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SMART stated that its thread rolling machine is the first machine on the market that uses direct drive servo motor technology. The completely gearless direct drive is a SMART patented technology that can provide maximum torque at zero speed and requires fewer parts than traditional motors. This means less wear and tear, less maintenance and reduced costs to keep the machine running. Compared with traditional electric motors, SMART's other advantages in direct drive include an average increase in efficiency of 20%, a significant reduction in noise, a significant reduction in machine vibration, and a longer service life due to fewer moving parts.

Another important feature of the SMART machine is the use of a patented linear motor in the introduction system. The linear motor can accurately adjust all the introduced functions, including electronic control of the precise placement of the blank relative to the mold at the appropriate time, which can be adjusted by the operator. In addition to providing greater simplicity, the servo-driven SMART system can also provide 0.01mm blank position control during the entire machine cycle. This method of using linear motors to adjust the introduced functions can provide repeatable results for the control of the entire production process.

SMART's flat thread rolling machine has two main model series, NG and NG Maxi, and its coverage ranges from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 48mm. A unique advantage of NG and NG Maxi machines is the option to increase the adjustable stroke. This technology enables a machine model to cover a range of different mold sizes. This leads to a machine model that can have a larger size range and have different production speeds related to the selected stroke.

For hollow, countersunk and high-volume standard parts, SMART provides a rotary thread rolling machine production line. The RNG rotary thread rolling machine series includes two sizes. RNG can be screwed into standard or hollow parts from M6 to M14, while RNG Maxi can be screwed into standard or hollow parts from M10 to M24. By using fixed-pitch hubs, the standard spindle diameter can be increased, which allows the use of multiple mold sizes and maximizes the flexibility of the part size of each model.

Due to the very advanced rolling process, which allows larger roll diameters and long sections up to 600mm, RNG rotating machines are very suitable for hollow parts, because rotating dies tend not to deform or squeeze the hollow tube of the part. Compared with special molds, RNG's rotary molds are adjusted through special software, which can process heat-treated machine screws at a higher speed and longer tool life.

SMART also provides pointing, slotting and piercing machines. The NP pointer machine is compact, fast and flexible, and has the same patented direct drive and linear motor servo technology as the SMART thread rolling machine. In recent years, the NP machine has been improved with a new spindle, so that it can not only produce pointers, but also grooves and special shapes. Holes can also be punched by adding special tools. A new development was carried out on the NP pointing machine to slot parts for the EV market, which requires tight tolerances. SMART's groove pointer is very precise and can reach a tolerance of 0.004 inches.

For those seeking the best productivity, SMART provides optional features to maximize the efficiency of their equipment. The SMART threader and pointer can be equipped with automatic setting technology for storing more than 2,000 jobs, electric adjustment and set point return for mold matching, sampler position and vertical position of the guide/dish rack. The values ​​of speed, rail width and fixed mold settings can be stored as job number-specific values ​​for future reference and quick settings. Combined with the optional automatic setting function, the optional patented active mold matching adjustment function can adjust the mold matching through the touch screen.

All SMART's comprehensive machine technology products can be found on the new website launched in September 2020. The site aims to provide a better viewing experience, and has a smoother design and stronger language features. The integrated news and social media structure will enable customers to learn more about the work and pride of SMART Machinery and its products and services.

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