State Division I men’s basketball report: Time off quickened ASU pace

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In the first week of January, the Arkansas State University men’s basketball team had a record of 3-6, and the two-week break changed its 2020-21 season.

The Covid-19 agreement postponed the Red Wolves’ trip to Texas from January 8th to 9th, which gave coach Mike Balado 13 days between the two games. Arizona State University uses the interrupt mechanism mainly to play a role in the speed offense. Since then, the Red Wolves have entered the final weekend of the regular season and participated in the Sun Belt West Division.

Sophomore guard Caleb Fields called this period "the toughest two weeks of the season." He said Barardo was "very harsh" and told his players that those who cannot adapt to the rhythm will not be able to play.

At the end of the two weeks, the Red Wolves swept Louisiana-Monroe in Jonesboro, winning the second game by 21 points.

Barardo said: "It's like someone handed us the staple reset button." "We hit it about five times. It's good for us, I think that was the turning point."

Since the pause, ASU (10-10 7-6 Sun Belt) has won 7 of 11 games and headed to Arlington, Texas this weekend, half a game behind Lafayette, Louisiana, and finished in the Western Conference. Two. If the Red Wolves can jump out of the Ragin'Cajuns, they will win the first round of goodbye at the Sun Belt Convention Tournament on March 5th in Pensacola, Florida.

Fields said: "I think we can beat anyone in the game."

While the rest of the "Sun Belt" program participated in the second weekend series of the conference season, ASU worked on the practice court, where Barardo forced the Red Wolves' offense to speed up.

Before January 15th, ASU had not scored more than 80 points against my division opponents throughout the season. In the ten games since then, the Red Wolves have done so four times.

Senior guard Marquis Eaton said: "I think we have to find ourselves and find the best way to play." "Once we speed up, everything will be different. Most teams can't match our speed. Just as fast."

In the loss to Monroe, Louisiana, on January 2, Arizona State University had only 69 possession seats, far below the Balado shooting percentage of 80-90 per game. He called on the team to pass and move more to speed up the pace so that ASU can get as many shots as possible.

Barardo said: "We have a rule." "You have to pass the ball to half-court in three seconds or less, otherwise it will be a mistake."

Since returning from the break, defenders such as Fields and Eaton (the latter ranked second in the weekend with 4.9 assists per game) have obtained permission to push the ball onto the court. Organizers such as red shirt veteran Christian Willis and freshman Norchad Omier (Norchad Omier) have seen more in quality.

The Red Wolves won a four-game winning streak for Texas State, which leads the Western Conference, 57-52 on Monday. In the past six weeks, ASU ended its regular season momentum thanks to the offense in early January.

Barardo said: "If everyone touches the ball as much as possible, then the ball will find the right person at the right time." "We will get the right shots we want."

UALR sliding

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has lost six consecutive games and entered the weekend's home game against Louisiana-Lafayette.

The Trojan horse program (10-13, 6-10) has been scanned for three consecutive series, the most recent being occupied by Louisiana-Monroe on Sunday and Monday. In six games, UALR scored less than 70 points in all six games.

No matter what happens this weekend, UALR can guarantee a place in the Sun Belt Tournament.

Senior forward Ruot Monyyong said: “We really can’t think about the last six games.” “We have to forget about it. If we don’t, it will continue to the next game. We don’t. Hope so.

"I think if we beat Louisiana-Lafayette, we might win more games. This will give us motivation to enter the game."

UCA outside

During the 10-game losing streak, the University of Central Arkansas (3-17, 2-10 Southland) had 4 games outside the Southland Conference playoffs screen.

UCA will go to the 12th place in the conference this weekend and go to the second place Abilene Christian. Only the top eight teams can participate in conference games. The Bears trailed eighth in Southeastern Louisiana in three games.

UAPB into the hole

The University of Arkansas-Bluff (3-18, 2-10 SWAC) today's meeting in southern Texas is 1 1/2 games behind Alabama in southern Texas, becoming the last stop of the playoffs.

The Golden Lions have lost the past ten games and will win conference records in Grambling State and Jackson State after today and will face a pair of shows. UAPB and Mississippi Valley State (Mississippi Valley State) ended the season, the state ranked second to last in SWAC 1-10.

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