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Closely integrated with the classic "Star Trek", "If Memory Serves" pays off in many ways, from characters to mysteries, from classics to classics and so on. With the help of the powerful chemistry of the show host Sonequa Martin-Green, Ethan Peck was impressive when he stepped onto the role of Spock.

"If Memory Service"-ep#208-Pictured (lr): Ethan Peck (Ethan Peck) as Spock; Sonequa Martin-Green (Sonequa Martin-Green) as Burnham (CBS)

In order to emphasize the relationship that this episode must establish with

Canon, the "Before" section outlines the original

The pilot "cage". A quick guide similar to PowerPoint reminds us of the Talosist who caused the hallucinations, the lonely Vina, and USS Enterprise's visit to Talos with Spock and Pike. The beautiful transition from Jeffrey Hunter to Anson Mount became Pike's personal journal, and he expressed concern about Burnham's search for Spock. He has good reasons to predict the direction of things, and he is increasingly distrustful of section 31.

On Leland’s ship, this feeling was common, because he was associated with a group of Admirals Starfleet (especially excluding Cornwell) who did not trust Parker due to their relationship with Parkham, and Burnham was considered a mutiny molecular……. Although we may be used to section 31 as a rogue operation, here

At least temporarily, they are an important part of Starfleet. Her escape with Spock last week caused Michael to flee like him, and he is still suspected of murdering his way out of the mental ward. Moreover, none of the brass actors in "Star Fleet" saw that they were played by agents-and the former Terran emperor-Giorgiou. Which part of the evil universe did these people not get?

Infinite dimness in infinite combinations

Since Discovery has not been searching for Spock's location, they were ordered to search for the space shuttle that had time to bend last week to find debris from the squid probe, which will be modified in the future. Tilly committed to scanning all scanable content with her trademark enthusiasm, but nothing was left. In addition, because someone sent a large number of unauthorized gearboxes from the ship, there is a new mystery that needs to be addressed. Inspector Saru is responsible for this case. Maybe there is an enemy inside? (See what I am doing there?)

Very well, Parker returned to the full captain mode. He made it clear that he would not forget Burnham and Spock, and told Bridge that "I will not ignore the crisis involving our officers." In a meeting with Dr. Boyce in the " In a similar situation where the bartender is played in The Cage, Parker tries to date Tyler, drinks some wine, and lets him board the boat. But Tyler revealed that his relationship with Burnham was not always fully professional, so the script suddenly appeared and warned Pike not to do this because it would only attract the attention of section 31 . To say that Tyler's loyalty and motivation are divided is an understatement, leaving Pike in trouble.

I call this "Mojave River K", drink enough and you will forget that you used to be a Klingon

The story of Burnham and Spock was obtained during their journey to Talos IV, where the computer finally showed that travel there was strictly prohibited. The dangers of this planet

When the space shuttle comes out of the meridian, it directly enters the event horizon of the black hole, with another impressive sequence of visual effects, so there are many displays in the exhibition. When he controlled the space shuttles from Burnham to directly reach them in, Spock really didn't seem to be in his Vulcan heads. Of course, this is all an illusion-Michael believes it is a test-but these Talosists have a very effective way to prevent improvisation.

The surface of Talos is as barren as the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Since "The Cage" refilled the surface with slave labor, there seems to be no luck in three years, but the blue singing still persists, bringing an impressive visual update to the high-definition era. Soon, we met a human woman who explained that she is a permanent resident of this planet, an "old friend" of Captain Parker, and of course Vina. She recognized Spock and didn't seem to know his condition, which indicated that the Tarotists might not know that they were coming, but finally realized in Burnham that Spock had brought them there to seek their help. They were from the telepathic Talosians. Got help there.

Have you ever felt like being watched?

The Talosist finally diagnosed Spock's problem: He experienced time as a "fluid rather than a linear structure", which was completely inconsistent with strictly trained logical thinking. They are willing to help, but at a price. They hope that Michael can reveal the strange memories of her childhood and the "harm" she caused to Spock, because for these big-headed voyeurs, such things are their expression of Netflix and chill.

Deep down in Spock’s heart, Michael saw his first vision of the "Red Angel" since childhood, where he was foreshadowed to save her after being killed by a giant spider-like monster. life. She also witnessed Spock’s recent interview with the angels. In a meditation, he showed another premonition. This time it was the squid ship that wiped out the core world of the Federation, and it looked like the future of the probe modified last week. 500 years.

After Starfleet discovered that his fantasy of the red signal was not a madman's fury, but it was actually an omen, Burnham also showed people Spock's recent time in the psychological ward of Starfleet. Unfortunately, his doctor prescribed an involuntary dose of Article 31 for questioning. Fast round

Some Vulcan's necks were pinched-and obviously, there were no murders-freed him from restraints. With this new evidence, Article 31 seems to clearly set him as a killer, and it seems that three people were murdered in order to make their case more convincing.

The red angel is ready for its first close-up

Talosian succeeded in assisting Spock in getting into the brain, and he was finally able to talk. He gave up some explanations, by confirming that the arc of the red angels were advancing human beings through time, and warned of a "possible future." However, due to the mystery of this season, the quantum field of this suit could not spread to Spock, which allowed the guessing game to continue. And because this is how the show is played, Spock revealed that only Burnham can help him on Talos IV, because only people who know him like him can help, and obviously his parents do not meet the requirements. As for their problem, the two got into a quarrel at the same level, but it was not like she had fun with Saru. Michael still felt inside during their childhood, but Spock made it clear that he "will not forgive her here." Sonequa Martin-Green and Ethan Peck both performed well, and although they were as cold as the winter in Andorra, they still showed immediate chemical reactions.

When it comes to Burnham revealing her painful past, Vina reminds us that although they have been doing well, the Talosinian side is gloomy, warning Michael: "You don't want them to force payment, then It's terrible." A big secret that Michael couldn't even tell Amanda at the beginning of the season was finally revealed on the same important night when she fled her hometown. Facts have proved that Spock is already very dependent on his foster sister, and to ensure his safety and prevent him from following her, she has to cut the growing emotional bond between him and her. We cleverly edited the scenes of the old and new characters, and we saw Burnham throw the bomb at the kid Spock, tell him that he has no love, and call him the "weird little half-blood" to illustrate this point. Although maybe it's better to call him "bad guy"

, It must have left its mark.

After seeing the vision, the adult Spock realized what he was trying to do and called it "primitive but effective." Her apology fell on her sharp ears. Spock even thanked her, saying that this moment was a catalyst for him, helping him reject half of humanity and immerse himself in logic. His only regret is that he idolized her in the first place. Yes, neither of these two people will solve their problems anytime soon.

That's not the moon

This episode finally regained support with Dr. Hugh Culber. Three episodes had been resurrected and rescued from the mycelium network, but to a large extent it did not return to his old days. His partner Paul Stamets tried his best to get Hugh back to life on the Discovery. The fact that they have been encountering Taylor (yes, a man who murdered him) did not make Hugh transition easily anywhere. No matter which quartermaster places them on the same deck, they need to be re-allocated to clean up the warped magnetic field coils.

Cooper is obviously in pain. If there is a ship that needs a counselor, it is the USS Discovery. Using the theme of this episode, Culber admitted that he had memories of the person who was killed, but he could not connect these memories with his feelings. For him, "That's who I am." It was shocking that Paul Stamets had witnessed the miracle of his partner's return and slipped away in anger.

Without re-establishing this relationship, the two actors are taking their performances to new places where they are required.

Can't we just go back to synchronous brushing?

Instead of continuing to vent his anger at the people who cared about him most, Culber went to the cafeteria and threw some food at some of the former Klingons around him and vented it. Taylor could only say that he was sorry, and explained that it was him that didn't really break Xio's neck like a tree branch. Culber didn't feel frustrated, but attacked Tyler, asking him to surface Voq. For this younger and younger sick man, it was so peculiar that he even noticed it. He said, "I don't even know who I am." ("Who do you think you are talking to?" Taylor Answer appropriately.) Later, when Kabber told Paul that the person he used to-the person Paul loved with all his heart-was dead and he did not return, the heartbreaking plot continued. . Devastating.

Speaking of the people who changed, Saru-as the co-pilot and responsible for ship discipline-made the entire Culber/Tyler battle happen. Klingon plays more roles than Kelpien, and he believes that confrontation is a treatment for these two roles that distort their identities. Even after explaining to Pike that there are no rules about crazy power, Saru was warned, and the captain hinted that Saru was different from before. Perhaps the face of this new post-Vahala Saru is even darker. This is a good thing

The consequences of these important moments at the beginning of the season are being explored.

The dance class at the disco soon became dark

When Vina visits Chris, the old wine cellar on a long journey in Talosian, the two main storylines of the episode begin to merge. For Pike, it was an emotional reunion with the woman he barely left behind many years ago; for her, it was a confrontation with the real man on which her imaginary partner was based. Now she shows herself to the real Chris Pike, saying that her image is "as real as needed."

Just like complicated interpersonal relationships, and this is a fool. This short scene was filmed by keeping it simple and beautiful, and the Australian actress Melissa George made a deep impression after taking on this iconic role and gaining some growth.

With the addition of Burnham and Spock, the Talos-style telephone became a party hotline, briefing Pike on the vision of the Red Angel and his forgiveness for murder. Returning to the seasonal theme, Spock asked Parker to "confirm" him that they must "follow the design of the red angel" to avoid disaster. Reveal the motivation for Article 31; they want Spock's knowledge of the future, so Pike and Discovery must contact him first.

New illusion, who is sick?

In order to reach Talos IV while avoiding Article 31, they plan to retrieve the Spore Drive for the first time since Hugh Culber from the mycelial network. However, the drive is malfunctioning and there are signs that it has been damaged. Coupled with the earlier unauthorized transmissions, it is obvious that someone on the ship behaved badly. Of course, due to some criminal evidence, Article 31 agent Taylor was the only suspect. Maybe he doesn't even know what he is doing, just like when he started playing Voq in the first season. For Voqler, today is really a bad day, because no one believes him, and he can only stay in his dormitory. However, the savvy credit of the saboteur goes to Airiam, who was secretly infected by the Future Squid Probe last week. No one would notice, or her crew thought it would be boring to ask her why her eyes flashed with three red dots periodically.

I found this text, who is "Starbase 11 hottie"?

The captain’s plan B is consistent with Starbase 11.

-Stop at the last minute and let Talos IV "keep silent". But Leland and Section 31 are too cunning to fall off such obvious tricks, and their tails are always hot. Both ships have a duel transport door lock, threatening to tear the landing side. This is an interesting technical challenge that has never been seen in "The Trek". With Vina's tip, Pike let go, and Spock and Burnham reached the belly of the 31st beast... or they? If you listen carefully, the sound of the transporter is very "cage"-y, this is your clue that the Talosians pulled the beam of the old dummy, while the real person is hiding the shuttle trick. The Talosists are on top of this trick, showing that they are fans of Vaudevillian humor, fake Burnham and Spock reinvent the old


With the real Spock and Burnham safely boarding the USS Discovery, the ship’s task now is to change its destiny to eliminate all living life in the galaxy-therefore, they are now fully boarded with #TeamRedAngel to fight them Section 31. Harbor Spock and Burnham and head to Talos IV to make them "the most wanted ship in the galaxy". When they set out to save the galaxy again, people's excitement increased for the rest of the season. And in an interesting moment, Pike hasn't even finished one of his trademark exciting speeches. When he was about to give the crew a chance to step down, he was cut off, and we all agreed with Detmer's simple words: "course direction, sir?"

But I have finished the whole cool speech, oh

When he was introduced last week, this episode was our first real taste of Ethan Peck’s Spock

. Since Michael Burnham's main role was adopted in the Sarek family, Spock has been in the background. It was announced in the second season that Spock became the focus of the show, which eventually attracted the attention of the audience.

, But the most iconic feature of the combined franchise brings risks.

Of course, co-creator and entertainer Alex Kurtzman (Alex Kurtzman) has walked this path before, before the first two "Star Trek" by "JJ Abrams." (Star Trek) co-producer and co-author of the film, but with Leonard Nimoy's endorsement and the relative safety of the film instead of the schedule. in

, Kurtzman and his team are using Canon’s live ammunition on the main timeline. So far, so good. This Spock feels like Spock, but not exactly. The show achieved its stated goals well and filled the gap between Spock and other incidents we saw in the "cage".

, About ten years later. We can see how he finds his own way by balancing the roles of characters and Vulcans, whether it is the way the characters are written or the flexible playing of Ethan Peck.

The brief scenes with Spock and Pike showed particularly interesting dynamics. It was great to see Spock familiar with the captain, talking about his language "in danger", even showing the smallest smile. We can see why Spock will take all risks and take serious injuries to bring Pike back to Talos IV in ten years. We can also see that he tends to build bonds with his crew, which will pay off with Kirk and the company in the next few years.

The introduction of Spock may be a stunt. It has delayed Spock's search for half a season and has become very tiring, but it is worth the wait. So far, it has enriched the show.

Singing is not only teasing me

Another thing that the show’s producer’s job does is to explain why we’ve never heard of Spock’s foster sister Michael Burnham before. Of course, Spock never mentioned his fiancé until she appeared on the "Amok Time" video screen, until his parents appeared on the "Journey to Babel" or his half-brother appeared, He never mentioned his fiancé.

. This is actually a question that does not need to be answered, but they are determined to do so.

In this case, the jury still did not. The revelation of Burnham and Spock’s source of alienation has many foundations. Shockingly, she was unable to share this with her parents, and the juicy Talosists wanted to add it to their creepy watchlist of painful memories, but in the end, the revelation was completely predictable And difficult to understand.

Does an older sibling call a younger name? really? As family secrets spread, Sarek took Burnham out of his dreams and supported Volock's participation in the Vulcan Science Academy's dream of "Lethe." The exposure made it all pale. Do we really believe that this sibling's quarrel changed Spock's life trajectory? And, for that matter, must everyone revolve around Michael Burnham? Yes, she is the host of the show, but does this mean that the entire galaxy needs to fascinate her?

This may all revolve around a question that does not need to be answered, but since they have opened the door, we hope it is more than that.

Crying is illogical

The stated goal of the second season is to integrate more performances into

, Of course all Spock's work is being done. Entering Talos IV is also a large part of it. "If Memory Serves" is by far the most direct connection with a particular episode in the series. with

In respecting the world created in 1964, by 2019, it has performed well in terms of visual effects, characters, and even a large amount of music and sound to cause the initial impression of pilots.

The location of the quarry provided a good update for the wasteland created on the stage, and they increased the funds for the entire performance of the singing blue plants through dancing. The character makeup has been carefully updated, minus the iconic back of Talosian's head. A visit to Talos did not shy away from the horror of the game and their obsession with memories and dreams. They may not keep our hero in a cage, but they are not very friendly either.

If the back doesn't split, is it still Talos?

One theory may be that the main Talosians (played by Rob Bronstein) were too strong for an otherwise fragile race, and they lost their lives in underground isolation. For this reason, only minor women were recruited in the initial performance to portray the Talosians. But maybe in the next few years, after they abandoned their plan to refill the water with the slave race, they began a new way of exercise. When Vina showed her real figure, they played a bit safer without revealing much, and even looked better than her performance in The Cage. Here, there was a chance to show something truly shocking, so much so that she was isolated under the thumbs of these strange telepaths and rejected the rest of the galaxy.

"If Memory Service" also clarified some classics about "cage". Since independent dramas have never been part of the original film series, it can be said that only the elements seen in "The Menagerie" are part of the "Star Trek" Canon. The main difference is that "The Cage" ends with Vina being given an unreal version of Christopher Pike as a companion. In "The Menagerie", the scene was redesigned to show how the Talosians can hallucinate real (and disabled) Pike's health. Now, "If Memory Service" firmly proves that Vina was given the Parker hallucination three years ago. Ten years later, she will merge with the real thing.

One thing that is not clear is that there is no mention of General Order No. 7 mentioned in "The Menagerie". Although it is pointed out here

In the episode where Talos IV is forbidden, there is no mention of the Starfleet’s only order, which is the death penalty, which seems to be an important detail. It may appear later this season, or the ban may increase the final fine later. The producers of the show may not want to discuss the death penalty in a show that tries to rely on the progressive optimism of "Star Trek."

But all in all, I dare say that this trip to Talos IV is a dream come true.

Do you accept the request?

"If Memory Service" is a risky attempt, but it has paid off. There are many reasons for this moment. Obviously, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve this goal, and everyone before and after the camera is doing top-notch work. Even if they are novices

, The writing team of Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie has a deep understanding of performances and franchising, and has been able to develop many roles. Using memories as the repetitive theme of the plot, we know a lot about these people. Michael is troubled by her, Culber cannot recognize the man he used to be, Tyler is struggling for his competitive loyalty, and Spock's memory of the future is overwhelming him.

Although sometimes he uses some of the distracting photography that has been overused this season, in most cases, director TJ Scott seems to draw inspiration from the connection with the classic Trek. He went to the old school in his own style. Give a moment to land and trust his actors to maintain the plot. Fully respect the previous way of working, especially in production design, sound design and musical scores.

A satisfying combination of emotion, suspense, lore and a bit of humor, "If Memory Serves" is a victory, confirming that the adjustments of the sophomore season are working. 

The second season continues to create a sense of excitement. Now with Spock, the big mystery of "Red Angel" finally heats up in an interesting way. Accompanied by many secondary mysteries, this performance makes expectations for the next issue high.

Wait, what is the death penalty for visiting this rock?

Roombas was created by people. They have evolved... they have a plan

 Only available in the U.S. 

. It was broadcast in Canada in space and broadcast on CraveTV. Netflix can be used anywhere else.

The article is more difficult to understand, and the Easter egg part is also very cool.

Great plot

Procedure point. The "Good Night Say Good Night" show comes from George Burns and Gracie Allen, who later named them a pair of time-traveling whales.

Actually that is not correct. While reviewing Tony's comments, we discussed in the editor. This is a long-standing pop culture myth:

Some people even want to post a set of videos on YouTube, recording every sign for Burns and Allen show, just to prove that she has never done so.

There is just no video proof. This does not mean that it did not happen on stage or on the broadcast.


Unless it was studied in the Radio Archives and it doesn't exist there.

Wikipedia quoted Burns and Allen’s writers for an episode of "Beverly Hills" in which Max Baer said "Good night, Jethrow" as a tribute to the old school by him and Buddy , And I have a dim memory that it happened on TBH, but I have been unable to verify it.

Strange logic. The point is, whether this is a myth of pulp culture or cultural self-evident, this is why it is the final goal.

It's like a different franchise, and its role is to say "Beam Me Up Scotty" (Beam Me Up Scotty).

Even if Kirk never said in the 60s was only recognized as an axiom...and used as a reference.

of course. But this person also refers to Laugh In, which is also correct. In a sense, both are correct, one is popular culture axioms, and the other is more certain. Since the original comment was considered a "error found", it was responded in the same way.

"Goodnight Gracie" is a cultural shorthand, such as "Beam Me up Scotty". Neither of these lines are straightforward quotes, but both are instantly recognizable and are "real" to their pop culture inspiration on the subject.

"Play it again, Sam." or "Luke, I'm your father." It's the same.

Also in "Star Trek" IV, Spock also said "If there is a memory."

And in STII.

Yes it is. Suspicious flirting with a nuclear fission reactor. My favorite ST movie.

Use a good doctor to explain that Spock is not fully functional on all thrusters. ?

…I know from laughter…Dick Martin signs in every week. Dan said: "Good night"...Looking at Dick Martin..."Say good night, Dick". He replied, "Good night, Dick" to the camera. Haha.

Gag played played better on Laugh-In!

So far, this is the best episode of Disco. Wow! Except for "New Eden", I don't like every episode of this season, but that's great! Maybe the writer does know what they are doing!

Highlights: Subduing Tilly, Spock interrupted Michael, Pike is a fragile but still very capable captain. S31 vs Disco imitates the iconic scenario of Vengeance vs Enterprise. Sound effects, especially plants. Talosians. Interstellar supermassive black hole. Introduction. Consequences of Melon Rejuvenation. Captain's log. The dialog scene was shot correctly. Wow!

Minor dislike: Dr. Culber did not kill Voq Tyler. The boring red angel mystery plot thread.

I don't like it, but I can ignore it: Burnham hurt Spock's feelings as a child. Me feet, but one very lost thing to do is that you set up an interesting thread and bring yourself back to a corner through the display.

To be honest, for me, the hurt feeling made me feel devastating. Your own sister tells you seriously that your feelings, emotions, everything that connects the two of you are not lies, just lies. And she is leaving.

For a child, it is definitely depression and destruction. Especially "hybrid" is so painful.

I agree. I have had this experience before. It persists and troubles the "soul". All logical reasoning about the reason for the exchange cannot eliminate this pain.

However, given that Sybok rejects Spock, this seems to be a razed site unless they regard the layoffs as the essence of the DSC factory. I swear, unless Sybok is the red angel, this will always be the new question mark I put on the show, at least until I see this season myself.

Kirk obviously felt that when Kirk programmed Spock into his robot doppelganger, it was a bad thing for Spock not to believe in his captain.

She didn’t just call him “the weird little mulatto”; she told him he was

, Just after he said he loved her. Not just a few names. Burnham is knocking him out.

MD may be so, but as a storytelling device, it is already very tired. Likewise, it will help if the audience invests in the characters in some way to get the strategy further into trouble. I have to admit that now that Spock has finally appeared, I am still a little worried about Burnham-Spock. The Spock role is more commendable than the Burnham role. But if it ends now and will never be accepted, I won't feel like I missed anything.

But that little boy

yes, I agree. The damage of words exceeds many people's imagination. It would be devastating if Spock had heard such nonsense at school and then went home to find a trusted sister for emotional help, and when she "turned" to him.

Okay...not only that, isn't it? This is not just a call of some name (most of us know this is very common among siblings). We learned that by then, Spock not only accepted her, but also idolized her and used her as an anchor for his human development.

She was cut off. She forced him to insist on being completely deified and purified his humanity. Therefore, it is not only the call of the name.

The only thing I have to complain about (perhaps to expose the reason why it doesn’t resonate well with many people) is that we should have seen more positive progress that Michael has made with Spock, become intimate, and appreciate each other very much. .

"We should have seen Michael develop more positively in Spock, become intimate and truly appreciate each other."

That might help. But again, this is due to mini season restrictions.

There is no such thing as a "mini season"... This is the norm for these shows nowadays. Gone are the days of the 26th episode season. If you want to talk about mini seasons, the last season of ARROW will be short, with only 8 episodes. These days, it is usually the season of episodes 12-14.

Almost all plot performances still exceed 20. Streaming only shows shortened to 10-15

And HBO. And Showtime. And start. And AMC. Almost all other TV shows on TV are not on Internet TV. Not just streaming.

Mini season refers to the level below 22+ specified by the industry standard. Almost every streaming program has a low season. There are many cable programs and some wireless programs. I just heard that Arrow's season has been shortened. But it is described as "shortened". Therefore, their last season is also a minor season.

That is the standard of the streaming media series, so this is not a mini season. Streaming media service is not network TV, so its standard is not suitable for streaming media service. A complete streaming service season is between 12 and 14 episodes.

This is true, but for TV series, episodes 12 to 14 are generally a miniseries, or a shortened season.

once again. It is not used for streaming media. This is a regular season. It's not a small season. You cannot compare Internet TV with streaming services. Apples and oranges. The mini season is less than 12 episodes. More than 12 means this is the regular season. DISC is on the streaming service, so this is a regular's not small.

Not only that, many cable TV series have 10 to 15 episodes in season. From "The Walking Dead" to "Game of Thrones" to "The Real Detective", and even Anson Mount's "Hell on Wheels" (Hell on Wheels) has only 10 episodes in seasons 1-3, And season 4 and season 5 have 13 episodes and 14 episodes respectively.

If you like bad network sitcoms, you can get 20-25 episodes per year.

So, are you saying that there are not too many bad cable and streaming programs?

Again, TV usually has more than 20 seasons. Therefore, even if all streaming programs are less, anything less is a mini season.

However, this is not a small season of streaming media. For them, it is just a normal season. Otherwise, there are as many episodes of your programs as there are online programs in streaming media. They don't have them at all, because this is not a standard.

In any case, the TV show has more than 20 episodes. Of course, the trend is to go less. But less is not necessarily more.

Sorry, you cannot compare 2. Streaming is always short season. The network is longer. Technically speaking, streaming media is not TV, but something on the Internet. You can watch it on TV, but you think this is very incorrect sir. Under normal circumstances, the next season usually has to wait a year, and TV only has a few months. Again, I just want to compare apples and oranges because they are all round.

TrekFan67, you read that right. But many people do put the two into one category. I think this is wrong or unfair, but this is what is happening. Since this has happened, it can be called a "small season" to make some compensation is appropriate.

Honestly, ML, you are the only person I call the mini season. Not in any article, in any report, in any other poster... it's just you. So I don’t understand why you are forced to call it a mini-season. But hey, if it can help you fall asleep at night, please knock on your partner!

Considering that most of the performances are more than 20 games, and 10-14 games... Then I don't see how people can't think of shorter seasons as mini games. For the same reason, these things are called "short treks." Because they are shorter!

Because the programs on streaming services are usually 12-15 episodes per season. This is the norm. This is not a short season, but a normal season. If DISC is broadcast on Internet TV, 20-24 episodes will be broadcast every season. This is the specification of Internet TV. Again, streaming services are not technically TV. I don’t understand why you are the only one who doesn’t understand this and makes a point.

The streaming media is normal. The TV is abnormal. I don't understand why this is so difficult for you, or you feel compelled to move on.

Because this is not a mini season. This is a regular season. Just like any other content on streaming services. What did you not get? It's not TV. Why do you feel the need to argue about this when you know this.

It is not on network TV. fact.

This is a streaming service program. fact.

There are 20 to 24 episodes in each season of Internet TV. fact

The serial episodes are 10-15 episodes. fact.

Therefore, it is incorrect to claim that the DISC season is short. It's like actually comparing apples and oranges, because they are both round.

At this point, there is nothing new here. It feels like you are arguing just to argue. Before you provide new content, I will end my statement. Come and write your last words.

You are using my phone. Dude, you are the only one who sees it this way. I guess you can’t admit what you’re wrong. I have told you the facts. Same as everyone else.

However, you seem to be the only idea.

The networks are NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. Other TV networks are considered cables, not networks. Therefore, in addition to network and streaming media, there is more content, because most cable series of TV programs are also limited, far less than the 26 episodes of network programs.

For network TV. However, it is normal for stream 13 episodes. Many videos show it is under 10 years old. It is different from Internet TV programs. It's just a completely different standard. If "discovered" is broadcast on CBS, the TV series shall not be less than 20 episodes.

However, if you consider the total playing time of each episode, you can get more playing time by streaming Discovery. For Internet TV, it is unusual for an hour’s program to run for 50 minutes, and the last time it is heard is usually only 42 minutes.

Marja, unusual is an understatement. It just doesn't happen anymore. You correctly think that the interval between episodes in streaming media is 50-60 minutes. (HBO is usually close to the hour or 28-29 minutes in half an hour). However, this 17 minutes of extra time far exceeds the other 10 episodes. Although "discovery" occupies a large share of the 40-45 minute plot...

You should try to be British! The whole season can usually play 6 episodes, while the mini player can be as low as 2 episodes!

In fact, there will be 10 episodes in the last season of ARROW.

I admit that I also expect some more dramatic things to cause rifts between them, but this is my responsibility. If you consider the context, this actually works well. They have discussed a lot of background knowledge. In the third episode of this season, Amanda admitted that she was not a good mother. In order to appease Sarek, she withdrew from Spock emotionally. This only makes Michael an emotional outlet and emotional support. Therefore, asking her to say what she said after that would leave Spock no way out, no support, only logic and Vulcan ways can back down. This will really throw him into emotional chaos. Now, if Amanda did not disclose everything before this disclosure, then please make sure that it may be unacceptable. This is never a big deal, so maybe it comes down to a mistake. But it does make sense and runs through the arc of the story.

For many reasons, killing Tyler's Cooper would be a huge mistake. 1) This will be out of date. And I fully consider that he is already a different character in essence, but he still has the same memory. He admits this disconnect, but his memory is still there, still a part of him, and I suspect that his part of the doctor will make him turn around and murder someone. Considering his identity issues and frustration, I think it is appropriate to fight him. 2) Similarly, he has the same memories, but he is not stupid. He knew the consequences of killing his colleagues. 3) It can't do anything. He will still deal with his identity. 4) It would be more interesting to make Cooper a friend of Taylor. There was a lot of communication between them... "I don't even know who I am." "Who do you think you are talking to?" The rights there show that there is more to talk to each other than to fight. As Tyler's former doctor, Culber knows very well what Tyler has experienced. Of course recognizing this and relating to it will make him more than kill him. They can even help each other to heal. In the long run, this is just a better narrative potential.

This should have been a comment without spoilers? Are you joking?

Only the top is. Below the free spoiler comments, you will see a spoiler warning, which is common in our reviews.

Only the top section has no spoiler. Anthony issued a big warning that saboteurs will go beyond this...

The "No Spoiler Comment" is three sentences long and is displayed above the regular comment.

Yes... I found the title troubled for a while. The "spoiler free review" section should be clearly marked. I think it's weird to tell me it doesn't have a spoiler and then issue a spoiler warning. After these first few sentences, there should be a new title... "From here on the review of the spoiler".

Really great. What surprised me was that they directly used it as a sequel to "The Cage" by showing actual clips from the classic plot in the introduction. It's so cool, it makes me better realize that visual restart is not about erasing or disrespecting what happened before. well done!

I like it too, but I don’t like music beds

Yes, I think that is unnecessary, and it will be very confusing for people who are not familiar with "The Cage". Hell I am very familiar with it, and I find it difficult to decrypt it. The standard review of the series could have been done well, but the number of lines here may drop or there will be many.

I disagree. I think it works very well. My GF is not a follower of the original Trek, but said it helps her understand the connection with the original Trek.

Sorry, you encountered difficulty in interpreting it. Maybe you think too much.

Mrs. ML 31 didn't know what was going on. This is a very bad plan. I have to stop and explain. (She doesn't watch the show, but this time just because I have been looking forward to this special show), I strongly suspect that your GF already has a look similar to "The Cage". People need to be the same to find out the consequences of chaotic chaos.

My GF knows who Kirk and Spock are. Before this discovery season, she didn't know who Parker was. But she said she was able to figure it out and the connection easily. Sorry, it is difficult for you and your wife to sort it out.

Ok. I am very happy with your GF clairvoyance. Does her thinking ability still allow her to understand the ability to decipher exaggerated views? If so, ask her to use this ability on herself.

what are you saying? Don't be a bastard just because you and your wife can't figure it out. Decryption is really not difficult. No one else seems to find it difficult.

I told some non-fan game fans that they thought it was neat, such as the new Hawaii 5-0 plot, which contains the original series titles and the original series criminals played by the original actors. Yes, this kind of thing is not something mysterious.

It's cute, but it doesn't really convey the events in The Cage. Basically it just said that Parker had been there. Something else.

Your whole problem seems to be that people did not automatically agree with you. Frankly speaking, even if these things about your wife happen, I can't imagine someone stupid enough to be confused by it. I believe you created for drama, because no one agrees with you. This is not a new concept, it was done in the same way as the Hawaii 5-0 episode mentioned earlier.

What you do there, who cares, is said to hope that something is true without evidence. Just because you don’t see it this way, it means that no one else is doing the same. You and I and all the fans here understand, because we all know this story. Feel free to think that what everyone sees and what you see are stupid. I'm sure this will make you the one everyone loves to be in the room. At least in your way of thinking.

"You don't have to be a bastard just because you and your wife can't solve the problem."

Say a person who didn't realize that he was doing ass, or someone who deliberately ignored him doing ass.

It was a very pleasant memory journey. They do it themselves, I absolutely love it. One of the best discoveries. I am really happy this season, and I sincerely hope that they will not take a shortcut to end the season.

The first time I watched it was harsh. The second time, it didn't bother me so much. I like the hint of music and sound effects back to "The Cage"

That's really good. How they deal with the modified Talosians themselves and the underground area left a very, very deep impression on me. Not to mention singing flowers. The feeling of "being in..." is great.

I liked "The Cage" reference from the beginning

Love this plot! ! ! The intimacy between Spock and Michael, and Pike and Vina. There are zero reasons why Spock did not mention Michael in future Treks, which needs to be explained. He did not mention the fiance T'Pring. He did not mention that his parents were ambassadors Sarek and Amanda. He did not mention that Sybok is his brother. As if in keeping with the cannon, Spock didn't mention anyone close to Kirk. Maybe we can all relax about this?

Luke Montgomery and Michael Burnham insulted Spock as a child because of a logical extremist. She is protecting him. Now it becomes very reasonable.

The drama tonight is a treat. I like Spock in this episode. Talos IV is a good place. Spock didn't go crazy anymore. That's great. The red angels are humans... They are working hard to change history!

They did make sure that section 31 was in charge of the AI ​​in the novel. Cool!

Is Article 31 of William operated by artificial intelligence? It's better not to be a Terminator AI

No PS sounds like Terminator AI appeared in the timeline that Red Angel wanted to cancel, and Ariam has been replaced with a secondary.

But control itself is a frightening taste. Responsible for running the AI ​​of the intelligence department with the mission of "national building"

I still firmly believe that some Volken logic grenades have proposed serious flawed solutions to guide the development of emotional species.

If they continue to pay attention to this book, it is only the execution of its original program.

I think the future of Control and AI may be exactly the same. If the "Red Angel" is indeed Burnham, then I think her nemesis may also become an entity we are at least partly familiar with. Maybe the future AI may actually be developed on Discovery in Chabon's "Short Trek". This will subvert the audience's expectations, because consciousness does not appear to be evil.

If I want to be more, I might choose "Red Angel" to be Burnham, if that means she is taken over and headed towards the future of the show.

In a sense it is so. This is also an explanation in the novel about how it seems to know all 31: AI source code exists in almost every joint computer system, including those computers "stolen" (arranged by AI) by other receiving forces.

Recommendation: avoid duplicators!

So, in terms of stealing and organizing data, is it like Comcast multiplied by Facebook multiplied by your TV brand? I guess this is a better argument against installing a smart toilet. I don’t want everyone to know what I have...

To make matters worse, if your preferences and neurochemistry have been along that path, you will be your smart copy.

Basically all data from Facebook and Google is used for social engineering to ensure that emotional humans, Andorrans and others develop towards federal values.

There are big differences here. The idea that an intelligence agency will be run by an artificial intelligence company is foolish. It may be that the same AI had to foolishly recruit genocidal lunatics from the evil universe. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense.

This is a matter of execution; for the never-completed TV series "Our People Flint", this is an unproduced (and therefore highly recommended) Harlan Ellison script called " Flint Lock, Flint struggled with an organization that proved to be computer-controlled, and in fact it has always been explosives. Like FLINT meets PRISONER.

Amazing plot. The best "Star Trek" discovery series

PS The first thing I said to my spouse is that this is a plot that people will still talk about 30 years from now.

It delivered everything.

Full of moments, full of too many moments, but I have never felt like a fan service. well-done.

For those who criticized Michael's fierce verbal attack and public revelation...

I can only say that while accepting bullying in TAS stories or Kelvin films as models, it seems contradictory to argue that this is not a turning point in Spock's development.

In addition, even if we don't like to talk about "Star Trek V", Sarek also expressed in that film the growth difficulties Spock might encounter when he was born.

If you mean Sarek, say "so humane". When Spock was born, I didn't see it. That scene was Sybok's understanding of Spock's problem. Spock told him that he was not the same person and had found himself. Sybok doesn't know him.

I think this is very important, because it can fully explain Menagerie

Are you saying that this episode fully explains the events in "The Menagerie"? I don't understand at all. In my opinion, the dedication that Spock showed to Pike in that episode can only be built over time. Not a thing.

You never thought that Spock kidnapped Parker and launched a mutiny is unreasonable? You never thought how he knew that they would accept him and give him a different reality, and might be with Vina? Do you know from the show that Talosists are good people and can help? You are a smart person

I think Spock was motivated for some logical reason. Spock never thought of having a different reality from Vina. Talosians are only interested in creating slaves.

Thank you for your compliments, but these do not require a lot of brain power.

I always thought Spock, despite all his protests to the contrary, was purely sympathetic, pure and simple. And I think the last five minutes of "The Menagerie" are very clear.

I can see what people think. It is possible. I found him very loyal and loyal to his former captain. why? I do not know.

I agree. As a TOS fan, Discovery was very disappointed with me, but it actually broke my heart. Moreover, I have repeatedly posted my reasons in all articles on this website.

But this is different. I waited worriedly. Before I discovered it, I showed my 13-year-old son "The Cage". I'm waiting to see how they ruin it.

What a surprise! This is a very good episode. It respects the original content and brings back many old reminders. However, it also brings it into our time and discovery. What's exciting is that the rhythm has slowed down so that considerate people like the show instead of feeling like they are just watching video games. This is reasonable. I have to give credibility under the credibility I deserve, which is great. It shows how great Discovery will be if they only have the right people to make the right decisions on the show. Now, I am full of hope for the future.

This is an independent science fiction force. The director understands. But JJ Flares is too much. Love everything except two things. It is not difficult to find a Barbie doll for Vina. Great actress. I love her, but she doesn't look like her, which distracts me. Need more butt cracks on the Talosians

Sharp Canon? likes everything you just said. The actress did an excellent job of portraying Vina. I like her relationship with Captain Parker. Very genuine.

I think you have mastered the main points of PS.

We need a credible actor who can convince us that Parker feels more about her than we need a mannequin.

I found that Melinda George looks like the original Vina, and Mount looks like the original Pike. Unless Spiked Canon feels that she should have the same fantasy dress and hairstyle in three years...

It's funny, Melissa George doesn't feel much about me. I think Anson Mount is really Pike's true feelings, but she didn't give anything. Maybe that was purposeful, because she has been living in fantasy, IDK. For me, she was the wrong choice, which is strange because DSC usually does a good job of casting.

Lens flare won't bother me so much. Make everything look futuristic

I have always liked them, but this episode is like going back to the day when the twisted line appeared on the screen. Show my age

I find that they sometimes hinder the playback of this episode.

In other words, shooting in lower height lighting and corridors will definitely try some different methods, resulting in a different sense of space. It is difficult to know whether this originated from the director or person in charge of film photography and lighting.

Obviously, in any case, TJ Scott is a director with an exciting plot and good dialogue and action. He is really lost.

I hope they can give him more than one episode next season.

agree. As mentioned above, he relies more on the performance of the actors and less on the action of telling the story

In this particular case, they are very elegantly used to transition the appearance of Vina to Pike on Discovery.

That's right, it just looks like an incompetent job, or the child is operating the camera. With the help of a zoom lens such as a rubber hose, the entire place can be photographed from an aesthetic point of view. Any film that uses more lens flare than "DIE HARD" (actually pushing it) is creatively trivial, not to mention uncomfortable on the eyes.

Why do flares make things look futuristic? The more things move forward, the more obscure and uglier they become? It must be worried that their visual effects are not good enough to withstand ordinary scrutiny. Why would it ruin your image?

I don't care about flares. As JJ said, they remind you that there are other activities happening besides what you see, but in this episode, they become more and more distracting

Have you watched the episode of Kmart? What do you think?

I still cannot use the service on TV this season (when you try to order CBSAA, the device is not recognized, which has changed from last year), which annoys my wife very much. We think that when the season ends, we will pay a month’s salary or a free week, and then binge on my computer monitor, but this is a considerable loss because it is only 26 inches or 27 inches (at least the Torch will Getting smaller!)

Indeed, I am very interested in what I am reading. After overeating, be sure to weigh it.

Wow, what a pity. To be honest, I just watch it on the computer because (unfortunately) I am the only person in the family who watches the show, and it is more convenient for me because I usually watch it anyway.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I don’t know if you will like the new season, but this episode may surprise you at least.

"To be honest, I only watch on my computer"

gh...I hate it, and I can't emphasize this, except for TV, I hate watching TV anywhere else. I check the content on my laptop or tablet from time to time. But there are only certain things, just because I don't have many other options. Sorry, this is what you did. I am the only person in the family to watch the show, but if I watch it between 5:30 or 7:30, there is no problem. (This is the last episode I started around 7:30)

There are some good things this year, but if I have to guess (and understand your taste at this point), you will not be impressed.

Well, at the same time, there are many good things that are interesting. I may be going to interview the co-creator of THE OA, so I am looking forward to the new eps that will be released this month to re-watch s1, and I really like the work this guy and Brit Marling have done, including the neat little movie, It's called "Oriental". In addition, we have been rewatching TOS and DS9 randomly, only a few times a month.

I couldn't believe it, but I got another cheap copy of DS9 COMPANION. The water is damaged, but through the way I handle the book, I know it will fall apart like the last one before I read it again. Between that and the book "Star Trek: Into the Scene", I highly recommend it to fans of TOS and TV production. I am very satisfied with my reading habits now. Now, if I can find extraordinary art deals and any suitable prices on Mead’s KRONOLOG...

Well, I didn’t even find obvious lens flares (especially because they seem to be mainly used in Talosian shots in human brains-but this may be just my first impression, I need to watch this episode again to confirm or Dispel the impression).

What am I

A more distracting way is to overuse ultra-wide lenses! At some point, I wonder if everyone is experiencing interphase dementia (see: TOS "Tholian Net") because the lenses used are too wide and they will completely distort the image. It is most noticeable in those simple walking and talking scenes, and adds the unnecessary flavor of fisheye mania in the 1960s.

Yes, I have also noticed the heavy use of extreme wide-angle lenses and fisheye lenses, although I think they are more used to add distortion to flashback/memory read sequences

"Georgiou revealed that the Talosians of the Mirror Universe tried hallucination techniques on her, and then she "blowed them and stupid singing plants away from the earth." "

Or the Talosians made her think she blew them off the surface of the earth...

Good decision!

Good hope we never know

"Or the Talosians made her think she blew them off the surface of the earth..."

This is more likely to be the case. Me 2 I am dead Jim. Good decision.

Yes, especially, technically speaking, they don’t even live in


I think people exaggerate the power of Talosists. Their hallucinations only really work if you don’t know how powerful they are or how powerful they are. Once you are done, it is difficult to compete with others. Once corporate staff realize that they have been cheated, we will see this in The Cage. Someone like the emperor would blow that thing to hell and then retreat. How can they forge and not be blown up? They couldn't stop them from blowing up the mountains in The Cage, and they didn't try to kill anyone. AFIK they don't have any real defense, so there is nothing to stop them from being blown up.

For Leland, this will be a good return route; another missed opportunity.

But he may be wrong.

Oh, I like everything the writer did to Culber. Badass!

I agree

I really hope we haven't seen what they did to Culber. Sadly, I have a feeling. Culber's things are meaningless. Again, I don't understand why no one on the ship is afraid of it. A man's neck was broken. His body is in the morgue. Then he appeared on the Mycedial network. Everyone agrees, is this the Culber we all know and love? Logically speaking, the first thing anyone should think of is that this is a mysterious entity trying to establish contact with us or plant a spy or something in our world. This cannot be Culber. No thoughtful person should believe this.

People died on Trek and kept coming back to life. By the middle of the 23rd century-people may be used to it! Haha!

I like everything they did to Culber. I suspect he will return to the state of season 1, but it will be a journey.

Obviously it is not over yet. He and Stammments basically broke up in this episode, so I think it may take a while for Culber to really feel that he is healthy again.

As for why people are not terrified by it, I think it's just why they are not terrified by Spock's resurrection from TSFS. This is "Star Trek", this is all the work. ;)

I said that on this day, we saw them bring him back, but in the real world, he would be sent to a laboratory somewhere, poked and incited for months or even years. A guy resurrected from the dead is essentially a new body, with news everywhere and heralding questions about the meaning of existence itself. But in "Star Trek," it was just Wednesday's laughter. They just saw something so crazy at this point that they didn't even have to stage it anymore.

Maybe Culber starts to have ESP power, otherwise people will panic. Now, he got out like another person, just a person who was deluded by his new existence.

From the point of view of the discoverer, Spock has not yet been resurrected. Spock has not been resurrected from alternative universes. These universes have shown hostile intentions and feel that they have been attacked. Different situations. Except for Spock, it now appears to be Culber. The resurrection is either very fast or there is some kind of technology to support it. This does not belong to any one category. Therefore, he should be reorganized as soon as possible to poke and urge him. With all due respect, he should be in the cell. Also, how many times do you think these guys have seen resurrection? As I said in another article, their behavior seems to happen once a month.

I mean, when they resurrected Spock, you might come up with exactly the same argument. They didn't really question it either. No one doubted it, his behavior was a bit weird. They all accepted the ridicule and rebuke of the Starfleet scientists for months, and that was him. He may not come from a different universe, but he is still placed in a body different from himself, but made through a Genesis device. Even if you can say that they used the molecules in his old man, he changed from a child to an adult man in a day. That's still a weird smile.

I really disagree with you, but this is just how "Star Trek" works. People always come back from the dead. If you agree, Kaber’s situation is a bit extreme, but it’s not over yet. It’s different from other shows or movies where they take someone back, and they continue to live in the next episode as if nothing happened. Here, they at least say it will not be so easy.

absolutely disagree. For Spock, the same argument cannot be said. It was not discovered that Spock was reproduced in another reality, and people knew they felt like we were attacking them. Spock's body was regenerated due to the weird scientific giant from the planet Genesis. But he didn't mind. It is stored in McCoy. Yes, this is ridiculous, but going from A to B to C is really weird. Culber did not follow this logic. Not only that, see where he was found. Compared with Spock, the rights there should cause more problems. Soctty was killed by Nomad, but he used future technology. Chekov was "killed" by his thoughts. All these things, although science fiction is stupid, have a weird meaning. Not Culber. If someone asks this question, I will feel a little more happy. But no one. It confuses the mind. But then, they believe that RA is not only sacred by Saru's insights. Therefore, this series of works has always occupied a place in unreasonable leaps...

In any case, the guy died, and they resurrected him. Yes, it is different from Discovery, but a dying and reborn guy is still important, right?

I just find it interesting, how do we separate some of the content. Just because we can track Spock's resurrection, we should still feel crazy and suspicious of ourselves. Especially when you consider what happened to the planet of Genesis. It collapsed, ruined, right? So, why can Spock walk around healthy? Does anyone worry that Spock will have the same bad effects as the earth? No one mentioned it or cared about it, even out of worry. I don't think he has even been tested medically. It was just Spock, with a new body, just reconstructed from his old body, and then proceeded to the next crisis.

I’m not saying that Culber’s resurrection is neither weird nor confusing (because I said in the original comment that it didn’t make sense to me either), I’m just saying that everyone’s reaction to him is the same as in Star Trek. . Someone died, they thought about some technical problems, how to bring them back, they did it, and eventually everyone moved on. Since 1984, "Star Trek" has been doing this. Now that people are not fascinated by it, you will not be shocked.

The problem is that although it seems acceptable for someone to resurrect from the dead, its actual situation is the real reason. And I think it’s even more so for the discovery of the crew, because last season, they pulled wool into their eyes more than once. If any crew members questioned this, it was them. To be honest, I don't mind if Culber had a difficult time. That is the focus of the error. Crew REST should be a tough time. This is the mistake of those who planned the show. Unless there is another explanation later to explain all of this...

I hope there is some discussion on this. But then, they had to use the technology bubble to reinterpret the resurrection. Maybe Stamets and Tilly will explore. I like your idea of ​​checking the crew's reaction.

I hope that if Prime Minister Lorca appears, it will definitely happen. Distrust of good people has huge dramatic potential. ...Or is he still...?


Re: Not yet resurrected

This is not entirely correct. In DISCOVERY's timeline, the young Spock died and was then resurrected by his "cousin" who would travel in the future.

I will need to review yesterday and contact you about this. It's been a while, but I don't remember Spock is dying. I remember the old Spock saved the young Spock.

He was saved because when he withdrew from the Guardian during a historical research mission, Kirk was the second in command in Andorra, and no one knew who Spock was. When the Andorranian searched the database, he found that the son of Ambassador Sarek and Amanda had died as a child. The Ministry of Defense triggered Spock's memory, and a cousin saved his life while trying to pass the Vulcan ceremony. Before the young Spock made an attempt and played the role of his cousin, he used The Guardian to spend a while on Vulcan and played the role of a cousin, but this time his pet was quarantined. With the death of protecting the young Spock, so that Spock's adult Spock was delayed, there is enough time to save himself.

This is not just an extension. Changing history and resurrection are not the same thing.

ML31, although equally incredible

According to the rules of The Guardian, history has not changed, because if an adult Spock changes something, the Guardian will never spit him out, and he will be trapped in the past. However, instead, the long-standing Spock passed away, but for some notorious reason, the Guardian resurrected him as an adult and spat decades later.

I don't know why he is considered "resurrected". He really isn't. He was just alive on another timeline, and the guardian spit on the new timeline.

Because according to The Guardian, the death of the young Spock is the correct history, which is why it wasted Spock's return time. In that correct history, the guardian vomiting out an adult version of a dead child looks no different from resurrecting an "age" child to an adult, which is no different from the result of Genesis/Rejoin.

You are trying to convince the audience to know the things that make it semantically different, but cosmological science says that when two processes lead to 2 indistinguishable (ie, the same) results-when the resurrected Spock grows old-there is no difference.

I plan to check out this weekend. It's been a while, but I remember Spock came back and found that the situation had changed. There is no resurrection. Your argument is that there is no dif

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