Meet the winners of our 2020 Best of Products Awards

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It is our most powerful product to date, and we are happy to show you the winners. There are more editions this year than ever before, with 31 categories covering almost all imaginable building, indoor and outdoor product categories, from acoustics and fabrics to air barriers and wooden cladding. Our discerning jurors bring their extensive expertise into each of these products and evaluate them on a variety of basis, including aesthetics, performance, ease of installation and value. After all, they selected a winner with up to two honorable mentions in each category.

The'Editor' picks out the most respected groups.

Different from previous years,

Do not follow any industry trade fair or design week. Perhaps it is the result that the unification trend among hundreds of submissions is not obvious. Those incidents that did occur reflected concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic, such as health and safety. Physical barriers, anti-bacterial hardware, wipeable surfaces, operable apertures, and smart entry systems try to alleviate user anxiety ("Should I touch that doorknob?" "Should I keep a proper distance from others?") is us Characteristics of the current situation.

Comfort is another perceivable theme, related to the isolation caused by the pandemic in the past few months, when the residential area suddenly became a full-time work area. In this score, the new free-standing partitions, baffles that minimize sound insulation, and desktop partitions are particularly appreciated, and space depiction solutions such as personalized textiles and easy-to-configure wall co are also particularly welcome . There is no shortage of creative lighting equipment, not to mention the digital skylight system that promises to bring pleasant effects to daylight. Of course, there are a large number of desks and a large number of seats, many of which are equipped with luxurious interiors and integrated privacy protection features. Makes us envious.

The intense focus on the shell and outer surface of the work reminds us of the outside world, and, while browsing the latest outdoor furniture, we imagine spending a long and dark lunch with colleagues.

There is no packaging in any of these outstanding designs and merchandise. Although many people are particularly suited to the new normal, they are certainly not bound by the new common sense. Almost everyone has this flexibility, and this trait is welcome at any time and in any situation. Some of them promote well-being and promote interaction; others are not so aggressive at all-this is not a trivial matter. For these reasons, in addition to this, we also toasted this year's winners.



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Vice President of Research and Development

Main editor

"Diablo" by Suzanne Tick

Cambria’s coordinate collection,

Dikton Avant-Garde Series

Pietta Donovan series

Amazon stone

"This elegant design provides well-calibrated light, can improve the built environment without overwhelming the interior, and invites people to make subtle discoveries in the smallest details of its fine resolution." Sharon Johnston (Sharon) Johnston)

Coil assembly



Reproduce the chair

w coffee table

Panda sofa

"These patterns are so subtle in terms of gradients and color choices, and so delicate and unique in terms of their shapes. They will enhance a variety of furniture combinations and spaces."-Yang e

Desert Light Carpet and Rug Series


Sunbrella ensures

"With hybrid induction and gas stove top, this product brings you the best of both worlds." —Gabrielle Golenda

IKON 33" Apron 1-3 / 4 bowls, low compartment sink

Transition type 30-inch combined wall-hung boiler

Park Avenue Kitchen Cabinet

"As more and more consumers are looking for powerful toilets, it is great to see designs that look different from the outside, and are packaged in a beautiful and simple form."-Yang e


Modular bathroom

Earl Smart Toilet


"Pure + FreeForm impressed us with its environmentally responsible copper-based metal substitutes. Brass and bronze coated aluminum plates are recyclable, and more importantly, they contain post-consumer recycled materials for designers. Provides lightweight options with predictable, consistent aesthetics (even in weathered conditions)."-Adam Polcyn

Jade designer edition interior latex

Martin Kesselman White

"I really like the way the design strikes a balance between refinement and balance. The clean outer lines and the inner face close to your hands are a great, thoughtful feeling." Tom Kundi (Tom Kundig)

Churchill Suite

Ice cubes, pebbles and debris

Del Mar phone

Combined glass railing system

Mortise lock status indicator

Electronic genius

"'Form is everything,'" [Italian furniture designer] Enzo Mari (Enzo Mari) said. Simple shapes are the most complex nails. Max Lamb's dedication to traditional single-material manufacturing is comparable to Hem's relatively affordable The cooperation is maintained. The looooong communal table suitable for meetings or dining is a popular product on the market." -Alex Gilbert

Palisades Luxe

Twelfth Division

Paco Bench

Power beam

"The simplicity and versatility of this FLOS collection and the way it creates its own architecture left a deep impression on me." —Asad Syrkett

Black lens

Purolinear 360

Spectral cleaning

Garden on the wall

Felt baffle and perforated ceiling system

AVIO series

"I appreciate the simplicity of the design. Considering that people find themselves used as workspaces in many different places, these panels look super versatile and are particularly relevant now." Tom Kundig


Wall collection

Soft screen

Aperture SkyCeiling

Cadiant dynamic lighting experience

Power outdoor lighting

"The best outdoor lighting helps to find the way without causing visual disturbance, and Motive achieves a balance between beauty and function among multiple applications." —Asad Syrkett)



Lance series

RIOS Rio Bike Rack


Eclipse series

"These four fasteners provide easy installation and a variety of options without affecting the visual impact." This is an amazing product, and I am glad to see its versatility attract attention. "Tom Kundig"

RHEINZINK-GRANUM construction grade zinc

Laser cutting collection

Deep texture perforated stainless steel

CABRIO balcony skylight MK19

Sky Bay

1620UT / 1620UT SSG curtain wall system

Nana Meihua SL84

"NanaWall is a game changer suitable for the environment. It is designed to elegantly blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces." —Kimberly Dowdell

YSD 600 TUH low-threshold, impact-resistant building sliding door

Holoform removable wall system

MultiGlide pass-through with automation

Glass BirdProtect with DotView one-way vision

"In recent years, there have been many bird safety glasses to choose from, and this device is at the top of the list." Samuel Medina

Flood control window system

StoVentec rain screen system

Custom facade integrated with 3D design and printing

Envel Ultra High Performance Concrete Exterior Wall


29 new wanderlust options for ALUCOBOND PLUS aluminum composite finishes

Unchanging tone

YWW 50 TU Thermal Broken Window System

"YWW provides an innovative flat edge covering that promotes clean production lines, while providing thermal insulation technology to improve product performance and flexibility." —Kimberly Dowdell

Decorative ventilated glass rain sky curtain system

Florim S7 system


Solarban Vision Glass

"Vitro provides designers with another tool to show that they care about our environment. It allows us to push high performance and aesthetics forward." Jonathan Moody

Wait for safety

Halio smart tinted glass

Precision edge

ArmorWall structural insulation sheath SP

Cavity Rock Black

LG Art Cool Premier wall-mounted split system

PKFY-NLMU wall-mounted indoor unit

Sanicubic 2 VX

Procedural Water Technology


Awakened Skylight

LG neon lights

StreamLabs control


Vectorworks Architect 2020 BIM software

Honeycomb structure

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