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I remember when I first saw Claw 1.0 in 2018, I used the term "inexplicably small". It is less than an inch in length, but it can open bottles, boxes, jars, and even function as a screwdriver. If it is even possible to make more demands on this micro tool, then designers Malboro & Kane will add more features to the upgraded version of Claw. This titanium tool called Claw 2.0 now packs more features in its ridiculously compact form.

Claw 2.0 is designed to fit snugly on your keychain. The height is less than 1.5 inches (accurate to 37 mm), smaller than the key, and the same height as a single AirPods Pro earpiece. If you have seen the original Claw 1.0 before, you will immediately notice some important upgrades. Now, version 2.0 has a chiseled edge on its front, which is very suitable for use as a box opener, staple remover, screwdriver or even a flint machine. Behind it is the iconic claw hook that allows you to open the bottle and pry open the tin can lid. However, the most important inclusion is the presence of two hexagonal slots of 1/4" and 1/6" respectively. These sockets can be used to tighten or loosen hexagonal bolts, but their versatility is that you can actually install the head from a multi-head screwdriver set, thus turning Claw 2.0 from a tool into a wide range of multi-function holder tools! The advantage of hexagonal sockets is that they can also serve as holes for you to pass through the key ring. Choose the least commonly used hexagon socket and pass through its key ring, effectively allowing you to carry Claw 2.0 with you!

When discussing many features of Claw 2.0, it is difficult to remember how small it is! The 1.45-inch multi-function tool has two hexagonal slots, a flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, staple pin remover, flint striker and prying tool. Strong power also brings great responsibility, which is why Claw 2.0 can provide both a robust stainless steel version and a heavy-duty grade 5 titanium alloy version. All in all, Claw 2.0 weighs 3 grams, which can be forgotten, which is very good because it is there when you need it, but actually disappears when you don’t need it. When not in use, it is located between your keys and can be accessed permanently (even TSA approved, so you can also carry it with you on the flight). The grade 5 titanium alloy variant ensures that the service life of Claw 2.0 is long enough to be passed on to your great-grandchildren... as long as you don't lose it (consider its size)! Go on, now snap up Claw 2.0 for yourself at a discounted price of $29 and get free international shipping!

Designer: Marlboro and Kane (Malboro & Kane)

(25% discount). Hurry up, it's less than 48 hours! Raised more than $110,000 in funds.

Designed to help you drastically cut boxes, blasting bottles, hexagonal tools, etc. in titanium alloys under 2 inches. TSA is safe and has a lifetime warranty.

Standard 1/4" and mini 1/6" hexagon.

Remove the staples, cover and hardware.

Suitable for any flat head screws.

Always carry it with you.

Tear open the box and packaging.

-The unidirectional ridge is designed to be the correct inclination for maximum force.

-Pass your key ring through any hexadecimal system and keep your favorite clear.

-The curved tip ensures that there are no sharp edges in the pocket.

Choose from brushed titanium alloy or polished gold steel.

The design is small, but essentially useful. It is smaller than 1.5 inches.

Put it in a pocket, purse, bag or key.

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