KISS' Simmons Reiterates 'Rock Is Dead' Claim, Stanley Disagrees

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In 2014, and repeated the narrative several times over the years. Chat with

, He further explained why he continued to file a claim, but in another interview, he


Have a more optimistic view of the future of the rock.

Simmons reiterated his view that the early years of the rock, he gave a timetable from 1958 to 1988, which produced many rock giants including Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, etc. He also clamored for performances such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, KISS, AC/DC, U2, Prince, David Bowie and Eagles, and even hinted at making room for the Madonna, Motown and Disco era. But this raises the question of who will become the modern Beatles after 1988.

Simmons said: "I've heard the reaction of one of my favorite bands, Foo Fighters, but you are joking and added that there are also boy bands: NSYNC, One Direction, BTS and (ironically) XYZ, PTA, right They are good because they succeeded. Don’t deceive yourself. Once these girls grow up a little bit, they will disappear. Just like sugar: you taste it, it hardly increases energy, and then it disappears forever, you don’t care. But don’t Just kidding, this is not the Beatles."

He then reiterated an argument he made earlier that file sharing and streaming have become obstacles to the behavior of the next generation.

"The reason for this is not because of lack of talent, but because the young man (the child who lives in his mother's basement) decides that one day he does not want to pay for music. He wants to download and share files. This is to kill the next generation of greatness. Opportunities for bands. Music is free. Therefore, nowadays, new bands have no chance." Simmons said.

Kissed the bass player and said: "'The rock is dead'-you bet, it's not because talent doesn't exist, but because the business model doesn't work. This way, live performances can be performed. I really hope that once this vaccine takes root -You better get hit twice-people go to the local club to see all the new bands and support the new bands. Just like a baby on the floor, go there, pick up the baby and hug it, give love, because Those new bands need your love."

In other words, Simmons' career has been consolidated, and the influence of modern business models will not affect him like new artists. But he is still fascinated by the new generation of performances, telling fans: "New bands need love and attention. Don't just watch Metallica and Taylor [Swift] or KISS. On weekends, go to a vibrant place with music, I don’t mean to press The person who presses the button and performs EDM, that’s also great, but that person, if you put the instrument in his hands, won’t know how to deal with it-never wrote a piece of music. Song, don’t know what a minor, minor or Seventh. You need to support a new generation of talented people, such as musicians and writers. Don’t let robots take everything away.”

Although many people have questioned Simmons’ overall notion of the “rock is dead” argument, his KISS member Paul Stanley recently spoke with SiriusXM Canada (shown below) and shared his topic on the subject the opinion of.

"I think life, no matter what it is, the rock is never constant. For example, if you take someone's pulse and it is weak, that doesn't mean they are dead. It means that the pulse is weak. It doesn't Means that it will not become stronger again." Stanley said.

He added: "I don't think music can die forever. I don't think bands can die, rock can die. It just needs someone to rekindle it to a certain degree. In the past."

Stanley responded to one of Simmons' points, suggesting: "A computer will never replace a flesh and blood person to make music," and then added: "People may be obsessed with it, it may make it dwarf, but in the end, it will Overshadowed. Everything went around in a circle-everything came back. It hasn't disappeared. It may be sleeping. But there is a band playing great music there."

Stanley added: "No one complains about Foo Fighters." "Dave [Grohl] is enthusiastic about what he does and they are great. So there are bands there. As far as new bands are concerned, someone will come. Someone will take it. Raise the flag and move forward. Like I said, the pulse may be a little weak, but the patient is back."

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