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, Sneak into the corners and gaps of the bowling alley, and then dance gracefully around (and through the legs) of the covered bowling ball's legs.

Millions of people watched a 1.5-minute video shot by 25-year-old photographer Jay Christensen, produced by Rally Studios in Minneapolis and produced by Anthony Jascar (Anthony Jaska) directed.

Called a single-shot editing, it feels like a roller coaster "awesome". He tweeted to more than 800,000 followers on Twitter, saying that he hopes the filmmaker "will be with us when filming "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" later this year. Go to London."

For filmmakers, all these concerns are surprising. When they contacted by phone, they said that they were just happily performing this short film at the bowling alley on March 2.

Christensen lives near Bryant-Lake Bowl, Lake Street after George Floyd's riots after the death of Minneapolis police last spring The destruction and reconstruction that took place left a deep impression on him.

"It makes me think, what will the future of Lake Street look like?" he asked. "The Bryant Lake Bowl is a staple in the community, but if you don't do that, it won't be good for me."

He walked to the bowling alley

And explained his ideas to show the uniqueness of his venue. She agreed to let them film after get off work, which helps keep COVID safe. The audio was later dubbed and included music by Jay Keller.

Christensen said: "If you consider all small businesses and COVID, obviously their business has been hit." "I would go there and find it was empty."

Jaska stated that Christensen has been using FPV ("first-person view") drones since last spring, including another popular video

During the whole house service in Minnesota. But he did not shoot indoors. The old-fashioned bowling alley is an ideal place to test his skills.

Jaska said: "From the beginning, Jay thought,'I have to go behind the machine'."

Christensen interjected: "Erica took me back there and showed me bowling machines. Watching these machines mechanically, running on a conveyor belt, is the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. "

Unfortunately, the lens does not work well, but they can indeed magnify the working principle of the pin machine.

However, the most difficult action is not on the bowling lane. Christensen said: “In the beginning it came in through the front door.” “It was very windy there, and I wanted to put the drone there, so I had to avoid it and react quickly to the wind and make sure that I was around There are no pedestrians."

Christensen and Jaska stated that many directors are in contact with them and future projects are in the pipeline.

Christensen said that they especially want to "tell a story in a timepiece or a certain historical reenactment so that you can fly through a different period of time."

As for the possibility of researching "Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Guardians," Jaska said, all this "seems crazy, but who knows?"

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