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Salt Lake City-(

)-Ivanti, Inc., an automation platform that makes every IT connection smarter and safer, announced today that the company has won two Globee® awards.

program. Honors include "Annual Network and Information Security Marketing Campaign Gold Award" and "Annual New Product-Security Cloud/SaaS Bronze Award".

These awards are designed to recognize the advanced and breakthrough products and services provided by cybersecurity and information technology vendors. More than 45 judges representing industry experts from all over the world participated in the review process.

Chris Goettl, senior director of product management at Ivanti, said: "Our commitment to helping the company improve the patch management process and overall security is an honor. Patch technology has existed for many years, but many companies are still fixing vulnerabilities. Fight. That’s why in every Tuesday’s patch, we will provide actionable intelligence and guidance on the risks associated with newly identified vulnerabilities to help customers prioritize the objects that should be prioritized. With the help of Ivanti Neurons patches Intelligent, the team can quickly identify risks and potential operational challenges, and prioritize their repair activities, thereby further reducing patch repair time and reducing operational impact."

On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft conducts its "Patch Tuesday" campaign. On this day, Microsoft released software updates and security patches for its operating system and other solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem to address vulnerabilities and improve the security of the IT environment. Over time, other large software vendors have followed suit and regularly release important updates. For IT administrators who want to ensure that their critical systems are patched and secured, these announcements can be complicated and confusing.

To help IT organizations eliminate noise, Ivanti launched a free "Patch Tuesday" digital marketing and public relations campaign, which includes webinars, blogs, media reviews, infographics, etc. present day,

It is the ultimate source of leadership participation. It provides a true description of the patch and practical advice on updating applications and priorities, and has become the industry's preferred source of patch insights. The webinar will be broadcast live and recorded. An on-demand version of the meeting was provided through email marketing and subscriptions to further attract potential customers throughout the month, until the Patch Tuesday event again next month.

Ivanti Neurons for patch intelligence helps organizations complete service level agreements (SLAs) more quickly through supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms for vulnerability repair work. Relying on Ivanti patch management expertise (over 1.2 billion patch updates are deployed every year), Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps users easily research, prioritize and gain better insights into the patch management process, thereby accelerating the speed of bug fixes.

The reliability data of the patch is automatically provided and has actionable intelligence, which is extracted from thousands of public and crowdsourced sentiment data. This information provides improved patch reliability, so security teams can act on threats faster and shorten their patch time. Through risk-based priority indicators and detailed compliance reports, you can accurately understand the threat status of your organization. Ivanti Neurons for patch intelligence provides highly accurate data, reducing the time required to respond to threats.

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The Globee Award is awarded in 11 programs and competitions: CEO World Award

, "Consumer World" Award

, Customer Sales and Service World Award


International Best Enterprise Award, Golden Bridge Award

, Network Security Global Excellence Award

And Security World Award, IT World Award

A planet

Global Award America's Best Enterprise Award

Outstanding Employer Award

Corporate Communication and Marketing World Award and Women’s World Award

. The Globee Awards recognize organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind their success to recognize their outstanding achievements and performance in global companies. Learn more about the Globee Awards at the following URL

The Ivanti automation platform makes every IT connection across equipment, infrastructure and people smarter and safer. From PCs and mobile devices to virtual desktop infrastructures and data centers, Ivanti can discover, manage, protect and maintain IT assets, from the cloud to the ubiquitous edge of the workplace-while providing a personalized employee experience. In the ubiquitous workplace, company data can flow freely between devices and servers, so that staff can work efficiently no matter where they work. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has offices worldwide. For more information, please visit

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