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ENKOroll has a highly rigid structure, which enables it to consistently produce high-quality threaded nails. It also has a perfectly designed mechanical set-up and insertion mechanism that enables quick and easy conversion from ring to screw shank, thereby providing unique production flexibility.

The ENKOTEC feeder bowl also ensures that the nails flow continuously and steadily, avoiding unnecessary downtime, thereby maximizing uptime. This is due to the smooth surface of the bowl made by laser cutting, and the vibration monitoring and stabilization function. In addition to a smooth product flow, an automatic lubrication system is optional, which reduces labor intensity by ensuring the correct and timely maintenance of the main bearings.

As an additional technological leap, the new ENKOroll will also be equipped with ENKOTEC's latest generation software platform, ENKOsmart, which provides remote access and control to provide fast tracking support. With supplementary functions such as user registration and event logging, ENKOsmart provides users with tools to quickly respond to errors and take corrective actions. The intuitive control and setting interface facilitates the operation of the machine and provides quick access to innovative functions.

ENOKTEC explained: "The entire methodology of developing ENKOroll with ENKOsmart has always been to create a product that combines speed, flexibility, ease of operation and high-quality output. By integrating these functions into a digital framework, ENKOroll ensures nail manufacturing. The highest productivity of the business.” 

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