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Founded in 1989, RLS Tooling is a professional template rolling die manufacturer and has since expanded to provide comprehensive tools for most thread rolling applications as well as template rolling.

RLS's product range includes flat thread rolling dies, tangent needles, knurling dies and round thread rolling rollers. These products can be sold directly or through one of its agents or representatives worldwide. The company's manufacturing operations use CNC machine tools extensively, and its technicians have a CAD system to assist in the development of special tools and forms.

"Our high-performance thread rolling dies are widely used in the construction, automotive, railway, white goods, aerospace and wind turbine industries among fastener manufacturers all over the world. We produce for standard threads, many special thread forms and licenses A full range of flat dies in thread form. RLS has a license to manufacture thread rolling dies for the Taptite® series and MAThread® and Excalibur Screwbolt® products.” explained Marcus Smith, managing director of RLS Tooling.

To complement its wide range of flat molds, RLS Tooling has also manufactured a series of round threaded rollers. It can produce rolls for up to two rolls (maximum diameter of 315mm) and the Fette three roll system. In order to maximize tool life, RLS also provides recycled materials for most of the tool range.

The trend of rolling harder and more demanding materials continues, which in turn led RLS to review the steel used to produce rolling dies. The company now offers molds made of D2, a series of traditional high-speed steels and a series of powder metallurgy section steels. The use of various coatings can further extend the tool life.

RLS uses its ISO 9001:2008 quality system to control all operations and processes from order to delivery of complete tools. "This quality system is used throughout our organization to ensure that we consistently manufacture tools that meet customer needs. Our responsibility for quality is shared by all employees, who are committed to continuously improving our processes and procedures. Marcus commented.

RLS also implements a personal improvement plan for its employees, which encourages individuals to improve their existing skills and receive additional training so that they can become multi-skilled individuals, which is beneficial to the company and employees.

RLS is also the agent of Regg Rolling in the UK. Regg Rolling is a designer and manufacturer of high-precision two- and three-mode spline and thread rolling machines. The machines produced by Regg Rolling are very robust and can be used for cold rolling of high-strength materials such as 12.9 steel, titanium, Inconel and other exotic alloys. The machine is equipped with PLC or CNC control device, which can quickly set up the machine and is easy to use. The newly designed hydraulic system can shorten cycle time and reduce maintenance work. The combination of all these factors can achieve high reproducibility and longer mold life.

Claire joined the magazine in 2012 and developed her knowledge of the industry through numerous company visits, exhibitions and conferences she participated in in the UK and abroad.

Claire is proud of its ability to keep readers abreast of the latest industry news.

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