Metal Additive Manufacturing Vol. 6 No. 3 Autumn 2020

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The story of Atherton Bikes is a brilliant example of how a capable team of professionals can successfully adopt and commercialize metal additive manufacturing (AM).

Take the Atherton series as an example. This technology not only enables them to maximize their performance during the peak of professional mountain bikes, but also opens the way for commercial bicycle production in industries that dominate frame manufacturing in Taiwan and China.

In an article that will appeal to anyone considering the use of metal AM, the Atherton Bikes team shared its experience with Robin Weston.


There is no doubt that additive manufacturing has a huge impact on the design and manufacturing of rocket propulsion systems (especially combustion chambers and nozzles), and the Achilles heel of most additive manufacturing processes is surface finish.

Although in many additive manufacturing applications, the surface finish may not be related to the function or performance of the component, for high cycle fatigue performance, achieving the required smoothness is critical to performance.

In this article, Justin Michaud of REM Surface Engineering reports on the progress made in this field through a public-private partnership with NASA.

When you confuse your childhood obsession with rockets and space travel, the careers of some world-renowned companies in the aerospace industry, and the curiosity of amateur 3D printing developed through manufacturer fairs, Melanie Lang of FormAlloy inevitably Will enter the world of metal additive manufacturing.

Magazine’s Emily-Jo Hopson-VandenBos interviewed Lang, CEO and co-founder of FormAlloy, an expert in Directed Energy Deposition (DED), and talked about her approach to additive manufacturing, the company’s technology, and the prospects of the process.

Cemented carbide (also called cemented carbide) has played a huge and often overlooked role in the development of modern industry. From the first application in drawing dies in the 1920s to today, hard metal has become a universal material, and its applications range from metal cutting, wood, plastic and composite machining to glass bottles, aluminum cans and ubiquitous ballpoint pen tips. Production. Can additive manufacturing technology break into the market with annual sales of tens of billions of euros?

Dr. Ying Johannes Pötschke reviewed the basic principles of cemented carbide production and considered the most feasible additive manufacturing process in this complex material family.

Nickel-based superalloys are an important group of materials for components used in gas turbine, aerospace, and chemical processing industries. However, many mature super alloys today are not well adapted to the processing of additive manufacturing.

In this article, Dr. Tatiana Hentrich and Dr. Christina Schmidt of VDM Metals International GmbH gave an overview of nickel-based alloys, focusing on the enhancement effect, mechanical properties and weldability, and compared the traditional production route and the laser beam powder bed fusion technology. The production challenge (PBF-LB) additive manufacturing.

For a country with a population that is much smaller than that of cities such as London or New York, New Zealand is "struggling" to develop expertise in additive manufacturing and educate design engineers on how to use it.

A professor at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Olaf Diegel, associate consultant of Wohlers Associates, and Terry Wohlers, president of Wohlers Associates, reported on additive manufacturing activities and highlighted a series of successful commercial applications.

The application of metal additive manufacturing in the production of injection molds has been optimized through conformal cooling, which is becoming increasingly popular internationally. However, for many companies, the main obstacle to adopting this product is not worry about material properties or unfamiliarity with unfamiliar processes, but only the initial cost-the mold industry is extremely competitive and AM blades are expensive.

Here, Mark Cook of 3D Systems and Dogan Basic of GF Machining Solutions showed a case study of TK Mold, a leading tool manufacturer and injection molding expert, focusing on how this blade can reduce overall manufacturing costs and increase parts after effective manufacturing. quality.

Although additive manufacturing as a technology has proven its value through increasing innovation and real-world applications, the current participants in the additive manufacturing supply chain face numerous obstacles, ranging from skill shortages to highly complex supply chains and high costs. And fluctuating product demand.

To solve this problem, as reported by Laura Ely and John Barnes, an end-to-end additive manufacturing production base Neighborhood 91 is being created in Pittsburgh, USA, as reported by Laura Erie and John Barnes. In that way, the company strives to bring all the components of the additive manufacturing supply chain together into a strong production ecosystem.

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In addition to the rich content of AM industry news columns, this 168-page journal also includes articles and reports in the following areas:

Velo3D, Inc. of Campbell, California, and a special purpose acquisition company JAWS Spitfire Acquisition Corporation have reached an agreement.

Formnext organizer Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH reports that after the annual global trade fair is almost entirely digital, Formnext...

Trinity St. David’s University in Wales (UWTSD) has established a new advanced manufacturing skills academy to share important expertise and...

ValCUN, a developer of a new metal additive manufacturing process based in Ghent, Belgium, has raised 1.5 million euros in funding to further develop...

SPEE3D is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and has provided WarpSPEE3D metal additive manufacturing machines for "3D in Metal" (a type of additive manufacturing).

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