The best nail polish top coats of 2020

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Nail polish top coats can really complete or ruin the manicure, especially if you paint your nails at home. Just as the primer provides a smooth foundation for sanding, the top coat is an essential modification that can add more luster to the nails and extend the wear time of the nails. 

Some top coats can even resist ultraviolet rays, which can change the color of nail polish. Others will protect your nails from water or other external factors that may damage the nails. More importantly, a high-quality top coat can avoid mistakes in home manicure, especially when you paint your nails with your non-dominant hand.

According to celebrity manicurists

When determining the polishing channel of the ideal topcoat, “you should look for a topcoat with excellent gloss and durability. If time is considered, it should have the ability to dry quickly. These three things can help you choose a high-quality finish Lacquer. And can individually meet your needs."

In order to test some of the most acclaimed favorites, I applied two layers

. I evaluated the entire formula, how fast it dries, and what the final effect is. From there, I tracked how long the polish had lasted before it cracked, and whether my nails still looked fresh after a few days of manicure. There have been some clear winners.

Essie is known for producing high-quality nail care products, which is why it has always existed in nail salons. The brand's coats are no exception. Whether you want to quickly apply a layer of polish before you go out, or try to make an impressive manicure by yourself,

 It's required. 

This top coat is everything you look for in polished paint. Its quick-drying formula can help you set the polish before you have the chance to mess up your nails, and it will create a shine long after you apply it. It can also prevent nail polish from cracking and prolong the life of nails.

When I tried this coat for the first time, I was immediately impressed by the width of the brush. Even with non-dominant hands, it makes it easier to apply the topcoat, and the process proceeds quickly. The formula is not too viscous and also makes application a breeze. 

It dries in less than two minutes (I timed it) and lasted for five full days before it started to fade. Even then, I would not say that the polish has peeled off, on the contrary, it receded from the tips of my nails. Although the fifth day was not as brilliant as the first day, I was deeply impressed. 

Long lasting, quick drying, high gloss

The vibrancy of the polish is faster than the gel fading

Promise to prevent nail chipping, protect and protect nails with a powerful formula. It also has a smooth surface treatment, which can easily make the polishing work look like it was handmade by professionals. Moreover, even after a few days, the gloss will continue like the topcoat itself. In addition, UV protection is added to the formula to ensure that your varnish will never turn into a fashionable color.

I am in love with this

quickly. The smell is not strong, which is always the main advantage, and it is easy to apply evenly and quickly. Although it took a while to do it, I am very satisfied with the overall finish and gloss. It took me 4 days to see a tiny fragment. However, the brilliance still exists.

A drawback? It may take longer to dry. Therefore, if you tend to smudge while waiting for the topcoat to harden, this may not be the right topcoat for you. 

: Long-term wear, very shiny and prevent discoloration

: It takes a while to dry 

When I asked Eden which coat she likes personally,

 Ranked number one on her list. She said: "This is the Holy Grail." "It leaves an amazing sheen, and it is thick enough to cover up subtle imperfections. It can also seal the tip of the nail to prevent chipping and ensure a long manicure." 

The record drying time and silky smooth finish have earned the highest scores among nail lovers. I have recommended it to me by many different people. In the past, I used it when I needed to dry my nails before going out. It does not compromise due to gloss and adds long-lasting brilliance, which can last for several days after use.

I tried this top coat for the first time in a while, and I found that although the formula is not too strong, the taste is very strong. Not necessarily an unpleasant smell, but I'm sure that for some people, it may be a deterrent. Having said that, two minutes after applying the top coat, my nails were completely dry. I was shocked-I even touched my nails several times, but they didn't feel dirty at all. 

As someone who can ruin manicure in the wrong way, I find this to be a major advantage. The topcoat is good and shiny, but after 3 days of wear, it does crack. It is not the longest time to wear top coat, but it is certainly not the worst. 

: It dries quickly, the formula is not too strong

Strong smell, not very resistant to debris

When polishing continues, nothing beats a gel manicure. Although there are several topcoats that claim to provide you with a gel-like appearance without the use of UV or LED lights,

 Actual delivery.

This top coat is part of Sally Hansen's larger line of products, which has a polished color and can also produce a gel-like effect, but it can be used as easily as other non-gel nail polishes to produce the same appearance. Not only can it replace traditional gels, but it is also inexpensive, durable and shiny. The best part is that you can simply remove it with regular nail polish remover. No foil or filing is required.

I used this top when I moved the apartment, but it still stayed in shape. The brush is beautiful and wide, can be applied quickly, and definitely has a gel-like sheen. Even if the formula is not thick, it can still maintain the thickness of the gel, which gives it extra protection. It dries quite quickly, and it took four full days for packaging and unpacking to finally break up. I think that was a victory. 

Quick action, no need for LED or UV lamp to produce a gel-like effect, high gloss, moderate price

Does not last longer than salon gel manicure

Sometimes, you don’t want your nail polish to be shiny, but something soft and unique. At that point, the matte finish will come in handy. Although several nail polish retailers produce matte finishes, Essie is one of the best nail polishes on the market. 

Just like Essie's

, This

 It worked very fast. Simply apply two coats of nail polish of your choice, and then put the top coat on top as usual. However, this top coat does not make your polish more shiny, it makes the nails matte immediately after application. This effect can indeed change the speed of the nail very well, and the effect will be better when used in dark situations. 

The reason I like this outer coating the most is that it is very easy to use and works quickly. It also left a deep impression on how the formula made my nails matte without making the nails or the surrounding cuticles look dry. After 3 days of wear, I noticed some chipping. Considering that the wear of matte finish tends to be shorter, this is a good choice. In the end, the nail polish does start to crack in some places, sometimes in the matte finish, but this has no obvious meaning. 

Makes nails matte instantly and very dry

: It will break after wearing for about three days

Although most top coats will make your nails look shiny after application, few can maintain this gloss after a few days.

However, it retains its brilliance better than many other topcoats. 

Because this top coat has a thicker formula, it can better protect nails and increase glass-like gloss. There is still a long way to go. Although the formula is very thick, it does not agglomerate when used, and it dries quickly without bubbles. It provides a glossy protective layer that will not loosen. 

At first, I was not sure

Top coat, because of the thickness of the formula. The consistency reminds me of many gel top coats, which I think are difficult to apply. Once I realized that I didn't need to use it much, I was very surprised. It actually looks similar to a gel. This top coat provides the brightest nails of all the top coats I have tested. it is also

After four days of wear, it began to shatter, but still maintained a good gloss. 

Make nails have a mirror-like luster, long-lasting and affordable

Go very thick

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