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They played well in about 58 minutes of the game, sitting back for 2 minutes, and then finally pulled it out.

Despite surrendering two goals within two minutes of the end of the game,

Bounce to defeat

4-3 in the penalty shoot-out. Brayden Point, Mathieu Joseph and Steven Stamkos scored for lightning, while Miro Heiskanen, Jamie Benn and Alexander Radulov scored for stars. In the shootout, Rose Colton and Brighton Bonn scored for Tampa Bay, and Andrei Vasilevsky blocked Joe Pavelsky and Rare after Jason Robertson scored. Durov.

The Chargers had a lineup change, and Ross Colton rode back to the fourth line. Continue the game!

This is Radurov's first truly reliable opportunity. Ryan McDonagh tried to drive the puck out of the area and...whipped it. Sometimes the hockey puck does not want to leave the area. Radulov raided and rushed to the Nets. McDonagh recovered enough to disrupt him a little bit, while Vasilevskiy did the rest, because he played against the stars all season.

After making a few decent adjustments for the Stars, Tampa started pushing the game and unlocking some pucks on the net. They seem determined to make sure that their start is better than Monday's effort against Nashville, and this is one of the stars they provide a lead.

Brayden Point saw a crack in the Dallas defense and ran along a nice backdoor route. Ondrej Palat read the play perfectly, strode his friend and put the pass on the tape correctly. Point did all the rest, because he never slowed down. He only made a small billiard ball and slid the puck between Jake Oettinger's cushions. Only enough juice was used to make it gently Drop into the goal line.

The Lightning has enough space in the offensive area to play high and low positions, while the defensive player does not hesitate to shoot the puck and can pass the ball to the net. The entire team works together on the board to maintain or win back the puck. Pat Maroon canceled the Stars defense in this situation and fed the puck to Ross Colton, who made a goal on the net and Odin Oettinger put on his gloves.

After staying in his own area for a long time, Radurov played the biggest role in passing to the eternal Joe Pavalski. The veteran was quickly beaten by the net, but Vasilivsky again prevented him from coming.

The entire Lightning team seems to have an attack-first mentality. During this period, twelve different players took shots online. Even young people. Cal Foote's second great opportunity in this period was when he led the rush to the freezing point with about four minutes left. He had a partial two-on-one but was elected to shoot, and Otina was forced to block it in the crowd.

Should this period end with a score greater than 1-0? Frankly speaking, yes. Look, on a game-by-game basis, you can obtain or retain some analysis data, but the first stage of the story is completely ruled by Lightning. Bolt control shot attempts (25-10), scoring opportunities (13-4), really, very good scoring opportunities (7-2), and dividends with 80.99% of the expected target. As Rob Zettler told TV viewers during the intermission, it was one of the best times of the year for lightning, but thanks to Jake Oettinger, Shot put is just a goal, the number of shot puts is the least.

Dominating such a period and leading with only one goal can be frustrating. Staying away from the free throw box can maintain pressure, but the referee is not always in the game plan.

Ondrej Palat tried to do a good hip check on the Lightning Blue Line. It would be great if he took it off. The problem is that the person he is trying to hit doesn't actually have hockey. That is interference, the power of the stars. Radulov seemed to have a great chance of gaining the advantage, but Victor Hedman tied him and knocked the puck down before the star's forward could hit the ball into the net.

Dallas did something that the referees disagreed with after... and quickly returned to favor. Officially, this is a game delay, and it seems that Dallas is a bit slow to reach the standoff point after freezing. The Lightning had a chance, but unfortunately they didn't score any goals two minutes later. After Nick Caamano left the penalty box, he was free and unblocked with the help of ice hockey, so they got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Alas, he needs to raise the net about 2 feet to make his shooting better.

After the excellent penalty-free period in the first paragraph, the first half of the second paragraph is full of violations. Cal Foote spends time on the box to hook Radurov. If the stars are given enough opportunities, they will eventually score. Miro Heiskanen was the lucky recipient of the hockey puck. The hockey puck bounced off some mats and sticks. The defensive player can hit the net with a rebound. Tie game.

After an ice time of 206:54, the Dallas Stars finally faced Andrei Vasilevskiy. Yes, including from

. All the leading roles from the first stage? Gone, just like my youth. Dallas seemed inspired by the goal and made some powerful adjustments with even strength.

Lightning needs a line to stay in the Dallas area for a while. That line is the fourth line. Colton and Maroon won a battle behind the Star Net, and the big rig fed the puck to the slot machine's Mathieu Joseph. Joseph seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the last game. He definitely drew his timer to pass Ottinger to restore the lightning lead.

Cal Foote read the play well and pinched the puck to keep it in the area. He also knew that he would be hit, he fell over without hesitation and accepted the check. As his playing time increases, his confidence is getting stronger and stronger. Foote's intuition is one of his best assets, and it is great to see him use them at this level.

The early free throws seemed to make the Lightning stand out from their defense. Dallas did perform well after scoring, but Tampa Bay recovered and achieved good results. It was a period of far fewer events, balanced power, and Dallas’s numbers were slightly better. Nevertheless, Bolt was the first to enter the dressing room.

Therefore, the last frame played well back and forth, but at least for the first fifteen minutes, no team really did anything exciting. Within seven minutes of the "six skaters and goalkeeper" game where the Lightning tried to pull ol away, the stars did get another strong chance to play, but the referee awarded six penalty kicks. There were a lot of people passing by, but their steady shot from John Klingberg was easily knocked down by Vasilevskiy.

When they returned to the second stage, Dallas quickly returned to favor, and Pavelsky hit Colton with a stick. Will love the hospitality of the South. Steven Stamkos certainly likes it. After the top team spent almost all of their power in the Dallas area, Hedman took the hockey to his favorite position in Stanks. Stemmer launched a violent attack and Odinger had no chance to stop.

Congratulations to Heideman for becoming the first defensive player in Lightning history to score 500 points in his career.

Don’t roll around like a dead armadillo by the side of the road and give stars. They pulled the goalkeeper and spent some time in the lightning zone. Jamie Benn took advantage of Erik Cernak's poor first reading to reduce the lead to its original level.

Erik Cernak expected the puck to enter the net, while Benn left the net alone. When the puck appeared in front (thanks to Heskarnen's ignorance and backhand pass), no one defended the forward and he passed Vasilevskiy.

One goal lead. Two minutes away. is that OK? wrong.

McDonald played well, he did. Just a bad result. His jab moved the puck away from Radulov's leg, then slid over the skates and over Vasilevskiy. From 3-1 to 3-3 like this. That's not great. At the end of the season, the Chargers were really good at protecting the protagonist, so seeing them surrender two goals in the last two minutes is a bit confusing.

Both teams have a good cycle in ice hockey and play very fast. This is how the NHL expects all teams to work overtime. When Blake Coleman's shot was kicked out by Taylor Johnson, the Lightning almost ended it. TJ just chopped it far away. Hedman also made a wide. Sergachev had the last chance on the buzzer, but Eettinger made a save.

Jason Robertson-Goal

Rose Colton-Goal!

Joe Pavelski-save

Cape Breton-Goal!

Alex Radulov-save

Lightning victory!

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