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I can. three times. One time, I ended up in hospital. 

I want to know how common this is. Statistics will not show unreported attacks. 

I can. Guy followed me out of the car through the parking lot of my university campus, chased me, grabbed me, and picked me up until I was free.

I’m in the security bureau’s yard, they either can’t see or take no action 

That's 930am

It sounds scary. Did you report it? Was he caught?

There were a series of attacks on the campus that night, and I think I even lost my life in college when I was studying. 

Yes it is. twice. If you are going to launch an attack on public transportation, it is much more.

Are we talking about assault, not sexual assault?

Is it a bit like death in a crib?

Random attacks by strangers rarely happen (assuming we go beyond a slight quarrel). 

It's less random attacks than you think, because it's not completely "random".

Yes, it is reported. Nothing. But he started drinking in the bar where I worked, until I banned him from coming in. I have seen him a lot before. 

Yes it is. I was robbed when I was 14 years old, and it involved being punched in the face.

I was also robbed when I was 34 and threatened with a knife. This was a beating, but not a battery. Does this count?

At the age of 30, I was still thinking of it in North London, when I was walking down the street when a mentally confused guy pushed me away with his hands and "gets out". Technically speaking, it was also a battery.

Although groping is another matter-random friction, as well as the groping of senior employees-not in the company where I am currently working, but another person in charge told me that he is leaving, and then put his hand behind my skirt we want leave the office. 

Pushing sho must be an attack?

Yes, the two worst experiences are

1) Threatened by a knife while attempting to rob and 

2) The guy who tried to board me in the swamp of a very unpleasant bar 

Yes, several times. One is that I just dumped his wife's cos in the swamp, so tbf is not very casual. The other person is a guy, because we were both kicked out of the "club", so I don't want to fight with bodyguards, so I confuse with me. He listened to my nose, Dave put him down and put some Kung Fu sets in the hospital. The last one is a guy a few years younger than me. He (partially) passed through me. My m7 once asked his sister and her friends if they could still go home. For him, this is not smooth. I had to stop Dave from manipulating his head in tbf.

Gr8 days

FFS... completely out of order.

Yes, especially when he gets married and has an extramarital affair with my boss (also married)

Arbiter-An instance of being beaten by a random drunk woman and pushed to the bus. She thought I was infatuated with her boyfriend. The others are a combination, but definitely not accidentally wiped/deliberately clothed the grazing area.

Therefore, I literally no one turned around. I was 22 years old and felt rigid with adults.

I have a similar OB, even though it is my boss’s husband at a Christmas party.

Are you actually a lawyer?


 Refers to any act (not just inaction) that someone intentionally or recklessly causes others to suffer or arrest immediate illegal violence. the term 

 Usually used to include batteries that are created by intentionally or recklessly exerting illegal force on others.

Pushing with both hands is power, therefore battery, not just attack. Beating will cause your hand to wave on someone's face and tell them not to disturb.

Orwell, I will post with you.

Unfortunately, if we are talking about sexual assault, then my suspicion is probably most of the female posters here? At least as you said, "accidental wiping / accidental deliberate wiping" although I suspect it might be a good step for most people. I think my wife will deny that she has ever been sexually assaulted, but this may have overlooked the principle of "grazing at will / deliberately slutty breast grazing".

Of course, is it fairly rare to get punched/slapped correctly? I mean, as a student/young professional, I spent a lot of time getting drunk, and I really haven’t seen much actual drunken violence-and I’m not 100% sure that I will be drunk or robbed The event is put into proper real "random" type attacks.

The friend hit the head with a claw hammer from behind. Facts have proved that this is the gang activity of the perpetrators. Fortunately, he survived.

I have never been personally injured, but someone has been following it before. The most recent time was after I asked someone to leave me alone. He started yelling at me and followed. It was early morning, but it was still dark.

Only one time. I was robbed and spent 12 hours at A&E. There are fourteen stitches on the top of my head. 

In addition, I have been attacked many times by arrogant young people, but I have always encountered some tenacious attacks. 

Yes it is. What's worse is to use a knife. robbery.

In many cases, I just ran away. Mainly as a teenager living in an area with many "gangs" (really a group of older teenagers).

A man once hit me with my own tennis racket, and when I came home from the tennis court, he stole me. That is a jump of the teeth. . .

Also was robbed. 

I haven't been a victim of violent crime for about 5 years. I mainly attribute this to moving to a better place and not getting together anymore.


There are many things, but I don’t like to share 

It's okay. There were a few hard hits at the closing time (which I think should be), but each time it was at least 50% of the blame to make people get stuck until they waver.

I remembered the incident where I was drunk on public transportation all the time with my laptop/phone. It was a miracle. I really haven't been robbed.

This makes Orwell very bad. This is very common, but also very stupid.

*The date is not a date, if

I think someone tried to board me in a public toilet, but I just refused and left. He may just be drunk. 

Some of my classmates were sexually assaulted at school.

Once drunk, he was casually pulled down on a stool in the bar. When I took care of my business with a few friends, it was so shocking that I found myself flying into the air without warning.

Guy once asked me for money, but was frustrated that the money I gave him was not enough. He kept unbuttoning his jacket and said he would take a knife. I walked away. Considering his expression, I thought he was making up the knife, and recently he kicked other people with whom he was associated.

Sexual assault at a party after work is committed by people engaged in the business and regular office guests. The report I submitted to the Human Resources Department saved me from having to work with him (which is equivalent to a demotion), and he continued to assault two other employees. He still does business with the company, and the company’s chairman joked about his “good hand” tendencies.

He was slapped in the face by a British man in a foreign country-he was obviously overeating, which probably explained his recent divorce. The friends who were with him didn't seem surprised that he had done it.

Yes, in Panama City, there is a machete. I tried to negotiate to keep my only book. As a solo traveler in 1999, this was my only source of entertainment. However, my BATNA always rests my head on my shoulders, so I don't have a lot of bargaining chips.

In fact, there were some big guys before GAY. Their opening remarks were to grab my pants. A man grabbed me so hard and almost lifted me off the floor.

Fool hell! Did you report it? What's the matter? I think I will stop my public school jokes now, TBH. 

Oh, I was punched by a nightclub in Reykjavik. I wear a purple wig and have been drinking absinthe. His fiancee bought me a glass of wine, which is really fair.

Yes, it is probably more than ten times that of Manchester and London.

"I wear a purple wig and have been drinking absinthe. His fiancee bought me a glass of wine. It's so fair."

These reasons alone are not enough, but I agree that all three reasons may be asking for trouble. 

When I was a teenager. I can't remember, but there must be at least a dozen. We are a group of children. They have a loud voice. Drinking in a rough town seems a bit ridiculous, so it can be said that it is not "random", but we do never bother. Caused casualties to one or the other of us. We mainly treat it as part of night activities. Sometimes, "other people" behave worse.  

Although the most terrifying, in broad daylight, when I was about 16 years old, a group of teenagers jumped up. I was alone, and finally kicked to the floor. Someone yelled to them gratefully and tied their legs. I didn’t get much hurt, just a pair of broken glasses, a lot of bruises and a wallet with a lost wallet. There was only a tent in it, but this is not a happy place to find myself. I still remember that person’s fears. . 

In my 20-something concerts or nightclubs, I was hit several times. It's not completely random, there are some hypothetical crimes, which may be bumping into them or chatting with girlfriends. At the concert, a man hit me hard on the back of the head because I was carrying his girlfriend on his back. She and I landed on the floor very hard. It can be annoying, but it is not.  

Also beaten by (male and female) sechsually.

Yes, it was actually a boy about 14 years old who wanted me to give him money. I was about 18 or 19 years old at the time. He threatened to hit me and then tried again, clipped the knuckles to my glasses and cut his hand. He tried to hold me accountable, but I ignored him and got on the bus. 

Encryption is a good thing, and many people immediately realized that they had gone too far, so I was happy to leave it, but others mentioned it to someone, and then regained strength, so that everyone was dragged down. Before the housekeeper waited, various punishments were issued concurrently. Frankly speaking, I have kept in touch with some of the people involved over the years, and this has caused them more trouble than it has troubled me.

Someone once threw sodium chloride at me. That is salt. 


I used to work with someone who had worked in the store department of a store. I don't know him well. He is a very big guy and obviously works very hard. But he is a good man. At least for me. My colleagues are really afraid of him. I'm not. If we need some materials, they will ask me to get the materials they want. 

One night after get off work, we happened to meet in a bar. The door was about to close, and a fight broke out in the bar. It's like we are about to leave. I don't know the people who are arguing. But the guy said: "I'd better go back and sort it out." 

He has been manslaughter indoors for many years. I can't imagine what he was thinking.

Only once, but it was not very random. My partner and I were hit hard. We got into a drug dealer’s car outside a nightclub and told him to drive us home.

Hey @notWellers 

I sometimes have to fight with a few gypsies on the streets of Spain, these gypsies try to steal from me or my friends. I am really afraid of being stabbed. Gypsies are famous for using knives. However, there is no production tool. So, I am still here.

Not on the street, but in a chip shop.

Have you yelled at me on the street recently (very violent) because I walked past him while talking on my phone.

Yes, at night, a few guys wearing ski masks jumped up in the park and followed me out of the subway station. This is because I was wearing a beautiful jacket and carrying something that looked like a laptop bag (although it was empty). They dropped the bag off me, but I escaped. Quite frustrating experience-it was not as difficult as I thought.

They were captured shortly thereafter-on Friday night, the police were apparently monitoring CCTV. 

A female colleague once wiped my pants at night in a bar.  

That "pipe groping" and pushing hands here and there....


my experience- 

1- There was a knife attack in Amsterdam, but due to drug use, the man was so insane that it was difficult for him to concentrate.

2- Grab an ass alone in Dubai

3- A woman in an immigration queue in Houston grabs an ass

4-Manchester's general threatening behavior...

During Uni, I was recruited in the casino toilet by a creepy old guy who apparently watched me lose the small amount of cash I had. This includes him catching my ball. When idiots talk about women not fighting back, it always makes me shocked and futile. According to the content below, I am not afraid of a little farming. I am about ten inches tall and have four stones on my body, but my mind is completely shut down. 

In my youth, many non-serious argie bargies didn’t have time, including a pair of good hiding places and young people with severed hands. They were all very fun. 

Playing rugby hundreds of times in decades

When I was a teenager, I was chased by a group of people. I managed to reach the destination of the bowling alley, and then they caught me

There is no never. I realized that I must be very lucky, this is a sober experience of relative experience.

In other words, it helps me learn body language and react to threats at a very young age

There are dozens of "near" people on the street and in bars, but they always dissipate/disappear

The youngest daughter of Asturias was introduced to Krav Maga at a very young age, but this is only a small part of the important part. 

I was robbed before, but there was no actual violence, only threats

Oh, after my bad temper, I was indeed attacked by a group of teenagers yob, one of them yelled at me and bottled me

Fortunately never. Participated in some scrapping, but was never attacked. Always try to disperse everything in this way. I am not working hard, but I am very big, so I hope this will not be put into practice.

If we are talking about sexual assault, then I have always been bothered by women and vice versa. To be honest, I am not really worried, because they are not threats, but if they are not executed carefully, drunk c pants will be a little unpleasant.

You should really try not to be so provocative...

Orwell-Sorry, I sound a bit ignorant here, but what is "... deliberately letting go of the boob looting area"

Are you saying fool stares? As in the detective?

no way. Lived around Bethnal Green for ten years.

I look short and timid, so all the stories here start to feel like a freak. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Adults are no big deal. I had two minor sexual assaults in a group of friends, both of them were very similar, one from a man and one from a teenage girl. I thought it was just a stupid episode. When I passed them, both of them grabbed my trousers rot. I wore running gear both times.

Dangerous victim accuses

Chambers mode is on

I am 6 feet 5 inches, so obviously not

Chambers mode is off

Some people are attracted to it, but I don't. I don't have any reason or understanding about it, but I'm pretty sure they will feel it in some way. Don’t blame anyone, I think it’s primitive

Randomly start a few times in the bar. 

A few years ago, when I was walking on The Strand, my trash was caught by a young guy in Pride, London, who said "Oh, hello" accompanied by the guy. Tbf I am wearing super tight white shorts that make my trash look great, so I asked for it. 

I think all the hobos are now practicing IKF and have registered their hands as lethal weapons 

This is a typical chest bruise type event.

I thought it was not in an escalation argument, nor was it aimed at a personal goal, such as robbery, or any reaction to what I did.

I think that a lady’s groping at a party, a groping of a man who left the bar, and a continuing attempt to hug a guy who urinates/addicts casually outside the bar

A woman attacked my companion in the street, shouting that all men are bastards. Even though she bit my arm very hard, she was so obviously helpless, we just blocked her (thank goodness, through my coat, it didn't break the skin, but the bruise has lasted for a few weeks)

Throw out a few cans/bottles from passing cars.

Youffs throws stones from the parliament manor

A few people will obviously be in line with their shoulders when walking in a crowd/clamped space   

Looking at other people's things, most things are "rational" directed violence, so it's not asking what? My list is too long, as I guessed a lot. The usual sexual assault, only one robbery, thank goodness, many fights and general argie bargie, only a couple use any type of weapon, so lucky.

In Whangarei in the 1980s, many violent incidents occurred during military training, which also made the police feel uneasy.

Was punched several times by an abusive ex.

Robbery twice in London (one said he had a knife, I won't try my luck).

Among my teenage adolescents, there were a lot of "fights" in rough bars, and someone started after drinking a lot of alcohol because they thought it was part of the evening.

Hit his head in a club (the nose was broken)-he bounced out, called the police, and it turned out that CCTV had been out of work for several months.

It sounds like a lot, but I didn't think about it too much at the time. 

Some of the experiences women have posted here are terrible. I really hate my sex life, I think a large percentage of men (for example, 20%) just think that women are objects and will be robbed/used.

I have never been beaten or threatened by strangers 

I have known someone many times 

A milf character once caught me in a nightclub, and when I twisted her grip, she patted my ass briskly. However, I don't really see it as an attack. She is not hot at all, but I like her front face.

@jonattonyeah's excellent recommendation for IKF

We do need to use @tromboner on this thread. It can run

JY, no, but I am one of the few people who choose to carry concealed weapons

I randomly attacked many other people, but never became myself 

I think Laz also met the Geordie MILF, who once threatened to shake my partner's head, and then used his brain for mocking her.

One night, someone was driven away by a few guys, because I sniffed a bird and he claimed to be his girlfriend (certainly did not indicate that she had a relationship experience at the time), so I was driven out by a family ​​​. 

Yes it is. However, if you learn to bow your head, you may avoid trouble. In some parts of the town, looking up at someone as you walk by may put you in strife

A few years ago, it was not attacked by a group of young gentlemen, but it was attacked. They want my wallet. I handed it to me effortlessly and told them that my card PIN code was like this. They ran to a credit card machine and yelled and threatened, what should I do if I give them the wrong PIN code. I remember a lawyer for Linklaters was stabbed to death under similar circumstances at about the same time. I'm much luckier. I now live in a thorn-free (little crime-free) area outside of London.

TBF I have always been someone else's "random guy". If I think people run red lights or refuse to give in at pedestrian crossings, I used to have the habit of kicking pedestrians and cars or knocking out the rearview mirrors. I was banned by two local bars, and I don't mind walking in or pushing people aside. No, I am much more angry now.

I will never sexually abuse or beat anyone, but in hindsight, what makes me feel ashamed is that it is almost certain that the students are not adapted to work due to misleading ways, including putting their hands on their waists. 

About 12 years ago, I was robbed.

Walk home angry on a quiet road. At first I ran away, but I was full of curry, and he caught up with me. Then I fought back, but soon lost the battle (think he is more experienced...) 

Let's talk about the murder case again-I think Daniel Sloss nailed the nail when talking about what men need to do (this is not how women change their behavior). This involves eradicating the milder version of sexism/misogyny among us. It's easier said than done.

I have encountered many situations that I cannot get rid of (whether it's verbal downgrade or persuading them that I am not a good goal).

The actual random attack...

The only thing I think about is the night at the club when I was 19 years old. This is a semi-gay event (because it is not specifically aimed at LGBT people, but welcomes them to join many fascinating elements), and there is an older person who vaguely knew that a friend of mine decided that he would kiss me. Although I insist that I am straight, not interested, etc. At this point, I had to do my best to hold him in my arms, and he told me that if he stayed with me for one night, he could make me gay. In the end, I "agreed" to let him peck my lips if he wouldn't leave me alone afterwards. The annoying thing is that my friends have been looking for it and found it interesting.

It didn't really make me feel uneasy-I felt even more annoying, but looking back at it was very untimely. 

I realized that my situation was also different from mine, because I was (and still is) a big man and had to practice martial arts for 2 hours a day. So, unlike (for example) a smaller woman, I have never really been physically threatened-if I thought it was important, I could have beaten him. That greatly changed the environment and the impact on me, because even if they are not good choices, I always have choices. 

Moo-like saying that we should choose to reduce murderers and thieves-listed a developed utopian society that has eliminated crime, and I am happy to adopt their model.

I think the best countries in terms of crime statistics tend to be dictatorial island countries with a lot of closed-circuit television, data tracking, and severe criminal penalties, so if you want this as a solution, you can solve the problem by replacing it with another . 

Japan seems to be the best model (a cultural aversion to crime), but they have other cultural quirks that may be worth discussing. 

I was beaten by a complete stranger in a bar. He stunned me and gave me a concussion.

And I used to be in a bar with my girlfriend at the time. A person I had never met in my life dealt with me. We were both thrown away by the bodyguard. When I explained to them that I didn’t know what happened, the bodyguard was very sorry. .

I just accepted that my face is very powerful.

I run around in the street all the time. The last one is good. 

"Oi mate...Have you ever sent a naked Snapchat picture?"

'Do not. you? '

'No, but my partner has'

'that's good'

I was robbed when I was at Northwestern University in the 1990s. I have a lot of friends.

He was pushed and snatched from behind, and fell down like a pile of bricks. My fault, I was carrying a big schoolbag containing the PC world with a box of fresh laptops on it... sighed.

When I was 17 years old, some idiots made a concerted effort to tie me into a cubicle in some bar restrooms. Adrenaline started pouring in. I was sluggish and he gave up.

If we put aside the groping and waiting, it won't work. I haven't been physically harmed yet. However, I had 3 very lucky escape routes, and I was drugged unknowingly but avoided the next part.

One evening on the way home from get off work, Littlesis was attacked while walking home from Canada Water. A man literally caught her (she is not young), lifted her over the obstacle, and threw her to the ground. Fortunately, she managed to keep him from doing any annoying things and was able to run back to the station. She had a sore back for a long time, and she was even afraid of eating in a restaurant near the station, just in case he saw her, she felt terrified. Just thinking about it, it really hurts my heart. My poor baby. :(

Ah, thank you Governor... disgusting

I equate "grazing" with ""... and it’s hard to think of people holding women’s breasts

Billy Bob-I kind of agree-I don't think this is what happened in my life, but it is something worth looking forward to. 

I do not agree to strengthen the deterrence of sentencing (although the use of trailing stones instead of strong opposition-the death penalty will not reduce the murder rate, etc.). 

Strangely, the bigger Roger sometimes makes you a target. It usually consists of someone trying to prove how strong they are with their peers.

I have been trying to avoid places to dodge, so there are no incidents to report.

One night when I was 17 years old late at night, I was robbed twice on a train in the suburbs of France. Fortunately, my terrible French meant that after I took the money out of my wallet, they eventually gave up on me.  


And, if you say that I am still angry, I will tear off your FVCKING ears!

Are you kidding me because if not, then WTAF?

Hotblack thought he was trolling, but Warren sounded like Judaism. It was terrible, especially Mei's little sister. Plus, thank goodness, I avoided this kind of shit.

Think I have been fumbled awkwardly once or twice. The knife pulled me. I have not recalled the real attack.

In fact, what surprises me is how many men, especially other men, have unpleasant and unwanted sexual behaviors. What makes me regret for so many women is that I am not surprised. 

In addition to possible piling (I am still not sure if he was just drunk), an alcoholic tried to beat me (don’t remember why), but he was very weak, I just pushed him before another doctor heard him opened. She yelled at me, came in and pushed him onto a chair, and then safely drove him out. 

"Actually, what surprised me was how many men, especially other men, showed unpleasant and unwanted sexual progress."

No, most violent and sexual crimes (I mean a 90% percentage) are committed by men. Not all women are like this  

Yes, #notallmen whatever 

As a side note, it’s not surprising that on the topic of violence, Warren revealed how old he is. Everyone is 

*Whistle coldly*

There is a noisy internet tribe (even here) who is happy to report crimes, but has nothing to say about it 

According to the situation at the time, Warren liked to portray himself as 

Try to rob after walking to uni. I have no money, so I can't give him anything. A little push-threatened to stab me, but never had a knife (luckily). Trying to bring my rucksack with only college notes and a few textbooks (the price of blood, so I won't give up), but he squeezed it tightly, and then he tightened his legs.

Obviously he had a "big gift package", so he was selected shortly after I reported it, and then I picked him out (I am surprised that my memory is so clear), and then 5 or 6 others are the same, so he obviously fall down.

I've never really played a game-a teammate (6'1" with a tight head), I have a dwarf who went to the club to play once. He was wet with 5'and 8 stones and asked if we "Staring at his bird", and then received many anatomical threats. My figure is not like my friend's, but there are 5 or 6 stones left on this guy. I might just sit on him and crush I saw his brain/subconscious mind tapping his shoulder during the conversation and asked him if he was really sure it was a good idea, he thought it was not a good idea.

I always get advice to walk confidently and raise my head, but don't be too aggressive, don't avoid staring or bowing, but also don't challenge. I am either naive or naive, or lucky, or generally amiable, but so far it has worked, even living in relatively safe-haven areas in my youth, although you may be beaten instead of stabbed. , Or pull you with a gun. My only real breakthrough is to get others out of the fight or stop the fight. Rugby fields don’t count, you should be beating people.

I was robbed by a knife at my front door late at night. I gave him what I had (not much). When I explained that my girlfriend was away, he was indeed fortunate to return the key to my room upon request, and I would be turned away.

Yes, four times. 

The first time I was attacked by a guy outside a nightclub (unprovoked)

The second person was chased and beaten by a group of lads (also unprovoked)

The third attempted robbery at the edge of the town center (leggings)

Fourth, knife robbery in South Africa.

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