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You may need to trim your dog's nails every four to six weeks, and-if your pet can tolerate the sound and sensation-using a nail grinder is an almost impossible way to accidentally cut a dog. After testing six options, we like

Because it is safe, cordless and quiet, and allows you to change the grinding and polishing techniques as needed.

This is a safe, affordable, quiet and cordless way to trim dog nails.

A nail sander is a slower but safer tool for trimming dog nails, because unlike clippers, you can't accidentally cut off the blood supply to your paws, but many dogs don't like the sound or feel or the length of time it takes. This

However, because it is cordless, quiet and has only two speeds, it is easy to maneuver around grumpy or clever dogs (or owners), which ensures a soft but still effective touch.


This Oster is louder and cannot be recharged, but it is cheap.


It is consistent with Dremel in most respects, but it is a little higher than Dremel at high places, and unlike the rechargeable Dremel, it requires four AA batteries (not included). The trade-off between these two points is a savings of about $10. Oster also includes a removable plastic sheath that fits around the sharpening head and traps dust when the puppy’s nails are nailed. We prefer to remove the sheath to maximize mobility, but if your dog is willing to sit still, the cleanliness it brings will be a considerable reward.

For this guide, we talked with several beauticians and veterinarians to discuss the things that should be paid attention to when keeping animal paws clean and beautiful. We researched why trimming your pet’s nails is important to your health as well as your health, and we understand that your veterinarian may not want to cut those paws for you. (This makes your animal hate veterinary travel unnecessary.)

I am a journalist with 15 years of experience in writing and editing product reviews, which have appeared on AOL, GamesRadar, Polygon and Wired. I have been raising dogs for the past 20 years, and I have also worked as a professional dog walker for two years.

Using a nail sander is slower but safer, and does not require as much hand force.

The nail sharpener shortens the nail bit by bit instead of cutting the nail into pieces. This is slower, but safer, and does not require as much hand power. They will not produce cracks or fragments like clippers, but will leave smooth nails so as not to touch anything or accidentally scratch them. The grinder is also very suitable for dogs with dark nails, which can hardly see fast nails. However, not all dogs can adapt to the noise and vibration of the grinder-friction can cause the nails and drill bits to become hot, so you need to rest often.

We discussed with five pet groomers and veterinarians how to best caress the dog’s nails. Although their perception of hair clippers is the same, their opinions on grinders are mixed. Some pet professionals believe that their safety factors make it an ideal choice, while others point out that their noisy is a reason for them to pass. But every pet is different, if you don't mind, it is a good choice.

Researchers at Creature Comforts prefer grinders, but be aware that you need to make sure that you use tools that are rough enough to work effectively, but not too rough to pull your nails while grinding. The drill bits included with our selection meet these conditions.

This is the factor we consider when testing different grinder models:

In order to find the grinder with the best balance, we used

Simulate the hardness of a dog’s toenail and test all available speeds of each unit on it. Then, we used the least aggressive (and frightening grinder) on the 47-pound laboratory mix and 15-pound doxillin needles.

For each grinder, we are studying its operability, how easy it is from opening the box to actually using it, how loud it is and how to polish the nails. We also considered any other factors, such as the batteries or lights that came with it.

It is the best nail polisher for dogs because it is fast enough to pass through the nail quickly, but it is still easy to control. We also like that it is both rechargeable and quiet, and has interchangeable grinding heads.

Dremel offers two speeds, low speed and high speed, which can be accessed by flipping the switch in the opposite direction (rather than moving it twice in the same direction). This prevents you from accidentally changing speed and suddenly frightening your dog. Even at low speeds, Dremel can still provide enough power to effectively nail nails, although lower speeds will take longer than higher speeds. The highest settings of other models we have tested, for example

, Can’t get close to Dremel’s lower archiving capabilities.

Dremel comes with a rechargeable battery pack, which we prefer compared to models that use AA batteries. When not in use (can be filled for three hours), the box can be loaded into the wall charger (included in the box), and when it needs to be refurbished, it can be quickly and easily loaded into the grinder. It makes Dremel feel heavier to touch than Oster, and heavier than any other model we have tested, but the extra weight is well worth the convenience of charging. These two


Compatible with many Dremel models, and if any of them fails, they can be replaced individually.

Despite the rumble under the hood, Dremel is surprisingly quiet for this sturdy grinder, especially when compared to competitors like Furminator. Even at high speeds, its motor will not emit unpleasant high-pitched beeps. It has two positions: one to grind and the other to grind. If you are willing to spend time and effort, the abrasive head can work perfectly, and the polishing head will eventually make your dog's nails shiny.

The grinder we tested is a pet-specific variant of the Dremel 7300 kit, which can provide various drill bits for various tasks and hobbies. The other kit is called

, Has the same basic model, and is a bit cheaper than the 7300-PT at the time of writing-but in our hands-on test, the 7300 N/8 is more powerful, louder and harder to control, so it is recommended that you stick to the pet version .

Compared with other grinders, Dremel is slightly less user-friendly. Our chuck is locked when it arrives, which prevents a bit of insertion, and it is not clear how to open or continue to use the manual without going deep into the manual. This problem can be easily solved by reading the instructions, but it is not as intuitive as Oster and can be used directly.

Dremel's power is also stronger than the AA power grinder we tested, which can speed up the work, but it also causes the nails to heat up faster. Therefore, pay close attention to your pet's reaction, and be prepared to step back if your nails get too hot.

It matches Dremel's power and efficiency, but its high setting is a bit higher than Dremel's. It is powered by four AA batteries (not included) instead of a rechargeable battery pack. Some dog owners may also appreciate its plastic sheath, which can be placed around the sharpening head to trap dust on the dog’s nails. In the test, we prefer to remove the sheath to maximize maneuverability, but if your dog sits still, the cleanliness it brings will be a considerable reward.

Successfully had a lovely name, but failed in all other respects. The sound is too loud, and you are likely to scare the three houses. From the moment you turn on the power, the grinding belt slips off. The battery cover is actually difficult to pry open, and you can almost guarantee that you hit it when you try to open it. Press the button several times.


They are identical grinders, but with different colors (Wahl is pink, FurryFido is orange, we have seen other same models from other manufacturers). Both are greatly underpowered; even their top speed is so weak that it stopped working when it was applied to our test subject. They both provide "add-on products" that absolutely do not add any value, such as choosing six identical grinding pads, which require bulky plastic sockets to fit into the main body, which is much more complicated than most other grinders . When using Wahl, one of the accessories actually got stuck, making it less efficient. They can all turn the wheel in either direction-if you think counterclockwise grinding can make the polishing smoother. They all have light directed at your puppy's nails, which is really helpful, but not enough to make up for the poor grinding performance.

Feeling lack of motivation during the test. One of its speeds is strictly in the middle of the road, so although it will polish the dog’s nails, it takes a long time. Different from other grinders, it has a diamond drill directly built in, but the grinding wheel itself is very small. Unless you remove the surrounding plastic sheath, you can only enter a small grinding area during use. It is definitely not the worst thing you can do, but it is not an ideal choice for dogs other than very patient small dogs.

It is the best nail polisher for dogs, because its silent and cordless design makes it easy to move on small dogs. It has two speeds to ensure a soft but still effective touch.

The nail sander will not hurt your dog

: Make your dog accustomed to petting its paws; trim the dog’s nails in a quiet place while keeping calm; gently press each nail for a few seconds at a time; take regular breaks and praise your dog throughout the process . However, not all dogs can adapt to the noise and vibration of the grinder-friction can cause the nails and drill bits to become hot, so take frequent breaks.

The nail polisher will shorten the nail bit by bit, instead of cutting the nail into small pieces with a clipper, which can cause cracking or chipping. This method is slower, but safer, and can leave smooth nails without sticking to anything or accidentally scratching. The grinder is also very suitable for dogs with dark nails, which can hardly see fast nails.

Generally, your dog’s nails need to be trimmed every four to six weeks. Letting them grow too long can cause health problems such as healthy feet, and if not paid attention to, it can cause nerve damage. If you can hear the dog’s nails tapping on the floor, it’s time to trim.


After testing nine models, we believe that the price is moderate, sensitive and well-received

It is the best way to trim dog nails.

Kaitlyn Wells

You shouldn’t try to trim your pet’s hair, but you can also perform other basic grooming tasks when the company closes.

Nick Gay

After testing 13 models, we think

It is the best traditional dog bed, but we also have a selection of other styles.

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