Turn an old pallet into a handy—and free—bookshelf

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This project is an easy way to increase personal personality.

Bookshelves can not only keep your reading materials in order, but also add personality to any room. Doing it yourself is a great way to show off your unique style, and if you decide to use recycled wood pallets, it won't cost you much. This feature has an optional blackboard panel, which is ideal for taking notes in a home office or creative graffiti in a children’s playroom.

A tray can constitute up to three bookshelves (or one bookshelf and one bookshelf)

), and there are many ways to make you often use this kind of waste material. If you are lucky, you may already have one at home. If not, you can usually find products for sale in timber stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. You can also search


, And other websites to find pallets for free or low cost. If there is a construction site near you, please check and see if they are willing to provide any pallets for free.

Make sure you have enough space to use the pallet for the initial cut. I used our balcony, but garages or other open spaces that are easy to clean can also be used. Place the tray on the shortest edge.

The recycled pallets are not exactly... neat. Use a hammer to ensure that all nails are fully secured. If something cannot be saved, pull it out and replace it with any fasteners you are using.

I used the entire 40-inch width of the tray and two panels for the height. Once the bookshelf is fixed to the wall, the two panels (approximately 10 inches) should provide sufficient support for the bookshelf and books. If you want to be taller, especially if you have a large book, then your working space is about 48 inches.

If any items you plan to put in the bookshelf are loose, use this time to reinforce them and make sure all items are securely secured. If necessary, fix it firmly with screws or nails.

To plan the cut, use a square and pencil to draw a straight line on each side of the tray. No matter what height you choose, the tray should be cut into a flat shape along the bottom edge of the bookshelf.

Using a circular saw, cut along the line just marked.

Use a hammer to remove the remaining board from the remaining part of the original pallet. This will be your foundation.

Rotate the head of the bookshelf frame so that the side looks like an upside-down "L". Then put the wood you just removed on it and flush it with 2×4 to form the rectangular base of the shelf. Secure it by tightening the two screws at both ends and screwing in the other two screws in a 2-by-4 center.

Pick up the sandpaper and sand the entire frame of the bookshelf until it feels smooth to the touch with your bare hands. You don’t want anyone to shred the pieces with the book. Next, use a paintbrush to clean the dust on the rack and spread a soft cloth, old newspaper or cardboard to prepare the work area for painting to prevent the floor and walls from any potential splashes.

Use a paintbrush to paint the stains or paint on the shelf to your favorite color. Draw horizontal panels evenly from left to right. And vertical up and down. This helps spread the excess paint on the brush. Let it dry (follow the manufacturer's instructions), then add the second layer.

After the paint dries, stick tape on each side of the bottom plate on the front of the bookcase. Next, spray blackboard paint on the bottom plate (follow the instructions on the can). Allow it to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then apply a second coat.

After applying all paint or stains, let the rack stand outdoors for 24 hours to ensure that all paint smells disappear.

Now that your bookshelf is installed, gather your family together, write something interesting on the blackboard (if you have done it), find a place to hang it, and store it with your favorite books.


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