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In 1992, Trent Reznor went to war with his record company. The result is a broken EP of nine-inch nails-his biggest rebellious act

In 1992, Trent Reznor refused to release new music. His band

Signed with TVT Records, which is promoting the follow-up of its successful debut album "Pretty" in 1989

. The record company wanted a "commercial, easy-to-digest" synthesizer. Reznor wants darker, more


The result is a deadlock.

Reznor has spent most of his career fighting against what he calls "greedy recording industry." When GM reissues

In 2011, he urged fans not to waste their money on "record company nonsense." In 2009, he told his fans where to find NIN’s illegally filmed HD video

tourism. Before release

, He hid a USB stick in the performance venue, which contained a leak of unreleased, unprotected album tracks. He even took his former manager and Nothing Records co-founder to court, and eventually won back his lost assets through an unreasonable contractual agreement. But even during the 1992 rebellion

Standing out is the jewel in the crown of rebellion.

When he wrote this song, Reznor believed that his music career was dead. According to the advantages of the demo, he signed a contract with TVT (you can find them in the demo album,

). The label thought they were signing pop music performances, so when Reznor showed up

For TVT founder Steve Gottlieb (Steve Gottlieb), he was told that he ruined a promising music career.

Broken became an artistic expression of his frustration, frustration and anger at the time. Almost everything about the EP is for the purpose of rebellion, from the lyrical content to the accompanying movie and the secret information in the inner notes. For almost 30 years, it is still Trent Reznor's best "fuck you".

It was originally a secret secret between Reznor and the producer Flood. To keep TVT in the dark, he used a different band name and used the money he earned on YouTube to fund the EP.

, And chose to record in six different studios, one of which is "Le Pig"-


 "Frode, I have to record

Reznor told Spin in 1996: "If TVT finds that we are recording, they can confiscate all our shit and release it."

The EP contains six original songs from NIN, with a cover of "Adam And The Ants"

, And the tracks of Reznor’s former band Pigface. The sound is inspired by early industrial music pioneers, such as

Designed to capture the cruel live performance sound produced by NIN while on tour

To make each track intentionally eroded, distortion was added to each instrument. Reznor wrote this album on the guitar, layering the sound to create something new and experimental (he even used samples of dog barking).

In an interview in 1993

, He said: "It's a bit dense, too dense. It has been analyzed-each song has 20 different melodies. You may not hear it for the first five or ten times, or you may never hear it."

After becoming mainstream music, Reznor is determined to create a new and more shocking sound to help NIN get rid of its connoisseur status. "I want to make a'fuck you' record. It's also a bit stupid,'I'm not a cat,' I'm not a sold out' attitude." He even deliberately covered up two EP covers, so mainstream radios could not use it as The most playable option.

Track title, e.g.


It almost conceals the expression of Reznor's struggle for artistic control. At the 0.28 second mark of the orbit

, Reznor can be heard whispering in Gottlieb. In fact, this special cover was included on TVT, which had prevented NIN from releasing it.

The EP is kept secret, and Reznor and Gottlieb have an open dispute. He believes that TVT hinders the promotion of TV advertising

Therefore, he launched a long legal battle to release NIN from the trademark. When Interscope founder Jimmy Iovine partnered with TVT to buy the NIN contract, the deadlock eventually broke.

Reznor felt that the "slave trade" had changed from a bad trade to a worse trade. In order to reverse the situation and regain the trend, he took a "crazy move" and negotiated the creation of his own vanity record company Nothing Records. The vanity label gives him complete control of his music and allows him to sign with other singers, the most famous of which is

Reznor is satisfied, he has taken full advantage of the bad situation

Go to Iovine and become the first release of Nothing Records through Interscope and TVT.

The feature of the cover artwork is the big logo of Nothing Records-the blazing rebellion logo. EP credits and press releases were dug up on TVT and Interscope. The most obvious is: "The slave thought he was released from the bondage, but found a stronger chain."

And he hasn't finished yet.

After TVT interfered with the BDSM content in his video

, Interscope's commitment to full creative control makes Reznor highly suspicious. He hired short film producers who were just starting out, tested them,

, Make music videos for singles

. The purpose of this is to be as... as unlimited as possible.

They chose a concept based on Octave Mirabeux's French novel "Torture Garden". This video will introduce the "super masochistic" performance artist Bob Flanagan (Bob Flanagan), who was voluntarily tortured and exiled by machines, and eventually crushed him.

Reiss claimed that Reznor deliberately sought out filmmakers who were not "contaminated" by the process of making commercial music videos. His intention was to make a video with no limits...he succeeded.

The combination of graphic violence and frontal nudity makes the video almost impossible to play-Interscope and MTV are both angry. Reiss said: "This film is basically a bastard to the industry."

Reiss went on to make a performance music video for another track on EP,

(With the young Marilyn Manson as the guitarist), this film was shot in Tate's house. At the beginning of the video, the words "FUCK YOU STEVE" are clearly visible on the computer screen in the shot -An Easter egg, which many people think is another excavation of Gottlieb.

Dissatisfaction caused by confusion

For the video, Reznor raised his bet. He hired Peter'Sleazy' Christopherson (


) Directing longer movies,

"Looks like a Disney movie."

in a

, He said: “No one was involved, and no one was putting pressure on it, but he was talking to me. “If we build a framework around these songs, if we take a really frightening approach instead of making A horror movie nods to the camera, what should it do? What if it feels real?'"

They are not playing. As a result, the so-called "broken movie" is much more real than anyone expected. It contains six short films, as broken EP music videos, all of which are linked to snuff movie style video clips.

There are only two of the music videos (

) Is actually a feature of Reznor or the band-the rest are disturbing accounts of rape, torture, cannibalism and murder. The video was shocked. Christopherson requested that the Reznor master tape be placed in an unmarked envelope so that it would not be traced back to him.

When Reznor decided to combine with his decision to rent Tate's house, the videotape was eventually shelved. "I thought,'Enough. I don't know I need this kind of stuff.' Peter thought the house was too rigid, and Peter agreed. So we put it on hold."

Reznor didn't want to waste his work, but released a copy of VHS to selected friends. Each friend has his own unique dropout, so he can find the culprit in the event of a leak. His suspicion is not unfounded. Bootleg VHS videotapes entered the market and spread quickly, making this movie an underground fanatic classic (albeit horrible). The poor image quality caused by repeated tape duplication even made some fans wonder if they were watching a real snuff film.

Although the degree of visualization is too high to release the official version, this did not prevent Reznor from including a considerable part of the footage in the video album Closure. It has been leaked several times since, and many NIN fans believe that Reznor is the culprit in every situation.

This film is a brilliant example of how the artist overthrew the dark system he was trying to express. The film’s release continues to this day and is still permanently retained by Reznor, who provided a secret link to the complete video on TV.

At the time of the release, Reznor mentioned

Just like the "ugly record" created at an ugly moment in his life. But this does not prevent it from achieving platinum or seventh place on the US Billboard 200 rankings. EP won two Grammy Awards for Best Heavy Metal Performance from Reznor, the Wish Award in 1993 and the Wish Award in 1996.

. Later he joked that his epitaph would read: "Dead. Say "fisting". Won a Grammy Award."

Although NIN will sign with Interscope until 2007, the release of Broken marked a trivial victory for Reznor: He regained some creative control, proved his financial ability, and consolidated NIN as an alternative music era. Spiritual status. Broken also marks a preliminary attempt towards what many consider to be NIN's greatest album "The Downward Spiral".

Most of NIN's creative output is a deliberate challenge to authority, but the story behind Broken makes it stand out. This is not only an epic "fuck you", it's also a fuck of you, and it still resonates with you thirty years later.

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