New and Notable: Latest launches from Anker, Madewell, All-Clad and more

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Spring is coming, now it’s time to put away our books

But reach for it

every morning. Warm weather has also increased the number of people searching online for activities such as backyard staples


. Although there are states all over the country

, This

Encourage Americans to wear

, Especially in indoor spaces like gyms, where it’s hard to avoid being hurt by others: for this, we consult experts on everything we need to know to buy legal goods

And why medical experts say it’s time

In shopping news

Expand its

With 12 new functions

, Including


Limited edition released

Celebrate the fifth birthday

. with

Three new seasonal colors have just been introduced-


The brand stated in promotional materials that all these inspirations come from nature.

In addition, skin care brands

The package launched will detail the ingredients in each product and its impact on the environment.

,It provides

Cooperation with digital camera and lens brands

Develop new smartphone cameras for future OnePlus devices in the next three years. The two companies have also collaborated on the new OnePlus 9 series camera system scheduled to be released on March 23. Finally, Hewlett-Packard announced:

, The game department

In addition to these announcements, you may also want to consider some more specific announcements from brands such as Anker, Our Place, and All-Clad.

Anker’s new battery pack is specifically designed for

The magnetic charging function. To use a magnetic portable charger, snap it to the back of the iPhone, and it can power the device with or without a compatible protective case. The charger also has a USB-C port and comes with a cable that can charge the PowerCore itself, or allow it to charge other devices, such as

. The charger can fully charge almost any version of iPhone 12. It also has a built-in safety system, which includes foreign body detection, short circuit protection and temperature control.

The new hair mask set is a deep conditioning care agent designed to promote hair growth, moisturize hair and enhance shine. It comes with five packs of organic coconut oil, quick-drying towels made from recycled water bottles, and vegan bamboo hairbrushes. Conscious Coconut also includes a hair film guide in the kit to guide you how to use it, and an organic cotton bag to store everything. Every time you purchase a coconut oil hair mask kit, Conscious Coconut will donate two meals to children in need.

Collaborating with Issa Rae to launch its new spring collection

It can express itself through the clothes it wears every day. Madewell collaborated with Issa Rae's production company ColorCreative and music record company Raedio on this event, both of which highlight underrepresented creators and artists. You can shop

Features in the campaign, such as

. This

Also included is a loose-fitting overalls jumpsuit dyed in three colors-pale evergreen, antique cream and azaleas-and

There are four colors: true black, dry cedar, dark forest and lavender.

The 50th anniversary of the establishment of the cookware brand

Launched two new product lines: All-Clad D3 Everyday and All-Clad Fusiontec, both of which are designed to have oven and broiler safety.

Allswell's Brick mattress is designed to provide a feeling of medium firmness. Its individually wrapped coil reduces motion transmission, so you won't disturb your partner while you sleep, and it is made of 2 inches of high-density foam to provide extra support. The mattress is also equipped with a 1-inch copper-impregnated memory foam that transfers heat away from your body, keeping you cool all night. The last layer of foam and the top layer of the brick increase the overall height of the mattress. It is 12 inches tall in total. The size of the mattress ranges from Twin (double) to California King (California King), which is also sold by Allswell

Same as bedding

Bloomscape now offers

Layout your garden, backyard and patio.

Provide detailed plant care instructions and guides to help you grow flowers and greenery and outdoor

. There are two different types of Blooms suites:

You can also buy

Come plant your flowers. Bloomscape has added outdoor plant tools and supplies to its new collection, such as

And more.

In addition to improving its design


Inlet has just been released. This is the brand's lightest, lightest, and easiest product to assemble. Compared with other kayaks of the brand, it can also be folded into the smallest box. The entrance-designed for beginner kayakers-is equipped with an adjustable footrest and backrest, as well as a comfortable seat cushion. Its spacious and spacious cockpit is designed to provide you with space for children or dogs to take you to the water. Oru also updated its original kayak series for 2021. The kayak’s origami box-to-boat design allows you to fold it into a compact box with handles when storing or traveling. They are easy to unfold when you are ready to use them.

Clothing brand Bonobos and golfer Justin Rose have launched a

Comes with a polo shirt, shorts and pants. The moisture-wicking Performance Polo is made of stretchy, breathable jersey fabric, which can move with your body when you play. It is designed with mesh collar and underarm eyelets to keep cool, and there are four styles to choose from:

And Navy Forest Stripes (coming soon). This

There is a scorecard protection bag to reduce moisture, and a gel belt that can hold the shirt to ensure that your polo remains involved in the game. Pants and shorts are sold in two colors:

To celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year, and to help you make Persian rice tahdig, Our Place has launched Tahdig Trio. It can be used with Always Pan and comes with a Noosh-e-Joon plate, which can be nested on the plate, so you can easily flip the tahdig and put it into use. The three-piece set also includes a Damkoni (lid). It slides over the lid of the Always Pan to absorb steam when the rice is cooked. Our place added a bottle of saffron to the trio because it is a common spice in tahdig recipes. These three can also help baker make upside-down cakes, and there are four colors to choose from: spice nougat, chickpea walnut, spice ash and chickpea pomegranate.

Brooks launch

A lightweight support bra designed for runners. This

A sports bra with a built-in molded cup can help you stay in shape and reduce exercise. This

The compression sports bra is designed with flexible tight-fitting fabric and has cover options such as detachable cups. Both series of bras are designed with hidden bottom straps to reduce scratches and irritation. They are available in A-FF size and various styles and colors, such as

and a

As the weather picks up, we will soon be able to pack up the heavy winter jackets and replace them with light things.

Introduced a new


. Items come in from bright colors


, And things like

Poncho and poncho are also part of the series

. Canada goose for sale

It also unfolds into a balaclava. In addition, Canada Goose also released light springs for

The same

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