Spring Training 2021 reactions and overreactions

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Anthony Castrovince

In the name of health and safety, you can limit Spring Training’s attendance, limit Spring Training’s dining in restaurants, and even shorten Spring Training’s competition time.

But do you stop Spring Training from exaggerating? no way!

This is the time of the year for high hopes and fearless declarations, and we will never try to stop them. However, what we can do is to add a measurable perspective when possible. So let's take a look at what we have seen and heard in Florida and Arizona and determine whether they are overreactions or appropriate responses.

once again,

. He is healthy and can continue to play two roles. He looks strong, healthy, and simply great. He drove 100 miles per hour from the hill and hit the batter's home run from the plate. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the idea of ​​what the regular season means. Angels manager Joe Maddon has made it clear that he does not want to have the “Shohei rule” to limit the impact that Otani may have on the team’s season. Hope for the playoffs.

But we must take a break on this "unlimited" thing, okay? Due to injury, Otani has thrown 79 2/3 innings in the past four years, including his final year in the Japan Pacific League. That's it. This does not inspire confidence that the Angels will be able to rotate every Saturday for a reliable ride throughout the season. The idea of ​​launching his idea at DH the day before or after he started sounds interesting until you actually try it for six months. Even Otani, who is very fit, needs mental and physical preparation.

We all want to see what happens in both directions. Except for a brief flicker in early 2018, it has not worked so far. Hope it will take effect in 2021. But even so, angels must be careful not to overuse it.

Let us limit this unrestricted topic. Although we like Otani, the new hype is a bit overreacted.

Hearing what Yankees fans said last season, the three letters most relevant to Sanchez are not "MVP" but "DFA". Many people want him to leave. Industry insiders are curious about whether the Yankees will sign him a contract during the offseason.

But instead of letting him walk or trade with a bag of balls, it always makes more sense to bet about $6 million on Sanchez's rebound. The two home runs and two eliminated runners in the Grapefruit League are early rewards for the work he has done on the swing and his capture stance. Sanchez's field goal percentage and field goal percentage were among the best in baseball games last year. He hit 34 home runs with an OPS of 0.841 and 118.

In the last real full season. Therefore, it is not difficult to foresee a comeback election campaign.

MVP, but? There are several reasons for this, the most important of which is that only 16 receivers have won the MVP (not one since Buster Posey won the NL honor in 2012). Considering that Sanchez's record of saving on the defensive end last season was a negative one-quarter, his improvement must be very obvious to win the "alternative victory" mark that shakes MVP voters today.

We will overturn the judge's ruling. But the mood improvement surrounding Sanchez makes sense. He will be a valuable player (not

Valuable player).

For the first time since 2018 (due to Tommy John’s surgery),

Needless to say every hour, it attracts people's attention. New health, new seasons, and tidy calories are the perfect recipe for coping with even overreactions.

Of course, for Greene, the first outing was not particularly smooth. After he took 30 shots and gave up 3 runs, the game was shortened. But considering the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, he met a major league batsman in his nearly 1,000-day debut. The result is irrelevant and optimistic. Green still has a long way to go in perfecting his sub-products and taking full advantage of the blazing fastball, but when he recovers at the age of 21, he has time.

Green is still green, but this is an appropriate response.

The 23-year-old Hoerner has always been a hit machine in the Cactus League. At the time of writing, his record is 13-9. This is in line with the high connection he chose with the 24th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, and can help him determine the second basic position for the Cubs, which he held in the first "complete" season of last season More public utility positions. year.

Horner only played in 375 sections among minors last year, so he had to be forced to learn in real time last year. Despite his excellent defense, his relative offensive experience was inadequate, and a .222 / .312 / .259 slash appeared in 126 sets.

But this spring, Horner not only made contact, but also scorched the ball. Four of the nine hits became an extra base.

, But what we want to say is that Horner will indeed become an important part of the Cubs club in transition.

Sound the alarm and tell the world that this is not an overreaction.

More Chicago Hope (no Mandy Patinkin). We identified Vaughan as Sox’s

, And he just became interesting. Remember: Vaughan was the third overall pick in the draft less than two years ago. He has only 245 appearances among minors, and no more than A-balls. Therefore, yes, we have paid more attention to Vaughan’s 1.016 OPS than usual through 18 matches in the Cactus League. Considering that he is vying for South Siders' starting DH, these results are really important.

As for whether they represent future performance, then we will follow Arizona’s previous high and high performance record. However, his four moves reflect his low reputation at the University of California and minors, because he does not get out of the restricted area without permission-if he does make this transition at the beginning of the opening day, this skill will be very useful to him. helpful.

Vaughan has excellent speed, strength and ingenuity, and has an excellent major league career. But this requires many of him to prepare immediately. We now mark it as overreacting.

Alonso actually told the New York Post before the start of the spring training, so technically, this is not a "reaction." (For those who want to know,


When Alonso hit the Grand Slam on March 4, it caused a lot of strong reactions. After all, this is higher than Alonso's shooting percentage in 14 games last spring. Although spring training was shortened and the season was postponed, the drought did prove the harbinger of a disappointing sophomore season. In this sophomore season, Alonso's .817 OPS was 124 points lower than in 2019.

But from a few notable points of view, Alonso's 2020 is indeed not much different from 2019:

2019: 26.4

2020: 25.5

2019: 10.4

2020: 10.0

2019: 42.9

2020: 41.2

Alonso will face much more frequent changes in 2020 (each Statcast accounted for 42.9% of his appearances), and he will face far more changes in 2019 (15.8%), and this is what he did. Things that the batter must endure. But it was the quality of contact that put Alonso "in danger", and there was no substantial change last year.

Although "130 steaks" is obviously an exaggeration, what we want to say is to give Pete a chance.

The Royals rushed to the top of the Cactus League this month (7-3), and now no one talks about their 9-12 record in the Cactus League last year. (Of course, no one has talked about it before.) The early success escalated optimism for a team that showed surprising performance in the winter, including Carlos Santana and Andrew Benintendi ( Andrew Benintendi) and Mike Minor (Mike Minor).

For the Royals, this prediction is not like a meaningless, shortened spring game. FanGraphs fixed their winning percentage at .476. However, both Kansas City's .433 points last season and 2019's .364 points have improved significantly. The Royals should be a solid defensive team, they may have improved their ability to deal with Santana and Benin Tendi, and they have some power weapons in the bullpen. This raised their own floor and enlarged the floor of the department they often criticized. At this point, anyone can make a reasonable request.

Frankly speaking, we are very happy to hear from these royal family members and not from other royal family members. Therefore, this is only the slightest overreaction.

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