Machine Tool Processes Depend on Creative Enablers

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It can be said that IMTS (virtual or other) presents the ultimate manufacturing toolbox, where the latest, most innovative and proven equipment can be found in the workshop for fixing, moving, cutting, bending and inspecting workpieces. The challenges in this area are growing. The tool spindle is faster. The material is harder. The workpiece is larger, thinner, and heavier (or lighter). In the traditional material removal process, the action of the tool hitting the workpiece is violent, generating heat and force, which must be processed to ensure the quality of the final workpiece. Research in depth and you will always find a solution.

The BIG Kaiser Precision Mold Company of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, released a new type of closed-loop boring system with an intelligent, fully automatic fine boring head. When used with an in-process measurement system, the system can automatically compensate for cutting edge wear, thereby reducing scrap, improving accuracy and saving time.

The diameter movement range of the EWA68 boring head is 0.866 inches (22 mm), and the smallest blade holder is used, with a diameter range of 2.677-3.543 inches (68-90 mm). This means that a boring head can be used to produce similarly sized holes on the same part. By adding two larger blade holders, the diameter range can be expanded to 5.197 inches (132 mm). Integration options for existing machine tools include an external industrial PC for handling machine control communications and EWA boring head adjustments. Machine controls that may need to be updated are suitable for processing EWA software.

For the lower level of integration (there is no measuring tool in the process), BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling provides a third way of implementation, in which the boring head adjustment is done by inputting manual data into the tablet or mobile device used to control the boring head To move.

Bluco of Naperville, Illinois pioneered the development of modular fixtures for welding, machining, inspection, and assembly, whose components and fixtures can be reassembled and reused. Typical applications include position welding tables, basic workstations, power manipulators and robotic welding fixtures. In order to make welders safer and weldments more precise, Bluco fixtures and ALM positioners can be combined to create a solution designed to fix and position multiple parts through a modular kit. The positioner allows the part to rotate 360°, which eliminates heavy work and makes welding more comfortable. Bluco modular tools and ALM positioners are compatible with more than 400 modular components and provide welding solutions for variable size or large heavy parts.

Bluco's newly developed product, the ultra-large modular fixture system (see opening photo), is designed for the largest parts manufactured on vertical and horizontal CNC machines. The tolerance between the holes of the fixture system is ±0.0006 inches (0.015 mm). Customized solutions are suitable for machine tools or pallets with 20' (6 m) or larger substrates.

Carmex Precision Tools of Richfield, Wisconsin specializes in thread turning and milling tools. The product line includes thread turning inserts and holders, milling thread inserts and holders, and thread cutters for milling solid carbide and spiral milling cutters. In addition to thread processing, Carmex also produces grooving tools, small chamfer milling cutters and Tiny-Tools series of small boring bars, which are used for thread processing, turning and grooving of small parts.

Carmex has introduced a new diamond turning insert that can process hard materials faster and more efficiently than grinding or ceramic processing, thus achieving higher productivity and efficiency. Diamond PCD blades are good at processing non-ferrous materials, including high silicon aluminum, copper and brass alloys, magnesium, CFRP and composite materials.

CVD-T blades are designed to process aluminum and magnesium alloys, high silicon aluminum, precious metal alloys, plastics with abrasives, tungsten carbide and ceramic green bodies. The blade has an advanced chip breaker, which can reduce heat generation and energy consumption.

Diamond PCBN inserts can provide high-precision performance and excellent surface finish in difficult to machine or difficult-to-machine applications, including hardened and heat-treated steel with a hardness of up to 72 HRC, high-speed steel, and high-alloy steel hardened to 45 HRC and higher. Nickel-based alloys, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and compacted graphite iron.

Lang Technovation of Hartland, Wisconsin, produces workpiece clamping and automation technology for milling applications that complements its zero-point clamping and automation system. Its closed mold technology provides a guarantee for the processing from raw materials to finished workpieces. In addition, the cleaning fan product line will automatically clean the machine tool table, pallet and/or workpiece after the machining process.

Lang's new Makro•4Grip clamping system extends its patented Form-Closure technology to round parts with a diameter of up to 300 mm. The Makro•4Grip system consists of universal punching pliers with repositionable inserts (for different diameters) and matching clamping pliers. These clamping pliers are suitable for Lang self-centering vises of various sizes. The jaws can be used as a compatible jaw kit for all 77 mm and 125 mm wide vises.

The jaw clamps the pre-punched workpiece with a clamping height of 3 mm through four notches. Makro•4Grip mold clamping and clamping system adopts the tried and tested principle of clamping and clamping, and it has been used for square and rectangular workpieces. Makro•4Grip provides a clamping range that can support workpieces with a diameter of 36-300 mm, so that it can seamlessly transition to a large diameter Preci-Point chuck.

SMW Autoblok in Wheeling, Illinois introduced the SJL six-jaw (2 + 2 + 2) equalization and self-centering power chuck. According to the company, SJL is specifically designed for CNC machining applications to provide the highest accuracy for thin-walled and deformation-sensitive workpieces. According to application requirements, SJL can switch from a 2 + 2 + 2 lever balanced chuck to a classic six-jaw self-centering chuck.

By using the 2 + 2 + 2 lever balance function, you can ensure that the gripping force of each jaw group is equal in pairs and continuously contact the workpiece, thereby providing higher concentricity and axial runout accuracy. This minimizes the deformation or inaccuracy of the raw material. The six-jaw self-centering option can provide concentric fixture locking plates for all consecutive six-jaws, so that the chuck can hold round, machined diameter and thin-walled workpieces that require the same wall thickness.

SJL's centrifugal force compensation function can provide constant gripping force at higher speeds and feeds, thereby shortening production time. SJL adopts Proofline seal to prevent contamination inside, while providing consistent lubrication, which can extend maintenance intervals. It can accommodate a tongue-shaped or serrated upper jaw, with sizes ranging from 225 to 400 mm.

Emuge-Franken, the parent company of Emuge Corp. in West Boylston, Massachusetts, celebrates its 100th anniversary. Like other tool companies, Emuge-Franken is built on innovative products that have become the foundation of the company's development and success. In 1920, Richard Glimpel invented a single finishing tap with a spiral tip, which completely changed the processing method of internal threads. For one hundred years, Emuge's products include SoftSynchro, InnoForm thread forming tools and Circle-Segment end mills. Recently, Emuge-Franken developed Punch Tap, which can be produced and penetrated in a single operation.

Carr Lane's "Thin Swivel Edge Clamps" belong to the edge clamp series and are made in the United States. It has replaceable fixtures, which is very suitable for holding medium and large castings and medium and high workpieces. The pivoting jaws simultaneously apply clamping force forward and downward. The jaws have replaceable serrated grippers, which are made of hardened tool steel for high-yield durability. The slotted base provides adjustability and has a tapered top surface to prevent the fixture from moving. It is fixed with two hexagon socket screws. The fixture made by Carr Lane clamps the side of the workpiece to keep the top unobstructed for easy processing. Mechanical clamps are standard and can be converted to hydraulic clamps.

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Kyocera Precision Tools has expanded its line of jet coolant straight-through tool holders, which can provide multiple high-pressure coolant streams at precise locations to provide excellent chip control and wear prevention. Currently, the large-scale JCT series tool lineup includes inch-sized tool holders. This series is designed for various turning, grooving, parting and threading applications. For example, in turning applications, a Double-Clamp-JCT fixture with three coolant holes is used to direct the coolant to the rake face for chip control, and also to the flank face of the insert.

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The reCool extended product line of the coolant feedthrough system for CNC lathe powered tools with reCool ERAX is designed for power tools with externally threaded nuts. The production line has the traditional lathe coolant through capacity, and the processing range loss is minimal (approximately 10 mm). Hi-Q / ERAX can minimize the interference profile of larger parts and tightly machined shells. The company said that with the help of reCool, power tools and lathes can be modified to achieve the coolant flow-through function.

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The Roemheld electric swing clamp is driven by a 24 V brushless DC motor. The motor drives the gear and lead screw into the swing and stroke movement of the piston rod. The arm can be translated almost 180°, and the vertical stroke is only 3 mm. The design includes Belleville washers to provide mechanical recovery, ensuring that the clamp remains in the clamping position when the power is off. If the swing arm collides with the workpiece or other obstacles during the swing, the motor will be turned off.

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