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PR Newswire-PR Newswire / New Delhi and Mumbai, India, March 18, 2021, Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) today launched the latest version of Tekla® software solution for constructable building information Modeling (BIM), structural engineering and steel manufacturing management-Tekla Structures 2021, Tekla Structural Designer 2021, Tekla Tedds 2021 and Tekla PowerFab2021. New Tekla software features and enhancements continue to power data-driven, collaborative and connected workflows in all project phases.

Tekla Structures 2021 introduces three new subscription options that can reduce upfront investment and provide flexibility to balance licensing requirements and annual subscriptions for software solutions. With flexible subscription options, users can choose the appropriate Tekla Structures subscription according to their needs:

•Carbon: Used to view models and collaborate with project stakeholders

• Graphite: Used to create constructable smart BIM and structural documents

• Diamonds: used for design, detail design and manufacturing

The latest version of Tekla Structures also provides enhancements, improvements and new features that can simplify the user experience, thereby achieving more efficient workflows, higher productivity, and collaboration between project teams, including:

• Simplified change management through enhanced conflict detection and cloning tools

• Improve usability through in-product guidance and localization

• Faster and more accurate modeling, as well as improvements to graphics and object processing, and new extensions for various modeling tasks (including modeling scaffolding)

• Improved interoperability through improvements to IFC and other formats, deeper integration with Trimble Connect™ collaboration platform, and continuous enhancement of Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Structural Designer 2021 structural analysis and design software introduces the ``work flow from design to detail'', which can model cast-in-place reinforced concrete more efficiently, and will include slabs, foundations, beams, columns and walls. The steel bars are transferred to Tekla Structures. The new carbon calculator can understand the impact of structure on carbon during the design process and compare other options to determine the most effective, sustainable and affordable option.

Tekla Tedds 2021 structural analysis and design calculation software provides new and improved calculations, including slabs, prefabricated hollow slabs, concrete foundations and timber shelf loads to meet a variety of design specifications.

Tekla PowerFab 2021 steel structure manufacturing management software can provide visual dashboard reports, enhanced options for filtering and organizing data, and continuous improvement of workshop automation machine instructions.

In addition, the extended integration of the construction management suite connected with Viewpoint's ViewpointOne simplifies the procurement and inventory data flow from Tekla PowerFab to Viewpoint for North American users.


To learn more and download the Tekla 2021 version, please visit:

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