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Although you can of course choose wireless pneumatic tools, the Ridgid 18V 1-gallon brushless air compressor allows you to use all the lightweight nails without the need for sockets.

Battery-powered pneumatic nail guns seem to have only one obvious disadvantage: weight. When I do a small amount of work, the wireless pneumatic device can complete the task perfectly. However, for larger jobs, the extra weight will increase over time. The Ridgid 18V 1-gallon brushless air compressor marks the industry's first cordless air compressor. Even better, Ridgid R0230 uses a brushless motor to achieve better running time and less maintenance. Home Depot is the only place to carry a bare-metal compressor that costs $199.

Ridgid brushless 18V 1-gallon air compressor can be operated on one or two

. Ridgid claims to use a pair of 5 Ah batteries to drive up to 1,200 copper nails. We look forward to testing it and keeping in mind the perfect project. When using a single battery, the motor speed will drop a bit, but the biggest loss will be running time and cycle speed. As you can imagine, as long as the tank is filled with oil, the output pressure will not be lost.

Speaking of pressure, Ridgid will automatically fill the tank to about 115 PSI (in our tests, before stabilizing, it briefly peaked at the 120 PSI claimed by Ridgid). Pressing the adjuster knob will lock it to avoid accidentally hitting the output PSI setting. You have a pressure relief valve to discharge the high pressure from the tank, and then use the 1/4 rotary ball valve at the bottom to discharge it. Although some people don't drain their tanks in a day, it's almost necessary in Florida. Due to our humidity, your water tank will soon rust. In fact, they will still rust, but draining after each use will slow down the corrosion process.

Below it, next to the safety valve, is a 1/4 inch quick connect coupling. It will be able to connect our hoses soon, and we would never expect to see a second connector on a 1-gallon tank. The rubber hose sleeve allows you to fix the hose coil to the compressor for easy transportation.

The fact that the Ridgid 18V 1-gallon brushless air compressor can run with one or two batteries left a deep impression on me. If the main battery is dead, even a compact 2.0 Ah battery can help you get the job done. Taping anything available can help you get the last few photos without having to come back later, start the battery or wait for the charging cycle to complete.

Of course, this also raises the question of whether Ridgid will eventually release a real (simultaneous) dual battery charger. I think this will make

Pair with this tool.

Curiously, the Ridgid brushless 18V 1-gallon air compressor is completely cordless. They didn't choose to be like


. Doing so will allow it to use 18V batteries or 120V AC power. I think this is a minor but noteworthy shortcoming for an otherwise good tool. They may try to reach the $199 price point. Maybe future models or second-generation devices will be able to add this feature.

We decided to test the Ridgid R0230 cordless air compressor on the pallet wall in our office. That's right, we placed a "fashionable" pallet wall in the Pro Tool Reviews office. In fact, this makes sense because the room has a high ceiling, and the aforementioned wall pierces the room, destroying the normal angle on the ceiling. Maybe five years later, the new thing will be to tear up the old truck tires and use roof nails to fix it to the wall.

In either case, the Ridgid 18V air compressor can quickly build the pallet wall. After taking about 4 photos each time, it tends to loop again, but the work is done. I set the output pressure to around 90 PSI, and our pneumatic nailing machine performed as expected. There are no nails standing proudly on the whole wall.

Obviously, Ridgid designed the R0230 cordless air compressor for single use. Although they use two Ridgid 5.0 amp-hour batteries to claim that they can take about 1,200 photos, using a larger No. 15 nail polish can get about 400 photos. By the way, that is the entire wall, and there is a horizontal bar on both of our batteries. Ridgid also has 6.0 and 9.0 Ah batteries. When they are released, professionals should expect this tool to run longer.

The obvious advantage of this tool is its center, which allows you to use the lightweight stapler you already have when cutting the thread. Of course, you still need to deal with the hose problem, but you can still work remotely without power, and you can do a lot of work. Wherever 500 to 1200 holes are punched (depending on nails and materials), a lot of work should be done to make most pruning carpenters work. If you fire more than once a day, it makes more sense to use a larger compressor. We both have money, and I think flexibility is the key.

The Ridgid 18V battery-powered compressor has a capacity of 1 gallon, which can meet most trimming tasks. Due to the low fill rate (0.9 SCFM) and tank size, you don't want to use it for any roof or framing applications. It may nail some nails, but the system will not tolerate it for a long time, and you will abuse the motor through constant cycling.

If you don't mind the extra weight, then picking up one or more Ridgid HyperDrive cordless nail guns can provide another option for using cordless tools. I found that this battery-powered compressor fills a gap in the market. It allows me to use the battery freely and use the pneumatic tools I already like on the job site. Maybe a model with a larger air capacity is being developed, which will make it a better solution.

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One of the most difficult parts when building a new roof (there are many options) is to cut off the shingles on the roof, which cross over to the side of the drip edge. Usually, this is a combination of hook blades or straight blades, depending on whether you are cutting from the front or back of the shingle. Ridgid's new pneumatic roof cutter is designed to provide a way to use the air line you have rushed to the roof and simplify the previously very tedious work that requires the replacement of multiple blades.

Black & Decker JS515 4.5 amp puzzles can be found at reasonable "street" prices and provide reliable (even simple) performance. This saw is your basic model. Except for the universal saw teeth and T-shaped saw teeth that can be replaced without tools, and the convenient magnetic storage area that can accommodate up to 3 saw teeth, it certainly has no other extra decorations. If you can find it in the sale, you can reach an agreement, but for this model, we do not recommend that you pay the retail price.

Gas storage tank, ex-factory price ??

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Great tool! Give me a cordless, not hoseless, nail nail and frame nail.

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