Metabo HPT Expands the MultiVolt™ System with the Industry’s First Battery-Only Cordless Duplex Nailer | Business Wire

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Metabo HPT introduces the industry's first battery-free duplex nail gun, thereby extending the MultiVolt system

Bratherton, Georgia-(

)-Metabo HPT today announced the latest product of the MultiVolt™ system, which is the industry's first battery-powered wireless duplex nail gun (model NR3675DD). This double-sided nail gun combines the reputation of Metabo HPT's preferred brand for pneumatic nails* and its unique lifetime tool warranty for cordless tools to provide the quality and performance expected of Metabo HPT nails. This unique tool can immediately increase site efficiency, saving money and precious time when concrete is being formed or temporary scaffolding is constructed. MultiVolt dual-phase nail gun has won the 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Award from Pro Tool Reviews for its first-class products in the leading era. This tool is used in conjunction with the MultiVolt Rebar Bending/Cutter (VB3616DA) to create the ultimate cordless platform for concrete professionals!

This cordless duplex nail gun completely changed the concrete molding on site here. Manually driving double-sided nails will soon become history. With Metabo HPT's air spring drive system and 36V MultiVolt battery, you can leave the hammer behind and save precious time. By combining the reliability of Metabo HPT's proven wireless stapler technology with the power of MultiVolt battery technology, this cordless duplex nail can drive duplex fasteners all day long. Using the included 2.5Ah MultiVolt battery (model 371751M), the tool can drive up to 900 16D 3-1 / 2 inch duplex nails per charge. For a longer period of time, it can be powered by a 4.0Ah MultiVolt battery (model 372121M), which can drive up to 1200 duplex nails on a single charge! NR3675DD duplex nails can accept duplex nails finished with 6D, 8D and 16D plastic strips, which can be purchased from Metabo HPT.

This pioneering cordless duplex stapler produces high output energy. Thanks to the unique air spring drive system of Metabo HPT, it can drive 2 nails per second, with a pneumatic feel. NR3675DD has a brushless motor, which can extend running time, increase power and extend durability without maintenance. The acceleration time is zero, no need to wait for the end of the tool, just open the tool on the simplified control panel and start using it.

The MultiVolt double-sided nail gun is equipped with a dry-fire locking system and a drive depth that can be adjusted without tools. Selective actuation allows the user to choose between impact mode and sequential mode to increase flexibility. In order to improve user safety, this tool is equipped with a rotatable belt hook and side lock switch to prevent accidental firing. Wireless double-sided nails can be used for a long time, and Metabo HPT's lifetime lithium-ion tool body warranty makes it a long-term safe choice. The included 2.5Ah MultiVolt battery weighs only 10.8 pounds and provides impressive power and runtime, allowing users to work all day with just one charge.

*Based on "Builder&Developer" magazine 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 pneumatic nail product brand survey

Metabo HPT today announced the latest product of the MultiVolt™ system, which is the industry's first battery-only cordless double-sided nail gun (model NR3675DD).

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