Trump Pins Hope on Election Lawsuit Over Minor Michigan Lawsuit

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Biden is elected president. Each state has proved its election results. The electoral college has voted. The Supreme Court rejected every 2020 election challenge. Approximately 40 lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump and his allies


But the stubborn Trump people still insist on another legal battle, even though this is more of a footnote.

In Antrim County, Michigan, a judge ordered a "report" on voting equipment.

"The well-respected Michigan judge issued this epic report. It's the case all over the country. This fake election can no longer stand. Let Republicans move. Swingman State wins!"

On Monday, Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, a Michigan District Judge and former Republican Congressman, ordered the issuance of a "forensic report." It was created by the Dallas-based Allied Security Operations Group (Allied Security Operations Group), which has helped Trump and his allies file a lawsuit to overturn the election results.

The report analyzed the voting machines in the county and stated that there were many errors in the voting machines of Dominion Voting Systems, and the county’s results should not be certified.

. The report believes that because other parts of the state use machines from the same company, all Michigan results should not be certified.

The Michigan results have been confirmed, and the reported case has nothing to do with the presidential election.

Russell Ramsland, an employee of the United Security Operations Group, signed the report. A few weeks ago, Ramsland had a notorious reputation after signing an affidavit in support of former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell's efforts to overturn the election results.

In other affidavits, he mixed voting data between Michigan and Minnesota.

, And the city of Detroit

The County Antrim report also made many factual errors.

"[The report] came up with a series of unsupported conclusions that attributed the motives for fraud and confusion to processes that could easily be interpreted as regular election procedures or error corrections, and hinted at certain factors in the unused election software in Michigan Responsible for tabulating or reporting non-existent or easy-to-explain errors in some way,"

Dominion also rejected the claims in the report.

, Dominion CEO John Poulos (John Poulos) said that they originally intended to cast "questions and confusion" in the 2020 presidential election.

He said: "The false propaganda campaign against Dominion ignores facts or logic. So far, no one has provided reliable evidence of fraud or voting in the Dominion system because these things have never happened."

Powell and Rudy Giuliani put forward the subject of collusion theory, which is the subject of a related conspiracy theory representing Trump's campaign in the Trump campaign. This conspiracy theory claims that the company has a hidden connection with another election technology company, which has developed software that can secretly change votes from Trump to Biden. This method is rooted in the ten-year-old Venezuelan election and once supported the current President Hugo Chavez.

Representatives of the Joint Security Operations Group did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. The report was released with the consent of state and county officials. Judge Elsenheimer initially placed the report under a protective order, but

"Let's be clear: Michigan's general election in Michigan and across the country on November 3 is the safest election in American history."

. "As confirmed by the State Attorney General William Barr, the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, there is still no evidence of widespread fraud."

Trump falsely stated that the results of the report would make the election turbulent.

"Wow. This report shows massive fraud. The result of the election change!"

If the report changes the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Trump will only increase his loss rate.

He won Antrim County

In total, he lost to Michigan with approximately 155,000 votes.

Even if Trump won the votes of Michigan and its 16 electoral colleges, he would still lose to Biden, who won a total of 306 electoral votes.

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