The 8 Best UV Nail Lamps for At-Home Manicures

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It's time to manicure at home. DIY manicure has never been so popular, but if you miss the long-lasting effect of gel manicure, you can consider UV nail lights as your next beauty product.

Salon professionals use ultraviolet rays and LED lights to cure nail polish and skip the drying time. These lights have convenient functions such as one-touch buttons, auto-off function and timer setting options, which are perfect for performing salon-grade manicure comfortably at home.

Remember that your hands will be exposed to UV rays, so remember to protect your skin and apply

advance. Buy the best UV lamps for manicure at home in advance.

The UV lamp is powered by a USB cable, which is compact and portable enough to travel. Allegedly, its price is 15 US dollars, which is invaluable with "no complaints and no regrets" and "exactly as described."


Thanks to the 48W high-power LED lamp beads, the drying time is easy. The lamp beads are designed for uniform and rapid gel curing. The larger opening can dry up to five nails or toenails at once.

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Besides this mini UV lamp like macaron, is there anything more cute? The kit comes with 4 mini gel polishes, cuticle stick, nail file and makeup remover paper.

If you like nail art, please try this handy nail polish with a phone holder to watch the tutorial. The large display timer makes it easy to track and solidify when copying and drawing.

OPI's nail experts used two different light frequencies, a spacious drying room and LG technology to create this most popular lamp in salons. The price tag is worthy of professional-grade results.

CND's stylish nail light is a new and improved version with preset controls for each gel manicure step, trouble-free bulbs and acetone resistance. Thanks to its removable soleplate, it can also easily pedicure.

Bypass this popular Amazon Featured Automatic Sensor button. The extra spacious drying room can cure both hands at the same time through 36 high-power LED bulbs.

This ergonomically designed nail light can bring maximum relaxation during curing. Sit down and let the 30-second one-touch timer do all the work.

Take your DIY magic to a new level.

In order to sell me products forever, Instagram has been pushing Nailboo into my feeds for most of the year. Dipping manicure kits are so popular for two reasons: the pandemic has made it more difficult for nail art lovers to get a salon manicure, and Nailboo is one of the best home dip kits for beginners. Unlike some more advanced kits, Nailboo is specially made for people who are not sure how to soak at home-maybe they have never even got a professional soaking manicure! -And simplifies the complex process of tagged products. So, how easy is the Nailboo system, and is it worth spending $55 (or more) to buy a starter kit? I tested the process and this is what I found.

These amazing shades can improve your DIY mania.

Although gel manicure is super long-lasting, it is difficult to remove. And the process is not only time-consuming, but also involves multiple products. However, Gel Nail Steamer is a machine that can evaporate acetone to strip the gel polish. It may speed up and simplify the process. The manufacturer Nico Reyes tested the steamer to understand how well it removes the gel polish, how fast it removes the polish, and whether the damage to the nails by the machine is lower than the normal gel removal process. See if it is worth $46. Product used in this video: Gel Nail Steamer, $46.90 Allure Kiara Sky Gel Nail Polish, $12.99 g487-allure-1 Kiara sky gel base coat, $12.99 Kiara sky gel without wiping top coat, $12.99 Bess & Color Polish in Zissou Blue , $16, https: // 2 VpWhPy Kiara Sky Dip Powder in New Yolk City, $ 14.99 Dilute Professional Nail File, $ 3.99

They are cool, not mean people.

Five years ago, even the most respected beauty editors did not expect the rapid rise of home manicure and complex nail tutorials. However, surprising factors kept the industry on track. Especially in this spring, after a creepy year in 2020, you can expect the biggest nail color trend to have a common theme: happiness. Manicurist and CND educator Tamara Di Lullo told POPSUGAR: "Since this spring, we have hoped for more refreshing opportunities than ever before."

The time of the sandal season.

Adibot uses eight lamps to emit UVC light in all directions, cleaning a 1,000 square foot room in one minute

Pick up the nail file.

P.S. You can even do most of them by yourself.

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Although vigilant hand washing is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19, all of us can agree that constant scrubbing and blistering have caused serious damage to our nails. Eager to improve my nail defense arsenal, I decided to try SpaRitual Nourishing Nail Vegan Enhancer ($20). Now, before we move on to the next step, let me be completely honest and say that I have always been skeptical of nail enhancers.

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