Rammstein Postpone European Stadium Tour to 2022

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Has been forced to postpone its European stadium tour for the second time. This legendary German band will destroy their homeland in the summer of 2022.

Rammstein can hardly enjoy their huge 2019 event. With the release of the huge "Deutschland" and its very successful

In the album, industrial metalsmiths are ready to rule the world. Although Rammstein's North American tour date is still scheduled for 2021, European audiences will have to wait another year before they can use their concert tickets.

The band and related personnel were very disappointed. In view of the lack of planning reliability for holding events of this scale, this step is inevitable. The concert is rescheduled to 2022," Rammstein wrote.

"Unfortunately, some minor changes have to be made and the performance in Belfast will be completely cancelled. Belfast tickets will be refunded and all other tickets are still valid! The band is taking the break to continue creating new songs. We look forward to it. See you in 2022!"

Please see below the full list of Rammstein’s 2022 tour dates, and

The band's 2021 North American tour date.

20.05.2022-Leipzig, Red Bull Arena Leipzig (restructured from 29.05.2020 and 22.05.2021)

21.05.2022-Leipzig, Red Bull Arena Leipzig (restructured from 30.05.2020 and 23.05.2021)

25.05.2022-Klagenfurt, Walthers Stadium (restructured from 25.05.2020 and 27.05.2021)

30.05.2022-ZURICH, STADION LETZIGRUND (restructured from 06.06.2020 and 05.07.2021)

31.05.2022-LETZIGRUND Zurich Stadium (restructured from 07.06.2020 and 06.07.2021)

04.06.2022-Berlin Olympic Games (restructured from 04.07.2020 and 05.06.2021)

05.06.2022-Berlin Olympic Games (restructured from 05.07.2020 and 06.06.2021)

10.06.2022-Stuttgart, Candaster Wassen

(From June 2nd, 2020 and 31.05.2021, Mercedes-Benz Arena is rescheduled)

11.06.2022-Stuttgart, Candaster Wassen

(Rescheduled from June 3, 2020 and 01.06.2021, Mercedes-Benz Arena)

14.06.2022-Hamburg, Hamburg (reformed from 01.07.2020&30.06.2021)

15.06.2022-Hamburg, Hamburg (restructured from 02.07.2020 & 01.07.2021)

18.06.2022-Düsseldorf, Merck Spear-Arena (restructured from 27.06.2020 and 26.06.2021)

19.06.2022-Düsseldorf, Merck Peel Arena (restructured from 28.06.2020 and 27.06.2021)

22.06.2022-Aarhus, Gushen Park (restructured from 04.08.2020 and 23.06.2021)

26.06.2022-COVENTRY, RICOH ARENA (restructured from 20.06.2020 and 19.06.2021)

30.06.2022-Cardiff, the main stadium (restructured from 14.06.2020 and 16.06.2021)

04.07.2022-NIJMEGEN, GOFFERTPARK (Rebook from 24.06.2020 & 03.08.2021)

08.07.2022- Lyon, GROUPAMA Stadium (restructured from 09.07.2020 & 09.07.2021)

09.07.2022- Lyon, GROUPAMA Stadium (restructured from 10.07.2020 & 10.07.2021)


(Rebook from 13.07.2020 and 13.07.2021)

16.07.2022-Warsaw, PGE NARODOWY (restructured from 17.07.2020 and 17.07.2021)

20.07.2022-Tallinn, the anniversary of the celebration of festivals (reformed from 21.07.2020 and 21.07.2021)

24.07.2022-Oslo, BJERKE TRAVBANE

(Adapted from TRONDHEIM 26. & 27.07.2020GRANÅSEN & 25.07.2021 LEANGEN TRAVBANE)

29.07.2022- Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium (reconstructed on July 31, 2020 and 30.07.2021)

30.07.2022- Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium (restructured from 01.08.2020 and 31.07.2021)

03.08.2022-Ostende Parker De Niue Coss (restructured from 10.06.2020 and 07.08.2021)

Belfast (Boucher Road) Sports Ground (from June 17, 2020 and 12.06.2021)

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