The Editors Picks: The best releases of 2020 (July-December)

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Sometimes, you just need to have a powerful corkscrew. In 2020, only a few opening songs can resemble "


The third album. Generally speaking, the British band’s records are familiar, look forward to, and even take risks, but still can’t hope to reduce its sales. Like a band, following the sublime melody of irons, shoeshine, black metal and post-metal styles


, with

, This is damn consistent listening. So far, they are composing some of the best songs. This passionate album can be read about the feeling that death might heal one's mental pain. Individuals – artists, actors, musicians, celebrities, politicians and your partner – once they get rid of this mortal magic, they will be placed on a tall golden pedestal; or if you can assign them in your respective chapel Tick ​​any ethics box, and then there will be thoughts of the afterlife waiting for you. No matter what you think

Through multi-angle shots, he created eight emotional songs about feminist ideals, personal unrest, abuse of survivors, self-reflection and external social observation.

Look directly at the world. Will you feel better when you die? Dunno, but

The latest may provide you some comfort.


"It was a metal core record that felt good last year.

The first new record in seven years marks the triumphant return of the studio

Behind the microphone, seeing the band re-enter the scene, the lives of fans are full of overwhelming and wonderful power. This album is not about them changing the face of Metalcore today, but about them as a band, composed of five different people, realizing that it is time to come back and bring some real things to the table. The energetic and melodic metalcore album is both bright and cruel, involving life and death, family and brotherhood, wound healing, and the relationship between dreams and reality. This is a brief listening, but it is a long experience that is required. This is a great band, did not call it (drummer

Especially stars), it sounds like their honest self

At this point, there are some special songs such as "


,' with '

. "We were relieved again

In 2020.

Composed of 60% old materials used when the band members were in high school (when they were called band members)

) And 40% of new songs,

The sixth LP is a fanatical, hardcore post-math at the turn of the century and a thin, mean, modern progressive rock master. '

"(I still don’t know what it means or refers to)

Once were young men, where are they now as a person and a unit. A part of this record is re-recorded with redux, and the other part is a fresh arranger jam. Both of these LPs make you feel serious, powerful and authentic. This is the right time for truly premium fan service, and also for 2016"

. "I can't ask for new things anymore

recording. Those fucking guitars, man!

'It's a very reliable and highly confident record,

Learn more about every fiber that replaces metal shoes. This is all about them, and the return to form is not cheap. The legendary band sounds completely new. The effect is not perfect, but it's still great-nine out of ten great songs are a good choice -'

It represents a familiar but extraordinary listening experience, which explains exactly what makes them so worried. Excellent improvisation, high-pitched vocal melody, airtight grooves, turbulent track list ups and downs, and close mixing of alt-metal and nu-metal with shoe shine effects. '


It feels like a nightmare, I apologize for it,

Self-aware and inform us

They can do better. And do it better, they most definitely did it!

The Darkwave synth-pop brand is in "

'In terms of sound, production and tone, it completely follows its 2017 works, and it is as lyrically and deeply as its predecessor. Although this strange black metal alumni club often covers every kind of record, this is a rare example of the Norweigan band doubling its previous success. Symbolic, moody synthesizer pop music that tells the apocalypse, humanism, decadence, naturalism, 18th and 19th century literature, post-Cold War European history, and even vampires),

The latest version and "

. "But, in my book, anything close to 2017 LP is more than enough! They somehow carried out lightning strikes twice, resulting in "

Produced a major sequel to one of its largest and brightest releases. sublimation.

The only thing

I hate empty irons more than fanatical pop. According to the second record,


Transition to more and better things. The rhythm of fighting improvisation far exceeds ten, and stricter production will never dull their edges, and the singer

Her skills have improved tenfold, it’s not your father’s

. In this frustrating LP, the band made it very clear that they will firmly support their beliefs. They will always practice their preaching to keep themselves and others at a higher level. This is definitely the leftist, the diehard of feminists, demanding open discussions on honest art, survivor abuse, politics and mental health issues, which will tear your head off in one go. '

Naf said that this is also the best music video of 2020.

Their superb, bloodthirsty and dreamlike second LP has nothing but carrion. '

'Not just

The best collection of works, it marks the highest circulation works in Australia in 2020. It replaced my previous best work in my mind, which is the "2019"

"EP usurped it with more violent lyricism, more quirky improvisations, heavier malfunctions, and stood on a pile of carbon copies of corpses, and initiated a band that tried the same nu-metalcore sound. This sucker It is a cold-blooded expression of frustration, anger, pain and bitterness, carrying a huge bargaining chip on the strong and trembling shoulders of its creator.

The latest news hides tricky topics, ugly memories and uncomfortable experiences under the bare light, facing all of them. Evil people have no room to rest, let alone new band leaders. This kind of heavy music is not only in Australia but also in the world.

First record,

"Nothing, but it became one of the best rock records in 2020. Because it can perform various operations, including discordant baritone noise, heavy-tempo British rock, post-rock height, radio-ready rock music, percussion The independent national anthem of Music and Synthesizer, and all the songs in between. This is a weird shocking yet charming and personalized record (the golden cover is really great), which shows that one has Talented bands are free in creation.

By compulsory isolation, physical recording and recording in separate rooms, to piece together this outstanding release work, but they still keep it tightly integrated.

The glorious reign begins now. Whether you are from England or not,

Know them. They have won.

What a british duo

Lack of diversity in '

, They chose some quite repetitive song creations to control the wild, cruel voices, cruel and sharp performances, and they made up for this with daunting political expressions and blackened technical death metal punishments. A creepy covering of a decapitated pig with corns on it,

"It's a comment on the current climate, contrary to the age of Enlightenment, because people don't trust experts, but have wrong intuitions. No matter how wrong they are. The record is all about the dangers. Dark times are dark music. ; The dark times are dark music. Extreme music made in response to increasingly standardized extreme moments; facing metal, this is the ugliness of false facts, misinformation and ignorance that we face every day. If only conservatives can Win through the morbid explosions and strong metal chorus.

Five years since the world-class debut album of the same name was released, Western Sydney's best album has shocked the second LP they were looking forward to. Combine Metalcore, fast tapping, hip-hop beats, nu-metal bounce and strict technology again,

Rarely like they are in "

. "This is the most rebounding and violent metal released last year, and

Turn up the heat without sweating. Really, who allowed them to go

hard? It is very worth the wait.

"This is the greatest example in recent memory. It illustrates how to have a complete album collaboration between two very different but equally passionate artists. How to share responsibilities. How cautious you must be when combining different sounds and tones. In this order Depressing, dirty, and creepy folk songs are never done on heavy metal records

Or her partner in anarchist crime

Overwhelm each other.

(Obviously) never sounded so heavy,

It never sounds so from the heart. What an experience! Hope this will not be the last time we see such cooperation.

Each record

It sounds like it might be their last time. Maybe it has something to do with their older, obscure shoe brand irons, or with the various health issues of the founder and lead singer

(Chronic traumatic encephalopathy). either way, '

It may just be a perfect description of 2020.

According to their acclaimed other records, the fourth album is frustrating, bloated, depressed, and extremely loud, filling you with despair and hope.

Piece together the overwhelming, harsh sounds of dark circles, post-rock, screams, metal cores, synthesizers and horns. They produced these incredibly bewildering works and lyrically echoed the deep emotional loss. In this dynamic and strong record of nine songs,

Cross that thin black line and create something much bigger than oneself. There are so many things going on and there are many layers to unfold, but an album like this (from a band like this) is well worth your time to organize. One of the best underground surprises of 2020.

Looking back at another post-punk record of the behemoth last year,

Again at

. "Their third record is full of happy resistance to the national anthem, staring firmly at the town’s racism, pro-feminism, class struggle, mental health, toxic masculinity and fame. Seeing British bands using dynamic guitars Improvise to fight,

, Fast punk drum playing, which is a calling weapon for refusing indifference and embracing oneself.

In 2020, one of the worst and heaviest records comes from Australia,"


Like an international heavyweight

Pack and try to use this brand's grated, technical, buzzing sheet music by yourself. They nailed it! The result is that short and sweet physical matter competes for the heaviest matter in the universe. A thing of polishing, driving and crushing,

It never sounds better.

'Is a political six-song EP, I saw the leader

No longer subtle about his band's potential racial comments, these comments promoted their strong black metal and blue mix. Their superb second LP,

'(2018) is an allegory of race; its name was inspired by the 1930s

Song, '

, About the lynching of southern blacks in the 1920s and 1930s. This time, this creepy EP is a musical hope that a country (and the world) has finally awakened to the very real, very current racism that is still alive today and is deteriorating. This is a sign of the times. The tragic opener'

'Clarified this clearly,

Sing softly and powerfully:


Sample news reports and countless scenes of black Americans being killed by police on the street during the day. Other times, when it sounds loud "

"This is an invitation to learn about one of the most serious human rights violations against African Americans in modern American history.

. In view of what happened in 2020 when Americans were protesting, racial discrimination, police acquittal for their actions, and police acting as judges, juries and executioners, EPs like this are not only urgent but also very needed.

Focus his

Chaotic, synthetic movement is similar to

,He's right

, And some unexpected '90s rock and roll moments' among all the experimental noises,

'See a real

Guide our listeners to understand their own interests and hobbies through a huge sound library. The bands and records he likes, as well as this mixed 15 popular songs he hopes to imitate and try, have good sound and style. is behind


just began.

San jose 

It is indeed the underground hero of 2020, with impressive, discordant and vicious old-fashioned singing behind it,

. "

Of course, nothing new was done here, but they did mix iron rods, bumps, frictions, brute force, and all other good heavy feces in a purely distilled, unrestricted manner, which lasted about 15 minutes. As clever as face to face. Then it ends with my busy interpretation

'1981 Post Punk Circuit'

'? Thick soup

Born in avant-garde metal scenes, they obviously don't want to spend their entire time there. Enter '

"This is a psychedelic avant-garde rock record full of colors and weird, full of dazzling vocal performances, rich guitar sounds, plenty of dynamic space, and songs that are played like slippery acid music. I think that they will never lose their technicality, but they can still accept a new level of art

It used to sound great.

The most powerful compiled version

Must have their names,

The noise masters of the electronics industry

LP. A lot of wonderful cooperation


, To name a few, and have "

'Starting to publish-an amazing electronic noise scene about the future of dystopia, and it gets closer and closer every day-this is a good show why

Frankly speaking, this is one of the best performances of the 21st century.

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