Washington’s birthday is February 22. The full moon of February will occur on February 27. Named "Snowy Moon".

January 31, 2021

On Tuesday, we will celebrate Groundhog Day. We like to observe it because we think it is not worth celebrating. Groundhogs are rodents, and we should treat them like this. The groundhog is the enemy of the garden, not the weather prophet, and even if it is, it will be a false prophet. The reason why we don't see groundhogs during the day is because they don't sleep all day, but at night they eat the plants in the garden and dig holes in the lawn.

You can control these nasty creatures by the following three methods: 1. Spray vegetable leaves with Epsom salt mixed with water, and then pour it into a spray bottle. 2. When the leaves are still wet by Epsom salt mist, sprinkle red pepper directly on the leaves from the can. 3. Spread some moth balls between the rows and let them fill their noses to make them run. If all these measures fail, spray the floor drain agent around the garden. You can buy mosquito repellent at most hardware stores and garden stores.

Lettuce is definitely a cold vegetable. With the help of plant protection cloth, you can enjoy lettuce in 50 to 55 days. You can arrange lettuce in a row or put it on a bed, and it will thrive in the middle of winter. A pack of lettuce costs less than $2. You can choose from Iceburg, Buttercrunch, Grand Rapids, Green Ice, Oak Leaf, Red Sails, etc. Sow the seeds in a furrow about two inches deep. Cover the seeds with a layer of peat moss to retain moisture, and apply a layer of plant-sound organic plant food on each side of the seed, then climb a slope on the soil, and then ram it with a blade head. You can also set up lettuce plants and plant a pack of lettuce seeds between the lettuce plants to double harvest lettuce in the same row or in the same bed.

Throughout the winter, the windshield of the vehicle will be hit by road salt, slush, ice, snow and dirt. Make sure to keep a lot of cleaning fluid in the windshield washer. Use the one with deicing agent in it. Keep the long-handled scraper durable and apply a brush on the other side under the seat to help keep the windshield clean. Before getting on the highway, be sure to clean the car windows and rear window glass. It is best to keep an extra ice scraper in the vehicle in case the ice scraper you are using is damaged. In winter, clean the wiper blades once a week to remove debris that accumulates on the wiper blades on the road.

This is an unusual casserole with high-quality ingredients that the family will love. It has most of the ingredients contained in chicken salad, and it is full of flavor. You will need:

1 cup diced celery

1 cup diced onion

1/2 stick light margarine

1 cup cooked rice

2 cups diced chicken breasts

1 can diced mushrooms

1 cup sour cream

1 can Campbell's chicken broth cream

1/2 teaspoon poultry seasoning

1 cup crushed corn flakes cereal

1/4 cup melted margarine

In half a stick of margarine, diced celery and onion. Boil chicken breast and dice. Add all the ingredients except corn flakes and 1/4 cup of margarine. Pour into a large casserole or 13x9x2 inch baking pan, or spray it with a Pam oven spray pan. Melt 1/4 cup of margarine, mix with corn flakes, and sprinkle on the casserole. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes.

Birds continue to search for food and water in winter. For them, it is difficult to find water in the dead winter, and many mud pits and sinks have been frozen to death. Keep the feeder full of water throughout the week, and empty ice cubes from the sink every day when the temperature rises above freezing. Check them every day when they freeze in the bath. The water and food sources we provide will help them through the cold winter.

Even though there are still seven weeks left in winter, there are still some signs of spring among us. The heart-shaped leaves of American violets emerge from the cold winter soil. Hyacinths and daffodils show green spikes under the broken leaves. The perennials on the porch and terrace show signs of life, while the Carolina jasmine still has quite a lot of yellow flowers and the fragrance of spring.

Fruit trees and vines can be pruned in February. The vines and fruit trees are in a dormant state, which will make shaping and pruning easier. Limbs, branches and runners will be visible, and pruning will be more effective. Pruning in February when trees and vines are dormant will promote a bumper harvest and high-quality fruit. Trim all limbs that can rub against each other, and grow water sprouts in areas that cannot be touched during harvest. Try to choose a quiet, windless sunny day to simplify the task.

On a quiet, sunny February afternoon after pruning fruit trees and grape vines, apply a coat of dormant oil spray mixed with an appropriate amount of water, and then place it in a sprayer. Spray trees and vines from top to bottom until they become smooth and shiny. Try to choose a few days to forecast that it will not rain for a few days to make the oil mist dry.

Even if it is only 28 days, some nights and days in February will produce hard freezing, freezing and snow accumulation. This is not too bad, because hard freezing will help kill overwintering insects, their eggs and larvae, as well as fungi and diseases in the soil.

"Supermarket Gymnastics"-Americans are now getting stronger and stronger. 25 years ago, the two men took $45 of groceries from the supermarket. Now a 5-year-old can do it!

"God created"-In Sunday school, they are teaching God to create the heavens and the earth. Six-year-old Jody is interested in God using Adam’s ribs to make Eve. Later that week, Jodi's mother noticed him lying in bed as if he was sick. Mom said: "Jodi, what's the matter with you?" Jodi replied: "My side is very painful. I think I want to have a wife!"

The definition of motion sickness is the feeling you feel when you pay for the car every month!

January 24, 2021

St. Paul’s Day will be celebrated on Thursday, January 28, and of course we will call him the Apostle Paul. On his special day, there are some special weather legends, which are as interesting and positive as the apostle Paul. A little legend says: "If St. Paul's Day is bright and sunny, we can foresee a green gardening year." When we were about to start February, the weather conditions were really great!

This little poem says very long, "In winter, when you see the halo around the moon, it will snow soon. In the days before it snows, count the starting points in the halo." For winter snow, this It is a fairly accurate forecast. My Northamptonshire grandma surpassed this poem. Her prediction was that the number of stars visible in the halo is the number of inches of snow that will fall. When the temperature is higher than the ground temperature (where the halo is) and colder, you can definitely set up a stage for some of the white things above.

At this time when January is about to end and February is approaching winter, there are very few things in the garden lot, but you can buy a packet of seeds, plant food, gardening supplies or order seeds from the catalog. Another interesting trivia is finding Valentine's Day gifts for family, children, grandchildren and lovers. Most shops, flower shops and supermarkets have a lot of goods. You can order flowers from the florist immediately to ensure timely delivery. Many women like to send flowers to their door! My father always arranged to send a box of chocolates to his mother from the local drugstore to be delivered on Valentine's Day. Most retailers have large stocks, and most stores have sufficient stocks. You can choose sweets, gift cards, flowers, candles, perfumes, home gifts, restaurant gift certificates, cards designed to put cash, gardening supplies and seeds, Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Target, and supermarket gift cards. Remember, all gift cards should be wrapped in Valentine's Day-decorated boxes that make the gifts memorable and more meaningful-this is a very meaningful little thing.

As Valentine's Day approaches, this colorful cream pie will melt your heart. It is easy to prepare and does not require baking. You will need:

1 21oz can Comstock Premium Pie Filling

2 bananas (cut into thin slices and toss with lemon juice)

1 9-inch graham cookie pie crust

1 8-ounce Cool Whip container

In a large bowl, mix the pie filling, bananas, and a spoon to form a graham cracker crust. Sprinkle the cool whip on the strawberry banana filling. Keep refrigerated.

In the snowy winter, wet snow can be heavy and can damage bushes, bushes and low-hanging branches. Place a broom outside the door and remove the accumulation of snow and ice on the bushes, bushes and limbs. Another danger in winter weather is the formation of icicles on carports, porches, entrances and doorways. Before they fall on someone or damage your vehicle, knock them off with a broom. The broom outside is also very convenient, you can take off your shoes, boots, and prevent ice and slush from entering the house.

As we will reach the last week of January, hard ice may occur. Garden plots need hard freezing to kill overwintering pests and diseases and reduce their numbers. Hard freezing can also destroy weed seeds, fungi and organisms in the soil. Hard freezing can also destroy many diseases deep in the soil.

January is a cold month, but on days when the ground is not freezing, you can sow one or two packets of radish seeds. Radish is a vegetable that can withstand the cold temperatures of winter and produce a harvest in about 45 days. You can choose from many varieties, including Cherry Belle, Cherry Bomb, Cheriet and Easter Eggs. One of the good things about radishes is that their germination rate is almost 100%, which is very unusual among winter dead. When planting radishes in winter, cover the seeds in a layer of sphagnum moss, apply Garden-Tone organic plant food in the furrow, and pile up the soil on both sides of the furrow, and then use the blade head to ram. Spread the plant cloth on the radish to play a certain protective role.

This is a rare winter weather legend, almost as rare as heavy fog in January, because January is usually so cold that there is no heavy fog. We want it to stay the same, because when sleet, snow, freezing rain and ice restore the soil to health, a wet spring is usually not needed.

There are only seven days left in January. There are 28 days in February, and spring arrives on March 21. This means that only 56 days before spring arrives. On a few nights in January, we heard frogs calling in the banks of the river, let us know the number of days until spring. The jasmine of Carolina already has some yellow flowers and spring fragrance from them. The bulbs of the hyacinth are shooting green spikes, and some wild onions appear on the lawn. Every evening, the daytime lasts for one minute, which is definitely a sign of spring.

Since cold weather such as radishes, lettuce and green vegetables starts at the end of winter, plant cloth is a major investment in protecting early vegetables. You can buy 25-foot rolls of fabric, which can be cut to fit the size of the plant. Most hardware stores and garden stores sell fabrics in rolls. They can be cut into any size, can be recycled and reused, and used year after year. Rain water flows through it and provides protection against extreme weather.

"Pilling"-a patient visited the doctor and said: "Doctor, it has been a month since my last visit, but I still feel very scared." The doctor said: "Did you follow the medicine bottle I prescribed you? Do it according to the instructions above?" The lady said, "Yes, I did. The instructions are to close the bottle tightly."

"A rare appearance!" —The church service is over. The priest stood at the door and shook hands. A woman came up and said, "I don't think I will come back, because every time I come, you will sing "Silent Night" or "He Rises."

The full moon of January will occur on January 28. The month was named "Full Moon Wolf". If it is a clear winter night, it will look bright and silver over bare trees. If there is snow on the ground, the snow will look like a sparkling diamond.

January 17, 2021

The spring bulbs of peaches, hyacinths, daffodils, daffodils and tulips show signs of life, which are the spikes under the broken leaves. Put a layer of bone powder on them next week to get them off to a good start.

Hardware stores, garden departments, Lowe's and Home Depot, and Wal-Mart all have welcome colors. Many supermarkets also have seed display stands. We like to buy a few packets of flower seeds when shopping during the winter weeks. We store them in small boxes in a warm room. We put flower seeds in one bunch and vegetable seeds in another bunch. We will also make a list of them when we buy seeds.

There are two types of snowfall. One is wet snow, and the other is dry snow, which is flaky, dry and easy to remove. Then there are the wet and sticky varieties, because there is a lot of water in them, they are heavy and difficult to remove. The damp snow can make people pile snow and snowball fights, but it is easy to clear the rough from the driveway and sidewalk. Moist snow can also make better ice cream. On the other hand, dry snow is easier to remove from the windshield, windows, and from the driveway. It has little moisture and can be blown out from the carport and porch. When shoveling snow, do not overload the shovel and take a breather. When you remove wet snow from the windshield, defrost the vehicle to help with work and melt the wet snow.

No gift is as wonderful as a practical and useful gift. The snowplow is a gift and may not be used every day, but you can carry it with you when you need it. The best time to buy a snow shovel is when there is no snow on the ground or in the forecast. The best snow shovels are those made of light aluminum, which makes shoveling snow much easier. A durable snow shovel sells for about $20.

Next time we have enough snow to shovel, shovel some clean snow and prepare a bowl of Carolina ice cream. It's easy to prepare, and the coldest food you will ever eat. To make a bowl of ice cream, you need to beat four eggs until hard, add a can of evaporated milk and beat them into eggs, add two cups of sugar and beat them into a mixture, and add three and a half cups of milk. Pinch a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of vanilla. Stir all the ingredients together. Scrape off the top layer of snow, prepare snow for the ice cream, then shovel clean snow that you know is not disturbed, and place it in a large basin or bowl. Add the harvested snow to the prepared milk mixture until it becomes thick and creamy. If there is leftover, you can put it in the refrigerator. To make chocolate ice cream, add two cups of chocolate syrup, then subtract half a cup of sugar and a cup of milk. To make strawberry ice cream, add two cups of strawberries through the blender in "grate" mode, subtract a cup of milk, and add a tablespoon of strawberry flavoring.

So far, you already know that this is the "snow day" column. This little winter legend says that the blue sky of one day in January may suddenly turn into snowy gray. Another interesting snowy knowledge says: "A sunny day in January can be the mother of a winter blizzard." These are real knowledge points. A sudden change in wind direction from south to north, or a cold blow from a northerly wind or even a front in the Gulf of Mexico, can quickly change the weather pattern from blue to gray.

Cold weather has a positive effect on the taste of kale, kale, radish and mustard broccoli, and broccoli. They have a certain color and fragility around them, and insects will not disturb them even in cold temperatures. We believe that lower temperatures will enhance the vegetables in the winter garden and give them extra sweetness and flavor. Why shouldn't the garden hold four seasons of events?

All robins do not fly south during the winter, and many of them live in their homes in Piedmont, North Carolina. They look comfortable, why not? Throughout the winter, the ground only froze a few times, and they found shelter in barns, sheds, stables, and hollow trees and logs. Even in the attic and eaves of houses. We think this has nothing to do with global warming or extreme weather. Robbins seems to have completed the math and added them together so that they can find a lot of food here. All the robins we saw were colorful, healthy, resilient, and seemed to be well fed. They undoubtedly make winter more active and vivid, and they remind us of spring.

As Valentine's Day approaches, supermarkets, Wal-Marts, Home Depot and Lowe's most garden departments will have hyacinth pots and containers. Placing a jar or container in your dining room or study room will add a breath of spring and a burst of color to your house. They cost less than US$5, which is worth their sweet fragrance.

Green spies of hyacinths and daffodils emerged from the covered ground, about a month before they bloomed. It's nice to see them live again. With the approach of the long end of January, we will soon see subtle signs of spring.

From late May to frost, each package produces more flowers than any other flower in the longer season at four o'clock. You can now buy them in hardware stores, seed shops, garden departments and supermarkets. A package costs less than $2. At four o'clock there are red, white, yellow, pink, burgundy, speckled and marble shades. Their dense green leaves blend with flowers.

"Run-down!"-This man was walking along a country road and saw an Indian's ear on the ground. The man walked over and listened. The Indian said: "Big wheels, Ford pickup, red, a man driving with a German Shepherd, Oklahoma license plate, driving 75 miles per hour." The man was surprised by the Indian and said, "You Can you tell everything if you can put your ears on the ground?" "If nothing happens, it's all right," said the Indian. "That truck just hit me!"

"Jump to it" -Diner: "Waiter, come here right away. Can you explain why there are footprints in my food?" Waiter: "Yes, sir, you ordered an omelet and told me to step on it it."

"The right diet"-The hardest part of the diet is not to look at what you eat, but to look at what other people eat!

January 10, 2021

Cardinals visit the feeders and water basins every morning to add color to the winter landscape and wave frost crystals on the lawn. Even in winter, at the beginning of January, the robins are hopping on the lawn, looking healthy, looking for something or something they can grab. It seems that most people stay here instead of flying south. This may indicate that our winter is mild enough to stay here. We are of course very happy to see them moving on the lawn.

Ice in the mud hole, cold morning, frozen turf, icy wind and maybe even snow-this may be the recipe for January, because we start the second week of the month. January is the longest month in winter, and we can expect some winter surprises. Even in January, we will have a few sunny days with blue skies and freezing points. Fortunately, we did not snow back-to-back like the Midwestern states. In Minnesota, when the last snow fell, some of the first snowfall of the year was still on the ground. Some weather legends in the Midwest are: "If the weather in January is cold and gloomy, then the whole winter will last until May!"

The crushed leaves form a protective blanket for the icy purple top radish that sits still under the soil. A bowl of mashed radish prepares you a welcome meal on a cold winter evening. Radishes are easy to prepare. You will need about eight to ten radishes, peeled and cut into half-inch cubes. Boil until you can insert a fork into it. Drain most of the water, add a pinch of margarine, a tablespoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of pepper, half a teaspoon of chili powder, and two teaspoons of chopped bacon. Stir and mash with a vegetable chopper or potato masher. For extra flavor, add a tablespoon of white Karo syrup.

Snowfall in winter is good for our health, because as it falls, it has a cleansing effect and adds micronutrients to our immune system. It also helps us adapt to cold weather. It kills bacteria in the air that affect our body, which is good for our lungs to breathe fresh snow from above. Snow is good for garden plots, woodlands and orchards. The nutrients in snow are not found in other forms of precipitation, and the weight of snow will allow these beneficial nutrients to penetrate into the turf of the garden. When snow melts and soaks into the soil, it kills bacteria, eggs, larvae and overwintering insects. An old garden legend said: "Lord has mercy on a garden without snow in winter." Snowfall in winter-good for you, good for the garden, good for the woodland, good for the orchard, good for children and grandchildren.

Avoid heating in the cabin and insufficient fresh air in winter. Change your environment and scenery, tie it up if necessary, but walk outside the porch and remember that the sun is also shining in winter and winter. You can bathe in ultraviolet light. It will play a magical role in your immune system. It will remind your senses and change your attitude towards winter and let you appreciate the season. Cover yourself with a warm blanket, sleigh, a pair of warm gloves and a cup of black coffee or mountain dew to make yourself feel comfortable. The time outside may kill some bacteria in your body and make them bite the dust.

If your lawn mower is in an external shelter or building and is exposed to freezing temperatures, it is a good idea to start the lawn mower once a week and let it run until the lawn mower warms up. It is also good to let the blades disengage and drive the mower several times on the lawn. There should be enough fuel in the lawn mower to facilitate starting. This really helps, because in winter, you might want to use a lawn mower to break up the leaves, break them into compost or trash bins, or trim bunches of wild onions to the ground.

We like any greenery that flourishes in winter, whether it's cool vegetables or perennial flowers on porches and terraces. When watering in winter, do not overwater, because too much water will cause the soil to freeze and may slow down its growth if it is perennial.

As January progresses, the birds are still active on the feeders during the day because they add color activity to the lawn, especially when the cardinals and bluebirds visit the feeders. As the sun increases the temperature, pour out ice cubes from the sink and refill it with fresh water.

Less than a month away from Valentine's Day, you can heal a lot of winter when you browse supermarkets, flower shops, Wal-Marts, Target and Roche supermarkets. Even Food Lion and Lowe's Foods have valentine cards, candies, gift cards and flower arrangements. There is no charge for browsing. After all, you have a month to make the right choice. When looking for Valentine’s Day gifts, please don’t neglect the lively flower arrangements like azaleas, carnations, tulips, roses and others. Candy is a great lover, even if it is just a small box with a larger gift. There is no taste of dark chocolate or our favorite York Mint Pie on Valentine's Day. The seed packet is a practical Valentine's Day gift. Gift cards for restaurants, fast food restaurants, pizzerias, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot and hardware stores. Remember, if you want to provide a gift card, stick it on a small box of chocolates and wrap the heart in paper. This will make your gift love oriented. Like the mistletoe at Christmas, it may produce kisses or hugs!

Snow in winter has many long-term benefits and can bring many positive results for the garden. There is an old saying: "A snowy winter will create a rich garden." Snowfall has a long-term effect on all four seasons of the year. We firmly believe that a productive garden is a garden of four seasons, and each season will produce something green. Of course, every season's snow will benefit the garden. Siberian kale in winter looks twice as green, while snow in winter is sweeter when it falls on it. Snow also enhances the taste of kale. The snow is heavy and there are many hidden benefits in the cold soil in winter. Yes, we do believe that snow will bring bounties and benefits for four seasons.

In winter, the house is closed tightly, the air seems sullen and it is difficult to breathe. You can change or clean the furnace filter once a month, which greatly changes the air circulation in the house. Keep a few new filters near the stove. Write the filter size required for the furnace on the furnace door with a black permanent mark. When installing the filter, please write down the replacement date on the new filter.

This is a colorful casserole, you will have a good appetite in the cold winter day. You will need:

1 can Campbell Cream of Cheddar Cheese Concentrate Soup

1 eight ounces shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup milk

4 tablespoons margarine

3 cups broccoli florets

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 diced onion

2 ounces Jar diced allspice (drained)

8 ounces elbow macaroni (cooked and drained)

1 cup ranch croutons (crumbled)

1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

Mix the cheddar cheese soup, shredded cheddar cheese, milk and chicken broth. Mix well. Melt two tablespoons of light margarine, sautéed broccoli florets and onions for four to five minutes, then add the diced allspice. Mix with cheese mixture. Mix the croutons, the rest of the margarine. Bake in a casserole filled with Pam baking spray at 350 degrees for 50 to 55 minutes.

"Death confession." Jason was about to die. His wife Debra is by his side. With tears on his face, he said: "Debra, I want to confess." Debra replied: "Quiet, quiet, don't talk." Jason replied, "No, I want to express my conscience. I must Admit that I am unfaithful to you." Debra replied: "Yes, I know. Why should I poison you?"

"Play at the beach." Swimmer: "Are there sharks on the beach?" Lifeguard: "Extremely impossible. Sharks and crocodiles don't get along."

January 3, 2021

On January 6, Wednesday is Epiphany. Twelfth night, Old Christmas, Epiphany or Epiphany Day. Today is the day we celebrate the arrival of the wise men. They followed this star and led them to a house in Bethlehem, where they found the newly born Jewish king, who may be two years old by this time. According to the Gospel of Matthew, we do know that they came to a house, not a cow hole or a manger. We don’t know how many wise men there are. Many people believe that there are three of the three gifts they gave to Jesus. This number is not important because they searched a lot and found the Christ child.

Will January 2021 bring us a lot of snow? Can we expect a lot of white things in January? The New Year always has a great opportunity, and it may also bring us a few heavy snowfalls. The snowfall in January has many benefits, and it will definitely brighten up the new year! It will also arouse the interest of children and grandchildren, and spread a white blanket on the garden floor to kill insects that overwinter, add nutrients to the soil and establish a groundwater table. It turned the landscape of January into a world of marshmallows and brought us a few days of whipped cream!

After blooming last month, the Christmas cactus rested. When they bloom in the sunny living room, all the cacti are beautiful. We are especially proud of the new red blooming in early December. Entering January, as the cactus continues to overwinter in the living room, we will remove all the flowers from the flowers and apply a layer of Flower-Tone organic flower food and inspect the leaves, where they interact with pandas and asparagus ferns and snake plants . All they need is to drink a glass of water a week and a Flower-Tone once a month.

Even if we get the snowfall in January, there is still a lot of green in the garden. Even if it snows in January, there will still be a lot of greenery on the garden plot compared to snow white. The winter garden is full of kale, mustard, Siberian kale, onion wraps, broccoli, radishes and cabbage. They will pop out of 10-inch-long broken leaves, and the snow will not cause adverse effects. Snow will only sweeten the green of the garden in winter.

Not noticed in January. At the beginning of January, you will receive an extra minute of daylight every night. It's too early to notice the difference, but from now until June 21st, we will have an extra minute every day. On the day of St. Valentine's Day, we will see some differences. Even in the longest months of winter, this is only a subtle sign of spring.

Red, white and pink decorate the shop. Valentine's Day is only one and a half months away, and signs of hearts, flowers, balloons, cards and candies can be seen in Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, Food Lion and many other stores. The display of the flower shop implies that this is the season of lovers. After the cold of December and January, these brightly colored exhibits are a welcome sight in desolate areas. Take a moment to check out this week's Valentine's Show.

Recycle Christmas gift boxes, bows and ribbons. Now that all the Christmas decorations have been removed and stored, this is a great opportunity to collect all the boxes, bows, ribbons and containers wrapped with Christmas gifts, break them down and store them. For use within one year. Birthday, shower and next Christmas. You can use a large box to store ribbons and bows and Christmas bags. If you have Christmas gift wrapping paper rolls, please store these paper rolls in the same box with bows and ribbons. Many stores still offer Christmas roll packaging at less than half the price.

Weeds pose a threat to the garden in all seasons. Due to winter, many weeds will not rest. Weeds that thrive throughout the year include duckweed, Bermuda grass, wild onions, nut grass, crab grass and other weeds. Trotter is easy to control because its roots are very shallow and can easily be pulled up. Bermuda grass grows throughout the winter and can be pulled up along its long root system. Make sure to throw it out of the garden to avoid sprouting again. When wild onions are assassinated in lawns and gardens, use a weed trimmer to cut them into zero to slow down their growth. The best way to control the week is two hands and ten fingers God gave you!

New year's recycling resolution. With the arrival of 2021, in the new year, make recycling work one of your priorities. The task of recycling can prevent a lot of materials thrown into the garbage truck from filling up the landfill. You can do your part to protect the environment by recycling aluminum cans, plastic milk cartons, cardboard boxes, newspapers (bundled together), plastic bottles, aluminum foil plates, metal cans, glass cans, catalogs and phone books. Clean all cans and bottles and remove labels. For safety reasons, clean all the jars and put the lids in the jars and mash them to close.

When the new year starts, please check the 2021 seed catalog. The 2021 seed catalog has all arrived. With the end of the holiday, we can take a look at the seed products of the 2021 garden year. In almost every season, we can be sure that there will be several new tomatoes worth recommending. try. The most important thing to remember when ordering from a seed catalog is to only buy those varieties that cannot be found locally in seed stores, nurseries and garden stores. Most seed catalog packages contain only 20 to 30 seeds. You must also pay for transportation, handling, and sales taxes. One thing the seed catalog provides is the selection of a large number of cucumber and squash varieties, as well as a large selection of flower seeds. Never buy seeds by looking at pictures (like any packet of seeds you buy in a seed store or hardware store).

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