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If you use any high-power adder or high-speed engine, there may be fretting at the bottom of the main cover and the rear of the upper rod bearing.

Stop rubbing

If you use any high-power adder or high-speed engine, there may be fretting at the bottom of the main cover and the rear of the upper rod bearing. Even if the tuning is correct, you will still see signs of slight movement between the parts.

In order to solve this problem, we applied anti-friction spray agent on the bottom of the main cover, the back of the upper rod bearing and the two main bearing shells. There are several companies that provide this service-Dow Corning and Seymour to name a few. We also want to coat the surface with red Scottish etching tiles and clean it with varnish thinner before coating.

Lift off

An easy way to check and confirm the wear and size of the elevator hole is to use a "no-nogo" gauge. This does not mean to replace the dial indicator, but to check it quickly. They are easy to process on a lathe. They can be processed from any hard material. I prefer stainless steel due to the oxidation resistance of the material. I also provide some specific size products for some customers.

Crankshaft turning

I took a large Chevrolet crank sleeve, drilled out and fixed with tape (3) ¼˝-20 holes for set screws 120 degrees apart. Now you can use it on Mopar, Pontiac or almost any crankshaft with a 3/16˝ keyway.

be ready

Keep a roll of kitchen aluminum foil handy in the store. It can be used in many ways, including adjusting the jaws of the chuck, wrapping parts to prevent shavings, protecting parts from weld splashes, covering milling or lathes when machining cast iron, or as a protective cover to prevent dust from entering .

Which way

When you are not sure in which way the second ring enters or cannot figure out these marks, remember that they are wipers and have a tapered surface. I hold one and look at the direction in which it is inclined relative to the square. The side facing the square is the top, which is very obvious. I learned it from the ring manufacturer. This is a good test and I think it’s worth repeating. I have a client who assembled his engine and brought it in only as a dyno job. It drained oil from the header, and after disassembly we found that all the second rings were upside down. They scraped the oil into the combustion chamber.

Deal with it

This is a simple handle I made to support the blocks while installing them in a machine that requires you to use jackscrews or trams. It is screwed into the cylinder head bolt hole. I use it on finishing machines, hoists, and also very effective on boring machines, where the blocks will rise to the deck position fixture. If you slip the jack screws during the setup process, you can reduce the possibility of the block falling. The additional mechanical advantage makes the bricks easier to handle.

Volkswagen valve rupture

It is not uncommon for a Volkswagen 1.8-liter 20-valve cylinder head to reach the door of your workshop and require multiple (if not all) new intake and exhaust valves. Failure of the belt, water pump, and tensioner may cause serious damage inside the engine, and certain valves will always be in contact with the piston. If the assembler is not careful, improper assembly may also cause damage. The valve spring may be installed, but not installed correctly in the spring pocket. It is difficult to grasp this, but it can be observed through the cylinder head. In this configuration, even if the engine runs for a short time, when moving up and down on the valve guide, the side load generated on the valve will cause the valve to bend and rupture at the weakest or narrowest point in the valve holder groove. When this happens, the ruptured valve will break away from the cage and fall into the combustion chamber, causing serious failure. Checking whether the valve springs are properly seated twice and three times can help the store avoid expensive warranty situations.

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