First drive review: 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor is a winter fun machine

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I don't think Ford planned this way. This is the morning of 18 degrees in February, and we are at the end of a winter storm that poured a few inches of snow and ice in Holly Oaks ORV Park in Holly, Michigan. During the off-road driving of the Ford Ranger Tremor in 2121, the snow covered a layer of snow, which was a particularly challenging test for trucks and drivers.

The first truck slid back into the second steep hill several times before gaining enough speed to reach the highest point. I am the next one. The first hill has a slope of 15 degrees, the bottom and crescendo of the second hill are 18-20 degrees, and the top is 30 degrees nail clippers. To make matters worse, the trail turns on the right side of the top, so I need enough speed to climb the hill, but not that much. Once I get there, I will fall from the other side.

2021 Ford Ranger tremor

We accumulated snow in the gravel pit that used to be a quarry, so I chose the "grass", "gravel", and "snow" settings, put it in the 4Hi and locked the rear axle, and then shot. The grip of the LT265 / 70R17 General Grabber A / TX all-season tires on the snow is sufficient to build momentum of 25 mph in a short distance. Velocity Blue pickups shoot up the mountain. I let go at the top. These high hills will be challenging in summer. Now they are dangerous.

The grab kept enough traction so that the descent was not a skid, and I punched it again shortly before reaching the top to push up the next hill. The tires were dug out again, and the truck drove enough power to make me rise to the highest point, but I still had enough control to turn. success.

Ford engineers have made great efforts to achieve this goal. They created the Ranger Tremor package, which is right

Suspension and styling features worth $4,290 can improve off-road performance without losing 7,500 pounds of traction and 1,430 pounds of traction.

Most changes are mechanical. Ford replaced a set of Fox single-tube shock absorbers with a backpack-type reserve at the rear. They are not as aggressive as Fox internal bypass impactors.

, But they were selected because of their high displacement, high speed and longer stroke. The rear uses a stronger single-tube design, while the shock absorber of Ford's basic off-road kit FX4 uses a double-tube design. The Fox shock absorber can withstand higher axle speeds and has a greater heat capacity, allowing continuous off-road driving.

2021 Ford Ranger with Tremor off-road kit

The entire shock absorber is suitable for off-road driving, the coil spring coefficient is reduced in the front part, and the leaf spring is reduced in the rear part. The tail is changed from a single-leaf design to a multi-leaf design, which increases the stroke by about one inch and has the ability to withstand off-road impact. The thickness of the front stabilizer bar should be 1 mm thinner to make it more compliant. Together, these changes result in a softer suspension that can maintain longer contact with the ground and increase road comfort.

In the next practice, a more powerful suspension system will be used, which is equivalent to a cross-country rally, where turns, short slopes, steep and steep places and a lot of ice and snow can be completed.

I ran with the same terrain and powertrain settings before, and the truck handled it well. Then I suddenly realized that in this case, since the throttle is more aggressive, the sand mode should work like an off-road sport mode. I switched to the ATV, kept the rear differential locked, and then went through the guard again, this time driving like a timer.

Higher speeds will put more pressure on the suspension. Rutting will cause more severe impact and greater compression, approach and departure angles will withstand greater pressure, and tires must dig harder to generate traction.

Ford has the answers to these questions. The company’s Australian engineers modified the rear bumper to increase the linear travel, and then stopped the bumper to increase the stiffness of the spring. They placed the Ranger Tremor 9.7 inches above the ground, 0.8 inches higher than the Ranger FX4, and added 0.24 inches of front suspension travel and 1.2 inches of rear travel. These changes increase the approach angle, breakthrough angle and departure angle from 28.7, 21.2, and 25.4 degrees of the 4WD standard Ranger to 30.9, 24.2, and 25.5 degrees, respectively. In the end, the Ranger team chose general Grappler tires to balance off-road performance.

When I was driving around the route, these changes ensured that Tremor would not hit bumps, the bash board would not crash, the bottom surface would have enough clearance when it dipped and inflated, and the speed provided by the tires was as fast as I was willing to feed them.

Playing in the snow like this allows you to enjoy off-road fun, which is a good reason to spend money on Tremor packages. If you haven't kicked your tail, bumped up and down on the mountain, bounced back and forth in the snow, then you don't know how much fun the winter cross country will bring. It makes Ranger Tremor a winter entertainment machine. 

Tremor is also equipped with the equipment of the $ 1,295 FX4 off-road kit, which includes terrain mode, Trail Control off-road cruise control system, electronic lock rear differential, front tow hook, steel front strike plate, screen in the off-road vehicle dashboard, and Anti-skid plates for radiator, power steering, transfer case and fuel tank.

Most importantly, Tremor includes some external cues, such as side hoop steps, two rear tow hooks and magnetic paint on the grille (with red trim), bumpers, wheels and 1-inch wide wheel lip strips. Buyers can also choose the side and tailgate graphics that look like they were born in the 1990s.

I don’t feel as hairy when I drive home in the tremors of the Rangers like I traveled to Holly Oak in a snowstorm. On highways full of ice and snow, those "general grabbers" proved enough camber to provide excellent snow traction, but they didn't bark as fast as you might expect.

I drove there for 14 hours and then came back (we are here specifically

) It also gave me the opportunity to notice Tremor's interior decoration. It has a black interior, which is made entirely of dark plastic, an all-weather floor mat for exercise, and a cloth ebony seat (lasso leather) with Miko suede and "Tremor" stitching. The seat attracts people's eyes, but it is too flat to attract the back. Ford also added a 6-switch auxiliary power board, so the owner can add accessories such as lights, winches, compressors or refrigeration devices. Fortunately, I was worried that I would need a winch during the storm, which did not happen.

Ford is offering the Tremor package for XLT and Lariat models for $4,290, with four-wheel drive, a passenger cabin and a 5-foot bed. It also requires buyers to choose the 301A exterior kit priced at $1,670, which adds an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a rear parking assist system, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever, and a 110-volt power outlet. All in all, it adds $5,960 to XLT, for a total of $41,900. Lariat buyers must add $2,005 to the 501A kit to get the price to $46,275.

With this money, buyers can get an off-road Ranger, use ribs to conquer steep snowy mountains, and like


, Both cost thousands of dollars. It may be half a step away from the Ranger Raptor, but the Tremor kit itself is an interesting off-road vehicle.

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