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If you are bold in processing or trimming, you may encounter plexiglass barriers, a lot of cleaning supplies, fewer customers at a time, and higher prices.

After several months of lockdown, with the reopening of various parts of the country, people have left their homes from tousled hair, translucent skin and nail-like nails, and then rushed to make self-care appointments. "Every day we open, the bathroom is fully booked," said Andrew Nehlig, the owner of the sauna in Asheville, North Carolina, which reopened last month.

You may not need to perform some routine maintenance, or you may need to undo some maintenance work

Isolated isolation beauty treatment. Or, you might want to catch up with designers or technicians. "This relationship is shrinking," said Jane Hong, CEO of Manhattan nail salon and retailer Paintbox. "That's why we are on the earth, not living in isolation, but helping each other, supporting each other and The reason for talking to each other." Maybe your appearance confirms your self-awareness: Khane Kutzwell, Brooklyn barbershop, Camera Ready Kutz,

Serving the LGBTQ community, and pointed out that for some of her queer and transgender clients, hair styling is “a super fool's big thing”.

If you decide to take a risk, you may want to know how to stay safe during a haircut, waxing or manicure. "This is reducing risk, not eliminating risk," said Wafaa Sadr, a professor of epidemiology and medicine at Columbia University's Mayman School of Public Health. "No one can tell you that x, y, and z are safe. We are. You can make x, y, and z as safe as possible."

Local safety guidelines and measures taken by salons and spas can help reduce your chances of contracting or spreading Covid-19. In some cities, certain services (such as facial care and facial waxing)

. Public facilities, such as steam baths, saunas and baths, may be

, Otherwise their capacity will be greatly reduced. Plexiglass

It may separate you from the receptionist, the person sitting in an adjacent chair or even your manicurist; the ventilation system may pump filtered air into the room. The amenities you are used to (a cup of tea or snacks) may have disappeared. There are cleaning supplies everywhere. ("We can kill almost all lives," said Gabrielle Ophals, co-founder of Manhattan Spa Paradise.) Everyone wears a mask.

Celine Gounder, an infectious disease expert and former assistant health commissioner in New York City, believes that the first question to ask yourself is whether your area is still spreading to the community. She said, if anything, “Then, whether it’s the reopening of schools or non-essential services, I imagine that for me, this is a non-essential service. These services must be closed until you can control the spread of the community.” Some reopens Open field

Suspend or even roll back those plans; in Los Angeles County, personal care facilities that have resumed operations from mid-June include

Limited to treating customers outdoors.

If treatment is acceptable, please reflect on its necessity and how much you will be exposed if treated. Dr. Sadr said: "Take a step back and think about it,'Do I need to do this or do I want to do it?'"

She explained that in assessing the relative risks of different appointments, there are two main variables: the length of your treatment and the distance between you and the person providing the service. The time may vary greatly (compared to the full Mani-Pedi, Poland may change), you should try to limit the time for appointments, but one thing remains the same: it is almost impossible to maintain a distance of six feet. Also consider how many other people are in the room. Private treatment is inevitably safer than putting you and several other people in a room for private treatment.

If you must remove the mask or they must touch your face, the risk to you (and the person providing the service) will also increase. Therefore, you should give up lip and eyebrow wax or thread, facial care and professional makeup skills. Shari Lipner, a dermatologist at Weill-Cornell Medical Center who specializes in nail diseases, recommends skipping the cuticle trimming that usually accompanies manicure, because the cuticle helps isolate the nail bed from microorganisms.

In the past, you might go for a manicure or bikini wax during your lunch break, but nowadays, you feel comfortable when planning ahead. In addition, some salons and spas have not yet attracted visiting customers, and unless you have a stylist, technician or massage therapist at that time, they will take you away.

Before the pandemic, customers of sauna rooms were mainly walk-in. Now, it operates completely on an appointment basis. "We created a whole new business," Mr. Nehlig said. He reduced the capacity of the bathhouse from 28 to 8 people, set a time limit internally, and increased the interval between two massages from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. These measures help maintain social isolation and provide a buffer time for disinfection.

Therefore, reservations are both more necessary and more difficult to make. You can also find out if the facility requires a private appointment or if your stylist is on the phone.

First check the salon or spa’s website, which may outline its rules and regulations. This makes the process safer, more seamless, and reduces frustration at both ends. Planning to close the waiting room, some

It may only be used by employees, so please think twice before you arrive and drink a liter of water.

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email to clarify the steps. Dr. El-Sadr recommends ensuring that the store’s operational capacity is reduced, there should be enough space between the chairs, and everyone should wear a mask. You may also be required to complete a health check online or over the phone before the visit, and take a temperature measurement on arrival.

Dr. Gund said: "The most important thing is, if you have any symptoms, don't go." "To be honest." If you feel the weather is a bit silky, some companies will cancel cancellation fees to encourage you to stay at home.

Bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Some nail salons

Dr. Lipner also recommends that you bring your own tools (if any). (Discard or disinfect it after manicure.) Most importantly, don’t forget your

, And consider bringing more things during the treatment to prevent it from getting wet or dirty. If you are getting a haircut, make sure to wear a suitable mask behind your ears and not behind your head.

As Dr. Gounder said, wearing a mask is "the most important one, two, and three things that customers can do" to reduce the risk of infection or spread of Covid-19. A kind

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasized: In Springfield, Missouri, two hair stylists began to feel unwell, and they continued to work. Together they exposed 139 people to the virus-no one reported symptoms for the next two weeks. Approximately 98% of customers interviewed by CDC said that they wore masks during appointments.

At the forefront of the epidemic are hairstylists, barbers, beauticians and other personal care professionals. They work face-to-face with customers (usually within a few inches). Dr. Gund said: “The vast majority of people working in these industries are women, and many of them are women of color.” (Her new podcast "Pandemic" recently aired an episode about the impact of pandemics among beauty professionals. .)

Among the small businesses that closed from March to June and July, the economic losses caused by the coronavirus shutdown were particularly severe. Therefore, as the store reopens, it is not surprising to see price increases, and be prepared to tip.

When everyone gets used to this new normal, try to sympathize. ("We are also very nervous!" Before reopening in June, please read the website of an Austin nail salon.) If you are not satisfied with going out due to hair, nails or skin, there are other ways to provide you with Support friends in the beauty industry. Shoot them at Venmo or buy gift cards for future dates-and


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