The Night Rob Halford + Tommy Lee Broke Sum 41

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On August 1, 2001, MTV held a live concert to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The concert will sing some famous figures in the music industry. Only a few months after the breakthrough album was released,

A relatively unknown




Performed in recognition of artists who inspired new pop punk artists.


, "Sum 41" sang in "Fat Lip". Although MTV has been developed from metal in the 1980s, Sum 41 has enabled Rob Halford to return to the base frame in the new century.

After Sum 41 played the abridged version of "Fat Lip", they tilted their hats.

At the same time let Tommy Lee (Tommy Lee) starred in "No Sleep'Till Brooklyn". Sum 41 and Tommy Lee extended their fusion to the classic MTV era. Before Rob Robford sang Judas Priest's "You't Got Another Thing Comin", Sum 41 and Tommy Lee briefly broke into Motley Crue's" A cry to the devil".

Holford said of Sum 41: "This will be the next great heavy metal band in the future." Sum 41's face shone like a child on Christmas morning. Sum 41 will become a tightrope between punk rock, pop punk, heavy metal and hip-hop, becoming one of the most successful bands in the decade.

In the March 2021 Instagram post, the host

A look back at how Halford and Lee's performance made Sum 41 stand out. Whibley wrote: "This is a dream come true, and it has changed our lives, forever." "When we were asked to open the MTV 20th Anniversary Special, we were still little known. ["Fat Lip"] has already appeared. It’s been a few months and it performed well, but we are still a new band. Initially, we were asked to only perform [Fat Lip], but we had an idea (inspired by the MTV co-shows we’ve seen in the past) and reached out Come and ask if our favorite artist can make a cool remix with us."

"We know this is a difficult task. What we really expect is not a friendly drop, but to the surprise of Tommy Lee and Rob Halford, we were surprised! ... We were two before the start of the show. Arrived in New York one day, I met with Halford and Tommy for the first time for a mixed performance, then stood up on the stage very nervously, and opened the performance two nights later. From the second one, this song is It seems that everything has changed. In that room, the audience's response was incredible. So many MTV and people from the entire industry came to praise our performance and suddenly treated us like superstars... the one that night During the week, [Fat Lip] was spinning very violently and turned that song into [No. 1] hit. It hasn't been different since that night."

Watch Sum 41 perform with Rob Halford and Tommy Lee in the video below.

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