The best gel nail polish kits in 2020

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Although traditional gel manicure is very good, there is a way to get shiny nibs without endangering the health of hands and nails: by switching to gel nail polish that does not require UV light. 

"There are two different types of gel nail polish, one needs to be exposed to ultraviolet light to cure, and the other can be cured under natural light," said the founder of Jon Horsfield.

. They all contain oligomers-polymers that attract each other and can be activated to bond and harden the polishing agent, so it has long-term wear resistance and chip resistance. However, non-lamp polishing agents also contain photoinitiator components, which are activated when exposed to lower levels of ultraviolet light. In other words, they can be cured and strengthened in sunlight compared to gels under ultraviolet light.

"You can use [lampless gels" like traditional polishes, but their dry consistency is very high, just like gels. "

. And because their formula lasts longer than traditional polishes, you won't go back to the salon for touch-ups every few weeks.

In addition, salon services are expensive, and home gel kits are not a cheap investment. However, the lampless gel polish only costs a few dollars more than traditional formulations. Below, we summarize the best options. 

The formula contains ingredients that are good for nail health, can dry quickly, can be used on any nail polish, and is easy to remove

The finish is a bit thick and fluffy

Do yourself a favor and save space for Deborah Lippmann Gel Labs Pro Duo in your favorites. The kit was launched in 2015 and is regarded as an old song in the beauty industry, but it is also a good thing. The complete kit includes Lippmann's reimagined gel-effect primer and topcoat. 

Gel Lab Pro primer contains adhesive ingredients such as epoxy resin, polyvinyl butyral and azeladiol F that help the formulation adhere to the nail. The top coat contains acrylate copolymer (acrylic acid) and aucoumea klaineana resin extract (a skin-conditioning polymer). These formulas work together to create a smooth canvas for color applications and seal the polish with a strengthening effect and gloss similar to salon care.  

In my experience, Gel Lab Pro primer and topcoat are easy to apply. My only major problem with the formula itself is the consistency of the topcoat. This is a thick polish, so it takes a long way. 

I also found that both formulas are almost drying. To give you a better understanding of the timetable, I started painting my nails for a few minutes,

, When the episode ends, my nails are already dry. The finished product is a smooth color coating and has a lovely gloss effect. 

It’s worth noting that although I did combine the duet with one of the

(Come in

By the way, color), Gel Lab Pro Duo can be used with any polish (regardless of whether you use a gel), so you don't need to buy a special nail polish to get a gel-like nail polish. It can also be used with almost any makeup remover you use at home, so don't spend a lot of money on special formulas. 

Long-lasting, rich color, no need for a top coat, quite shatter-resistant, with a wide-angle brush, easy to apply

Colors are sometimes limited in the store, so online shopping

Revlon's traditional nail polish is good, but the brand's gel nail polish is better. The enamel is formulated with a built-in primer, so it is essentially a two-in-one polishing agent. While

It does include the brand's patented anti-fragment diamond top, which I did not use in the test-honestly I don't need it. 

People who spend several hours a day typing on keyboards, people who like to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, and people who can’t sleep if the apartment is not clean have left a deep impression on me. I didn't notice it gradually disappearing or chipping until about a week after the initial application. 

In addition to the entire fantastic formula, Revlon's applicator brush is also worthy of recognition. Smoothed my long nails in one breath, leaving zero bubbles. I ended up wearing three coats, but maybe two can be eliminated. 

Rich in color, hard and dry on the nails, slightly long

It may not last until the promised time, the best effect is to use gel top coat 

When I tried Essie Gel Couture for the first time, I applied three coats. And because of my overuse, the polish quickly came off. Horsfield said this was expected.

He said: “When you apply too much nail polish, all these layers will fuse together and become softer, because only the surface layer can dry completely.” Whether or not you let each layer dry completely before applying the next layer, This happens all the time. This means that your polish is set incorrectly, which can cause peeling.  

When I tried again, the first thing I noticed about Essie's gel-like enamel was the way it was fixed on the nail. It almost feels heavy and dry, which really shows the quality of the formula and how similar it is to an actual gel manicure. It also dried in half an hour. 

It is best to wear two coats. It looked beautiful and maintained its strength for about a week before it started to crack. The product has a lifespan of 14 days, but I think it actually depends on how often you do it every day. Similar to most non-lamp gel polishes, Essie does sell

Further enhance its gel-like formula. This is not a necessary step, but critics do say that it can enhance the shine and strength of the manicure. 

The formula includes a primer, no top coat is required, rich in color, high gloss, and strong resistance to chipping

You have to find a wider range of color options

When someone finds it difficult to sit long enough to completely dry my nails, the one-step formula sounds too good to be true. But Wet n Wild's 1-step WonderGel nail polish color is the real deal. 

This formula is the first of its kind because it does not require a top coat

It can be cured without a lamp. 

The result is that the color will not chip or fade for up to two weeks. It is also a trivalent-free formula, which does not contain formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates.

I first applied the brand's All That's Jazzy! About an hour before going to bed (I know this is a dangerous business), what impressed me with gel nail polish was the drying speed of the formula. In less than half an hour, I patted my nails with my fingertips, and the nail polish remained the same. 

It is also incredibly bright. I applied two coats, and the glossiness of my fingertips surprised me. The bright colors have not faded or chipped in more than a week, which is very good. Wet n Wild’s 1-step WonderGel nail polish also comes with a cotton swab makeup remover. 

As far as I know, the biggest disadvantage of Wet n Wild's 1-step WonderGel nail polish is its color product. Only four shades can be used

—All these are jazz! , This is Sher-Bert Day! , Coral support and pretty peas-but you can use it in shades such as blackout, left maroon, loud lavender and condensed milk


Rich colors and high gloss

Fast chip cutting without external coating

Although most formulations require the use of a top coat to improve its gloss, but

Shine by yourself. I tested several colors of the brand's series to ensure that the gloss is comparable, and I can achieve such a beautiful effect with only two coats at a time.

Although your handbag looks sleek, you don’t have a branded coat

, I strongly recommend that you still use it. It is hardened by retinol and forms a strong protective layer between the polishing agent and the environmental pressure source that causes the chipping.

Although this may only be a reflection of the situation, without a top coat, the gel effect formulation will soon be resolved. I found that within two or three days, a small piece of polish was already engraved on the tip of my nail. The top coat can also improve the original high gloss of the formula, so it is worth spending a little more time to extend your wearing time.

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