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Materials such as heating titanium, 2000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys, nickel super alloys (such as Inconel® or Waspaloy®), stainless steel or 100Cr6 steel are the main examples that require heating devices. However, the design of the unit should still prevent the heat from the sensor, feed rail and tool holder from being transmitted to the machine. Without these, it is impossible to achieve dimensional accuracy and permanent process temperature control.

Ingramatic has solved this problem with the latest RP220 series product RP220-WF (TR1/TR2 size or W1015/W10). In the RP220-WF version, the fixed tool holder, feed rail and induction heater are cooled in a closed-circuit cooling system. For temperature control, there is also an optical pyrometer to check the temperature of each part before the threading operation.

Ingramatic pointed out that the machine combines the heavy-duty design and function of the revolutionary type I thread, and significantly improves thread quality, productivity and efficiency by rolling various shapes of bolts, screws and parts made of materials that are difficult to roll.

The machine also has many other features, including a cast iron piece integrated with a comparison block; and a new feed rail for mounting a uniquely designed induction coil; and a generator and high-frequency inverter box.

Other features of the RP220-WF include a set of selectors that manage the parts at the end of the heating process to ensure that they are always aligned with the starter unit at the correct temperature. Compared with existing induction coils on the market, the use of longer induction coils can ensure repeatability of heating. According to the SACMA joint, this induction coil design can quickly and easily connect the coil according to the diameter of the screw to be hot rolled. Therefore, this warm forming roll can be replaced quickly-ideal for small batches in the aerospace fastener market.

As with the machines produced by the SACMA Group, the research and development carried out has allowed the development of fully integrated machines-both for hardware equipment and for the management of heating units. For example, the I-Panel provided by Ingramatic allows the machine to manage the heating unit in an automatic mode at the start of production and when the machine is stopped.

This means that key operations that are usually performed manually by the operator are now directly managed by the machine's PLC. When the machine starts production, the PLC will manage the heating unit until the correct temperature is reached, and then start to provide the precise number of heating parts to the starter unit. The temperature tolerance can be set and the parts with inappropriate temperature can be rejected.

This helps to ensure the perfect integrity of the thread and avoid damage to the material structure. During the start-up process, because the optical pyrometer directly drives the rejection device, the machine will automatically reject the parts with incorrect temperature. In the production process, in order to manage the quality and repeatability of part dimensions, pyrometers and load monitors check each part and automatically reject unqualified parts without stopping the machine and heating unit.

Ingramatic explained that for a complete conversion, it takes 30 minutes, and for a conversion that only includes the length of the part, 10 minutes is sufficient. This makes RP220-WF highly competitive in the aerospace market where production is very low.

The quick conversion is possible because the RP220-WF is part of the I-Thread machine design-the revolutionary product line of the I-Thread rolling machine emphasizes the following functions:

Regarding spare parts and services, Ingramatic uses the same components as SACMA. This guarantees the immediate availability of spare parts, thereby ensuring the best service for customers, and enabling Ingramatic to provide tested and approved complete machines.

SACMA Group has been ahead of the market for headers made of dissimilar materials. With this new WF series, it has completed all its machines, and is now able to provide any type of machine for the aerospace market and other industries that use special materials to make screws. And bolts. Ingramatic and SACMA thermoforming machines can also be used in cold forming mode, making them flexible and competitive to ensure return.

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