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In FCN90, Everwin continuously strives to improve the function, compactness and performance of the nail extractor. Compared with many similar products, it can easily handle sheaths, sidings and frames in a narrower space with fewer reloads. We would like to see some rubber bumpers on the car body, but other than that, it is difficult to find faults with such coil nails.

Everwin coil frame nail gun dubbed as the most compact 3-1/2 inch coil

in the market. The FCN90 model is slightly different from the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation award-winning FCN90L, which is

Provide coil framer. Our staff put this Everwin

Many jobs have been tested in the past few months. Overall, it did a good job and kept our efficient work.

Everwin has done a great job in making powerful, lightweight and very compact coil former nailing machines. Although we know that many professionals like nail nails, if you are interested in a nail nail that can rule all roofing, siding and frame work, you need to consider FCN90.

In our work and in the roofing industry, there is a lot of controversy about nail guns and nail guns. You get more nails, but the nails are also relatively heavy. The coil cannot be easily placed in a pouch. If you put down a coil, it might even roll off the roof with high bass, and so on. However, many people prefer to use a nail-rolling machine for sheathing and a nail-sticking machine for framing.

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Before the renovation work started, we picked up the Everwin coil frame nail gun. Our professionals are so interested in the noticeably compact form factor (only 11.9 inches) that they have to test fire it before entering the room! The power of the stapler left a deep impression on us. Difficult to beat During the review process and after more work was done, we started to prefer FCN90 over other framers. Not only does it require less reloading, it is also more flexible. Because it can hold nails from 2 to 3-1/2 inches, our Pro can use the same tools to fix the roof, sides and frame.

Before the nails were added, the weight of the nail reel was also very light, only 7.7 pounds. With the help of nylon magazines, Everwin FCN90 nail nails can reduce at least part of the weight. Although it feels fragile, it is actually difficult.

With only 11.9 inches from the company's nose to the exhaust port, the Everwin coil nail gun can meet the standard stud spacing required by the company. We have been using gun holders for several years now

Suitable for double-headed nails. In fact, if it's not that useful, it might be impressive. However, we cannot complain about the extra space provided by nails in cramped spaces, corners, decks, etc.

If you look at the red bumper around Everwin's nose, you might have guessed that it won't be too much composition like this. The bumper is used for sheathing and siding work and is movable. There is a good nose bridge underneath, which can fully hold the wood for toenails and general framing.

Everwin coiling nail gun has almost all the advanced products we like. The rubber grip is comfortable and increases the ergonomic balance of the tool. It is easy to switch between single actuation and hitting the fire. There is also a rotatable hook. Many professionals may remove the dust cover, but it will definitely reduce defragmentation.

The website specifications report that the vent cover is "360° multi-directional", but this is not the case because the vent can only be released from the top. It's no big deal for us. However, there are no rubber bumpers along the body to protect the tools. Even if the nails are hard, we still want to see some on the widest part of the body.

The Everwin Coil nail gun is priced at US$295. This is the price of some similar tools.

In FCN90, Everwin continuously strives to improve the function, compactness and performance of the nail extractor. Compared with many similar products, it can easily handle sheaths, sidings and frames in a narrower space with fewer reloads. We hope to see some rubber-coated bumpers on the body, but otherwise, it is difficult to find the shortcomings of this coil nail, and it is easy to fall in love with it.

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