Office Depot still open to buyers - just not you, Staples

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(Business News) This is not the first time office giants have tried to merge, but if Staples wants to acquire them, Office Depot has some special conditions.




During Staples' third attempt to take over Office Depot, ODP Corporation, the parent company of Office Depot, rejected its offer. January 11,

An offer to the Office Depot board of directors to purchase "100% of the issued and outstanding common stock" from competitors of its office supplier. At a price of $40 per share, the transaction value of the acquisition of Office Depot is more than $2 billion.

"Staples believes that its all-cash transaction is a compelling value proposition for ODP shareholders, it has a high degree of certainty, and is superior to the inherent independent value of ODP," Stefan Kaluzny wrote on behalf of the Soviet board of directors. Parent company (staples).

In response to Staples' offer, ODP issued its own offer.

. ODP Chairman Joseph Vassalluzzo wrote: “The board agreed that the way to create value for ODP and its shareholders is more compelling than the potential transaction described in your proposal.”

Although Office Depot rejected Staples' proposal, the company expressed its willingness to conduct other alternative transactions. Vassalluzzo wrote: "We are willing to combine retail and consumer-oriented e-commerce businesses with Staples under appropriate circumstances and on conditions acceptable to both parties."

Office Depot stated in the letter that it is willing to consider the establishment of a joint venture company, and the two companies "will share the risks and benefits equally." The company will also consider some of its retail and consumer-oriented e-commerce businesses.

If Staples is willing to reach any of these agreements, they will still require regulatory approval. However, Office Depot stated that their option provides less "regulatory risk" by conducting retail-only transactions. And, "will help maintain competitiveness with non-traditional retailers and optimize current choices for consumers."

In 1997 and 2016,

Prevented the merger of the two companies. Who can say that it won't happen again, even if Office Depot tells Staples to make changes in the offer.

"However, the transactions that we do not intend to conduct, as history has shown, may lead to a lengthy and costly regulatory review process without guaranteeing success, and there is no promise that Staples is willing to take on this responsibility. Vasaruzzo (Vassaluzzo) writes that passing the habitual “hell or high water” clause may bring risks.

Before Staples is willing to reach an agreement with Office Depot that does not include a full-scale acquisition, ODP's answer is affirmative "no."

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(Business) More companies than ever before are considering their diverse and inclusive hiring practices and internal culture, but unexpected consequences have occurred that can be easily stopped.

A widely accepted fact is

, Whether it is a small business or a large company, inject resources into Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and conduct business on a company-wide basis. You may already know this, but if it’s Google’s message to you-it can bring innovative improvements (because you have avoided the echo chamber), so different teams will rank higher in customer support (because you The team has a wider range of capabilities to solve more problems and pain points), it attracts more talents.

Imagine if you build a company and fill it with people who look, act, voice, and think like you. And imagine how satisfied everyone is at every moment of production, and never inject all kinds of ideas. Any investor can tell you this is the death penalty. To put it bluntly, this is hiring "yes", and it can be said that all it does is (consciously or subconsciously) serve itself.

American culture has developed rapidly in terms of diversity and inclusion (D&I). There is an entire team in the company dedicated to this (#profitability). I can tell you directly that the people who are committed to this work really care. Today, more attention is paid to race issues than ever before (racial diversity is only one of many components of diversity), so all of us must work hard to improve the working environment of BIPOC as individuals and as companies. Remember the LGBTQIA+ community, avoid age discrimination, etc.

Although the enthusiasm surrounding D&I practice abounds, some things are happening contrary to expectations.

Companies are adopting a "checklist" mentality. One of the CEOs said: "We don't have enough Hispanic women or transgender employees to address this," and abandon the symbolic microphone. Seeing that there is room for improvement, it sounds noble, but diversity and inclusion are about creating company culture and hiring practices

, Not fulfilling some impossible lists.

At a meeting in a company, I invited us to join their board of directors. Their first question was whether we knew any black women or Asian men would join the board because they already "own most of the rest of the rainbow." "Again, it sounds like the right direction, but if you want to build a rainbow, without checking the merits, without establishing an actual culture of tolerance, it will be effortless. Work harder.

This puts us in the weak link of this approach, and we have seen this kind of results. Large companies, especially those in the technology sector, are making every effort to be inclusive, but this is counterproductive.

The company inadvertently subdivided its population for D&I purposes. Although this is not an evil conspiracy, it denies all D&I plans. We have witnessed that "diversified" companies allow their teams to be built without diversity. Maybe their development team is only white, their marketing team is only white and Hispanic women, their support team is mainly Indian-American, and their sales team is mainly black team members.


It’s natural to be with people around you who look like you. I have countless theories on this topic, but I admit to you that most of my thoughts are influenced by "Why are all black kids sitting together, why are they sitting together? "Affect the cafeteria?" "When I was in high school, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum (

For anyone considering the theme of the competition now or in the future). Many practices are well-intentioned, but companies are using flawed methods to destroy themselves.

The overall appearance of a company may be good, with different ages, races, religions, gender identities, races, genders, nationalities, etc., but if they are all divided into their own teams (or who) according to the employment method, it is literally The opposite of diversity or inclusion. Swing, miss you guys.

Please bring up this topic as soon as possible and check your own efforts in diversity – are you sincere or just looking for positive news reports?

Are you helpful overall?

Or just make things worse?

(Business News) A job search is more than just a basic salary and salary schedule. The following are considerations for other priorities in the job search.

The process of finding a job is like a fingerprint: everyone has one, but everyone is unique. To be wise, it makes sense that not everyone wants to look for the same in the same

—Not everyone knows where to start searching. When investigating new job opportunities, here are some things to add to the list.

Think of any job search has some obvious attributes. These factors include salary, job responsibilities, office location, workplace culture, and the possibility of promotion in a few years. However, depending on what you want and how important each factor is to you, these items may be flexible (or even negligible) if they mean that you cannot obtain the ancillary benefits that are vital to you.

The benefits of this are countless, because they are all private. You may find that things like in-facility services (such as car washes, meals, or gyms) will disrupt the transaction, or you may want to choose options that include remote days in your contract. So how do you consider all the small allowances you want in your ideal job?

The answer is time-consuming, but simple. Reddit user SCMX2000

Subdivide each major category of work (salary, paid vacation, medical, etc.) into subcategories of services and allowances. For example, the "salary" category may include basic salary, bonus, salary frequency, whether there is 401k, etc.

Once you have exhausted the list of categories and subcategories, you can review and find out who disrupted the transaction. In this way, you not only target your salary and payment schedule, but you also use material value to quantify your value. If you look for a job with these considerations in mind, and then conduct an interview, you are more likely to get exactly what you want, rather than something similar.

Of course, you may now find yourself in the “any job is great” camp. If so, it's still worth your time to categorize your ideal job allowance-if you find yourself in an interview with a certain degree of autonomy, you will never regret being over-prepared.

(BUSINESS NEWS) Walmart promised to spend 350 billion U.S. dollars on domestic goods and products in the next ten years.

Walmart announced its intention to promote economic development and support U.S. products

According to CNBC, in the next 10 years, "products manufactured, assembled or grown in the United States" will be affected.

Although Wal-Mart has already stocked products and used materials from the United States (which eventually reportedly reached more than 60% of its listed products), this initiative will greatly increase the number of domestic materials and products used and stocked in the United States.

Wal-Mart hopes to increase the demand for jobs and American-made products in this way.

This is not the first time Wal-Mart has shown an interest in purchasing products from local sources. When labor activists and other organizations criticized Wal-Mart for pushing jobs overseas by lowering prices, Wal-Mart responded by announcing a plan to purchase US$250 billion in US goods and services by 2023.

Several sources pointed out that Wal-Mart wants to maintain its growth trajectory, spending $250 billion will represent a little more than 3% of its sales over the past ten years. By increasing the stakes to $350 billion in the next ten years, one must wonder how insignificant the financial impact of doing so is. However, the goal of creating more jobs and revitalizing the US economy is too late.

Other (seemingly complementary) benefits of this investment in domestic products include a theoretically reduced carbon footprint, the restoration of the long-lost "Made in America" ​​label, and the opportunity to cater to customer concerns.

In the announcement, Walmart CEO John Furner (John Furner) also drew attention to a new plan called "American Beacon", in which government officials, suppliers and other individuals adjacent to the think tank The group will identify cost-effective methods to eliminate problems related to domestic production. the way. Ultimately, Wal-Mart will seek to develop American manufacturing while reducing barriers to individual product sources.

Time will tell whether Wal-Mart can stick to its goal of supporting American products and materials when overseas costs provide cheaper options. If Wal-Mart finds a way to reliably purchase the items they need to fulfill their promises, the manufacturing jobs they create will most likely be offset by the reduction in internal jobs caused by price increases and the shift to automation.

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