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Houston, Texas-The Texas baseball team rebounded by defeating Houston in an 8-2 series victory at Schroder Park on Sunday afternoon after falling into a superfluous situation on Saturday.

The No. 19 Longhorns improved their season record to 7-5, while the Cougars dropped to 7-4

Texas State coach David Pierce said after the game: "Last night was a difficult loss (loss), and the test for us today is huge." "We talked a lot about winning on Sunday. I'm very happy. Seeing how we have to enter and win this series. It was frustrating last night, we came back to the game and made things happen."

Texas starter Kolby Kubichek (2-1) struck a career-high nine batsmen in six games. In his college career, he experienced the longest outing, keeping Houston's deadly offense low, allowing only five hits and one point win.

Pierce said: "It is very encouraging to let him go out and do a little more when we are in another weekend series and approaching the meeting (the game).

The Longhorns discovered the offensive appeal very early. He scored four points after walking 4 steps from Houston starter Cameron Prayer (0-1).

After right fielder Austin Todd withdrew from the game, left fielder Eric Kennedy raised the score to 3-1 before walking. Kennedy scored Horns' first game on the reload trail of shortstop Trey Faltine.

UH second baseman Brad Burckel hits a heavy hit on the racket of designated batter Ivan Melendez, first baseman Zach Zube Zach Zubia and receiver Silas Ardoin crossed the plate in the first base game.

Behind 4-0, even without a chance to hit the ball, Houston caught up throughout the game. The Cougars showed firepower on the license plate, and in the second round by shortstop Ian McMillan (Ian McMillan) made a sacrifice flight, pushed forward in the second game, and defended by the center in the third game. Player Brandon Uhse went unguarded and cut the Longhorns' lead to two innings. At 4-2, Texas entered fourth place.

With the Longhorns' three-game winning streak, which included eight consecutive hitters and three Houston pitchers, the spread quickly widened.

Melendez didn't get out of the game after being hit on the court, and then scored in Todd's RBI singles three consecutive hits. After Todd's infield pounding, Houston's rescuer Matt Lazzaro was called out of the bullpen, although he did not perform better when facing UT's bat. He faced the first two batsmen. The second of these walks was to bring fielder Mike Antico into the drive of third baseman Cam Williams with the base full. Todd scored alone in Zubia's sacrifice flight and won for Texas (Horns), which rose 7-2.

As if adding icing on the cake to the finale of the series, Faltin homered to the left in the ninth game, nailed the nail to the coffin, and won the game record building series for Texas.

Pierce said: "Our hit rate is not high, but there are 10 walks and 5 strikeouts (compared to 6 walks and 13 strikeouts in Saturday's loss)." "I like that ratio better. Not that. This is always the case, but we have to enter the zone and trust ourselves to see the ball better when it is outside the zone."

Pierce said that because UT's offense at the beginning of the season is sometimes inconsistent, the Horns team must rely on pitching and defense to win the game. He pointed out a key putt to end Williams’ seventh offense. Williams sent a hard-hit groundman and promptly handed it to second baseman Mitchell Daley ( Mitchell Daly) to implement.

Pierce said: "Pitching and defense must remain the same." "Although Cam played a big role in the seventh potential rally. We don't push the ball into the gap every day, but we can play and defend. keep it steady."

Texas hosted a game at Sam Houston State University at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, which can be seen on the Longhorn Network, and then South Carolina came to Austin for three weekend series, which will be Longhorns and Gamecocks The first battle between since the program was in the 2002 University World Series.

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