Horse Guy Had An Adventurous Tuesday Riding Around Portland

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Long enough, you will encounter many characters. These characters are complete people who are new to you on a personal level, but you only see or meet them by accident at an astonishing rate of repetition. For example, anyone who lives and works in Portland is familiar with "whistle blowing", whether they really know him or not. Well, these days, there is a new character named himself near Portland, we call him "Brother Marco".

, The riding boy spent the entire town on Tuesday. As you can see in the previous photo, he seems to stop to take pictures or provide guidance to people who might get lost. Who better ask where the alley is than a guy riding a horse on a busy street? This sounds ridiculous, but it actually makes sense.

The adventurous journey does not stop there, because after a day of cycling in the city, there is nothing better than the icy cold products in the local tavern. Like every restaurant and bar in Portland, there are no designated horse-drawn carriage parking spaces. There is no real place to tie them to a post.

This is not the first time the groom has caused a sensation in the city.

The guy riding a horse visited Rosie's. Oh, if you want to know, there are no city ordinances or

Although we are curious, if there is a horse parking ticket, you will be stunned.

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