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Through this official cooperation, go all out.

The Logitech x K / DA limited edition series originally released in November 2020 is finally available. 

Logitech has been full of beauty in the past year. Logitech released the highly regarded Color Collection in August 2020, which is very popular among gamers who want to add more colors to their settings. The company will continue its K/DA crossover series of colorful showcases. 

K/DA is a K-pop inspired band created by Riot Games. The four core members of the group are from

-Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa, and their newest partner Seraphine. After K/DA was released on YouTube, the first single "POP/STARS" was released in 2018, which caused a sensation.

Fans are doubled. Since then, the band has released several singles, each with the same dynamic stopping ability. If you have never heard of it, you should do it now. Like most designs in this Logitech series, K/DA is definitely a slap in the face. 

The series includes K/DA style G733 headset, G333 gaming earbuds, G305 wireless mouse, G840 XL mouse pad, Logitech G Pro keyboard and G502 mouse. If any of them sound familiar, it's because they are one of Logitech's most popular products, and for good reason. G733 and G305 are the staples of Logitech Color Collection, while G502 and Pro TKL are Logitech's most iconic products. G840 XL further completes the series, paying tribute to the members of K/DA and Seraphine. 

Each project uses the same custom theme, but Logitech implemented the K/DA theme to emphasize the design of each product. This is what you expect from the Logitech x K/DA series. 

In the eyes of our reviewers, this surprising announcement is the crown jewel of the K/DA series. Among all the cooperative products, Pro TKL has the most thoughtful design for a long time. This design can even alleviate one of Pro TKL's larger flaws. 

Pro TKL has a lot of unused space. The keyboard’s forehead is larger than average, which stood out to our reviewers when we tested the keyboard for the first time in 2019. The K/DA version of Pro solves the original problem by filling dead corners with raised metal K/DA logos. This is a small change, but when combined with a two-tone geometric pattern, it will produce a huge change. 

If you are already using a Pro keyboard and don't mind half-opening the space bar, then this key is worth your time. Turning RGB lighting into blue can also create cohesion with other peripherals in the series. 

G305 is Logitech's budget-friendly wireless mouse. Although the G305 is one of the more affordable products in the series, it still uses one of the more eye-catching designs. Both one and two buttons of the mouse have a K/DA design, which can be seen on almost every item in the collection. However, since the rest of the mouse is pure white, the design is still highlighted on the G305. 

Logitech's G305 doesn't look flashy under the hood. The mouse has a HERO 12K sensor, which is a few steps lower than the G502's 25K sensor. It does not run out of rechargeable batteries, but is powered by a single AA battery, with a lifespan of approximately 250 hours. 

It may not be the essence of the crop, but even if you don't like K/DA or G305, the killer design of G305 can be well integrated.

G502 is one of Logitech's best-selling mice so far, and another surprising new member of the K/DA series. G502 was not part of the original release in October 2020, it is an interesting addition for a number of reasons. 

Logitech G502 has a radical design by default, so adding any color to it can enhance its strength. The K/DA iteration of the G502 is one of the loudest gaming mice our reviewers have ever seen. If you are the right person, this may not be a bad thing, but for a body with black and white sections, the blue button is a bit too much for our reviewers. 

In addition to the design, users can get the extensive G502 feature set that we know and love. The HERO 25K sensor keeps functioning under any circumstances, and a large number of customization options can add value to one of the already more flexible gaming mice around. Users can also modify the weight of the mouse to increase control, although it is already 121 grams. 

G733 is another major material in Logitech's Colors Collection, and one of the less compelling elements in the collaboration. There is nothing wrong with the design, but it feels that the company has not done much with the standard white G733. Of course, there are K/DA brands on the earmuffs and headband, but in general, the headphones will not leave a lasting impression. 

In terms of performance, buyers will get the same sound quality as the standard G733. The headset’s PRO-G 40mm driver provides good sound, but it feels a bit crowded at times. There is also a detachable cardioid microphone compatible with Blue Voice, which can significantly improve the quality of the microphone. Depending on the RGB lighting used, the battery life is about 20 to 29 hours. 

K/DA G733 may not look so glamorous, but if you are going to buy the entire series and have a budget, it should take priority over the G333 earbuds. 

If you are a VR fan, then the G333 earplugs may look familiar to you. These are based on the G333 VR earbuds that were previously only available for Oculus Quest 2. 

These earbuds sound good, but they are almost indistinguishable from the standard G333 VR earbuds. The blue earbuds and white cable are almost the same as the previous color scheme, and the only defined design feature is the K/DA branding on the embedded controls. Compared with the limited edition, it is more like a recycling design. 

In addition to the design, these earplugs also have reliable imaging effects, allowing you to easily track enemies. They look nothing special, but as one of the cheaper products in the set, the sound is surprisingly strong. If you can't afford K/DA G733 headphones and don't like in-ear audio solutions, then G333s will be perfect for you. 

This may be the most polarized item in the lineup. Logitech's huge G840 XL mouse pad has taken up most of the table and has created a visual dent, but the K/DA model can attract focus in any room. 

Each core member of K/DA and Seraphine is conspicuously displayed on the mouse pad. Bright blue to black gradient and big K/DA logo, and

And the Logitech logo makes the mouse pad feel cramped. I feel that there are too many brands vying to pay attention to the mouse pad. A major flaw of this design is that you almost always cover Ahri's face. 

This is for those stubborn K/DA enthusiasts. 

For those who can't afford the full collection, our reviewers recommend Pro TKL keyboard, G305 mouse and G333 earplugs. The Pro keyboard is the most expensive product in the series, but considering its thoughtful design and overall excellent quality, it is worth buying. 

The Logitech x K / DA limited edition series is now available.

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