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Taps and die sets may not be as well-known as general-purpose tools such as screwdrivers or socket sets, but their special functions can help with many different projects and repairs. A tap is a long cutting tool, roughly similar to a drill. The tap and the tap wrench are used together, and the thread can be cut into metal or wood with holes for fixing with bolts. The mold is used to cut threads on the outside of long bolt-like metal or wood, so the newly cut bolt can be used as a fastener together with the nut. In short, on the fastener pair, the tap cuts the internal thread, and the die cuts the external thread.

The best tap and die set depends on the amount you want to use, the material you want to use, and how many size options the project requires. Special woodworking taps and die sets are designed to cut wires into softer materials than the more common metalworking taps and die sets. However, even certain metal processing kits cannot be used on all metals if their building materials are weaker than the materials they are trying to cut, so quality is the key. The following products reflect some of the best taps and dies in their respective categories.

Before purchasing a new tap kit and moving on to the next project, please review the following factors to ensure that you determine the correct kit for your purpose.

When it comes to the number of parts, there is a wide range of taps and die sets. For example, a dedicated woodworking kit may only have three pieces, while a more comprehensive metalworking kit may have more than 100 pieces, especially if it includes both metric and SAE measurement taps and molds.

Versatility also refers to the variety of parts in taps and molds. There are three types of taps, including taper taps, cock taps and finishing taps.

There are also many types of molds, including round molds, split round molds and mold nuts.

To use taps and dies correctly, you will need at least one basic tap wrench and one basic die wrench, although a ratcheted tap and die set is ideal.

If you want to invest in high-quality taps and molds, you should protect your tools. Rugged steel or plastic storage boxes are ideal for preventing rust, corrosion and impact damage when storing or transporting taps and molds.

For any storage box, another important consideration is how to secure them in place when they are closed. There is nothing more frustrating than safely packing the faucet and mold into the box, only to find that all the parts fall off when you pick up the box and move it.

Material is an important consideration when purchasing taps and molds, because only a kit made of harder materials can cut through harder metals. Kits made of soft metals such as aluminum can only be used with wood, and cannot be used to cut wires into metal.

Taps and dies made of medium-hard metals (such as alloy steel) are suitable for most metals, but it is difficult to effectively cut into harder materials (such as stainless steel). To be able to cut harder metals, you need to use a kit made of carbon steel, high speed steel (HSS), titanium or cobalt.

The taps and mold kits are divided into two common measurement systems: the metric system and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Determine the measurement value of the tap and the mold by measuring the distance between the thread crests (in millimeters). The crest of the thread is the protruding part, regardless of whether it is internal or external. Instead, the root is a groove located between the two sides connecting the peak to the root.

The measurement of taps and dies is easier to understand, and is only measured in threads per inch (TPI). To find this number, simply hold a tape measure on the thread pattern and count how many complete threads are in one inch. Or, if you have a pitch gauge or if it is included in the faucet and mold, you can use only one pitch gauge. The pitch gauge is a special tool used to determine the measured values ​​of SAE or metric taps and molds.

If you are just getting started, you only need 20 or 40 basic taps and molds. It will come with the most commonly used sizes and types of taps and dies, which will enable you to complete most projects. However, if you have a specialized project, or know that you will need a certain type of tap or a specific mold, then make sure that the kit you get includes the required parts.

Another important factor to remember is that for most metals, the manufacturing process can make them very hard, but they can also become brittle when they are stressed at the wrong point. Therefore, when using the tap and die set, please make sure to take time to clean the metal and shavings after each rotation to prevent tool damage.

These top products are some of the best taps and molds on the market. According to your shopping considerations, choose a suit that is compatible with your item.

This GEARWRENCH tap and braces do not need to turn by hand, and can quickly fatigue the hand muscles. Instead, the reversing rod allows you to drive the tap or die in a clockwise direction to cut the thread, and then turn the wrench handle counterclockwise to a better grip position, and then screw it in again.

The kit is made of carbon steel and comes with a durable black storage box. It has 20 dies and 48 taps, including round dies of metric and SAE standard sizes, tapered taps and plug taps. The 75-piece set also has metric thread gauges and SAE thread gauges, as well as mold adapters suitable for round or hexagonal molds. The twist lock guide system can fix the parts on the handle during use, allowing you to produce neat and straight threads.

According to the metric or SAE measurement system, the 76 parts in the Neiko SAE and metric taps and molds are all engraved with the correct dimensions. The kit comes with 34 screw taps and 34 round molds, and includes the 20 most commonly used sizes, so you can handle almost all taps and mold projects.

The kit contains a sturdy plastic carrying case that lists metric and SAE dimensions inside, so you can quickly find the parts you need or put them back in place. These tools are made of alloy steel, which is softer than HSS or carbon steel, but also less fragile, so it is a very suitable material for newbies who have just used taps and dies. Alloy steels have a titanium brazing coating designed to make them 20 times longer than ordinary steels, so you don't have to worry about replacing them or sharpening them soon.

Neiko titanium alloy taps and mold sets are ideal for professional mechanics, who want a durable, high-quality set that can be used with a variety of materials. The 20 divided round molds are divided into 10 rough machining (UNC) and 10 finishing (UNF) molds, and the dimensions are engraved on the side. Taper taps are also separated in 10 UNC and 10 UNF sizes, so you can choose the appropriate thread name for your project.

The carbon steel structure has a titanium cutting edge to ensure that the sharpness of taps and molds is 20 times longer than that of alloy steel, and the durable plastic shell protects the tools from rust and corrosion. You can use metric or SAE to get this setting, but in one case, neither measurement will come with this setting. However, you do get two percussion wrenches, a wrench, a screwdriver, and a pitch gauge with SAE or metric sizes, depending on the kit you choose.

If you prefer metric measurement to SAE measurement, you can use GEARWRENCH ratchet tap & die set. The 40-piece set includes 17 round dies and 17 taper and plug taps. The ratchet wrench eliminates the need for manual handover by using the included reversing lever, thereby saving time and hand fatigue.

The tap and die kit includes a 2-in-1 tap and a ratcheting T-wrench, a small tap adapter, a medium tap adapter, and a mold adapter that can work on round and hexagonal molds. These tools are made of high-quality carbon steel, and the twist-lock guide system in the wrench can secure the mold adapter during use to ensure that you can cut straight threads every time.

If you need a woodworking tap and die set, the Kings County Tools tap and die set is designed to cut threads into hardwood, although you should use linseed oil or tung oil on the taps to make cutting easier. The kit comes in a variety of sizes and provides a direction to determine the size of the drill bit for pre-drilling before tapping, so you don't have to try to blindly tap into a piece of wood.

The Kings County Tools kit includes a threaded box with two handles, which contains a mold, a plug tap and a finishing tap. The wire box is made of solid hardwood, and has internal aluminum wear-resistant accessories and steel molds, which can be easily cut into the wood. The taps are also made of hardened steel and should be kept in a safe storage location to prevent rust or corrosion. The tap and mold set does not come with a carrying case, but only a three-piece set, which can be stored in a tool box or tool box.

The IRWIN 117-piece tap and die set comes with a variety of tools to provide you with the versatility you need to perform almost any maintenance task, automated repair work, or any other project you might want to solve. The kit has the most commonly used taps, hexagonal dies and drills required for tap and die processing, including 10 SAE taps, 10 SAE dies, 16 metric taps, 16 metric dies, 6 machine taps, and 6 machine taps. Tap mold, 2 pipe taps and 2 pipe molds.

The taps and die tools are made of high-quality carbon steel, but the included 36-piece drill set is made of high-speed steel (HSS). The size of the drill bit should be determined according to the corresponding tap size so that they can be used to create pilot holes for the tap. The kit is also equipped with two wrenches, three percussion wrenches, an SAE thread gauge, a metric thread gauge and a black screwdriver for tightening the set screws in the mold wrench.

Check out the answers to these common questions about taps and molds.

To use a tap, place the tap in the tap wrench and align it with the hole that needs to be threaded. Rotate one turn clockwise, and then turn half a turn counterclockwise to release the metal shavings produced in the first turn, so as not to break the faucet. Repeat until the thread is completely cut off.

To use the mold, fix the unthreaded bolt in the vise, and then place the mold at the end of the bolt to be screwed into. Start using the same clockwise and counterclockwise thread cutting as the tap. Continue the operation until the thread is cut to the desired degree.

Taps and die sets used to cut metal should not be used on wood. However, kits designed for wood, such as

With the mold set, it can quickly cut the thread in the wooden hole or make the wooden bolt.

The material you use should be based on the material to be cut. High-speed steel (HSS) is the most commonly used material because it can be used for cutting most metals used in tap and die applications, but cobalt or titanium can also be used for very hard materials such as stainless steel.

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