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ENKOTEC said, for example, the ENKOsmart used to improve OEE is a digital transformation of the ENKOnail+ machine it manufactures, which is the most reliable and operator-friendly nail making machine ever. With ENKOsmart, nail manufacturers have taken a step towards Industry 4.0 and maximized overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

What's so special? ENKOsmart enables ENKOnail+ to drive data through simple decision-making and intuitive interfaces, thereby bringing ENKOnail+ to a higher level of high-performance machines. By using innovative sensor technology and the latest generation of HMI (including digital video manuals and user/event registration), ENKOsmart provides tools to maximize work efficiency. Features such as intelligent error tracking, nail quality monitoring, remote access, and easy-to-access guidance can eliminate unplanned downtime and maximize the use of nail maker wires.

ENKOTEC can also provide high-speed rotary nail manufacturing machines, such as the ENKOnail+ series, which includes conveyors with a new 2-slot nail delivery system. The machine is designed to produce 1800 nails per minute, with diameters ranging from 2.2mm-2.9mm and 38mm-90mm. It includes a PLC control system and the new ENKOsmart system to improve production efficiency.

ENKOTEC also added a new ENKOnail+ machine, which can produce 1,500 pallet nails per minute, with a diameter of 2.4mm-3.84mm and a length of 50mm-90mm. The production line includes ENKOTEC's new thread rolling machine, which has improved user-friendliness and higher stability, while processing 3,000 nails per minute, compared with 2,500 nails per minute for earlier models. Finally, the production line can include an efficient coil finisher designed to use an automatic paper cutter and a take-up device driven by servo-driven technology to make wire-bonding nails.

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