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LP Building Solutions’ prefabricated siding options are now available in new, tailor-made colors. The product expansion adds to its durable siding product portfolio, in line with LP’s mission to provide industry construction solutions to LP, including the development of pre-paint color options to eliminate the painting phase of the construction process. LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding now also includes LP's new ExpertFinish Lap, which is developed to avoid gap filling, joint molds or butt joint pan pans. It offers 16 colors and various SKUs and surface treatments. Provide 5 years of labor, 15 years of completion and 50 years of substrate warranty.

The Al13 HOME aluminum guardrail system is composed of aluminum panels with pre-installed brackets designed for easy guardrail installation. Fortress further enhances the lightweight metal with FortressLock coating technology, aiming to design the elements for weather resistance. Now, customers can completely personalize this durable railing product through filling options. Provide vertical cables or Pure View Glass inserts (full railings or glass railings), all fillers are polished, and can meet the aesthetic requirements of customers.

Kleer Lumber has added a new edge guard to its range of classic wood product options. The wall panels are squeezed into a whole and sealed on all four sides to eliminate any open compartments that may be easily invaded by dust. The Beadboard can be painted white or left white. Kleer Beadboard is made of expanded porous PVC, has a wooden appearance, and is formulated to prevent moisture and insects. It has a limited lifetime warranty to prevent chipping, decay, delamination and swelling. The new Kleer Beadboard has a central bead and a reversible tongue-and-groove profile, and has a lap nail flange, which is said to increase installation speed while providing a more beautiful appearance. There are two widths to choose from, 4 inches and 6 inches, each 16 inches long.

Simpson Strong-Tie launched a new series of Strong-Drive WSV bottom screws, designed to reduce drive torque, increase installation speed and eliminate squeaking caused by weak bottom screws. Specially developed for the use of Quik Drive automatic feed screw drive system to fasten the underfloor sheath, and after redesigned from head to point, the Strong-Drive WSV bottom screw has a ribbed head design and is fixed with countersunk screws, thus Obtain a neat, beautiful appearance and variable threads to simplify the operation of driving torque and speed tightening operations. The powerful drive WSV underground screws are available in three lengths of 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/2" and 3", and the inner layer is plated with a yellow zinc coating.

The ZIP System sealing solution is designed for a continuous air and water barrier that is easy to implement in roof and wall components. The ZIP System sealing solution includes acrylic joint sealing and stretchable waterproof tape, as well as options for fluids ( As follows). Six tape sizes and enhanced formulas are provided, allowing the tape to be used in a wider application temperature range. When constructing the ZIP System building cabinet, the extended flashing option can be locked

The company said that in areas that are difficult to penetrate (such as pipe penetrations and roof valleys), it is easier to drain water and air. With an expanded list of size and length options, the team can find the right high-performance tape for each application. Enhanced ZIP system flashing tape formula

Benefits include: now guaranteed for temperatures from 0˚ to 120˚ Fahrenheit; 180-day UV exposure guarantee; acrylic bonds continue to strengthen over time.

Feeny's VisualBuilder is available for desktop and mobile applications, and it provides an interface that allows users to create their own platform from scratch, or use one of seven pre-built templates as a starting point. The deck can then be customized to fit the user's specifications. The deck can be viewed in 2D or 3D representation and includes features such as click and drag resizing tools and "smart" icons to easily change the size, add stairs and other layers, and modify the shape of the deck. Users can choose from a variety of deck materials and add walls, windows and doors to replicate the appearance of residential or commercial buildings. A short video tutorial will guide first-time users through the online deck design process. In addition, users can take a snapshot of the completed deck project and save, edit and share the design as needed.

Trex partnered with Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens to introduce a series of new cabinets and components in its improved Trex Outdoor Kitchens series. The new product lineup offers stainless steel cabinets with 7 distinctive door styles, including the top five sellers in Danver and two unique designs unique to Trex Outdoor Kitchens. The style of the door with 14 powder coating colors and wood grain style finishes and

Dozens of cabinet styles in hundreds of sizes. All doors, drawers and cabinet boxes are made of 100% grade 304 or 316 stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. The drawer adopts a double-wall structure and a fully extended bottom sliding device with automatic closing/soft closing technology. The standard configuration of the door is a soft closing stainless steel hinge, a magnetic closure and a rain-proof gasket.

EDCO Products launched Generations Slate, a new panel that combines the company's ArrowLine Slate Roofing panel and its advanced HD coating technology to produce a true slate appearance. There are four versions of generation slate

High-definition colors. It is said that Generation Slate is manufactured using a multi-layer PVDF low-temperature chemical treatment process, which can reduce energy consumption and does not support the growth of mold and algae. Provide lifetime warranty.

The Sure Hold panel screws of Sure Drive USA are designed with double wings that can pass through the panel and the decorative panel, forming an oversized hole. Oversized guide holes are designed to allow expansion and contraction movements to help keep the panel straight. No need for pre-drilling. The Sure Hold panel screw has a Type-17 spiral drill bit that can be started automatically, which is said to avoid splitting. The oversized flat head design covers oversized guide holes and is available in a variety of colors. Mahogany, Earthtone, Graystone, Ipe and white spray paint heads are available to match your composite panel board project. They are available in 100-piece resealable transparent clamshell packaging and include a free T-20 star driver bit.

ODL now provides raising, lowering and tilting options for its entire "blinking blinds + glass" blinds series. These blinds are between the glass between the windows and the insulating glass panels. This product was developed as a modern, simplified alternative to traditional blinds. Raising, lowering and tilting operators can change the direction and height of the blinds by pressing their fingers, allowing the homeowner to control the light and privacy levels. The blinds can be raised and lowered on the entire window and can be tilted 180º. Raising, lowering and slanting blinds are installed in heat-insulating glass panels, and can choose transparent glass, Low-E (single or double) coating or NEAT (single or double) coating. All Blink products are assembled in the United States and have a full 10-year warranty.

TAMLYN RainScreen is an all-in-one rain screen and WRB, a 19 hot WRB, covered by a 6.3mm (1/4") thick rain screen assembly. TAMLYN RainScreen uses a 5'x 50' roll It is said that this material is not compressible, and it is said that there is no need to add any details on the top and bottom. The engineering design of the product has 96% drainage capacity and maximum UV resistance for 120 days. The joints are sealed with special tape; during installation Before the rain cover, you should brush the hole opening and install the window. TAMLYN also produces

10.1 mm thick product that complies with the Canadian Building Code.

Zuri Premium Decking aims to combine the natural beauty of exotic hardwoods with the durability and low maintenance required by homeowners. Zuri can be used in square plates and grooved plates. They provide concealed fastener applications with pre-threads for quick installation. The spacing of Zuri grooved plates is 3/32 inches, and the gap is 3/16 inches. Zuri Fascia boards are also available in 8" and 12" profiles. All Zuri products can be used in chestnuts, walnuts, pecans, Brasilia and weathered gray, and have a 25-year color fastness guarantee to prevent color casts.

DeckWrap PowerBond is a 25 mil polymer film surface film, coated with MFM's patented PowerBond adhesive system, which was developed for strong adhesion at temperatures as low as 25°F. The membrane is designed for structural components such as ledger

Plates, the ends and tops of joists, and columns to prevent damage from water, thereby extending the service life of these supporting elements. DeckWrap PowerBond is available in three roll sizes and is labeled and packaged for retail display.

Grid Axcents decorative panels are designed to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. The panel is made of 100% recycled plastic, and the manufacturer says it will not rot or paint. Designed for quick installation and does not require any special tools or skills.

The Henry WeatherSmart rain screen is an accessory to the Fortifiber 1-2-3 moisture control system, which is designed to drain moisture from the wall components to prevent mold, rot and mildew. The WeatherSmart rain screen can form a gap of 6 mm to generate greater airflow between the weather resistant barrier and the cladding. This process is designed to shorten the drainage and drying time. The product can be used for all standard cladding types, and its fabric backing can be used as a sacrificial layer in plaster installation.

ClarkDietrich’s Strait-Flex Gold corner bead is a composite corner bead specially designed for hobbyists and craftsmen to provide strength and impact resistance, while diamond perforated paper provides maximum adhesion for uniform spreading. Place and reduce edge cracking. In addition, the paper surface is pretreated to accept paint and

There is no need to apply a finishing coat on the laminated area.

Metwood 2810HR was rated as the best and most innovative construction product in IBS. The 2020 Metwood 2810HR can cut up to 6 inches of holes through 2×10 floor joists. The main purpose of this product is to allow the placement of pipes, HVAC and other utilities through floor joists. Before 1996, the code allowed larger holes to be placed in the joists. Therefore, when houses built before 1996 are refurbished, utilities delivered through floor joists will no longer pass the required specifications. To avoid rewiring utilities and increase project time, 2810HR Reinforcer can be used to resolve new code

Claim. Metwood has obtained the "Code Compliance Research Report" for this product, which can be used nationwide without additional engineering support.

The new door frame of Therma-Tru aims to add a stylish element to Therma-Tru's complete door system and help connect the entrance with the rest of the architectural details of the house. The Therma-Tru door enclosure has manually selected classifications, which can complement almost any door or home style, and is designed for exterior and interior applications. The Therma-Tru door has been primed and can be painted or colored and installed, and the parts can be trimmed for accurate measurements on site. This

It is said that the maintenance cost of polyurethane construction is low and it has long-lasting performance.

The new SIDELoc fastening system is designed to make installation simple and easy on deck surfaces that do not require fasteners. In order to work with TimberTech AZEK square shoulder plates, SIDELoc guides and screws are specially designed to help speed up installation. SIDELoc's new screw design and performance enhancements are designed to reduce the visibility of fasteners. It is said that 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance (316 stainless steel can be used in coastal areas). Stainless steel can also resist the shear of screws, and can form a 1/8 inch gap during installation. Compatible with all TimberTech AZEK square shoulder deck boards. Provides 3.5-inch narrow-width rails, 5.5-inch rails and 7.25-inch wide-width extension accessories.

TandoStone has introduced two new colors: Nordic Mist, part of the Tando Creek Ledgestone series, and Glacier Bay under the Stacked Stone series (pictured). Creek

Ledgestone imitates the sturdy appearance of hand-selected stones with obvious grout lines, while Stacked Stone has a dry stacking profile with no grout lines between the stones. These two new shades have been developed to complement today's dark jitter and side panel options. All TandoStones use TruGrit technology, and the roughness and toughness of real stone are taken into account in the design.

Timberline's HDZ shingles now has LayerLock technology, which mechanically fuses the common adhesion between overlapping shingles layers, and also includes the StrikeZone nail zone, which is said to be the largest nail zone in the industry. GAF says Timberline HDZ singles keep

The nail placement accuracy is as high as 99.9%, and the nail tightening speed is increased by 30%. Shingles also comes with GAF’s WindProven Limited Wind Warranty, which is said to be the industry’s first wind power

There is no warranty for maximum wind speed limit.

Elevate comes in two colors: the foggy lake is a soft gray shade, and the canoe is a forest brown. Elevate also has Solid Core Difference, a proprietary manufacturing process that prevents moisture absorption, warping, rot and insect damage. According to the manufacturer, this technology has resulted in zero structural field failures regardless of whether the board is on the ground, on the ground or under water. 12' and 16' lengths with groove profile (for concealed fasteners) and 20' length with solid edges (for deck stairs and picture finder) high 5/4 deck boards and 12' length Decorative panels are available. Raised floors are fully protected by a residential limited life structural warranty and a residential 30-year limited life fade and stain warranty. For business environments, it has a 10-year limited structural warranty.

DensDefy Liquid Flashing's membrane is carefully designed to seal and prevent water seepage to prevent transitions between substrates (in rough openings, perforations, seams, sheath fasteners and seams) and as part of the DensElement barrier system Unnecessary air flow in new or existing wall components. DensDefy Liquid Flashing is designed for fast curing/moisture curing (better adhesion time), low temperature application, rainwater immediately after application, and 12 months exposure under normal weather conditions.

HardieBacker cement boards with HydroDefense technology are designed to provide unparalleled strength, ease of use and excellent tile adhesion, and waterproof compositions can now be used throughout the board. Pass the waterproofness of ANSI A118.10,

HardieBacker cement slabs with HydroDefense technology have been carefully designed to help protect tile installations in kitchens and bathrooms from moisture penetration. A 36" x 60" board is provided with a limited lifetime warranty.

Key-Link's panel mounting bracket allows installers to move the column away from the deck floor and install it on the deck panel to increase living space. The Key-Link bracket design is stylish and modern. It is made of aluminum and powder-coated to match the color of the post. There are three versions of the bracket: inner corner, wire bracket and outer bracket. Each bracket includes a cap to seal the bottom to prevent insects from entering.

U2 Fasteners launched a new release specification for the company's 316 marine grade

stainless steel screw. Screws with shear, tension, bending yield, pull-out and penetration values ​​are now available. Engineers and architects can specify U2 stainless steel screws for various applications. U2 said it is one of the few manufacturers that provide this information for 316 stainless steel screws.

Decorative screens can provide semi-privacy when hung on decks, terraces or porches. Barrette's panels have various designs, colors and textures, and various styles

From traditional to organic to modern. Users can use powder-coated aluminum decorative screen frame kits to improve the appearance of terraces or decks. The surface-mountable frame kit can be used with decorative screens, up to three screens can be installed, allowing homeowners to create custom configurations that reflect their personal style. Line Post Kits and Corner Post Kits can be used with decorative screen frame kits to make it easier to create continuous and corner privacy areas on decks or patios. The kit is low-maintenance and impact-resistant, and can be painted to complement any home project or outdoor environment.

Envision introduced a new flute profile with the same EverGrain core as other laminate flooring series and a high-density cover, and launched its latest series, Ridge Premium. Ridge Premium is available in three colors: dark brown black walnut, light brown Vintage Oak and gray buttstock. Refined using Envision's proprietary Compress technology, the bottle cap and the bottle core are bonded together by heat and pressure to squeeze out the air bag and form a deep grain. Ridge Premium is available in 12' and 16' lengths, and has a square edge profile with a wider bottom edge.

Woodtone's latest innovation is the shiny metal finish on durable fiber cement and man-made wood products. The product is designed to create an outstanding architectural appearance for hotels, residential and commercial projects. The product combines the durability of fiber cement with the appearance of metal siding. The coating technology is available in eight colors and was developed in cooperation with Sherwin Williams.

Barricade Wrap Plus Drainage is a non-porous, non-woven drainage wrap designed to provide the highest level of wind, air and moisture resistance. The unique non-directional surface pattern of Barricade Wrap Plus Drainage has been carefully designed to produce anti-leakage performance, which is conducive to drainage on the material. The Barricade Wrap Plus drainage device provides a drainage path for drainage, so that water can be safely guided down and away from the envelope to flow freely.

Maze Nails provides nails to match the pre-painted colors of LP SmartSide, James Hardie siding and trim, and Allura siding. Nails can be made of double hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel, including coils, sticks and manual nails. According to the company, the labyrinth nails are made in Peru, Illinois, making it one of the last remaining nail manufacturers in the United States.

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