Ontario vaccine rollout for those over 80 gets mixed reviews

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The Governor of Ontario, Doug Ford, declared that hundreds of people can be booked per hour, and after claiming success, he promised to resolve a series of delays in the new COVID-19 vaccine booking system.

After a series of stories about the difficulty of getting care and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Brunswick's budget submitted on Tuesday increased mental health spending. The budget proposes to spend an additional $7 million in multiple departments during 2021-22. Treasury Secretary Ernie Steeves said in his legislative budget speech that the expenditure will "solve the increasingly widespread mental health struggle facing New Brunswick." The reason for the increase is that 16-year-old Lexi Daken committed suicide in February. Daken’s family publicly called for changes to mental health services, saying that the teenager in the Fredericton area had sought help in the emergency room but was referred after waiting eight hours. That week, Dorothy Shephard, the Minister of Health, outlined a five-year mental health plan. It calls for the realization of addiction and same-day use of mental health services. The new Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard (Dorothy Shephard) appeared in a media dispute in the legislature on March 16, 2021 after the provincial budget was announced. (Jacques Poitras/CBC) Shephard told reporters on Tuesday that the latest reports on access to mental health services have accelerated the province’s timetable for implementing changes. Sheppard said: "We have been more aggressive, because I think one of the points we really need to determine is crisis care and near-crisis care." She said that she hopes to get the latest news from the regional health department before the end of this month. And received "some announcements" before mid-April. The budget increase includes: US$3.1 million to increase complex cases, high-demand children and youth, the need for collective housing, and the establishment of professional nursing homes to meet the needs of children under 12 years of age. US$3 million to address addiction and psychology The “increasing demand” for health services is $350,000 to address the shortage of psychologists in schools and hospitals. The Canadian Mental Health Association's BounceBack program, $539,000, helps adults and youth "manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry." Steves said the expenditure is A supplement of $5.5 million in the 2020-21 fiscal year budget. Dr. Jeff Steves, president of the New Brunswick Medical Association, welcomed the additional spending on health care in a statement. Jeff Steves said: "Our province has been dealing with many key health care challenges for a long time, including a lack of health care professionals, long waiting times for surgery, and a shortage of resources for mental health and addiction." Opposition lawmakers Said that spending on mental health care is not enough. When talking about mental health spending, Green Party leader David Coon said: "This is buying BandAids to solve the problem." Green Party leader David Coon said additional mental health The expenditure is not enough to meet the needs of the province. (CBC) Kuhn said the province will spend more of its budget on unproven small modular nuclear reactors instead of increasing mental health care. "Honestly, considering the mental health crisis we suffer in the province and the suicide rate in the province, is this all the advice the prime minister is willing to make?" Rob McKee, the Liberal MP, the party’s financial commentator McKee is also critical of the budget. "They are talking about increasing funding for law enforcement and providing approximately $3 million for various mental health and addictions. I think that is not enough." Awami League leader Chris Austin (Kris Austin) said that this is a good The beginning. Austin said: "It is regrettable that it took this young girl Lexi to pass away and raise it to such a level. We are now under the impression that the government is beginning to take a serious approach." "But the government is starting to address this. The problem is very important." The province's budget spends more than 3 billion Canadian dollars on the health sector. This includes $13.2 million for mental health plan services.

Terrace RCMP is asking the public to provide information on the March 12 shooting in Greig Ave. and Apsley St. areas. According to RCMP media reports on March 16, the police are actively investigating the shooting. In the event, witnesses or knowledgeable persons are required to contact the Terrace Detachment through 250 638-7400, or anonymously through the crime blocker. On the weekend after the incident, the Triton Environmental Consultants Co., Ltd. building and parking lot were located on the corner of Greig Ave. and Apsley St. with police belts around. The police have not yet provided any more information. Ben Bogstie, Local News Initiative reporter, Home News

In the past year, residents of Peel were beaten by COVID-19, and as the provincial vaccines were introduced to ignore the hardest-hit areas in Ontario, punishment continued. In terms of almost every public health indicator, in most pandemics, Pierre is the worst in the province. Per 100,000 cases: From the start of the pandemic to March 11, Peel eclipsed Toronto's figure by 28%. The test was positive: Peel’s second wave peak reached 14.1% (January 7), while Toronto’s was 10.2% (January 5). Because of the high infection rate, ethnicized communities and front-line workers have suffered the most, and the region failed to withdraw from the province’s phased restrictions in time during the summer. Beginning at the end of July, the short summer season for local businesses has been compromised by the threat of new lock-in measures. When the second wave of Ontario’s climax rose ominously, Peel became the first area to be washed away. With the exception of Toronto, businesses and residents in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga have been subject to the longest lockdown in Ontario, dating back to November 2020. The approval of multiple vaccines from December is only a fantasy in the humid summer months, and finally brings hope to people. Residents speculate that Peel is destined to be the forefront area as the worst-hit area in Ontario. The province does not think so. Ever since the vaccines began to be delivered to bits and pieces, Queen’s Park has landed them all over Ontario through a constantly changing plan. The chaotic decision made Peel fall behind again. The totals released by Peel Public Health and the province show that the dose in the region has fallen behind. According to the 2016 census, Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga together accounted for only 10.3% of Ontario's population, but Peel only accounted for 7.4% of Ontario's total vaccine dose. According to data updated by Peel every Friday, on March 12, Peel only administered 78,251 of the 1,062,910 vaccines in Ontario. Last week, Peel’s lawmakers voted unanimously to ask the province to re-adjust its vaccination program to give priority to essential workers in the area. The figures and the latest decisions show that the current framework does not place Peel where it should be. On March 11, several local PC MPPs posted a pre-prepared graphic on Twitter to celebrate the injection of one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine across the province. They didn't mention the part that reached Peel, where the infection data indicated that they were the most needed. "Your #Province MPP is working hard to ensure the safety and health of every Ontario person," Mississauga Erin-Mills MPP Sheref Sabawy tweeted. The immediate decisions on the two recent pilot programs show that Peel is not a priority for Prime Minister Doug Ford. If a large-scale early vaccination of the area is not prioritized, it will show that Ford and his cabinet desk have learned very little in the past year. Recently, 194,500 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine were donated to Ontario from Ottawa, specifically for residents of working age between 60 and 64 years old. The original pilot who managed all doses through the pharmacy did not include the Peel area, but instead sent them to the Kingston area, Toronto, and Windsor-Essex. At the last second, the province transferred 29,500 doses of the drug to primary care doctors in six independent public health departments. Peel is just one of them, occupying 8 out of 40 locations. It is not clear how many doses it has received, and Peel Public Health will not tell the "Pointer" when asked. In addition to recent political decisions, the broader vaccine distribution framework also shows a lack of awareness of policies that will help Peel control its epidemic. The province will begin to implement its list of key tasks for the second phase of the vaccine in April. The framework relies heavily on age. It is recommended that people over 80 should receive the first dose of vaccine in March, 75, and April, and decline by age group, so that all those who are willing to be over 65 years old should receive the first dose before the end of May. One dose of vaccine. In the Peel area, the 2016 census showed that the median age was 38 years, and the elderly population was lower than the total population. Only 6.2% of Ontario’s population aged 85 and over live in Peel, while only 7.2% of the population aged 80 to 84 are Peel residents. Overall, 7.9% of Ontario’s population aged 65 and over live in the Peel area, which accounts for 10.3% of the province’s total residents. The numbers behind the framework are rather vague, making it difficult for the public to understand the broader plan. When Ontario was preparing to vaccinate people over the 1980s and announcing an online dating appointment service, many health departments, including Peel, were eager to try and started working on their own. Now, there are separate online reservation systems for pharmacies, local health departments and the entire province of Ontario. The age-first approach can protect the oldest and most medically vulnerable people in Ontario from severe illness or death, but it has proven to be ineffective in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in Peel, especially in the workplace. . The province’s promotion strategy says that starting from April, those over 75 years of age with specific health conditions, residents living in clusters and 13 hotspots (38% of all medical units in the same category as Peel) will all Receive vaccination. There are no figures in the plan. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health explained: “The public health department will simultaneously vaccinate the population based on the available vaccine supply and types of vaccines.” The provincial spokesperson added: “The public health department and local health care partners Will be responsible for giving priority to priority groups in the identified priority groups according to Ontario’s ethical framework or COVID-19 vaccine allocation and priority group risk matrix.” Peel Public Health’s vaccine plan will be 50% from April to July. People who are up to the age of 79, adults with chronic diseases and essential workers are listed as the second stage of the focus of work. There is no detailed information on how these priorities will be played. "In accordance with the provincial government's guidelines, continue to work on population prioritization," a spokesperson for the Peel region told The Guidelines. Out of concerns about Ontario’s vaccine plan, Councillors Peel voted unanimously on Thursday to ask the government to give priority to the work of front-line workers in warehouses, logistics and processing. The motion proposed by Carolyn Parrish (Carolyn Parrish), a member of the Mississauga Ward District 5, decided that the area "requests the Ontario government to give priority to all the residents who are exploited by skin to give priority to rapid vaccination, on the condition that he​ Our workplace is conducive to the spread of COVID-19 and vaccinates vulnerable employees, including those working in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, packaging and distribution centers." "The committee's motion will be carefully reviewed by our clinic planning and operations team," Peel Public Health said. The provincial government acknowledged but did not respond to a request for comment. If it is necessary to provide more evidence about Peel's unique situation, a processing plant will be forced to close 5,000 employees on Friday. Taking into account the situation in the workplace, Peel Public Health's health medical officer Dr. Lawrence Loh ordered the closure of the entire Amazon facility in Brampton. Dr. Loh requires all workers in the fulfillment center to self-isolate until March 27, unless they have tested positive within the last 90 days and complete the isolation period in accordance with public health instructions. Peel Public Health’s statement is vague: “The current public health investigation has determined that it cannot be ruled out that everyone working at Amazon Heritage is at a high risk of exposure to COVID-19. In the past few weeks, the entire Peel has been infected with COVID-19. The rate has been declining, while the infection rate inside the facility has increased significantly.” When the supply of vaccines finally increases, the priority order may be a thing of the past. Prior to this, the councillors and officials of the city of Peel hope that the province will make a decision to put it first and provide them with the necessary tools to control the spread of COVID-19, more than a year after it first arrives in the city of Peel. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @isaaccallan Phone: 647 561-4879 COVID-19 is affecting all Canadians. At a time when everyone needs important public information, The Pointer cancels compensation for all reports related to the pandemic and public interest to ensure that every Brampton and Mississauga resident can use these facts. For those who are capable, we recommend that you consider subscribing. This will help us understand more than ever the important public interest issues that communities need to understand. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. After that, Pointer will charge $10 per month, and you can cancel any time on the website at any time. thank you. Isaac Callan, Local News Initiative reporter, "Pointer"

New York-Oprah Winfrey, in addition to receiving news interviews from Meghan and Harry Prince, is also busy writing novels by Marilynne Robinson. Winfrey announced on Tuesday that she has selected Robinson's acclaimed quartet "Gilead" narrative for her next book club selection. Robinson won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for his first book in the novel "Gowad" in Gilead, Iowa, followed by "Home", " Lila and Jack. "When I was reading Marilynne Robinson's latest novel "Jack" recently, I thought it would be great to explore her entire Gilead universe through these four novels. Winfrey is in one The statement said: "I look forward to embarking on this journey with our book club community in the coming months. "Robinson (his other admirers include Winfrey’s friend, former President Barack Obama) said in a statement: "Oprah Winfrey is singular, and I can hear my voice in my country and the world. . My book only has the attention she can bring to them, which is so good and amazing. The announcement on Tuesday continues Winfrey’s partnership with Apple. She started to choose Ta-Nehisi Coates' novel "Water Dancer" in 2019. After her new draft picks are announced every two to three months in the first half of 2020, She slowed down. Robinson's book is her first anthology since Isabel Wilkerson's "Caste" came out in August. Apple customers who want to learn about why Winfrey chose Robinson's book This can now be done by asking Siri "what book Oprah reads". And heard the recording of Winfrey. Hillel Italie, Associated Press

The target price has more than 184% upside potential from the stock's closing price on Monday. Lee's share price rose 27.5% to $13.44. Citron said Lizhi is an offshoot of social media app Clubhouse and gaming company Roblox Corp. Citron said that its audio-based social platform Tiya has now expanded to dating and pointed its Twitter followers to a video that should have new features.

Atlanta-Last year, the coronavirus pandemic triggered an unprecedented surge in votes. Worryingly, the large number of first absent voters will lead to a new record: more votes were discarded due to lack of deadlines, signatures or other reasons. These fears were never realized. The Associated Press analysis found that despite the increase in the number of absentee ballots, in several politically important states, the vote rejection rate in November was actually lower than in the early elections last year. In one of the most high-profile cases, the rejection rate in Wisconsin has fallen, while the total number of votes has fallen. During the chaotic primaries at the beginning of the pandemic in the state, Wisconsin rejected about 23,000 absentee ballots, up from about 4,000 in November, even though the number of absentee ballots increased from 1.2 million to nearly 2 million. Election officials and voting experts attribute the decline to a broad voter education campaign. Volunteer work to help find voters and solve ballot problems; and efforts to simplify absentee voting, including new ways for people to track votes. Concerns about delays in the U.S. postal service have also played a role, prompting voters to return their ballots as soon as possible or use the drop-in boxes deployed for the election. Despite the success, Republican lawmakers in some states have invoked former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud and imposed strict restrictions on absentee voting. For example, the implementation of Republican elections in Georgia will eliminate absentee voting without reason, requiring people to provide reasons. In the weeks following the election, Trump seized on initial reports of reduced rejection rates in Georgia and Pennsylvania, saying that he had lost. But the Associated Press analysis showed that Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio also had their rejection rates in November, and Trump won these states. Ohio’s rejection rate dropped from 1.35% in elementary schools to 0.42% in November. The state’s chief election official is a Republican. He praised more humane voting materials and requirements. Local election officials called and emailed votes to voters on ballot questions, not just by mail. Absent votes accounted for 36% of all votes. "All these things we do help reduce the error rate," said Secretary of State Frank LaRose. "This is a very big success story-we conducted a lot of absentee voting and made very few mistakes." Election officials and voting experts pay close attention to the vote rejection data, because in most cases, the vote data representative cannot succeed. People who voted. According to research by Daniel A. Smith, a political scientist at the University of Florida, newly registered black, Hispanic, and young voters have higher turnout rates than white and experienced voters. For analysis, the Associated Press sought vote data for 2020 from the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In nine countries, it found that the rejection rate of mailings had dropped. Pennsylvania stated that there is no data available, and Arizona stated that its data are preliminary. Among the states, Colorado sends mail ballots to all registered voters. About 75% of voters in Arizona are on a permanent early voting list and automatically receive ballots in the mail. "When we are worried that bad things will happen, it is not that bad things have not happened. It is because we have tried our best to prevent bad things from happening," said Sylvia Albert of the common cause organization. One of several groups of voters to mail voting questions. In some states, election officials have implemented extensive ballot tracking and notification systems, and organizations have mobilized volunteers to track and help voters who are marked as rejecting ballots. North Carolina and Georgia are states where groups have worked together to reduce rejection. Saira Draper, director of voter protection for the Democratic Party of Georgia, said: "There is nothing more sad than a person taking these steps to participate in the process and then being deprived of his citizenship due to his own fault." Draper Per said that in the presidential election, state Democrats and the Biden-Harris movement worked together. Thousands of volunteers knocked on doors and talked on the phone. In the end, nearly 16,000 people fixed their votes. According to a new analysis by Smith, in Florida, nearly 73% of voters who initially marked their ballots as rejected successfully completed the fixation of their ballots. The rejection rate in Florida in November was only slightly lower than 0.3%, lower than the 1.3% in the first grade. The U.S. Election Project estimates that 65 million people will vote for stamps in the 2020 election, nearly twice the number of 33 million people in 2016. Freelance editor Paige Weber is the first absent voter. Weber, who suffers from diabetes, is worried about contracting the coronavirus at her polling station. She was also worried about using mail to return her votes, so she chose one of two or more drop boxes set up in her county. She was impressed by the ease and safety of this process. Weber said: "Even if the pandemic is over, it will be so fast." "You are not waiting in line for people to complete tasks. For people, it is better than taking time off to vote." She is 1.3 million in Georgia. One of the voters who successfully voted in absentia in November. Overall, about 0.34% of absentee ballots were rejected, compared with about 1% of absentee ballots in the primary election. Trump blasted Georgia with a high acceptance rate in his December speech, and hinted that fraud had occurred: “They took everything away. In fact, nothing was rejected. In contrast, 2016 The year was 6.4%.” However, the changes made in 2019 include a law backed by a Republican-controlled legislature that formalizes the procedures for resolving the vote problem and sets a deadline of three days after the election. During the pandemic, Georgia election officials added drop-in boxes and implemented a system that reminds voters when to send ballots, when they receive ballots, and whether they have been accepted. Although state election officials have described the security of coin boxes with 24-hour video surveillance, they are responding to public concerns about the security of votes; Georgia is not the only state to make changes before the 2020 election. In North Carolina, a formal procedure that allows voters to resolve the issue of absentee ballots, while legislators have reduced the ballot requirement from two witnesses to one. The voter turnout there dropped from 9% in the primary election to 1.2% in the general election. State election officials said that some people who were refused to vote may have successfully voted using another method. Michigan officials said they carried out extensive publicity, including newspaper inserts, social media and digital campaigns. In November, more than 15,000 ballots were rejected there, only 0.5% of the absentee ballots, slightly lower than the ballots in the primary election. Secretary of State for Democracy Jocelyn Benson said: “Voter education is effective if done well and in an orderly manner.” ___Associated Press writer Julie Carr Smyth, Columbus, Ohio, USA (Julie Carr Smyth) Contributed to this report. Christina A. Cassidy, Associated Press

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada said that given the recent increase in the average number of COVID-19 cases across Canada, now is not the time for Canadians to increase contact with others. Dr. Tamsa Tam said that this rise, coupled with the acceleration of new variants of the Canadian virus, has caused concern.

The Texas Attorney General said on Tuesday that four more states have joined the lawsuit filed by Texas and other states against Alphabet Inc.’s Google, accusing Google of violating antitrust laws to strengthen its already dominant advertising business. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that Alaska, Florida, Montana, Nevada and Puerto Rico participated in the lawsuit filed in December. The lawsuit is one of three lawsuits filed by the federal government or states against Google last year.

Toronto-Canadian actor Elliot Page published his life and gender identity in a long report in Time magazine. This is the first major interview since the Oscar-nominated "Juno" star appeared as a transgender in an Instagram post last December. Halifax, the world-renowned performer, said that he has "completed" his identity and hopes to play a new role, and now he is "really excited to take action." Page is filming the third season of Netflix's "Umbrella Academy" in Toronto, and said that since his disclosure has been verified, he will return to the stage. The 34-year-old told the magazine that he hopes to use his privileges and platform to promote LGBTQ advocacy work and do his best to help. He said he has a deep sense of responsibility for sharing his own truth to help deal with the "myths and destructive comments" spread by transgender people. In an article written by Katy Steinmetz, Page said: “We know who we are.” “People insist on these firm ideas about gender because it makes people feel safe. But if we can celebrate People have all the wonderful complexity, then the world will become a better place." This article refers to Page’s childhood when he felt like a boy and tried to face some kind of face in his film and television career. Understand yourself while under pressure. He said that after he was nominated for an Oscar for his role as a pregnant teenager in Juno, he struggled with soaring fame, which led to a series of high-profile projects, including Inception and X-Men: The Last Stand." He also won two Emmy nominations for his reality show series "Gaycation", which explores LGBTQ experiences around the world. Page revealed that he suffers from depression, anxiety and panic disorder, and in 2014 He still felt unwell after he was born as a homosexual. His excitement and gratitude before his transgender exposure in December was "full of fear and anxiety." ,” he said. Page said when he released the news that he was in Toronto and was recovering from “top surgery”, which was a procedure to remove breast tissue. He said of the surgery: “This completely changed me. life. Page also revealed that he and the choreographer Emma Portner (Emma Portner) divorced at the beginning of this year, and they are still "close friends." Page said: "Now, I have fully demonstrated my own Identity, I am very excited about it. "No matter what the challenges and difficult moments are, it is of no avail. It makes me feel the way I am now." The Canadian News Agency report was first published on March 16, 2021. Victoria Ahearn, Canadian News Agency

On March 16, 2021 (Eastern Canadian Time), the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada: Ontario 10:40 10:40 AM Ontario said that today there are 1,074 new COVID-19 cases in the province and another 11 people died to the virus. Health Secretary Christine Elliott said 313 of the new cases were in Toronto, 199 were in the Peel area, and 101 were in the York area. Since the Monday update, Ontario has received more than 51,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. - At 10 am, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization said that there is now enough "realistic evidence" to prove that the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for the elderly. The decision overturned a recommendation made by the agency on March 1, when a panel of vaccine experts stated that AstraZeneca did not include enough people over the age of 65 in its clinical trials. NACI President Dr. Caroline Quatsch said on Tuesday that since then, two studies have been published on patients receiving the vaccine in the UK. The results show that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and effective for the elderly, especially for serious diseases and hospitalizations. Of patients. The Canadian News Agency report was first published on March 16, 2021. Canadian News Agency

LONDON-Canadian international forward Adriana Leon will be absent from the FA Women's Premier League after undergoing surgery to repair a fractured foot. The English League game lasts until May 9. There is no word on whether her recovery will continue to the Tokyo Olympics. The football match for the Tokyo Olympics was originally scheduled to be held from July 21 to August 7. . Leon posted a photo of himself in Canadian colors on Instagram, with the words "Missing it" and "Crying Face Emoji" on it. The 28-year-old from Gold City, Ontario, won 66 blocks for Canada with 19 goals and 4 assists. The Canadian News Agency report was first published by the Canadian News Agency on March 16, 2021.

Washington — After Amir Hekmati boasted of his release from Iranian custody with a diplomatic breakthrough in 2016, he was declared eligible to receive US$20 million in compensation from the U.S. government special fund as a The compensation for his years of imprisonment includes cruel torture. But payday never came, making Hekmati wonder why. The answer is finally here: Newly filed court documents reviewed by the Associated Press show that the FBI for a decade has suspected that he went to Iran to sell secrets instead of visiting his grandmother as he said. Hekmati strongly opposes these allegations, has never faced criminal charges, and is challenging the conclusion of a special captain that he lied about his visit to Iran and therefore was not entitled to the money. The FBI’s suspicions helped explain the government’s refusal to grant Hekmati for more than two years and confuse the narratives about American citizens, the Marine Corps, and Iraqi veterans, the latter’s release Supported by the highest levels of the US government, including Joe Biden (Joe Biden), and then the vice president. The President, and then Secretary of State John Kerry (John Kerry). These documents provide a completely different explanation of Hekmati’s purpose of visiting Iran and detail the behind-the-scenes debate about whether he is entitled to compensation for victims of international terrorism. Hekmati said in his swearing-in statement that his allegations of attempting to sell it to Iran are absurd and offensive. His lawyer said that the FBI’s report and the letter from the fund’s special director’s refusal to make payments detailed the government’s suspicions, which are groundless and based on rumors. Records show that the investigation began 10 years ago. After Hekmati was released, he was interviewed by FBI agents, but federal prosecutors did not file a lawsuit. "In this case, the U.S. government should act or work behind closed doors," said Scott Gilbert, a lawyer who hired a lawyer to compensate for the damage. "If the government thinks they have a case, please sue Amir. Try Amir. But you (the U.S. government) won't do it because you can't. You don't have enough factual evidence to do this." Gilber Te refused to allow Hempatti to be interviewed, and Hempatti’s lawsuit seeking payment is pending. The FBI and the Department of Justice declined to comment, but details of the investigation appeared in hundreds of pages of documents in the case. Documents show that the FBI conducted a espionage investigation into Hekmati as early as 2011, when he was detained in Iran on suspicion of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Hekmati grew up in Michigan and worked as an infantryman and interpreter in Iraq. He was honorably retired by the Marine Corps in 2005. He said that after a short and unsatisfactory term of office, he went to Iran to visit a sick grandmother as a contractor of the Ministry of Defense for intelligence analysis. In Afghanistan. But the FBI concluded that, based on its unsigned five-page summary of the investigation, he intends to sell Iranian classified information there. The FBI said that the unconfirmed assessment was based in part on accounts from four independent but unnamed sources who said that Hekmati had contacted Iranian officials to provide confidential information and that he suddenly resigned. The fact that he left Iran without notifying his supervisor. An FBI computer forensics study concluded that during his stay in Afghanistan, he reviewed hundreds of classified Iranian documents, which intelligence personnel believed were beyond the scope of his job responsibilities. Hekmati, the son of Iranian immigrants, said he publicly studied Iran to develop expertise about Iran's influence in Afghanistan. He said at a hearing last year that "everyone knows" what he is doing and supervisors did not impose restrictions. He said that he had resigned when he went to Iran, so he was not obliged to tell his colleagues about the trip. He said that in Iran, he has never met with any Iranian officials or tried to sell government secrets. Hekmati’s lawyer said that the FBI’s suspicions could not be consistent with the treatment he suffered in prison, which included torture, such as whipping and strapping to a table, forced to record a forced but false confession. Gilbert said: "Is he actually spying for Iran?" "You would think that guy would be a valuable asset. They actually wanted to do something to him." Instead of torturing him. He was initially sentenced to death, but his punishment was eventually cut for 10 years. Hekmati received support from senior officials, including Kerry, who asked for his release, and Biden, who met his family in Michigan. In January 2016, after he was imprisoned for four and a half years, the Obama administration entered the final year of the nuclear agreement with Iran, eager to improve relations. A few months later, Hekmati sued Iran in order to show his actions against him. Torture. After Iran failed to challenge the claim, the company issued a default judgment of US$63.5 million. Hekmati subsequently applied for the approval of a fund for victims of terrorism managed by the Department of Justice. The fund is funded by adversaries from the United States. The assets seized in the hands provide funds to Aries. His lawyer said he was awarded the statutory maximum compensation of 20 million U.S. dollars. At the time, the special person in charge of the fund was Kenneth Feinberg, who was known for overseeing the payments of victims of the September 11 attacks. In December 2018, he authorized a down payment of more than US$839,000. But for several months, no money came. After Hekmati's lawyers warned them that they must file a lawsuit, the Justice Department secretly stated that it was seeking to reconsider the award. In January 2020, Feinberg formally revoked Hekmati’s qualifications, saying that his application contained errors and omissions. The information provided by the Ministry of Justice supports Hekmati’s conclusion that Hekmati visited Iran for the sale of classified information. The second letter in December last year did not repeat the exact allegations, but stated that Hekmati made "evasive, false and inconsistent statements" in three interviews with the FBI and failed to "can Faithfully refuted "most of the classified information he obtained was related to Iran, and "spread" that the main purpose is to travel to Iran, except for visiting relatives. Feinberg declined to comment, saying his decision was “self-evident.” The letter remained until January, when Hekmatti’s lawyer filed it as part of a lawsuit for compensation in the Federal Claims Court in Washington. It’s secret. Since then, hundreds of pages of other documents have been submitted outlining the investigation. These documents include the FBI’s 2016 in Germany, Hekmati’s journey home from Iran, and a summary of the interview in Michigan. The investigation showed that FBI agents were increasingly suspicious of him. A summary said that when asked whether he had ever visited classified Iranian information, Hekmati refused to answer and said that the FBI could resolve it on its own. During the interview, an agent and Hekmati faced the FBI’s assessment that he went to Afghanistan to obtain confidential information that could be sold to Iran. After a long period of repetition, Hekmati told the FBI that he had accessed the material , Became a subject matter expert on the subject. Hekmati and his attorney pointed out that the FBI interview should not be considered credible, partly because he was suffering from post-traumatic stress at the time. It is not clear any The status of the investigation and the prospect that Hekmati might receive payment is also unclear. But Hekmati’s lawyer Gilbert said he hopes the new Department of Justice will make this decision a whole new one. Gilbert said: "I hope we The proper results can be seen here, and this legendary story can be wiped out. "___Associated Press writers Michael Balsamo and Nathan Ellgren contributed to this report. ___Follow Eric Tucker on Twitter at http:// www.twitter.com/etuckerAP. Eric Tucker, Associated Press

New Brunswick Finance Minister Steves (Ernie Steeves) on Tuesday proposed a budget of $10.7 billion for 2021-2022. Here are some key points:-The 2021-22 deficit is estimated to be 244.8 million U.S. dollars, and net debt will increase by 241 million U.S. dollars, reaching 14.1 billion U.S. dollars by the end of March 2022. US$-64.7 million to respond to the ongoing pressure of COVID-19, including US$30 million for immunization of New Brunswick and US$15.4 million for triage, evaluation, testing and contact tracking. -Effective April 1, the province will increase the tax on carbon products from US$30 per ton to US$40 per ton in accordance with the requirements of the federal government. This will result in an increase in the carbon tax on gasoline and gasoline by 2.21 cents and 2.68 cents per liter, respectively. -US$7 million in expenditures from various departments to solve mental health problems. -11.2 million US dollars for doctor recruitment in 2021-2022. -Renewed the "Explore NB Travel Rewards Program", which last year provided New Brunswick with a 20% rebate on travel expenses in the province. The Canadian News Agency report was first published on March 16, 2021. Canadian News Agency

On Monday, a fighting resulted in a shooting on Highway 99 near Mud Bay in Surrey, British Columbia, and a man was seriously injured. According to the police, many people called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and about two men were fighting in the 13,500 block of the highway at about 7:30pm Pacific time. The officers arrived and found that one of the men had been shot. He was seriously ill and was hospitalized. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the second person was arrested. Both men are "related" to the vehicle currently being impounded. The police also recovered the gun at the scene. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that early signs indicated that the shooting was related to fighting between men who knew each other. Cpl said: "There is currently no indication that the shooting is related to the gang conflict in the Lower Mainland, but the police are investigating possible links with the drug trade." Elenore Sturko in a written statement. Both men are known by the police. Sturko said there is no ongoing risk to the public.

On Friday, news broke that new provincial funds will come to Gray County to support a special supplementary medical program to help seniors who are waiting for long-term care. The Minister of Health, Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, said that community-based medical care is an "important solution" to support people so that they don't have a health crisis on the list. Last Friday, a virtual media conference was held with long-term care minister and congressman Bill Walker, as well as the Gray County Warden and healthcare providers. Nurse Rick Trombley told a story to illustrate how the model brings care to people. He visited a woman who lived alone in a farmhouse, and she coughed once. He evaluated her and found a lung infection. He established contact with a healthcare provider and prescribed it, and her infection was infected earlier and disappeared within a week and a half. In addition to the existing community customers they have seen, the medical staff in Gray County will now provide home care for seniors on the long-term care waiting list. The minister is answering the Herald/Progress. Health Minister Fullerton said that the average waiting time in Ontario is now 132 days, but it may be six months or even longer. Reducing hospitalization is one of the main measures for the success of the plan, which has been proven in Gray’s general population. The new plan is funded by the Ministry of LTC, in addition to providing community-assisted medical care by the Ministry of Health. It pays special attention to the elderly on the waiting list. MT Fernandes, reporter for the Local Press Initiative, Dundalk Herald

Police said a car crashed into a group of people on a crosswalk in the eastern German city of Leipzig on Tuesday, killing two people and seriously injuring two others. They described it as an accident. It is not clear what caused the car. The car was driven by a 50-year-old German man and crashed into the road near the tram station on the outskirts of Leipzig. The vehicle then hit a traffic light and drove into the tram track. Police said an 85-year-old woman and an 80-year-old man were killed. Two more people were taken to the hospital and are in intensive care. Associated Press

New York-Spike Lee will preside over this year's Cannes Film Festival jury, which was eventually cancelled due to the pandemic. He will preside over this year's jury. On Tuesday, the French Riviera Music Festival announced that Lee will serve as the chairman of the jury of the 74th Cannes Film Festival. Usually held in May, this year's Cannes Film Festival was postponed due to a health crisis. It is scheduled to take place from July 6th to 17th. Lee was the first black person to serve as the chairman of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival, which selected one of the highest cinema awards, the Palme d’Or. The chairman of the festival Pierre Lescure praised Lee for his loyalty and spirit. Lescourt said in a statement: "After months of uncertainty, Spike Lee has never stopped encouraging us." "This kind of support has finally come true, and we cannot hope to have a stronger one. The personality of ours will map our difficult times.” The organizers said that the preparations for this year’s Cannes Film Festival are “in full swing” and more details will be announced in the coming weeks. The selection will be announced in early June. Several of Lee's films premiered at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, including "Do the Right Thing". In 2018, his "BlacKkKlansman" won one of the festival's highest awards, the Grand Prix. Jake Coyle, Associated Press

Amsterdam-Up to 5,000 fans will be allowed to participate in the Netherlands vs. Lithuania World Cup qualifiers this month to test how to safely reopen major events to the public during the coronavirus pandemic. The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) said on Tuesday that the match to be held at the Johan Cruyff Stadium in Amsterdam on March 27 will be used to study the effectiveness of various crowd measurements and rapid tests, as well as a smartphone app that shows negative test results. . KNVB said: "The good results of this research on football may accelerate the development of inaccessible stadiums during the final stages of the 2020-21 season of professional football and the 2020 European Cup." Fans at the stadium on the southeast edge of Amsterdam. It will be classified as a "research bubble", so researchers can study the influence of different factors such as seating arrangements. One of the bubbles will also be used to check the spread of aerosols expelled when people breathe, cough, sneeze or shout. The Netherlands won the only international championship title in the 1988 European Cup football match, which was postponed last year due to the pandemic and will host four Euro 2020 matches this summer. ___More American football: https://apnews.com/hub/soccer and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

In the two years since its establishment, "100 Caring Men" has reached a milestone by donating more than US$100,000 to support local charities. Last Friday, the men’s charity donated $9,600 to the Refuge Pregnancy Resource Center on Grand Avenue West in Chatham. BJ Kivell, Director of the Pregnancy Center, said: "This is a blessing." "I think more people are needed than ever before." The center is unsure of what to do and is not sure about the needs or needs of baby products in order to find an unintended pregnancy. Free pregnancy support is provided for women and families with free prenatal check-ups. The charity also works with women to help their children until their children grow up. They provide services to about 40 women every week. After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the center to cancel its annual large baby boomerang fundraiser, this year's funding was particularly welcome. Every quarter, members of the "100 Caring Men" nominate a local charity and vote on the people they want to see. Since its establishment, the organization has donated more than $100,000 to the community. "Chatham-Kent is really a donation community, and it is. We can't even meet as a group, we are doing everything online, and we still have people dedicated to helping in the community. "Said Chris Appleton, co-chair of the 100 Care for Men organization. Jenna Cocullo, Local News Initiative Correspondent, Chatham Voice

The order of the Quebec College of Physicians and the representative nurse described the disaster in a private long-term care home on the West Island, which was a by-product of lack of experience and poor management of personnel. But they also said that the Quebec government has a responsibility to ensure that this does not happen again. Last spring, dozens of residents of CHSLD Herron died within a few weeks, and many were neglected and malnourished. The joint report requires Ontario to legally intervene quickly when conditions in private, unsubsidized long-term care homes deteriorate. They even said that the province should “seriously consider abolishing” the permits for these houses and integrate them into the province’s network of subsidized private housing. The findings of this report are the latest report released in recent months, hoping to clarify why so many CHSLD residents died during the pandemic. Luc Mathieu, chairman of the Quebec Nursing Council, said: “Operators lack understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding CHSLD management.” The public investigation into deaths in long-term care homes was scheduled to begin last month, but was postponed to September. . Last spring, family members of CHSLD Herron residents placed soft toys and flowers outside the building to commemorate Mother's Day. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press) Insufficient training and experience In recent years, CHSLD Herron has often not had a nursing service supervisor, which was the case in the weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic began, according to the report. The report said: “Many times, executive directors only manage the delivery of services.” “In addition, management does not conduct nursing training.” The joint committee issued 30 recommendations, including requiring the Ministry of Health to establish a “supervisory mechanism” to enable nursing service managers It must be mandatory in private, unsubsidized long-term care homes. It also called on the province to increase the difficulty of obtaining CHSLD operating permits. The joint committee said that most of Herron’s 12 nurses have obtained a four-year or less license, while only two have a university degree in nursing science, which will make them qualified for beginners, especially considering Their experience in caring for nurses. Elderly people are treated almost exclusively in long-term care homes in West Island. Most of the 15 licensed nurse practitioners are just beginning their careers, while the 45 patient attendants or many of the PABs have not received professional training or diplomas. The committee recommended mandatory training for PABs in private, unsubsidized long-term care homes, and stated that the province should ensure that more nurses have university degrees. Despite the lack of training and experience, the report clearly pointed out that medical staff should not be blamed on what happened to Herron. The report said: “Contrary to what was communicated, CHSLD employees did not abandon residents and houses.” “They were asked to leave because they had symptoms of the disease, or because they had been in contact with people who tested positive and managed There are no plans to replace them.” The report has sounded the alarm since 2017. The report also analyzed the failure of the Montreal Institute of Geriatrics, where many residents were killed in the first wave of earthquakes. Quebec’s Minister of Health, Christian Dube, and Minister for Seniors, Margaret Blaise, said in a joint statement that they intend to follow up on the report’s recommendations. Speaking of the heavy death toll in long-term care homes, Bryce said: "We will do everything we can to ensure that this situation does not happen again." This is not the first time a professional order has investigated Herron's situation. A report was issued in 2017 on behalf of the order of a licensed nurse practitioner, expressing regret about the lack of infection control at home. In 2018, the Quebec Nurses Medal was followed up, and it was found that many shortcomings of the house were related to the high turnover rate and lack of experience of the staff. Mathieu said: "Our report has not received real attention."

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