New Rules Go Into Effect for Michigan Industrial Hemp Growers

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Two years ago, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) established the state's first industrial hemp Ag pilot program so that farmers, processors, and universities can grow, process, process, and research industrial hemp. The program continues until the 2020 growing season, and a total of 631 growers and 517 processors have registered and/or obtained permits to grow, process and sell industrial hemp. The bill was introduced by Senator Dan Lawwells (R-Brockway Town) and sets many parameters for cannabis growers.

The legalization of marijuana in Michigan may not make much sense, but the Federal Reserve holds a different view and wants to ensure that the industrial hemp grown does not rise. A bill two years ago required government inspectors to sample factories for THC analysis.

Today, Governor Whitmer signed another bill sponsored by Senator Brockway that brings the state’s plans into compliance with federal guidelines, which went into effect on Monday, March 22.




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