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Dormer Pramet's stainless steel cutting machines and blade series optimize the productivity of low-power machines while also providing versatility for different cutting conditions and applications.

Indicates that its stainless steel milling range can increase the productivity of face milling and provide versatility suitable for different cutting conditions. The blade types in this range include OEHT (octagonal), REHT (round) and XEHT (wiper), and the company's S450E double forward 45 degree milling cutter allows customers to use the same cutter body with an octagonal insert For face milling and round inserts for face milling or profile milling. The design of the milling cutter also supports internal coolant delivery.

The company recommends using this milling range on machine tools with limited power, because the combination of inserts and cutters can achieve higher metal removal rates at lower cutting forces and reduce chattering.

This combination has positive axial and radial face angles, which can achieve good cutting performance and remove chips from the workpiece. The company also stated that S450E performs well in fragile workpieces and unstable fixtures, has a variety of diameters to choose from, and limits the work hardening of stainless steel.

Dormer Pramet wants to pay special attention to the use of eight cutting edges for OEHT (octagonal) inserts. The company says this is the highest number of positive inserts, and it has four sharp positive geometries under various cutting conditions. These geometries include MF geometries for finishing applications of stainless steel, mild steel and non-ferrous metals; MM geometries, used for machining stainless steel under medium cutting conditions; M stable geometries, suitable for carbon steel and harder Difficult cutting conditions of stainless steel and other materials; and FA geometry for finishing and medium-to-light processing of non-ferrous metals. The company also stated that the new geometry can reduce cutting forces and increase the durability of machining with or without coolant.

Reducing the use of cutting fluid provides an opportunity to save a lot of costs. Tool life can even be increased.

For many rough machining and even finishing boring holes, cutting the hole by inserting a face milling cutter may be a better process choice. Software improvement and better milling cutter design expand the application of multifunctional face milling cutters in hole machining.

Since macros and canned cycles are located in the CNCs of most modern turning centers, single-point turning of OD threads seems to be almost the default process decision. However, for many applications, OD thread rolling has inherent advantages and can replace thread cutting.

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