International Women's Day 2021: 101 best women-owned brands

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Although phrases such as "women-owned" and "women-owned" are often interchanged, the two terms are not always related-brands created by women may no longer be owned by women, and businesses currently owned by women may not Created by a woman. In a socially conscious situation, for example

, Knowing the meaning of each label may mean supporting brands that are actually run by women, or brands that happen to have women involved.

Founded by two female dermatologists

47% of female business owners think their company's overall prospects are good, compared with 62% of men surveyed.

What's the difference?

According to a spokesperson for a non-profit organization, this means that a company was founded by one or more women

(WBENC), it can prove

Start business in the U.S. after meeting a series of conditions

Just like the lady in charge of the company's daily operations. However, when it comes to women-owned businesses, things can get trickier. This

For example, women-owned enterprises are defined as at least 51% owned and operated by women or women, that is, women-owned enterprises can have male co-owners, as long as they do not account for the majority of ownership.


(SBA) is designed to support small businesses regardless of who owns them. When the brand is applied to small businesses, it uses the 51% requirement

, It provides government contracts for small businesses. These ones"

"Aims to help ensure that at least 5% of the federal contract budget involves women-owned businesses. In 2019, the SBA pointed out that women-owned small businesses received $26 billion in eligible contract dollars, equivalent to more than 134,500 jobs.

"Ambitious women may encounter obstacles that men do not have when it comes to family planning," she said.

, Yes co-founder

. She said that women in their 30s are "a very important decade for career development," but she pointed out that wanting to have children during this time puts a lot of pressure on women. Women entrepreneurs face many major challenges, otherwise, including



. And just 30 years ago, the situation got worse. Former President Ronald Regan signed

After entering the federal law, women (eventually) no longer

Have a business loan with the same name from a male relative and provide various resources for female entrepreneurs-the law includes

, Among other things.

However, identifying women-owned companies is not easy. This month

Place women-owned logos on products that meet the above 51% standard. with

, You can find more than 200 women’s own brands,

Nail polish from

. Goals are also part of the organization

Education and promotion programs are designed to help female entrepreneurs better manage the retail industry. Since any WBENC-certified brand can use a female-owned logo on its packaging, you can find the logo on the product no matter where you shop.

In progress

The pandemic hits women-owned businesses

. According to a poll in July 2020,

Only 47% of female business owners think their company’s overall prospects are “good”, compared with 62% of men surveyed.

According to data from February 2021, corporate ownership may be more difficult for black women

, The company worked with market trends company Wakefield Research to survey more than 250 black female business owners with incomes of less than $1 million and employing less than 100 employees: 71% of respondents predict that if the current pandemic, they will Had to close its business conditions for another year. Although more than half (54%) of black female respondents stated that their business is

Last summer, less than a quarter (22%) of the funding went to 2021. Expanding understanding of the effects of Covid coatings has made the situation even more severe: by April last year, it accounted for more than 40% of the total

It's closed.

Dang Zhu Rh (Ju Rhyu) owner and founder

To reflect what it means to be

She pointed out that while serving as the head of the company, she also shoulders a “great responsibility” to support her community, “especially as a business owner, because holding this position has privileges and influence.” Given 44 % Of Asian American unemployed women have

. last year,

Also found out

The unemployment rate in New York State jumped from 3.4% in February to 25.6% in May.

Rhyu praised the network for helping her successfully launch her business. For example, after starting the brand’s signature

, She wants to expand the mask used for your skin. However, a female investor encouraged her to "dominate the patch and be famous for it." Rhyu finally gave up the idea and "really changed the trajectory of our company because I think she was right."

Among the skills Rhyu offers to aspiring female business owners is patience. She said: "Creating your business will not happen overnight. This is a series of actions you take every day, and these actions continue to accumulate and become the business you want to grow.

Although Rhyu considers networking to be “critical,” Columbia Business School’s alumni did not use formal organizations like her university’s career network or WBENC. Instead, she found success on LinkedIn, the snubbed messaging and messaging staff, because "Many times you are one or two degrees away from other people." She advises readers to introduce themselves and briefly introduce their company and key data. To "get their attention, in case they don't know the brand."

Who to contact? Rhyu said that the "importance" of connecting with other founders is one of them. Rhyu explained: “They will be very helpful and vital when building a company, and usually they will be the only people who can understand and understand what you have experienced in success and failure.” SBA recommends the following ways to interact with the industry The leader gets in touch:

The same is true for its network of volunteer mentors (men and women).

Rhyu "absolutely recommend" female entrepreneurs also join Twitter to connect with other founders. Her favorite Twitter e-commerce points about "fun and cool" include:

("Must follow"),



. Another suggestion from Rhyu is to pay attention to profiles that say they are "open to DMs", "this shows that they are very happy to connect with people."

She said: "Sometimes I joke that it is better than an MBA." "I learned a lot."

Slack is not traditional social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, but there are Slack channels specifically for women, such as

, This is for women in the tech industry, you can

. Rhyu, she herself

(For luxury business news),

(For e-commerce news) and designers


(Establish connections with other female founders), calling these groups "a great way to meet other people, share knowledge and learn from each other." These three Slack channels are also free and can be joined for free.

In addition to social media sites, there are some formal organizations that provide resources focused on female entrepreneurship, such as

, One of them

More than 570 local businesses owned by women. The organization also holds virtual webinars and uploads free videos on its organization

, Like

. WBENC provides various scholarships and networking opportunities for women engaged in business activities. In 2017, they launched

, Its focus is to provide resources such as coaching matching services and coaching for millennials and Generation Z.

Before non-profit organizations

(AWIB) closed in 2020, the organization has spent 25 years helping Asian female entrepreneurs through various company task forces, forums and scholarships. An AWIB database that is still available online is

Including domestic and international

, Related guidance

Classified by state and resource to face anyone

SBA also collects information for aspiring female business owners. The content provided by the organization includes

Tips to discover which

Best suited to your needs.

From coronavirus-related necessities and menstrual-related products, to snacks and household goods that vegetarians like, we have 20 well-known brand products from women that stand out.

Mirror is

Provide on-site courses-it has the needs of on-demand exercises, and these exercises require relatively low energy, ranging from 5 to 60 minutes per lesson. You can practice Tai Chi and yoga to reduce stress, or if you want to sweat, you can choose to participate in more intense training camps and boxing classes.

Parachute, a direct-to-consumer bedding brand, has created a relatively lightweight duvet kit made of

Linen, which means that every thread and accessory on the duvet kit has been tested for harmful chemicals. The linen suit includes a duvet cover and a matching fake fabric suit, made in Portugal,

. There are ten neutral colors to consider, from


It is famous for its series of sustainable menstrual cups made of medical grade silicone. The brand produces three versions of the cup-

- with

. According to the brand, the "youth" cup can absorb up to two tampons, while the "soft" and "original" models can absorb three or four tampons. The cups are available in bright colors, for example

Rhyu established his own company

There is only one product in 2017: Mighty Patch Original, a small and thin hydrocolloid

It can remove dust and moisture from acne to help calm inflammation. Hero said that compared with other options on the market, this top-notch acne patch can shrink the breakthrough within six hours, and normally, these options require overnight.

According to Rhyu, Hero sold a box of "powerful patches" every 15 seconds, and sold more than 3 million boxes in more than 8,000 stores, such as

. She also told us that the brand's retail sales are expected to exceed $80 million in 2021.


The iconic product is Rosy Pits, a stick-shaped deodorant made with natural ingredients such as coconut. It has anti-fungal properties and vitamin E to help relieve inflammation.

. As the name suggests, Rosy Pits has a light floral fragrance, but you can also order deodorants that do not contain aluminum

, Smells like lemon. The first major product launch of Megababe founder Katie Sturino is

A stick to prevent abrasions between the thighs.

This Brooklyn-based brand claims to incorporate organic ingredients into sweeteners and offers 12 different flavors of soda water, such as the classic

, Tropical

A bit sour

. If you are not sure where to start, please select

Including one of each flavor, or order a theme package, for example

, Including

And lemon verbena.

This colorful and soft maternity dress is made from a blend of silk and cotton, with a high and low hem, designed to hit a few inches above the ankle. It is trimmed with soft ruffles along the shoulders and comes in two color prints:

You don’t have to expect to shop on the maternity clothing brand Hatch, because this brand also sells

Help create one

Experience at home. Hatch said that the body wash has been tested by dermatologists and allergies, and does not contain dyes and parabens. It is made of natural ingredients, such as pink Himalayan sea salt to help you relax, acacia fiber to help soothe and coconut milk to help moisturize and calm the skin.

Skin care brand

The number one bestseller is this top gentle facial cleanser, which combines natural and organic ingredients (such as vitamin E) and is known for helping reduce inflammation. It is also made from six organic oils, including sunflower seed, grape seed and Roman chamomile oil, which can help moisturize and calm the complexion. The brand claims that this facial cleanser also helps remove dirt and makeup, and emits a mixed scent of chamomile and geranium.

Rebecca Rodriguez, shopping production coordinator, wrote: “The sheer mesh fabric is lightweight, as if you are not wearing any clothes at all.”

The bra in espresso. The lightweight Balconette bra is available in 10 colors and a variety of sizes, from

(sold out).

Looking for expensive jewelry that costs less than $200, and want to support an Asian American female business owner in the process?

Nicole Saunders, deputy editor-in-chief of "Shopping", prefers contemporary jewelry collections that offer products made of precious metals, such as 18-carat gold and sterling silver, rather than steel, brass, zinc and nickel. Cuban Link Bar necklaces are very popular, and now you can combine words, abbreviations, meaningful dates and coordinates to personalize your new jewelry.

Sanders said there are "popular chic" costumes, and he likes to shake those likable navy jumpsuits while running essential missions. Long-sleeved 100% cotton jumpsuit is biodegradable and treated

, An antibacterial treatment. Better lonely also for sale

Comes with eye mask, pillowcase and seat cover, and

. As we reported earlier,

Don't prevent coronavirus. However, if shaking any antibacterially treated clothing can keep you at ease during travel or social gatherings, then this comfortable jumpsuit may be worth trying.

Other antibacterial products approved by the shopping editor are

Brand from Australia

. The super soft white and almond towel series are made of hypoallergenic Turkish cotton. These quick-drying towels are made sustainably

It is also infused with Silverbac fiber, which Resoré claims will help prevent bacteria from rubbing back into your skin, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria.


Created a healthy snack brand, available in Target stores across the country, and recently introduced Rihanna into the company's Series A investment. Partake Food offers a variety of gluten-free vegetarian snacks, such as crunchy

And chocolate chip cookies, which are made with organic ingredients such as buckwheat flour and sugar cane.

Washing your hands frequently or using hand sanitizer will deprive your skin of moisture. To help fight dryness, buy this moisturizing hand cream from:

This premium product is also made with vitamin C to help brighten dull skin and is infused with the brand’s iconic Hungarian thermal water (Omorovicza says it has anti-aging properties).

In between

And balance motherhood,

Asian entrepreneur, founded Ellis Brooklyn in 2014.

, A clean perfume and body care brand that stands out. Like traditional perfumes that can only emit liquid, Myth Hydraparfum exudes like a light hyaluronic acid gel with top notes of bergamot, mild bergamot, black currant seeds and black currant. Ellis Brooklyn won

The label means that it does not contain more than 50 harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulfates.

After preparing new makeup, you need to spend time

Help prevent the spread of bacteria. Board-certified dermatologist

The medical doctor previously explained that dirty brushes are "a breeding ground for bacteria" and may cause acne and skin irritation. A simple solution favored by our associate editor is to spray cleaner onto

, Mix with a few drops of water, then screw the brush into

Liquid brush cleaner. Sigma claims that this antibacterial bristle cleaner is made of mild and effective ingredients, such as sustainable palm oil and virgin coconut oil.

Although there is nothing wrong with eating snacks on your favorite sweets or crunchy snacks, you can choose relatively healthy options, such as

Low-sugar cereal. A bag of original flavored food includes the sweetness of flaxseed and almonds with honey and cinnamon. The brand recently released

Free of gluten, soy and refined sugar. This month, Gr8nola and

Organize leadership programs aimed at promoting social justice change and equality.

, The alumni of Southern Methodist University established

, Her cocktail and beverage style candle series made in 2017. She claims that the company's e-commerce sales have increased by 622% from 2019 to 2020. Her 26-ounce soy wax candle has 3 wicks, and 1 of them

. Larger candles also provide two other aromas: tranquilizers

For the coffee lover in your life.

In addition to the favorite products of women’s private labels, we will also summarize the companies that meet the 51% threshold of women’s ownership, and align with shopping readers’ interest in various categories from food and beverages to kitchenware, household goods, and health products. . Our list of all women's products is not exhaustive, but our goal is to actively update this feature to help you understand women-owned companies worth considering.

Use new furniture to improve your home decoration level



Or treat yourself or your favorite friends to meet new people

Today, the sustainable menstrual cup brand

Is donating all profits to

, This is an organization that supports the education of women and girls in Canada and Nepal. you can also


, This is a black plant-based feminine care brand, or order sweating profusely

From Pilates Instructor

These 22 fashion brands can help you maintain your appearance and sense of style even during the pandemic. Shop everything

, It claims that if you put their jewelry in the refrigerator, it can help you cool down for up to 30 minutes.

Whatever you are looking for

, These 12 outstanding food and beverage brands are worth a try. 4 Sisters Rice, founded by sisters Kennedy, sells organic and natural rice products in the following regions

And more. Similarly, mother-daughter duo Renzhen and Zhu Yingzhi also use traditional Chinese recipes to make healthy snacks.

Improve daily care by eliminating puffiness on the face

Or use Omorovicza products to moisturize the skin

When your skin tone looks a little dull.

You can support popular beauty brands, such as clean makeup brands

, Buy dozens of makeup brushes in the following way

And find products that can improve the level of daily care. For example, naturalists can learn from

To the face wash schedule, and those who want to change hairstyles quickly can try from

Ambar Pardilla is a reporter for NBC News Shopping.

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